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“Dark, murky green, like pus – across my whole field of vision – as soon as you hung up the phone and began. And movement within it, a roiling, heavy movement. I didn’t dare open my eyes in case the spinning, the vertigo, the whole world spinning around me, would still be there. I just kept watching that horrible green.”

“After a time, the movement within the green mass began to quicken. In places, a spray which was blue and silver at its tips rose up from it. Gradually, the green lightened in color. It became a mossy green, somewhat vibrant and, after more time still, the blue and silver came to predominate and the green receded more and more.”

Water“When I woke at 4:30 am, I knew immediately that one of my terrible vertigo attacks was upon me. I tried to work with it on my own but I got nowhere. When this happens the spinning is so intense that I cannot even crawl on the floor because everything is turning. Nauseous and dizzy as well. I was afraid to call you because even though, when you did a session for me 18 months ago the vertigo vanished immediately, I was afraid that perhaps that was just a weird coincidence of some kind and that this time it would fail. I stewed about this for a long time. Finally by 10:30 I had to go to the bathroom so badly, I called you. And you answered! Even though you had a client with you. And you joked about the fact that you were my last hope.”

“By the way, you cannot imagine how difficult it was for me to dial your number! My phone book is full of scraps of paper and notes and it took a long time to find your number. The book fell apart and the papers scattered. When I finally did find it, I had to keep looking at the number, not directly, catching it as it spun by, until I had memorized it and then I had to dial it.”

Torrent“As the session proceeded I had no idea of the passage of time. Usually you call back when you finish but this time you had said you would not do that since you had to get back to your client. Finally then at some point I opened my eyes and the room was no longer spinning. I rushed to the bathroom and when I looked at the clock it was 11:15 – the exact time when you had said you would finish.”

“Now there’s something about all this that bothers me. I have had this condition investigated very thoroughly medically and I have lived with it for many, many years. It is caused by small flakes of bone falling into the labyrinth of the inner ear. It has been termed “benign” which is a way of saying that there’s no tumor for example, that I’m not going to die from it. Certain treatment is counter-indicated because of other conditions I have, the medications have unfortunate side-effects and so when an attack comes it just has to be endured and can last up to 3 days. What happened when the vertigo stopped abruptly is not explainable. At least not explainable within our usual paradigm of physical reality. Can you tell me what happened?”

(Client report on a distance session of Reconnective Healing® done on October 10, 2012.)

About trylus

Welcome to my blog! I was born in the year of the golden dragon (1940) and when the golden dragon year came around again in 2000, little did I know that events would conspire to have me reinvent myself. So after a long career in computers and libraries and languages and with a few bumps of transition I now feel very alive in the practice of hypnotherapy and an energy modality called Reconnective Healing®. My interest in writing has always been in the mystery of how it is sometimes possible to convey much more than the meaning of the words. It is my heartfelt wish to have that happen sometimes in this blog. Jack Cain Trylus énergétique Montréal
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2 Responses to Green

  1. Deneen says:

    Hi Jack,
    Fascinating post. I feel it to be somewhat unclear, though, as to whether this is someone speaking to you or you speaking to someone that’s doing healing for you. Because there are no quote marks, I think.

  2. trylus says:

    Hi Deneen. This is the first time I wrote a posting as a client speaking. Yes, quotes would help, wouldn’t they. I’ll put them in right away.

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