Hop in deed

All is alive(Copyright © Jack Cain 2012, text and images)

I want to use vehicle as a verb but English objects. Still that is what we were doing, but in the realm of mind. Richard had come for a session of “Quantum Healing Hypnosis,” Dolores Cannon’s method of using hypnotic regression to vehicle the individual into a state where it would be possible to connect to the akashic field where all records of his previous life experience are stored.

In this case, the vehicle is encouraged into existence by my voice. An invisible vehicle of course. Energetic. Held in place by attention. Richard had no trouble at all being once again among the sand dunes in North Carolina, facing the ocean, tasting the salt air, feeling the sand under his feet. Nor did he have any trouble jumping up and stretching out on the fluffy white cloud that was to take him back in time and space to exactly the most important past life experience relevant to his challenges and opportunities in the current life, here in Canada.

Coming off the cloud he was very disoriented. His left hand felt very large. He couldn’t tell up from down. He felt a fish tail in his hand. I suggested he move back in time, just a bit before and see if things were clearer. Yes, they were.

Can you move forward, can you walk?

Yes, but it’s more like I hop. And I have a beak. I see dinosaurs around me.

OK. Move now to just after where we began. What is happening?

I am dead. Crushed. I’m looking down on the body.

We move on to another life since this one was too brief. What significance could that prehistoric life possibly have in relation to his current life, I thought. But of course later it all became clear.

Look at your feet. What do you see?

They are black, I mean the skin is black.

What are you wearing?

A grass skirt.

Are you a man or a woman?

I guess I’m a woman (surprise and embarrassment in the voice).

What is around you?

I’m in a hut, a grass hut. There’s a pot over the fire. Kids around. One of them is mine, my son. I feel the connection to him. A strong connection.

Move on to the next significant experience in that life.

I see uniformed men. White men. But not here. I see them in a vision of what will be. I see now that I am a healer in this village.

Wind. Running.

I paint my face in the shape of an “A.”

Square, triangle. Body, mind above it. Approaching vision of a pyramid. Deep indigo. Very different way of seeing. Experiencing some information entering. Rings around left foot. Woman’s dance rings. In a trance, visioning pyramid. Shape forming. A swan – a creature not from this place where I am. I enjoy visiting other places.

Purple pyramid. Connecting to it. It’s a symbol. Finger on the left that I’m using. Connecting. Golden glow at the top of the pyramid. Now I can do something. Apply this. New way of wood holding up tent. Wood pieces have an energy. Can build something.

Let’s go to the end of that life. What do you see?

The village is burned, destroyed. Everyone is dead.

There is a door in the sky. I feel the connection with my son. There is a greater understanding of things. Everything is changed. We know. So not sad. We move on to the next things. I am going through the door now.

And what do you find there?

One side of the door is white and the other side is golden and brighter. I’m going down a stairwell. Glowing egg. A ball of energy. Happy. Going toward it. A house in the sky. Winged fluffy insect-like being. Slightly larger than human. Woman-like face. Approaching me now. Radiant, beautiful. Kisses me. Now I see a royal couple. Sense of gold. Being welcomed. Happy to see them. Return? Reunion? The king – golden horns, deep voice. We are exchanging. He parts the clouds and we look down at a previous existence of mine. He thanks me for what I did in that existence to help the understanding of the priest in the church we are looking down on.

I’m being worked on currently.

By them?

Yes. Something in my tummy. By the process of communication, now I see a glass object, inside it a dark liquid, trophy-shaped. Beautiful glass work. Shattering. Opening. Intentional shattering. Something being blown into it, creating a sound. Sound is then chosen. Cloud machine combining light and sound. Light and cloud. Yes. There’s this wheel for clouds. Night. There’s a light. Can see how it creates a circle. Points to the middle of the circle from which extends a sound which is used to create the crop circle.

Someone has seen this. They don’t know what to do. I’m supposed to help them – if I’m interested to do so in this life. I could bring some kind of connection. Some understanding of the spiritual in cosmic art.

So to help me do that they’re focusing on a purple diamond – rotating, breathing it through my throat. I am being shown plans. Technological blueprints.

OK now. I’m seeing with a different eye now. Searching for a connection with people. Seeing rows of people walking. Factory people. Purple undulating spiral. Where’s that rich connection to people?

At this point there is a slowing down, as if a natural end was taking place. Felt energetically. So I decided, as facilitator, that we should ask for Richard’s higher consciousness to come forward and speak to us. This request, made with great respect is a standard part of Dolores Cannon’s method of regression. It requires a deep somnambulistic state so that the ordinary consciousness does not interfere but allows the voice of the higher consciousness to speak through, using the physical organism and its vocal cords.

What is the meaning for Richard of being shown these previous existences on the planet? He needs to know he can look after himself. He is capable of taking care of himself.

Richard has been troubled by an intense fear that has prevented him from sleeping normally for the last 25 years. What can be said about that? What can be done to help? He has tried many things; nothing has helped.

We’re looking into it. [pause] It’s based in his mind. He’s in his mind too much. We’re working on it with colored layers.

What colors?

Rose, olive, blueberry, orange, banana.

What does Richard need to be doing in his life? What should his direction be?

Like the dinosaur he could just hop – it would be good for the spinal cord. [chuckle] He needs to move. He could do a lot. Just go ahead. The fear is just a thought. Good for him to be around people. He’s got a quick way of thinking which is from the future. It has to do with the immediacy of manifestation. Real creativity that allows him to connect to people more easily than he thinks possible, important people even, many people. Possible to do a lot of amazing things at this time. He has a responsibility that he’s understood from past lives.

Richard wants to know how many strands of DNA he has?


And he’s concerned about growing a tooth. Is this something he should engage in, could engage in.

Yeah, sure. Let it grow.

It’s up to him isn’t it?

At this time it would be too much for … he has to come to the right vibration … so he can loosen up and enjoy.

And his relation to money?

He’s learned he can’t starve, he needs to look after himself. There will always be enough but it’s his fear that blocks it. It’s good that he’s getting help in this direction. He’s found the link – it’s difficult to use the mind without the food, without special nutrients he needs. Special in the sense that they don’t really come easily.

Is going to a naturopath going to help that?

It’s a beginning.

He has to look for the right things to eat?

Like the dinosaur.

He needs to develop an intuition about the right things to eat?

Yes, that’s a beautiful art. These things will come easily.

What about his relation to sex?

He’s seeing that there are environments which enrich the sexual connection. He’s to swim in it. The help will come. He’s going in the right direction by knowing that he needs to meet certain people, take active decisions. He has been told that Toronto is not a place to live and meet his partner.

Is it true that Richard needs to look inside as well as outside to find his answers?

Yes, he needs to blend the two.

Richard is curious about an incident of missing time on Canada Day. With a friend. There was a street fight. He was taken care of. We’re just checking him right now. His skull. [he was unconscious for a time] [pause|]He wants to know a little more than he’s really able to handle rigAbove the lightht now.

Is the healing of the problem with fear complete now? It will continue. It is ongoing and it will continue for some time

Any final message for Richard? Dream big.

I extend an expression of gratitude to this higher consciousness. We are so happy to work with Richard.

Will Richard need to come back for more sessions? The colors change. He will know the time to come back. The colors of surrounding time-color.

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Welcome to my blog! I was born in the year of the golden dragon (1940) and when the golden dragon year came around again in 2000, little did I know that events would conspire to have me reinvent myself. So after a long career in computers and libraries and languages and with a few bumps of transition I now feel very alive in the practice of hypnotherapy and an energy modality called Reconnective Healing®. My interest in writing has always been in the mystery of how it is sometimes possible to convey much more than the meaning of the words. It is my heartfelt wish to have that happen sometimes in this blog. Jack Cain Trylus énergétique Montréal www.trylus.com jack@trylus.com
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