Moving on high

New York Sky 20120124(Copyright © Jack Cain 2012, text and images)

[What follows is the verbatim record of a session.]

J: Tell me where you are now.

B: Just a kind of happiness, a kind of spaciousness. It’s a kind of reddish brown, a rusty brown color, the light is like that. I feel like I’m floating. I’m surrounded by this space. Sometimes it’s darker. The color seems to ebb and flow.

J: We need to be patient, we need to see if something appears out of that light.

B: It’s quite pleasant just to float here.

J: Just continue for a bit; take your time. Maybe it’s important for you to have a place in between; a place of rest and comfort, which doesn’t require a physical surrounding of any kind but is nevertheless very pleasant. Let’s just see if anything transpires here or whether this is just a temporary stopping off place or what it really is. So is there any sense of anyone else there with you, any sense of any presence?

B: No but there’s something that I cannot quite describe. It’s like a structure that kind of rose up. It’s not like anything I recognize. It’s like it came out of the ground, like it grew out of the ground but it’s a structure.

J: And is it the same color as the ground?

B: No, it’s a kind of golden color, a straw color.

J: Does it look like a building or something else?

B: It’s kind of like a building but not like a building I’ve ever seen before.

J: Is it tall or not tall.

B: Quite tall. With strange angles. Flat panels and strange angles.

J: Let’s just see now. Is there an entrance for example.

B: I don’t see one. Maybe. It’s right down at the bottom, round the side maybe.

J: See if you feel you need to move into this structure. It may not be. I’m not sure. See if you feel attracted.

B: I could go in … I think …

J: Why don’t you try and see and tell me what the inside is like…

B: Well, it seems dark. Kind of dank.

J: Maybe you have a flashlight with you; maybe you have some light that you can bring out. Is that possible?

B: Yes.

J: Good. Yes, just bring out a light and see if that improves the situation, or leads you in a particular direction inside.

B: Well, I can see a fire burning now, like a fire in a hearth.

J: Ah, yes. And do you feel like approaching that or…

B: It’s quite close.

J: And you can feel the warmth from it?

B: Yes.

J: Yes, very good. Well just see now if there’s anyone else, a presence there now…

B: I just have a feeling there might be people there but I’m not seeing anyone clearly.

J: Just taking whatever time it takes – we’re not in any kind of hurry here – so just see if the scene clarifies here…

B: I think I’m standing in bare feet.

J: Ah, yes. And maybe you could say a little about what you’re wearing…

B: Just seems to be a dress of some sort.

J: And about what age would you be then?

B: I seem to be a young girl. I don’t know – maybe in my teens. Maybe a bit younger.

J: Anything on your head?

B: No, I don’t think so.

J: And your name? What do people call you?

B: The name that came when you asked that was Isabelle.

J: Fine. We can go with that for now. So Isabelle is there in that situation. Not very clear who else is there or not there in that situation. But let’s move forward now to the next significant thing that takes place in that particular life… .

B: I seem to be floating again…

J: Ah, yes, and what are the colors like now?

B: There’s a deep blue… and the same color that was there before. [pause] It’s very pleasant this floating.

J: Yes, these are like way stations in between – they’re very nice – and we feel supported there, spiritually. So I’d like you to consider now that you’re moving in a spiral upwards… upwards to a higher realm where we may encounter some entities or guides or people that might be able to help. So as if now from this very comfortable place you’re moving upward in a spiral. Very gently but steadily. Moving upward just the way a bird moves upward. Steadily upward, like a white dove moving up and up and up, into higher realms, moving up and up and up, up and up and up, way beyond the realm of this incarnation. Higher and higher and higher. Higher and higher and higher. Until we get all the way up to the realm where there may be direct assistance if that’s appropriate and relevant to B. in this existence. So moving up and up and up in this spiral, higher and higher. And the light becoming more and more refined all the time, perhaps brighter, lighter. Higher and higher until finally we arrive at this upper realm. And I’d like to pause at this level and see where you are and what is around you… .

[After 30 seconds]

B: I see light.

J: Yes.

B: I just want to be with it for a bit. [hushed voice]

J: That’s fine. You don’t have to rush. It may take some time for something to appear. And you need to stay close to the feeling that is there. It’s very important, this feeling.

[After 20 seconds]

B: It’s a very beautiful light, and shining. [in awe]

J: Yes.

B: As if it’s meeting me.

J: Like a welcome?

B: Yes.

J: Yes, of course, you’re being welcomed. And it may feel like a return.

B: Yes.

J: Returning home.

[20 second pause]

B: It feels like there’s a woman there. Not a person exactly, just a feeling of a feminine being.

J: Yes, it doesn’t have to appear as a form that we’re used to. It can be just… and you don’t have to have a visual, you can just sense that this presence is there. And how does that feel – being with that …

B: It feels wonderful.

J: Yes. Yes. So I think it gives you a sense of what real love and support is.

[15 second pause]

So with this feminine presence that is there now, accompanying you, in this environment that is … very, very high … it’s possible for you to ask … ask anything that you need to ask … although the questions from the lower level may not appear to be as important any more … but still … there is a very important first question about what it is that you are to do with the rest of the incarnation that you’re in at the moment. So this would be a great opportunity for you to ask this question – which you can just ask in your thoughts – and see what the response is, … if you could tell me what the response is.

B: I’m aware of light opening up above me, sort of in a circle. There’s tremendous light there.

J: Yes.

[50 second pause]

And does the feminine presence have anything to tell you about this or is this just what you need to experience?

B: I think it’s just what I need to experience. The questions seem unimportant.

J: Yes.

B: Irrelevant.

J: Right. It’s true. … So something is being provided for you here … as it were an opening to something that’s not usually available.

B: And now it’s using my body.

J: Yes. [pause] So this may have something to do with what is really meant by resurrection – where the physical body too needs to be transformed. The level of vibration of the body needs to move also into the light. So that it’s not only a question of the higher parts rejoining. Because of the needs of the planet right now, it’s important for individuals to feel this movement from the highest levels even down into the physical body which in the process becomes, as you say, suffused with this light in a way it changes its composition entirely – and in a way it doesn’t – but nevertheless there’s a movement taking place, a movement from on high as it were.

[25 second pause]

B: My whole body is glowing with this light.  A kind of shimmering.

J: Just be very open to this movement … feeling it take place through the whole body … every part of this body. Opening. Receptive.

[90 seconds silent]

And is this process still going on?

B: It’s changed. It’s kind of ebbing away … the light … I’m in a different place. Not the same; it just feels different.

J: Yes, there are certain levels that we can’t stay at for very long. Let’s see then where it is you need to go next … what needs to happen … and is that feminine presence still accompanying you?

B: I can’t quite tell … I think she’s behind … I’m not sure … [short pause] I think she wants to speak to me.

J: Very likely. So just tell me what she says. [pause]

B: I feel like she’s transmitting something but it’s not in words.

J: Yes, it may be that. I must confess I use the computer term “downloading.”

B: Yes. (agreeing)

J: But there is a sense of a package being received just as in telecommunications there are packages received. But the package is received and then it has to be digested, processed, so that an understanding is then come to … maybe now, maybe later … it’s hard to say. But you may feel an internal movement taking place as a result of what has been received.

B: The phrase “I am your mother” is there.

[60 second pause]

J: And what is happening now?

B: There’s something flowing into me, it’s very lovely, there’s a … a kind of blueness … it’s the kind of a color I haven’t seen before … it’s hard to explain …

J: Yes, the colors can be very hard to describe.

B: There’s a flow into me.

J: Into which part of you? All over, or…

B: Mostly into my heart, my chest … that whole area … There’s a filling up. It’s way beyond my physical body, but connected to it too. It extends out beyond my physical body – that’s what I meant.

J: Yes, so the other interpenetrating bodies are probably involved, particularly the … well, all of them maybe…

B: And it’s definitely coming from this feminine presence. It’s like she’s stirring it up now. It’s a kind of pulsing. There’s a sense of joy. She’s very joyous in doing this.

J: So it’s not a chore; it’s a real joy to transmit this.

B: There’s a gentle pulsing in my body now, my whole body but mostly in my torso. My hands and my arms too and my legs now

J: It’s because something has been received that is very precious.

[60 second pause]

B:  I asked what am I meant to understand here. And the reply was “It will come.”

J: I’m sure it will. … Maybe you could ask, if you need to have this contact again in the future with this feminine presence, if so what you need to do to make that contact.

[40 second pause]

B: The word that’s coming is “Just open.” It’s like my whole body is opening up.

J: So that’s all you really need to do, is to open, for this contact to take place.

B: I feel like there’s this exchange of energy going on right now.

J: It’s fine. Just allow that to take place. We need to take whatever time we need to take.

[3 minute pause]

J: Is it any different now? Is it the same process?

B: No, it’s … I feel I’m coming back down to Earth, to the way.

J: Yes, because this cannot be maintained for too long. Is the feminine presence still there?

B: Ah … kind of … but I feel she might always be there, you know.

J: Yes. Yes. Maybe we could just ask if there’s any final message for B. here … before we leave. [30 second pause]

B: The words that came are “Remember me.”

J: I would like to ask also if the feminine presence has any message for J.

[30 second pause]

B: Well, there’s no words but the … the energy seemed to intensify again and there was a feeling of sweetness … and affection.

J: Yes. That’s a message. …

So I think we have to gradually move back now, allow the body to feel that it’s returning … and the mind … and the spirit. So moving back closer to the present time and place but before we’re gone entirely to engage in an expression of the feeling of gratitude.

B: That’s definitely there.

J: Yes … for what has been received … enormous gratitude really … that these channels were open for us today. And very important to remember that that presence needs to be remembered and is available. Very important information. So coming back now, back towards the physical body in this incarnation because of course this is an incarnation, we have to move back into the incarnation … continue the life … but now with some very precious new material added to the existence here.

Concrete Light

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Welcome to my blog! I was born in the year of the golden dragon (1940) and when the golden dragon year came around again in 2000, little did I know that events would conspire to have me reinvent myself. So after a long career in computers and libraries and languages and with a few bumps of transition I now feel very alive in the practice of hypnotherapy and an energy modality called Reconnective Healing®. My interest in writing has always been in the mystery of how it is sometimes possible to convey much more than the meaning of the words. It is my heartfelt wish to have that happen sometimes in this blog. Jack Cain Trylus énergétique Montréal
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3 Responses to Moving on high

  1. Great blog Sir, and a fantastic Bio, like you I was a chef for twenty year until ilness struck and I had to abandon my career.
    after unfortunately having to spend two years out of wrok, and then took the first job I was offfered, then re-focused on trying to just follow my passion I was in a bit of a quandry as my passions then and still are writing and hypnotherapy, I eventually went down the route of hypnotherapy and I am so glad I did…
    Now I am planning on been able to quit my day job within 3 moths and be able to help many, many people.

    Love & light

  2. sdj says:

    Very interesting.
    In this type of exploration is there any chance of learning more about Isabelle?

    • trylus says:

      Yes, sometimes it is important to know more about the personage from a previous time and then that is what takes place. But in this case the session took an entirely different direction and we did not follow the line of learning more about Isabelle. Please see my response to Germaine’s comment on post #1. The agency directing the process of what line will be followed is very mysterious. But in this case with this session my client was extremely grateful that we did not take that other direction and instead she had the experience of this stunning encounter — encounter with what exactly I do not know but it was definitely transformative — even now a year after the session.

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