Ricky Wolf

Photo H. Velzaquez

(Copyright © Jack Cain 2012, text and images (except the first image))

“Being the wolf: not the false archetype in most people’s minds, but one in the wild who uses sight and smell to know what to go towards, what to avoid – to find the just measure.”

Ricky’s journal notes


Ricky thought that the experiment would be cool. It took a while to get the electrodes properly attached to his forehead where they would measure the frequencies being emitted by his pre-frontal cortex. Finally it was done and he relaxed comfortably back into the big, green leather chair and let out a big sigh.

More fiddling with the video camera and finally we were ready.

Eyes closed, big breath and the journey begins.

“I am in an iglu. It feels very familiar … like I’ve come home.”

“Then what happens?”

“I’m sitting very still and I begin to see power animals appear around me.”

“Do you know what to do now?”

“No. I feel like the sorcerer’s apprentice who has called up something he knows nothing about. But that’s because the current ‘me’ knows nothing. So I have to enter back into that time more fully. Give me a moment more to get there.”

“How are you doing? Can you get there?”

“I am entering the wolf. I am looking through his eyes. My vision is different. I see differently now.”

“What is it like?”

“I cannot tell you that. There are no words for that. I am looking at a different world. My head is very still. I am aware of my sense of smell. Strongly aware. I have no fear. Nothing separates me from the world I am in. The ice and the snow and the sky and the beating of my heart are one. It is good.”

“What takes place next.”

“I am now with a tall man. He is showing me something. We are outside, a little beyond the iglu now. The land and the sky stretch out before us, away from us into the distance. It is incredibly beautiful. The air is sweet.

“Something strange begins to happen. Vision gets extended as he waves his hand further, as if his hand was extending the vision. The moon is there, then Mars, Jupiter, Saturn with its rings. They stretch out into the distance as if we were moving past them. But we have not moved we are still standing in the same place, the snow crisp beneath our feet.

“He smiles at me, looking down at me as if from a great height. ‘You see,’ he says.

‘Yes, I see very well now,’ I said.”

“And what happens next?”

“Nothing more. The scene is fading. Just black. It is over. I feel joy … and incredible sadness.”

Recorded by Jean-Charles Chabot (www.life-between-lives.ca)

The electroencephalogram reading above has some unusual characteristics. Notice that the highest amplitudes are in the lowest frequencies. These low frequencies are associated with deep sleep, healing and dementia. The higher frequencies are associated with the intellect, with thought, and with what is thought of as consciousness. But Ricky was not unconscious and remembered all that took place quite clearly. What is mind? What is reality? What am I?

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Welcome to my blog! I was born in the year of the golden dragon (1940) and when the golden dragon year came around again in 2000, little did I know that events would conspire to have me reinvent myself. So after a long career in computers and libraries and languages and with a few bumps of transition I now feel very alive in the practice of hypnotherapy and an energy modality called Reconnective Healing®. My interest in writing has always been in the mystery of how it is sometimes possible to convey much more than the meaning of the words. It is my heartfelt wish to have that happen sometimes in this blog. Jack Cain Trylus énergétique Montréal www.trylus.com jack@trylus.com
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