The mystery of coming back to oneself…

What appears(Copyright © Jack Cain 2011, text and images)

William called late one night, beset with deadlines, stress and tension. He felt he needed a boost to get through the next 10 days leading up to a presentation and he wanted to arrange for an energy session the very next day. But the day was booked solid for me so I suggested that I could do a session then and there if he wanted to by making it a “distance session.” I explained that I did about two thirds of my energy sessions as distance sessions. With the energy modality I use – Reconnective Healing® – as with a number of other such modalities, it is possible to do the session when the client and I are in different locations. The quantum physics principle of non-locality is often used to explain this – since the work is with vibrations it seems reasonable that the fundamental laws of vibration would apply.

We set a time half an hour away. I called back to confirm and to ask him to simply stretch out, close his eyes and be aware of whatever took place. Then I hung up the phone, and proceeded to move my hands above the imagined body of William stretched out in front of me. Right away, the usual prickling sensation of the energy was present in my hands and I proceeded to allow my body and hands to move as seemed best to them. My job is to maintain the connection and “play” with the energy or “stretch” it by moving my hands. I make no diagnosis and I have no perception of the client’s problems or issues. The source of the energy decides what will take place and it will be only what is appropriate for that person at that time. The energy is not transmitted through me; it is received directly by the client from the source.

After half an hour I called back and received the following report:

“Very intriguing. It was a lot of fun in a strange way. I had no idea what was happening. I was alone, lying down on my bed, comfortable, relaxed, with lots of thoughts running through my head, the usual torrent of them. I did an invocation at the beginning, and after that a number of deep breaths. Gradually the massive amount of trivial thoughts began to die down.

Then there was a sensation of a subtle heat around the solar plexus. Not a heat in or on the body but outside of it. Could it be a subtle form of annealing?

The body sensations were experienced in and around the mundane thoughts. Then the thought process changed and instead of the mundane thoughts, I was placed in a space where I was able to catalog the diverse sets of techniques and strengths I would need to help me handle my presentation. It was a kind of preparation. I fundamentally understood how to approach the problem, the logical strategies to use – just realistic good thinking. I understood how to make a prelude, how to bring in some media, and sound into the room, floating sequences over each other. A seeding process. I realized I have enough, I have what I need. I realized I’m going to be OK.

Then there was a return to the scampering thoughts, thoughts like squirrels or scorpions. I watched them dwindle away and once again I experienced the energies weaving through me, and then I thought of Jack over there in another part of the city doing his weaving work.

A bit later, as a sort of deepening of the invocation, I began to see something suspended above me that resembled an Australian aboriginal painting. It was a human body of speckled dots being distinguished from a background also of dots because the dots on the body were brighter. It was a body like mine, bright grey dots coming out of the field, in 3D, tendril things, just coming down, descending toward my body and entering into my body. Lovely. Now I don’t know what happened after that; nothing else so remarkable. But a clarity remained.”

About trylus

Welcome to my blog! I was born in the year of the golden dragon (1940) and when the golden dragon year came around again in 2000, little did I know that events would conspire to have me reinvent myself. So after a long career in computers and libraries and languages and with a few bumps of transition I now feel very alive in the practice of hypnotherapy and an energy modality called Reconnective Healing®. My interest in writing has always been in the mystery of how it is sometimes possible to convey much more than the meaning of the words. It is my heartfelt wish to have that happen sometimes in this blog. Jack Cain Trylus énergétique Montréal
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