Coming to life

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[Note: this post is very long. It is the transcript of an actual session with only the name of the client changed to provide anonymity. Although it is long, I have decided to put it up in its entirety as an example of a number of things such as – the facilitation process in contacting altered states of consciousness – the indescribable nature of the realms that can be contacted – the whole mystery of what is life. Enjoy!]

Jack: We can begin by both of us being quiet, being in stillness for a moment. … And I’d like to ask that we have whatever help is appropriate from whatever source is appropriate. Certainly, we have a great deal of help from beings and forces on the other side that are looking out for our welfare. Particularly in a session like this where we’re looking – as Eric Pearl would say – looking for light and information, it’s very important that we make that request.

And so at the beginning if you could just focus on the breathing; it’s always very helpful to begin with that because it’s so central – so central in so many ways – just physically central to the body, but central also to the life that’s flowing through the body. It’s one of the principal ways we exchange with the exterior world – constant movement in and out – connecting us intimately to this world we live in. And if you could concentrate on the outbreath particularly because there’s a relaxation that takes place, a very natural relaxation, on each outbreath. Letting go so that there’s a movement deeper and deeper into the body, a relaxation from the top of the head all the way to the tips of the toes. A very beautiful, deep, deep relaxation.

At the same it’s necessary for there to be a relaxation in the mind – a relaxation which isn’t always as easy as the one in the body; so just to help that process a bit I will count from ten down to one to help the mind also to fully relax – to let go. So starting at 10 and moving down to 9 and with each number just allowing this letting go to take place, the mind and the body relaxing. Then nine down to eight, letting go very, very deeply. And eight down to seven, deeper and deeper, and seven down to six, very, very deep, and six down to five, letting go in both centers, and five down to four, very, very deep now and four down to three, very good, three down to two, deeper and deeper, and two all the way down to one. Very, very deep now; very deep letting go. Feeling the relaxation all through the body.

It’s usually very good to begin by just thinking of some place that’s very pleasant … secure … agreeable, where you’re by yourself in an environment that’s wonderful to be in. And in a moment I’m going to just ask you to say a bit about it so I can have an idea of what it’s like. And when you begin to speak it will also help deepen this state of relaxation as we connect with the part of the mind that deals in images. It doesn’t have to be an image, it can just be a sense of some place, and in that kind of way, the deeper mind becomes much more accessible. So, tell me a little bit about what that’s like – what you’ve come to.


Leslie: Well, it’s outside. It’s a grassy area in the middle of a forest. It’s quite open and there’s a lot of sunlight. It’s a warm day and I think it’s early spring because the grass hasn’t greened up yet; it’s quite flat. And I think I have a tiny bit of a memory from when I was very young, with a group of kids, we went up the mountain, not far from our house –  the mountainside in Vancouver. And I think I had a sort of a – although I didn’t know it at the time, but the feeling stays with me – a kind of a spiritual experience somehow.

Jack: What would be your age?

Leslie: Oh, maybe 4.

Jack: Hmm. Nice. Maybe you could just stay with that a bit – stay with that feeling in particular – so that you can feel close to it once again – of course it’s a very magical environment on a mountainside like that – very different from being in a house and with people – so just feeling that situation once again, being close to that part of you that was suddenly able to perceive something … being closer and closer to that part, so that it really comes back to you and you are in it again, in that experience of being connected, very deeply. Can you say more about it? Can you just be there? What is taking place?

Leslie:  I’m sort of moving in and out of it. It’s hard to grasp the experience.

Jack: Try to be clear about it in the body. You can really return to that body of 4 years old. Just feel how small you are. And yet without any burdens in a way, without any of the burdens of life … very pure, very much beginning this incarnation. So very important the connection to this experience … a very particular feeling of course. It’s an involvement or a contact with something. It’s a very important moment in the life. We don’t see its action directly but it’s very important. Just being close to that, allowing that to enter in …  completely. It’s many years later now but it’s possible to really come closer and closer to that experience, closer and closer, until you’re really there once again, on the mountainside, on the mountainside and very much in that situation that connects you to… to something. So can you say more about what you’re doing? Are you just sitting? Are you by yourself?

Leslie: I seem to be by myself, and very connected to the ground. I can feel the textures of the grass that I’m on. But a real sense of … it’s hard to put into words … how the ground is connected to nature, and to natural cycles, and there’s a connection to what’s above as well. A kind of flowing in and out, above and below.

Jack: Good. Yes. It’s important to really stay there for a bit. To feel the … to feel that connectedness very deeply

Leslie: It’s a flowing. Flowing.

Jack: So, is this a flow that is going through you … entering … or ?

Leslie: Yes.

Jack: And both from below and from above?

Leslie: Yes. It’s like it cycles down from above into the earth, and around and up again. It’s almost like the life force or something like that that’s flowing.

Jack: So there’s a connection there to a very fundamental energy, the energy of life. Maybe it’s very important at this moment in Leslie’s current life to really feel that connection very deeply, feel it once again. In a strange way, you’re maybe in the same kind of position again, closer to the earth and what is above … like all of us who are entering into the latter stages of this life, so there’s a return in a way. This may be very appropriate … feeling that connection very deeply, especially that flow, the cycling. We often feel very alone, but we’re not alone, we’re just not aware of this connection. It’s there whether we’re aware of it or not but … it’s very good for our consciousness to be right there with that, really feeling that there’s a deep connection, so that you can truly say “I am alive and I am living on this planet under this sky,” you can say, “I am here now.” Really feeling somehow the rightness of that and how you’re feeling the essence of what it means to be alive in a body on this planet. Of course many things come to overlay that later on but right now we are simply concentrating on that wonderful moment at the age of four. Feeling that you’re there once again … completely reliving that experience. Very conscious of the flow of energy, coming down, going into the earth, coming back, the flow back up again. This is the true function of a human being of course but we’ve forgotten our essential role. Feeling that very deeply, all through the body. Very much in the awareness, in the consciousness, participating once again in that connectedness, letting it take place, following that movement from above, down into the earth, and back up again ,,, so important to be connected to that flow.

Leslie: Now, I feel energy through my whole body and it’s sort of moving in a circle just above me. It’s sort part of me too. Above my head and above my torso. It’s like energy flowing around in a circle kind of … and in me as well.

Jack: It’s very good to stay close to the movement that’s taking place. Of course, we’ve asked for help, there’s a higher intelligence that directs this movement, it’s not Jack, it’s not Leslie, it’s just what’s taking place. But it’s something very appropriate to Leslie’s current situation, to what is needed right now. Be in that movement, very deeply, allowing it to take place. Is there a visual aspect or is it just energy?

Leslie: It’s mostly energy. There’s a bit of a visual. It’s kind of golden. Moving in and out almost like a basket weave but it’s light, it’s energy.

Jack: Just allowing that to be part of what is taking place, in the sense that there’s some kind of participation for you as well. Being aware of the patterns, these patterns of something woven, even though it’s light. It’s really showing us something. Of course the quality of the color too may be very important, the fact that this color is golden. Probably it has a very special quality, not just an earthly color in a way, but something finer, from another level. And how does the body feel with that?

Leslie: It feels like it’s quite open, very open, so there’s a movement of energy back and forth between my body and the energy that’s just above. It’s sort of in the area of my heart and my solar plexus.

Jack: Good. So there’s something that’s taking place and something that needs to take place there. It’s not a question of making an effort. It’s just a question of keeping the attention and the focus on this … following what is taking place. Of course, this movement is drawing in major centers of the body, so it’s very important to be close and to watch, perhaps particularly this relationship between the movement of energy in the body and the movement of energy above the body, these two areas having a relationship with each other. Is there something particular taking place in either of those centers – in the heart or in the solar plexus area?

Leslie: Well, I’m just … I’m aware of  … lights … circles of light; they might be beings I’m not sure. I experience them more as light.

Jack: Fine. Just being aware of that. Allowing them to be there. We don’t need to define it more precisely but … their presence is certainly there for a purpose, we’re not sure what that purpose is at this point. Allowing those beings to just be there. Do you sense an intelligence in those points of light?

Leslie: I did. I’ve lost connection now. It’s moving.

Jack: There’s no hurry here. We need to take our time and be very gentle with what’s taking place. Simply an acceptance that whatever is appropriate is what will take place. But nevertheless we might ask at this point, if it’s appropriate, that there could be perhaps some communication from one of these beings, or we could ask for some particular appropriate being to come forward even in this form of a shape of light, perhaps there is something that needs to come forward and speak to us. Or perhaps not, I’m not sure. But we’re moving into an area that has that potential. It’s always good to be open. As you said there’s a great openness, so an openness to receive whatever the appropriate thing is that might take place at this time. [pause] What is taking place now?

Leslie: There’s a sense of a being there. Sort of … moving in a kind of a dance maybe.

Jack: Can you say more about the dance? Is it quick or slow or gentle or … ?

Leslie: It feels like fire … it’s almost like this being is like a flame, with arms that move and undulate like a flame.

Jack: So … a dance … It’s something we’re being shown. Something there to observe. There’s a movement. A kind of dance that this being is demonstrating to us. I’m wondering if there’s any communication. There might even be words. Seeing that movement is already a communication. Sometimes there’s a kind of entry of information from that level into the consciousness … there may begin to be words associated with it. It’s a very natural process. So we just need to see what is the communication that is taking place. The dance is already a communication of course. What is taking place in your understanding right now?

Leslie: No words … right now.

Jack: No words. That’s fine. The important thing is your being present in this. Just being there with full awareness of what’s taking place. [pause] And is the dance continuing?

Leslie: No it’s stopped now.

Jack: And the being?

Leslie: It’s not really there at the moment.

Jack: Maybe what it needed to communicate was simply that dance. [pause] And the state is still very fine in this presence. So let’s just see what else is appropriate to be brought into this, or shown, or experienced. We’re looking here for material that might be helpful to Leslie’s current existence. The capacity to deal with sadness. And some difficult situations. So something that would be helpful to the whole process of rest at night. We’re looking for material like that. Things that are going to help the meditation as well. Perhaps some of these same images and experiences will help. I’d like to ask that whatever else is needed at this time, January, 2013, just what is needed for Leslie right now. Let’s just move on and see what else there is … what is taking place now. [pause]

Leslie: It’s like my eyes have become huge. They fill my whole face and they’ve joined together. So it’s like I’m just an eye looking out.

Jack: Yes, I think we can use that looking out, looking out to see what needs to be seen at just this point, just this point in time and space for this incarnation. Looking out to see what needs to be seen, what’s going to be helpful in meeting the current situation and continuing in the right direction.

Leslie: It’s a tremendous openness and light. Like the sky … it’s softer and in a sense more infinite than the sky.

IMG_2962Jack: So I think as with all of the things that are taking place here, it’s not so important to put words on it; what’s important is that this is what is being experienced right now. Particularly this sense of infinite openness, a sense of a real connection that is way beyond our usual vision … a vision that is very limited. We don’t see very far. As if then you’re looking into infinity. There are no barriers at all; just this sense of openness. [pause] Perhaps it’s important in all of this as well for Leslie to be just a little bit aware that this is taking place for Leslie. This is really a part of what is essential for Leslie right now, and is what we’ve asked for … this sense of openness, and something of a kind of softness in the distance.

Leslie: Now it’s filling my whole body again.

Jack: Yes, it’s very important for the physical body, which has been very faithful in this incarnation and needs to continue perhaps for … we don’t know how long … very important for the body to be completely open to the entry of what’s taking place. It is very important to the planet and to the people on the planet that more and more this is what needs to take place – this coming down into the body to be incarnated and therefore bringing an influence to the life that is taking place here on this planet right now. A very open acceptance of that movement down into the body. And of course this is welcomed by the body because there’s a lightness and a light involved. An assistance there now coming into the body so it can operate at its top capacity. So into the whole area of the brain and its very complex functioning but particularly to the glands in the head … the thalamus, the hypothalamus, the pituitary, the pineal … all these glands that regulate, secrete and begin processes. Feeling all that movement down into the body. Very deeply, in every cell of the body. So how is that for you now?

Leslie: I’m feeling it in my body.

Jack: Yes, it’s very good for the body to have this experience. To be completely filled by this very special movement of energy down into the body and a movement through the whole body … every cell of the body permeated by this movement down of an energy from above … of course it brings a very health-giving quality but also many other aspects … a connection to the source from which it came … a connection to the earth below … because we are earthlings … this is all connected very intimately with our environment … with nature … with humanity. Feeling the movement of this energy very deeply, very deeply through the whole body. [pause] Is there anything more you can say about what is taking place now?

Leslie: It just feels very pleasant.

Jack: Perhaps, we just need that to continue for a while. The body can really benefit from this contact and we can request that this movement of energy right now … we don’t really understand entirely what it’s for … we can request that it help some of the physical processes that we’ve mentioned … the thalamus, the tremor, the restless leg … these somewhat minor but important aspects of the physical body … we can ask that they be helped by this movement … but of course there’s a much larger purpose for the movement of the energy because it’s bringing an influence down to this level which is very much needed on the planet right now. So this influence being brought down into the level of incarnation and just above the level of incarnation … which is why it’s felt just a little bit above the body as well. So this movement down, a very important energy … down into the physical body. Feeling that movement take place and just being completely open to it, completely accepting the beneficence of what is taking place, the rightness of what is taking place, the appropriateness of what is taking place, just exactly what needs to take place … right now. Feeling the body very alive; very much in harmony with what’s taking place. Hmm. Very good. We’re not sure what the next step should be here in this situation. So we’ll just see. What needs to come next? Maybe we need to on … not sure … Really allowing whatever the direction is here … from above … to be the direction that takes place. As if one or more of those intelligent lights that were there a little while ago … as if they’re still very present in helping us bring exactly what is appropriate right now. [pause] So what is it that is happening now? Do we need to just continue this? Is there something new?

Leslie: The light seems to be much more structured. A kind of structure came into view I guess would say.

Jack: All right. Well, that’s interesting. Yes, a kind of structure whereas it was just a kind of amorphous flow before.

Leslie: Well, yes, it was blobs of light.

Jack: Yes. So allowing those structures to form, to become clearer to you. And often there’s a meaning of course in those structures … we don’t need to try and figure it out but … it’s important to just allow whatever will present itself there in the way of structure. Is it in a particular quadrant or area … or what would you say?

Leslie: It’s sort of floating above me. It seems more “purposeful” somehow … that word came. I have a slight headache at the base of my skull, in my neck.

Jack: Perhaps the structure needs to become clearer …

Leslie: It’s sort of like a vehicle. There’s light inside as if it’s driving this vehicle. It’s very strange … .

Jack: But it’s still above you, right?

Leslie: Yes.

Jack: So you’re watching a vehicle …

Leslie: And seeming to be purposeful and to be going somewhere but it stays right there …

Jack: There’s something being shown …

Leslie: Yes. It’s like it wants to be seen.

Jack: Yes, and the purposefulness is very clear. There’s a vehicle… and it’s going somewhere.

Leslie: And the idea of structure and no structure … I don’t know what that means but that’s what came to me.

Jack: You see this as a vehicle but does this vehicle have a passenger, or is it just a vehicle … ?

Leslie: No, there’s a being of light inside it but the light gets shaded, gets covered by the vehicle … it sort of shines out a bit … I know there’s light inside. The vehicle envelops the light in a way. But open in the front also …

Jack: But a vehicle implies being taken somewhere …

Leslie: Yes. The thought “Where are you taking me?” came.

Jack: And the “me” in that case is Leslie, right?

Leslie: Yes.

Jack: And is there a response?

Leslie: It’s like I’m with it now.

Jack: Rather than being on the other side just observing?

Leslie: Yes.

Jack: Good. … So are you closer then to the being of light that’s inside?

Leslie: Yes.

Jack: And is there still a sense of going somewhere.

Leslie: Well, I feel sort of enveloped by the light as if I’m one with it. And, kind of floating along …

Jack: Good. Let’s just see then where Leslie is going … in this very special state where you’re at one with the light … you’re in a vehicle that can take you …

Leslie:  I’m looking out on a kind of … an openness … it’s like the sky but it’s not the sky … it’s hard to explain … a soft, blue color. It’s as if we’re going off into that …

Jack: So this vehicle is taking you up into that …

Leslie: Yes.

Jack: Good. And I would imagine there’s a feeling of confidence in the being you are with … I mean that you are confident that you are in the company of a driver, a master who knows where he’s going … a sense of moving somewhere that’s exactly where you need to go … Is there still a sense of moving up into this openness?

Leslie: Yes.

Jack: Good. So you are being conveyed up and up and up into this openness.

Leslie: Sometimes I lose the lightness and there’s a kind of dark foggy feeling as well. They’re both there.

Jack: Well, that’s fine. That’s just something to observe. In a way, it’s difficult to maintain a complete focus … but let’s simply try to stay focused on the vehicle and your driver and where you are … in this vehicle and at the same time moving into this enormous openness which is not exactly like the sky but it’s a movement. And just see now where this vehicle needs to go. Of course, as you say, there’s a purposefulness, so there’s a purpose in moving like this. There may be a certain reluctance, there may be a certain darkness, but we’re basically moving up into this openness and just seeing where it leads.  Now let’s move on to the next significant thing that takes place in this journey that you’ve begun. What happens next?

Leslie: Well I sort of see me as golden and almost kind of swimming up there on my own.

IMG_2978Jack: So you’ve maybe been delivered where you need to go.

Leslie: I hadn’t thought of that but maybe…

Jack: But you’re there now and you’re on your own. But let’s just see what else takes place. Because you’ve come to a new situation, a new place, been conveyed in this particular vehicle by a being of light. So now that you’re there and you’re golden … maybe you just need to be there I’m not sure … maybe we need to see what else transpires there, because this is a different situation, a different place … it’s been provided for a certain purpose. [pause] What do you feel taking place in the body now? Or do you have a sense of that?

Leslie: Well, I was sort of off with myself up in the sort of sky…

Jack: Well, maybe we don’t need to come back to the body …

Leslie: The body feels just deeply relaxed.

Jack: Good. So you’re off by yourself in the sky. Let’s just see if there’s any other entities around, or beings. We’ve asked for some help from some other levels so let’s just see if, perhaps here at this particular level, which is somewhere else completely, perhaps there’s a person or someone, something.

Leslie: Well, I am sort of aware of things being there… sort of shimmery … almost like the blobs but different in shape. And a lot of them. … like bits of intelligence or something. It’s hard to describe.

Jack: And they are sort of all around?

Leslie: Yes. And I’m aware of a kind of pulsation as well. [pause]

Jack: So you’re in a very interesting place. Something is being made clear. You’re like a visitor really … entering into this environment but somehow you are very adapted to it as well. These points of intelligence, is there an exchange with them or are they just doing their own thing?

Leslie: They seem to be just doing their own thing … although they’re part of the pulsation and that’s in my body too but … if there’s something being communicated it’s not in words … it’s not something I understand cognitively.

Jack: That’s fine. There’s no need to understand cognitively. That’s a low level really. The important thing is to be present in this scene … I think there is something very important about the pulsation as you say … there’s something very related and the fact that it’s in your body as well … there’s resonance going back and forth … once something comes into resonance … there’s an influence of course like when you pluck a piano string and the string that’s a harmonic begins to vibrate on its own. So there’s something very important taking place in the fact that there’s a pulsation of these points of intelligent light and at the same time there’s a pulsation in the body. There’s a connectivity there. There’s a connection that is important. When things come into resonance there is a communication, it is a communication of information, and intelligence and structure that takes place. But it has nothing to do with words and our ordinary language of course. … So just as you’ve been doing … feeling very open to that communication. Allowing it to enter. You’re very aware that something is taking place. Something is being really communicated that has nothing to do with words but does have to do with light and information, information which is a kind of coherence, so perhaps what is being conveyed is just this coherence. [pause] And is that just the same now or is there beginning to be a change?

Leslie: I feel like I’m dissolving into the light and the pulsation is still there.

Jack: Good. That’s fine. Just allowing that to take place. It’s really a kind of merging. No separateness any more. Just being part of what’s taking place. A movement, a very basic movement. A wave … a form … an energy … And you’re simply becoming part of that. Very basic. Yes. Very good. [pause] Feeling that oneness completely so that there’s really no separation any more. You’re just part of what is taking place. Maybe it’s the same for all those points of light – they’re really just part of a pulsation. Each has its own intelligence but they’re a part of the whole … [pause] Perhaps important too for you to feel the completeness of that, to feel that something ultimate is taking place … but in a way very natural … And what about the darkness you mentioned? Has that kind of fallen away now?

Leslie: Yes, it did fall away.

Jack: Yes, because you kept moving. … Very good. So it allowed you to move into this very special relationship with the light and with this level.

Leslie: Yes, I feel like I’m part of something larger.

Jack: Yes, very good. So just being a part of all of that. Again feeling the completeness of it, the rightness of it, perhaps also the beneficence of it as well, as if something very special is being conveyed or conferred, made possible somehow by a certain movement. Coming to something very important. [pause] Perhaps you need to just continue, to rest in that for a while, I’m not sure.

Leslie: Yes, I think so … I feel like I’ve sort of come back down to myself.

Jack: Yes, I think the important thing is to be very clear about what took place but it’s not possible to remain at that level for too long. It is important at a certain moment to come back down into the body … and to feel that it’s very relaxed … and to really feel that you have returned in a way to that part of you that was left behind … very peacefully left behind. So that you could have this experience where the body is still connected but you are really somewhere else. What is so important is the unity of that experience, the sense of being completely a part of something larger, without any separation, completely a part of it. But it is important now to come back into the physical body and feel yourself here once again. The body is still very light, very relaxed. No particular concerns. We ask once again that whatever has taken place in this very special experience … this will be operating on many levels of course … we ask specifically that on the physical level there will be help with some of the minor difficulties that Leslie has experienced … the restless leg, the tremor, the sleeplessness … whatever needs to be helped along a little. At the same time, there’s a very pervasive lightness through the whole body so that this experience now can come to inform the periods of meditation for the next while … it may be very helpful at arriving at something much deeper and calmer … something that will really open Leslie to an intelligence that’s needed at certain times when there are  difficulties as well … such as the one right now with the death of your close friend and colleague. So feeling that there’s a new kind of force or substance now in the body and in the whole being as a result of this voyage. Something has entered into the body very, very deeply, into the emotions, into the heart, into the head, into the soul. Of course, this was a journey of the soul but it affects the whole, the whole planetary body being affected by this voyage. I’d just like to ask how you’re feeling at this point.

Leslie: [Sigh] Well, I’m feeling very relaxed. I’m feeling emotionally very open. I can feel my heart, my emotional heart. And the energy is still there … sort of shimmering … light shimmering. … So it feels good.

Jack: Well we don’t want to move too quickly but we’re gradually moving back … closer and closer … to the more ordinary kind of existence but the effect of this experience will continue at a certain level even if it’s not remembered … at the same time there’s a new lightness that has an influence on the whole cellular structure of the organism. Each cell through its membrane is very sensitive to information from the outside, influences from the outside. The whole structure cannot not be influenced, it’s deeply influenced by what has just taken place … and of course in a very beneficial way … because this is a contact with the life within life … the real life that is behind our existence … it’s still there in the body, still moving through, a vibration that is still present … but at the same time we need to begin to come back to the body in a more ordinary way. So I’d like to suggest that we move back now in the way I usually do, having you visualize that you’re walking down an avenue of tall trees on a beautiful day in summer … that you’re walking down this avenue with a particular lightness in your step, at the same time the earth is present beneath your feet, feeling that connection with each step, so you’re walking back down this avenue of trees to a doorway at the other end and I’m going to just count slowly from one to ten and bring us back to a more ordinary state. When I’m finished counting there will still be a certain awareness of what has taken place of course but gradually there will be a movement of grounding … particularly as you walk home … there too a kind of special feeling taking place as you’re walking and feeling the connection with the planet. When I’m finished counting to ten you’ll be through the doorway and able to open your eyes, feeling very present, full of energy for your long walk home. The energy levels too being helped by this experience, so that there’s a feeling of greater energy as you’re connected now to a source, to an inexhaustible supply of energy. Because the cellular structure has been deeply influenced … all this already very helpful so that there’s enough energy to do what needs to be done. We’re going to move back now through this doorway. One…


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