The Earth is Breathing

01 Two tied rocks Shinto Ise shrine(Copyright © Jack Cain 2019, text and images)

Jack: So, Laura, have you been able to think of some place to be right now?

Laura: I’m in the forest. It feels like the trees are swaying. They show the wind. [cough]

Jack: It’s good to stay there and be with the forest. Feel the movement in your own body – the movement of the limbs of the trees and the wind. [pause]

Laura: It’s winter. There’s snow and the trees are bare. It feels very comfortable. I feel very safe in the forest.

Jack: Good.

Laura: I feel a strong connection with the trees.

Jack: Yes, feel the communication taking place between yourself and the trees. It would be good to be open to whatever it is they have to say to you.

Laura: I feel that they’re sending me energy. There’s a swaying that goes up and down.

Jack: Do you feel that you’re receiving that from the trees?

Laura: Yes, I’m receiving that from the trees.

Jack: Good. Good.

So just stay with that and see what it brings for you. It’s wonderful to have that feeling of safety. There is something very comforting about not being in the presence of other humans.

Laura: It’s like I become part of the trees – part of the forest. [pause]

Jack: Yes. [pause]

It’s good to spend some time like that – just receiving. It’s helpful to the physical body and to the whole organism, helpful to all the cells of the physical body.

Laura: The body feels like it’s expanding – as if it has no boundaries any more. [pause]

Jack: Yes. Good. Just allow that to take place. It’s a natural movement. Allow yourself to include more; allow yourself to be more.

Laura: OK. It seems like there’s a consciousness coming in. It’s very soft. There’s a communication happening. [pause]

They’re coming in from the top of the head. It feels very organic.

It could be a forest, but it could be hair. I don’t know. We’re moving in the wind. We’re like tall grass or something. And it’s pulling us up. And we’re just swaying. It’s very beautiful. It’s like a dance.

Jack: Beautiful.

Yes, just follow that movement. There’s something very specific about the quality of that swaying movement. [pause]

Laura: It’s like this energy is showing us that it’s part of the cycle of life. It comes from above. It’s something we forget.

Jack: That’s right. [pause]

You’re more intimately connected with it right now which is very important. That movement of life is part of you, part of the movement of the swaying.

Laura: It’s huge; it’s like the Earth is breathing.

And it’s in with the energy all around it.

02 river IMG_3305Jack: What about the energy all around it?

Laura: Well, it’s connected. It makes these huge waves and circles. It comes from the Earth and goes out into the universe and then comes back into the Earth again. [pause]

Jack: So you’re really seeing the energetic connections between the Earth and everything else – the rest of the universe.

Laura: Yes!

Now I’m farther away. I see it from a distance. It’s going on everywhere.

It’s the same feeling as in the forest but it’s in the universe.

Jack: Yes, because it’s the same movement of life. The universe is alive.

Laura: There’s like a ray of energy coming from below and passing through me. It’s like a shooting… like a fountain. It’s just there.

It’s the consciousness again. It’s around my forehead and at the top of my head. [pause]

Jack: Yes. Just allow those areas to be open to receiving something.

Laura: That’s right. They’re communicating. [pause]

It’s affecting my heart. It feels like my heart chakra is very soft.

Jack: Nice. Very nice. [pause]

Laura: It’s like they’re… I can’t… [coughs; some congestion] I’m congested there.

This very gentle… It’s like they’re… Now there are these long sort of skinny tentacles like strings that are around in front of me. [pause]

Jack: OK.

Laura: It’s like they’re transmitting their profound… their hearts, you know.

Jack: Yes, and because your heart is open, then you can receive in your heart chakra.

Laura: There’s a light coming from my heart chakra. I can see it. It’s really… It’s alive. It’s light. It’s a soft pinkish light. And it’s like a round funnel. It’s really like an open… And those strings have come together and they’re inside the heart chakra. There’s a connection. And also there is a swirling around. [pause]

And now there’s like a ball of energy that’s in front of me. It’s a whitish yellow or golden. It’s turning. It’s sort of… I don’t know. It feels a little bit like a tornado but it’s much smaller.

Jack: But it’s a spiral motion?

Laura: Yes. It’s a spiral motion.

Now it’s in front of the chakra; I think it has finished doing whatever it was doing.

OK. Now they’re talking through my head.

It feels like blankets of clouds or something. But it’s not cloud – it’s like a… There’s a motion of… of sort of like a blanket or… That’s how they’re talking. [pause]

My congestion is gone. I can breathe better. I can breathe freely. It was an emotion that was caught there. They opened it up. [pause]

Jack: Yes. It’s good to be able to breathe freely.

Laura: I ask them where they are. And it’s making a different light. [pause]

[After the session Jack asked Laura: “Was there an answer to this question?” Laura responded: “After I asked this question, it didn’t seem relevant – as if I was asking who I was myself. In a way the movement of color after I asked this was their response.”]

I can feel my heart beating. It’s like they’re me and I’m them. We’re together. That’s right. Now they’re in my stomach. There’s a movement. A spiral ball of energy. [pause]

There’s so much movement going on. It’s all around my body and… It’s very spacious, very windy… [pause]

It’s constant. It’s like there’s a life-giving consciousness. I don’t know. It’s like that’s what they do with the seeds or something. Maybe that’s how…

It’s really fascinating how it moves. It really knows what it’s doing. It’s always there. [pause]

Jack: It’s a type of intelligence I guess.

Laura: Yes. [pause]

This is what it… That’s it. It’s with the Earth. It takes care of the Earth. Humans aren’t doing it.

Jack: I think the humans could be helping but they’re not.

03 sky light IMG_2979Laura: Well, if they could recognize it. [pause]

They say I don’t need to do anything specific for now. [pause]

There are many voices but it’s one movement. [pause]

It’s funny. There’s a huge spaceship above – an oval light above.

Yes. They said they’re going to come soon. [pause]

It’s really energizing.

Jack: And is there anything specific to be said to Laura? To help her in her current life right now… With the fear of money… Or some other area… Children… or… her doing energy sessions. I just wonder if there are any practicalities that can be mentioned. Or maybe it’s too high a level, I don’t know…

Laura: Well, the energy also comes from Laura.

Jack: So you’re part of the whole picture…

Laura: Yes. Now the energy is also going up … [pause]

It’s all natural. [pause]

They come down as rays. It’s huge. And then it goes up again.

Jack: This is the energy you mean?

Laura: Yes. I’m on Earth…

Jack: So you’re able to see it on the scale of the Earth and on the scale of yourself too…

Laura: Yes. It goes through me and out of me also. [pause]

It’s a natural process. It’s ongoing and… [pause]

And really all the rest, all the questions are not so important.

Jack: Ah! [pause]

It’s very good you’re seeing this so clearly – this movement of energy – on several different scales. As well, you can come back to it later to review what it is you have seen. Other things are not important. This is what’s important. [pause]

Laura: The Earth is going to regenerate and it doesn’t matter what the humans are doing.

Jack: Right. [pause]

Is Montreal a good place to be? [pause]

Laura: [softly] It is.

Jack: What did you say?

Laura: Yes. It’s good. It’s a good place.

The store [that Laura runs] is also good.

Jack: Yes. Because of the energy.

04 plant IMG_3334Laura: And the tree. There’s a big tree near our house and it also has a very important role. They’re transmitters. They are energy points on the grid.

Jack: That’s right. They’re doing a wonderful job – a very important job.

Laura: The humans are good but the problem is they’re confused. They just don’t know.

Jack: No, they don’t. They don’t see this. [pause]

Laura: We’re like antennas or something you know. We need to be here. It’s part of a cycle.

The movement is there. And it has started – the generation, the regeneration. [pause]

Something is lifting from the Earth. Something like a heavy aura. It’s going to be lifted. [pause]

Now they’re talking to me directly of… they’re putting shapes in front of me… like in my head. [pause] So I just absorb it. I know it will make sense later. [pause]

It’s useful to them that we listen. That’s what they have to do: communicate. [pause]

Now there’s like a rod of lights from above… It’s like they’re making it clear… I think they’re doing that… It’s like they’re planting their… It’s like they’re preparing something… with not just me but all around the planet. It’s like they’re planting consciousness. Because we need it.

Jack: We sure do!

Laura: It will be easier to communicate.

I’m still doubtful of my human life but I’m… as we go along it’ll dissipate and…

Jack: Yes, the doubts will dissipate.

Laura: That’s what I was feeling lately – that higher sort of vibration of feeling will enter… It’s great because it also makes the body sort of less heavy. [pause]

So, it’s more like I’m a recipient or an antenna or something. And it can benefit those around me. [pause]

I can feel this energy – it’s very vibrant. [pause]

Now I’m on my own. They’ve left me for a while. But I see a ray that’s like a generator of energy. [pause]

It’s funny now. It’s kind of happening on a smaller scale inside my body.

Jack: So, is that like a preparation? The body being prepared?

Laura: No, no. It feels more like I’m seeing that I’m doing the same as they’re doing but on a smaller scale. I’m actually generating this… Well, it’s just happening. But this comes from my source of energy.

It’s like a gift. It’s like that’s what they do – they give that. You want to have movements of energy but it’s actually that I’m the source of that now. That’s why it’s clear now. [pause]

Jack: There are probably other people, other humans too who are doing the same thing.

Laura: Yes, I heard the voice of a Lama I met a while ago. [chuckles] It’s just that now I just came back. Well, that’s it; they keep repeating.

Yeah, many humans have…

Jack: Many humans are doing this work right?

Laura: Yes.

Jack: It’s very needed.

Laura: It’s everywhere and it’s always balanced. Maybe this is a raising of the consciousness of the planet but it’s always balanced. [pause]

It kind of feels like I’m falling away, like I’m going backwards or something.

Jack: Well, we need to stop soon. I think you may be just feeling that… the need to come back to a more ordinary state. It’s not possible to stay in this state for too long. Let’s just see. There may be some clear indication of what you need to do now. It’s been a very natural flow. [pause]

Laura: The energy is there. I can just use it to generate more energy. Everybody has energy – it’s just a vibration or… so it’s good I consciously come in contact. [pause]

And also I don’t need to get upset.

Jack: Right. It’s a waste of energy.

Laura: Yes.

Jack: A lot of energy flows out when you’re upset. [pause]

Laura: Right, and I can use it through my hands or for healing. Or for presence. Just consciously use it.

Jack: Yes. [pause]

Laura: It’s amazing because they – it’s like they had to reprogram my reception frequency or something. And it took a while.

Jack: You mean within this session.

Laura: No, with the other sessions we had before.

Jack: I see. Yes it’s like tuning an instrument I think…

Laura: Yes. Now I feel it’s very flow-y and it just… the energy is all around so I’m in it and it’s all very soft and flexible and… That’s like my perception so… [pause]

It’s funny. It’s like now I have visitors – like Buddha visitors. These are visualizations that I practice. They’re sort of floating…

Jack: That’s nice. That’s helpful as well. You probably should continue them. That’s also been part of the preparation. [pause]

Laura: It’s like compassion… it can only go through the heart with compassion. That’s why you need to work on compassion. [pause]

I think I’m tired now.

Jack: Yes, we need to stop. It’s an intensity that can’t be maintained for too long. But it has been just about the right amount of time.

[Exit procedure]

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05 leaf 2 IMG_3446

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The Missing “Wide Horizon”

01 Sunset IMG_0758(Copyright © Jack Cain 2018, text and images)

In this session with Samuel, the usual deep experience was accompanied by a clear delineation of the movement between the realms of the mundane and the divine. Very instructive.

Jack: We’re so cut off from a larger view. I keep going back to the statement that Gurdjieff makes in the “Hypnotism” chapter: the reason we have this divided consciousness and the reason that the larger part of our consciousness, the subconscious, is not available most of the time, is because we lack a sufficiently “wide horizon” and we quickly forget.

Samuel: Wow. That’s an amazing statement. What a beautiful image.

Jack: Yes. The lack of a sufficiently broad horizon. You see it in yourself and you see it in others all around you. But in a session you get an experience of the possibility of how much broader it could be.

Samuel: It’s interesting – as you bring that up, I’m revisiting these broad horizons in the sessions that we’ve had – beginning with the broad horizon of the lake with the mountains in the distance. [First session; not posted.]

Jack: Yes, there was a broad horizon there too.

Samuel: And even within that session going down deep into the waters and emerging in this spacious universe that had a limitless horizon. And then the horizon on the beach in that village where the baptism took place. [Posted session: “The Disciples.”]

Jack: Right.

Samuel: And then the last time I was in this location, the session where there were these guides. [Posted session: “Kindly Bent to Ease Us.”]

Jack: Yes, “guardians” you called them.

Samuel: Yes, guardians who visited me. I remember they were involved in something inside my chest but they kept looking out into the distance. They were looking to the horizon. And, in the meditation on the deck that I had had before the session, they were looking out as if they were searching some distant, distant view. They were connecting with a very distant horizon.

Jack: Right.

Samuel: And they were calling me, literally calling me to look in that direction.

Jack: So I think that’s a way of us beginning – beginning with the word “horizon” and with what you’re saying.

Samuel: Yes.

Jack: So I think you should just see how you can transition…

I think a part of what we’re doing Samuel is for you to develop your own movement into these states that require something special. I’m facilitating it somewhat but… Each time we do this there’s a knowledge being accumulated, a knowledge of what’s required in order to make this transition. I think it’s happening as you’ve been speaking – especially in the last minute or two. And it’s a matter of following that direction because it points the way for you.

Samuel: Yes. It’s a deep letting go is what it is. And it’s an exercising of a very particular capability.

Jack: Yes.

Samuel: And to recognize it even in its nascent or partial guises. Just sitting at the breakfast table this morning in anticipation of this session I had a sense of moving into a realm that also included my sitting there. It was still of the particulars all around me but it began to draw me into a much larger embrace.

Jack: Yes. Much larger embrace.

And at the same time that there’s this movement taking place, I think it’s also important for there to be a sense that there’s a unique possibility in this moment as we work together here. There’s something about this moment, today, right now that has its own unique potential for you to find, or experience, or communicate or… Something is uniquely possible. And it’s a question of allowing, as you say, a deep, deep relaxation so that you can be taken to, or you can travel, or you can be where you need to be in order to be in touch with what you need to be in touch with.

Sometimes you need to just think of your own “transport mechanism” if I could put it that way – your own vehicle, your own way of doing that. I think it’s always better that that come from your resources because you need to have your own resources and you do of course. And it shouldn’t be me prescribing anything for sure – I try hard not to do that. But I do encourage you to be in the movement.

Samuel: As I’m lying here, the skies are opening up again.

Jack: Ah, good.

02 sky opening IMG_8119Samuel: My eyes are closed so it’s nothing to do with the weather outside. There’s this parting of the clouds and this beautiful light that I’m called to. This is a theme isn’t it?

I’m called to this light and I’m called to have it infuse me, to be infused by it. I felt that infusing at moments during the two recent retreat weekends. It didn’t have to do with what I was doing. It was a calling. Not as strong as in the moments when we’ve worked together which have been incredibly powerful. But I recognize them as part of a – I keep saying “a calling.” It’s something I need to inhabit or I need to have it inhabit me. I feel it now.

Jack: Good.

Samuel: And it’s an embodiment.

Jack, it’s an embodiment that in a way is impersonal. More and more in my sittings, I can see the personal.

Jack: Right.

Samuel: I can see my ego and how it is a veil.

Jack: Yes.

Samuel: A veil that needs to be pulled back. And it’s pulled back by the recognition of it from another place. It’s not an act of my repressing it.

Jack: Right. Definitely not.

Samuel: It’s a very simple recognition that it is diminishing the healing and the nourishing illumination. It’s in the way of receiving the light. And it’s so simple. I mean it’s so clear how my imagination and my associations occupy a space. But right now I realize that that equation is what changes entirely in this other realm.

Jack: Yes.

Samuel: It’s not as if the ego takes up a huge amount of space and then the ego diminishes. It’s that the space itself gets larger. I don’t know if that makes any sense – things are the other way around. The ego remains just the way it is in its realm – but it is included. It’s not a diminishing of the ego – that’s the important thing – but its inclusion in a larger world. Not only a larger world – an infinite world. [pause]

Jack: Yes, so let’s just see where the next important thing or movement is – already you’ve arrived in a certain place.

Samuel: [assurance in the intonation] I now know these places that we visited and they’re more available to me in a certain way though I don’t want them to be relegated to some fixed memory of them. Right now it’s not that. Each time that I come back there’s a vibrancy to these realms and though there are certain images that recur, there’s something new about it each time. Some deeper detail.

Such as my head going into the water and then coming out and the drops of water glistening in the sunlight of this morning on this beach. I’m right there now with my face coming out of the water into the light. [Return to what took place in “The Disciples.”]

Jack: Good. Good.

Samuel: And just the splash of the water going into the sunlight. So beautiful.

And then rising up. Completely out of the water and up into the air. Just being pulled up into the air. Like a rag doll.

With no physical… I don’t feel anyone is pulling me up. I’m just going up. I’m becoming part of the… It’s such a strange feeling to become a part of the atmosphere. It’s a decorporalization – the body disappearing as the sky sort of interpenetrates.

It’s going back and forth between my experience of it in my body now and my image of it. It’s a strange combination of those two things. I can see a little bit of the distinction between my imagination of it and actually inhabiting the realm. That’s an important distinction.

Jack: Yes, very important.

Samuel: That it doesn’t… That it’s… I’m being careful not to judge it, but… There’s a compelling aspect to the dream of it, as opposed to this other kind of work, which is to be inhabited. I’m not distinct from my picture of it. I am the picture of it.

And right now being very large and above the beach – seeing this harbor scene. It’s a… It’s familiar. I have no idea where it is. But it’s familiar. It’s a little bit like this little cove in Greece that I visited many years ago. I lived there for a while. It’s a little like that but it’s not that. It’s not that. And I can feel the… [pause]

Hmm. It’s changing… And I’m moving… I’m moving up over a large space. Again this feeling of being incorporated with everything around me. I’m seeing a landscape and also I am the landscape. And the atmosphere of the sky and the clouds – I’m both distinct from it and part of it. My molecules are part of it.

This is incredible. It’s embodying the world. It’s becoming a part of the organic life. I feel that this is kind of a commentary but… sort of coming out of the experience of it… but it’s like that.

And I remember at a memorial service, someone reading something that the man who passed wrote towards the end of his life where he felt he was part of the trees outside his window. I’ve remembered that as I sit in the morning. And I allow myself to feel a part of the birds and the trees and feel this interpenetration of life.

I’m feeling that now.

Jack: Right. Good.

Samuel: There’s this gentle moving. Nothing particular happening. There’s this wonderful clarity. And beneficence. Just sort of… ah… the fact of that state of beneficence. It’s not a… it’s not like an action… it’s not countering anything… it’s just that that is the state.

It’s not beauty in opposition to ugliness. It’s an omnipresent beauty. It’s not that ugliness doesn’t exist I suppose but I don’t see it as a balancing of forces – it’s just a…

I don’t think I’m repressing anything either. It’s this state of how things are to be – in a certain way. And it relates to the… Right now I’m having a feeling again of being in the lake. That everything’s accepted. It could be that I’m dead in the lake – but that doesn’t seem to be relevant. [First session; not posted.] You remember – the story of me falling off a boat from a battle or whatever and dying… It just… It’s not important – those details. I mean I can see how I’m drawn to them but… What’s important is this presence, this state, this being a part of that scene. And that scene even in and of itself is not that important. It’s the quality of it that’s important. It’s the quality of its vitality, its aliveness – everything about it is alive.

Jack: Good. Yes.

03 Violet light IMG_9996Samuel: It’s impossible to describe. It’s so deep. There’s no way to explain it.

Jack: No, I don’t think you want to explain it. You might explain it away.

Samuel: [chuckling] It’s in no danger of being explained.

There’s something now that’s pulling me back to…

“Obligation” just came to my mind. Obligation. I’m obliged to open to this world and include it. Include it in what’s happening right now. My wife stomping around in the next room not realizing I’m in here. [chuckling]

Jack: Yes, and someone just turned the dryer on in the room next to me here.

Samuel: It’s interesting. Jack – we are linked in so many different ways. And right now we’re linked in that we both have dryers going in the next room.

Jack: Oh, my God. [both laughing]

Samuel: Should we take it as a sign?

Jack: Well, it is a sign of the interpenetration of these two worlds.

Samuel: It is! And I think what has been wonderful about this session is that it wasn’t about an arc of a visitation. It was about the inner movement of visiting. It was about that capability. It was… It was… It is the exploration of that movement from one realm to another and the inclusion of… It’s not one to another. That’s really not the way it is. It’s… It’s an expansion. It’s an expansion.

Jack: And that’s what’s being illustrated.

Samuel: That’s what’s being illustrated.

Really that’s what’s being infused. It is being illustrated but it’s being infused. There are two parts to it.

Jack: Infused is better.

Samuel: No, it’s both, Jack. I think you’re right. I have this part that describes it – and that’s an illustration – and then there’s this other that is the experience of it.

Jack: But I think there’s yet another level that is facilitating this infusion and illustration.

Samuel: Yes.

Jack: An even higher level.

Samuel: Yes. Yes.

Jack: Without which this would not be happening.

Samuel: Yes. Yes. [pause]

And I keep coming back to a call. There’s another aspect to it. The call is still burdened by my history with that word “call.” It’s a call but there’s something… There’s a reaching out. I’m feeling it now. It is an infusion. It’s as if there’s a flow into me. I’m feeling it now.

Jack: Good.

Samuel: It’s infusing me to move on to a different realm. I mean it’s giving me the sense of what the pathway is between the one and the other. Not a literal pathway but an experiential pathway. It’s very instructive right now. And coming from a very great distance. Very high. I mean in the sense of higher influences. You know these words are so flat and this is…

Jack: No, but you’re experiencing the actual influence.

Samuel: I am experiencing it.

And my friends are with me.

04 angel in garden IMG_0464Jack: Ah, good.

Samuel: They’re holding me. Very gently. [breath out] They’re not going away.

Jack: No.

Samuel: They’re with me. They’re with me.

Jack: Yes. Even though the dryer is still running, they’re with you. [chuckles]

Samuel: And it gives me a feeling of real joy about that. That there’s some… Oh, it’s so interesting… to go through this whole session and right here at the end they’re saying, “This is what it’s about.”

Jack: Yes. Yes.

Samuel: “This is what you need to pay attention to.”

And it’s done in such a practical way.

Jack: Very direct.

Samuel: And a beneficent way. I keep coming back to it because I feel the warmth of it. There’s such care in it. But it’s not the care we think of as personal. It’s a lawful care. It’s just a… It’s what they do. It’s what their part is. They’re angels. That’s their role.

They’re on this… They’re translators, they’re conductors, they’re companions, they’re facilitators, they’re nourishers, they’re all kinds of things. They’re attendants. They’re attending.

And it’s like they move between this high realm and the realm of the everyday. Oh, I have such a different feeling of it.

And the practice is in life. I just have a feeling of the importance of our being in the realm of the Earth. That… This is so… I have a real experience of this – of what we’ve heard about what our role is – to mediate between the higher and the lower by… I have a feeling of that now… of what the work is. [pause]

I can see how Gurdjieff came up with the word “work.” I just said that word now really independent of the years we’ve spent using it in another sense. It now has a reality to it.

I’m in both places. It’s one place.

Jack: Yes, it really is one place.

Samuel: It’s one place where I feel permeated by both realms. I feel how the work is this inhabitation of these two realms – allowing them to coexist while I move back and forth. It’s the movement of life. And death. And everything in between. It’s an organic role that’s connected to this divine influence.

[sigh] Wow!

Hmm. Just by saying “Wow” it doesn’t go away. [chuckles]

Jack: No. No, I’m sure it’s not going to just go away. You recognize that it maybe can’t continue in exactly the same way but, on the other hand, it doesn’t mean it has to disappear completely.

Samuel: Definitely not.

Jack: And we can come back to that word “horizon.” The horizon can still be there.

Samuel: Yes.

Jack: Regardless of whatever’s happening.

Samuel: Yes.

Jack: [chuckling] Although we know also that it will disappear. We’ll be lost completely again at some point but there’s always this possibility. And each time you make a transition like this it becomes more possible – because each time you’re adding to the depth of the experience.

Samuel: I feel that. I feel that more in this session than I ever have before. The sessions now are occupying a realm. They’ve gotten to a critical mass. It’s not just that they have a critical mass, it’s that that movement has been repeated such that the pathways are beginning to be informed and educated and practiced. Practiced. That movement is practiced.

Jack: And you’re establishing a relationship with these two guardians also.

Samuel: Yes.

Jack: By the repetition.

Samuel: Yes. Yes.

Jack: [laughing] And the ordinary mind is going to kind of go nuts about that but… that’s all right.

Samuel: It hasn’t, you know, Jack. It’s not that I don’t dabble in that but what’s interesting is that their purity is such that they don’t allow for a dabbling too much. It’s so clearly distinct from the experience of them. And I see that I have to let go of any dabbling before their reappearance.

Jack: Yes. That’s a good point.

Samuel: [big breath] Well, I have to get up.

Jack: Right. It’s been just an hour.

Samuel: It’s been four days Jack! Don’t tell me it’s only been an hour. [laughter]

Jack: Well, we’ve been under a different clock. Yes. That’s true too. Definitely a different clock.

Samuel: It’s been a second, it’s been an hour, it’s been God know what.

Jack: Well, and the distance too, you know – immeasurable.

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The Monkey & the Sage

01 River IMG_3305(Copyright © Jack Cain 2018, text and images)

[In this session, we begin with a return to the autumn scenery of a Zen retreat center where Nadyezhda had spent the previous weekend. In fact the scenery itself was used as an induction into the altered state of consciousness required to move deeply into the subconscious looking for the underlying causes of repeating patterns of injury in her current incarnation.]

Nadyezhda: I see the autumn, the lake, the trees and the wonderful transparency of the leaves with this light coming through the clouds.

Jack: Good. Just stay with that scenery a little because I think it’s good at the beginning to feel the support of that scene.

Nadyezhda: [small laughter at first] I keep seeing one of the leaves falling from a tree, because the leaves are not starting to fall off en masse yet. There’s just one that kind of flickers off by itself every now and then. When I’ve seen things like that before in hypnosis they turn into little birds, origami birds.

Jack: Ah, right. Origami birds

Nadyezhda: I’ve seen the yellow leaves kind of flickering off and fluttering off into… It’s going somewhere. Maybe I can follow that leaf.

Jack: Yes. Yes. Follow the bird. The bird has been useful to us many times in these sessions.

Nadyezhda: Now I’m in the forest near the retreat center. There’s a bird, a real bird now, a canary, in the tree. The canary is the bird that can go into a mine. It has a yellow light that is cheerfulness and joy. And it can go into the darkness of the mine, a coal mine, and illuminate something in there in the recesses of the earth – a dark earth place down there somewhere.

Jack: Yes. It’s able to go into the darkness.

Nadyezhda: We’re now at the edge of the lake in the forest. And probably it’s all going to go bright, like exposure – like a photograph being exposed. Everything’s going to turn bright and then we’ll go into the mine. The canary will look into the prison of the mind, the prison that is the cage of my psyche. It’s a dark place but it’s a place that I know now. [pause]

I see the prison inside the earth. Like a cell.

Jack: Good.

Nadyezhda: There’s an old lantern and the bird is with me, sitting on my left shoulder. I’m just trying to tune into that feeling.

Jack: Good.

Nadyezhda: I’m distracted by the noises outside. [noisy truck goes by] I feel this prison is where my inner child is being kept. It’s a part of myself that was being trapped.

Jack: OK. Good.

Nadyezhda: But now it seems like the cell is empty and the door is open.

It was the violence of that trauma last year that broke down the door – that’s my feeling. But there should be more information…

Jack: Yes, you’re in the room and the door is open but you need more information it seems – yes.

Nadyezhda: Craggy. I see the rock walls. I’m touching them with my hands. Maybe there’s something.

Jack: But the bird is still with you, right?

Nadyezhda: Yes. I asked the bird to stay with me to keep me company, to give me some protection and lightness.

I’m feeling the rock walls with my hands. I feel a shrine cut into the wall. There’s a figure there. It looks very Catholic or Orthodox. It’s a figure with a golden halo. An icon. I think it’s Mary, Mother Mary. My mom’s name was Maria too. It’s Mary holding Jesus. Very Orthodox. With the gold and blue. This icon is sitting in the recess in the rock wall. [pause]

Jack: Very nice, yes.

Nadyezhda: It’s gentle and comforting. [pause]

02 Mary IMG_2744Jack: There’s a wonderful presence there with that icon.

Nadyezhda: I feel like she’s there soothing. A soothing presence.

But that won’t be the end of it. There’s another opening in the rock on the left side.

Jack: I see.

Nadyezhda: We’ll go deeper into the mine. And it’s… It’s a very difficult place.

Maybe Mary is there just to give me a little help on the way.

Jack: Yes.

Nadyezhda: Maybe I can just stay with the icon for a few minutes.

Jack: Yes. There’s no reason why you can’t have both at the same time – the accompaniment of the icon and the movement into the dark. [pause]

Nadyezhda: I’m pausing there in front of Mary to ask for some healing and soothing… to help my wounds, to heal the pain inside.

Jack: And I think you can probably feel you are receiving something from her, right?

Nadyezhda: Yes. [pause]

I try to leave space for the soothing but I also feel very irritated. That’s why I need the soothing. I’m very irritated.

Jack: Well, it’s good to recognize that, yes.

Nadyezhda: Agitation. And I’ll need courage to go into the corridor. I start to see a light. I hadn’t seen it before, but now there’s a light in the corridor so it’s telling me to go in.

I just tried touching Mary’s hand as if she’s a real person and I feel how soft it is – soft and delicate. [pause]

I feel the contact with her is touching my heart somehow. I receive some courage. So I say I’m ready to go and I go into the corridor. [pause]

The corridor was dark but now it seems like there’s a light inside and torches. There’s a white light coming from above… I’m not sure… [pause]

Maybe there’s some kind of monster in there, waiting. Like a devil kind of beast. Nasty thing. I guess I should approach it and see what it is.

Jack: Yes. I think so.

Nadyezhda: So it can be addressed. What does it want? Maybe it’s the beast that kept me in this prison for so long. [pause]

Yes. It’s a part of myself that was trapped for a long time. It was too frightening to go down there.

Jack: But you have help now, right? So it’s much more possible.

Nadyezhda: Well, it’s a silly image of a really devil-like character with big horns and everything. Very cinematic.

Jack: That’s OK.

Nadyezhda: It resembles the devil I saw in the movie called “Legend” from the 80s with Tom Cruise. It was a nice movie. Very stereotypical devil kind of character. Big horns. Like in the Tarot cards – that’s the way he looks in the Tarot cards. Very red and black. Talking to me. Towering over me as I look like myself, as I am. Maybe as an innocent person.

But I’m not in a prison any more as a prisoner because the door has been blasted open. I guess I have to be in this cave [big breath] and wait for the next… Wait for some information.

Held. It’s all about being held – captive, being held down, held back, held, restrained, trapped. Broken. [pause]

I don’t feel threatened. I don’t feel it can do something to me now in this situation. But at the same time there’s certain fear and apprehension of discovering… discovering some truth out of confronting this thing.

Jack: Yes. You were going to ask what does it want from you.

Nadyezhda: I’m sitting there and I’m asking, “What are you?” “What did you want from me?” “Why did you keep me here?” [pause]

“Why have you caused me so much suffering?” [pause]

I guess I’ve just decided to sit there quietly until some answers come. Or some resolution.

Jack: Yes. I think it’s good to sit quietly – just as you did on the retreat weekend. Sit in front of it. You’re facing it. Focusing your attention creates a force that requires a response.

Nadyezhda: I didn’t feel any verbal answers but instead I decided to reach out and touch it and feel what it is. It becomes less clear. It becomes kind of… It’s not clear what it is. It’s a very weird amorphous thing – an accumulation, in a strange shape. [pause]

It’s not just an arm. It seems that there are growths, distortions around the shape that is here. It’s really disgusting.

03 Shrooms IMG_3317Jack: That’s interesting. You’re discovering stuff there.

Nadyezhda: Before there was this clear figure of the devil but now there’s some… It’s weird. It’s weird. I’m repulsed by it but I’m touching it to find out what it is. It’s very grey, cancerous. I feel like it’s some ancient maybe Chinese… some kind of figure from centuries ago but it’s become overgrown somehow. [pause]

Why? Why are they keeping me here? Like a pet. Like a thing. Like a thing that you’re feeding on. [pause]

I also feel like it’s lost its power over me.

Jack: Yes. Because you’ve really discovered something.

Nadyezhda: It’s sort of… Something ancient… Something to do with some event where this person who existed a long time ago just… [pause]

Jack: Just stay with it. It’s still unfolding for you. [pause]

Nadyezhda: I think it wanted something from me, it needed something from me. Almost like it needed company. So strange. It’s just so amorphous and so…

Like it pulled me in there and then, when I would try to leave, it would grab me and pull me back, take me back down. And I would keep trying to escape and get to the light, it would just snatch me again. [pause]

I keep perceiving that, somewhere in this mass of whatever it is, there is some person who is like a sage, like a Chinese sage – someone in long robes.

But obviously, if there’s someone at the center of all this disease, that person is not acting the way he’s supposed to act.

Jack: No. Well, maybe he needs to be released somehow… And that’s your job.

Nadyezhda: Is that my job?

Jack: I don’t know. [pause]

He’s not as he should be – that seems to be what you’re perceiving. Or maybe you need to ask for help to help him so that it doesn’t have to be you doing it. Some one or some thing could come in to help. You’re helping him but you’re helping yourself by solving his problem.

Nadyezhda: I feel I take the hand of the sage and I pull him out of this weird cancerous mass, whatever it is, this strangeness. I’m pulling him out. I’m pulling him to my side because he’s supposed to be on my side. He was trapped in there.

Maybe it’s a symbol of wisdom that I should have, that I was not equipped with.

Jack: Right. Yes I think it’s very clear. It’s much more direct to have it happening in images like this. So you’re really making a separation between the wisdom and the cancerous mass.

04 Caterpillar IMG_3312Nadyezhda: Yes, there was something that was trapped in there that I need. Some resources. I feel I need to perceive correctly – that’s part of this hard lesson – I need to perceive things correctly. See things as they are and not as I want them to be. I need to connect. That’s maybe the inner voice of truth and wisdom. I need to listen to that. It’s often a small voice and barely perceptible at times. It gets lost but I need it to be clear.

Jack: That’s right. And it takes work and it takes time as you can observe right now. It doesn’t just instantly clarify. You have to work away and work away and gradually you see that there are two things there that need to be separated.

Nadyezhda: Trapped. Trapped somewhere and choking on that. [pause]

It’s changed. This mass seems to be clearing away and it’s almost like there was just a monkey behind it – like a stupid, chattering monkey – not even a big… not even a force of something but like a little monkey in a big uniform, in a big costume but just so full of nasty stuff. Something blown out of proportion, something that has no value in itself. Something that has no integrity.

There’s something in there in the fog – in that weird, amorphous, cancerous, foggy thing – there’s some little thing there. Yes. I feel the monkey spirit there – the kind of vicious monkey – it’s just like a nasty little creature that does anything it wants. And it’s there just to terrorize and infuriate. Yes there’s a monkey in there.

But I keep seeing a little…

Jack: There’s something else you’re trying to see there – some little thing – right?

Nadyezhda: I see a little object – it’s just like the incense burner they had at the retreat. It’s a small round bronze incense burner – with three legs – it has to have three legs. Little tripod thing. And that’s somewhere when the fog clears away.

Jack: Yes. Stay with it. Keep trying to clarify…

Nadyezhda: Yes. It’s just that little incense burner. Burning it can dry out the air, can purify the air in the mine, in that prison, that room, that damp and cold place.

Jack: Yes. And you’re clearing, in a way, aren’t you? Clearing the space. Purifying.

Nadyezhda: The monster – it was a bit like my father – what he was. He wasn’t just himself as a person, but he was all these things that he was carrying around. Those were things that kind of vaporized and disappeared. They’re just memories and situations and monkey energy I guess. And then, another time when I was with him, in one of our previous sessions, I saw there was all this ghost energy around him. Once it dissipated he became more like a person. [sigh]

I don’t know… Maybe that’s this big nasty monster who’s keeping me… It was just a collection of monkeys in a big costume – something very menacing.

Jack: It’s menacing but it’s not substantial – just a façade.

Nadyezhda: Nothing behind it. Of course we always want to know things. The conscious mind wants to know.

Jack: Yes, it always wants to know but don’t…

05 Elastic IMG_3338Nadyezhda: Maybe it was a real monster and now it’s just not… It doesn’t have the same agency any more.

Jack: Right. But it’s more likely you’re just seeing it for what it is…

Nadyezhda: Yes. Evil has no real substance or structure. Maybe that’s it.

I think what’s important here is bringing the light into that cavern.

Jack: Yes.

Nadyezhda: Reconnecting with the sage. And using the incense to clear the air. [pause]

Jack: Good.

Nadyezhda: I think in this situation, being trapped underground like that, there was so much anguish that it’s hard to touch it, let it out and it came out in a violent way which was very unfortunate. [i.e. came out as Nadyezhda’s pattern of repeated injury in this life] [pause]

I don’t know… I ask if there’s anything else I should do down there… It feels… I need to learn… [pause]

I’m thinking of my experience when I was in school, all the stress. I think I got stuck trying to understand what they were doing, why are they doing this, what is the reason for this. And… there was no reason for it. It was just mechanical patterns of evil, just like the monkeys – no mind – just chattering and grabbing whatever they can. There was no substance to any of it.

Jack: There wasn’t really a reason, no.

Right – you are really seeing things for what they are. [pause]

Nadyezhda: I think I should leave the incense burner in the room and just allow it to take its course, see what it needs to do to clear away the evil. This cavern, this mine is some part of my psyche. It needs the incense as fuel. It needs that little impulse to be revitalized.

Jack: Yes.

Nadyezhda: I’d like to ask one more thing. I’m not sure who I’m asking. It could be Mary or it could be Gabriel or someone to help me to heal the injuries – to be able to recover fully from this experience.

Jack: Right.

Nadyezhda: And I thank them for the support received so far.

I feel like the recovery will take place – it’s happening. I just need some extra support.

Jack: Right. It’s good to ask for that support as you’re doing. It’s good. [pause]

Nadyezhda: Hmm. It’s strange about the force of evil. It doesn’t really have… It’s not like a person or an entity really. There are certain entities but these are not entities. They’re so strange because they’re just things – collections of energy. They don’t have a self or a soul. So strange.

Jack: People have sometimes said it’s just like misplaced energy. It’s in the wrong spot. It just needs to be dissipated which is what you’re doing by recognizing it for what it is. It’s a construct of some kind. And the incense penetrates through all that.

Nadyezhda: It can clear it away.

Jack: Yes, clear it away.

Nadyezhda: So now I think it’s time to go back to the light, to the sunlight, and to the canary’s yellow light – where the canary belongs. We can leave the incense burning eternally in the little chamber.

Jack: Yes, just move back with the bird and to the light.

Nadyezhda: I’m going to ask Mary to heal a whole infusion of light energy. And I can go. I feel tired but I can move with my feet.

Jack: Yes, you of course need some rest after this so it would be good to take a period to rest. It’s a big work that you’ve accomplished. And some very important help has been present.

Nadyezhda: It’s good to have company. Now I can leave with the sage. I say my thanks to Mary and Gabriel. I go back to the light and back to the forest.

Jack: Yes, it would be good to go back to the forest where we began.

Nadyezhda: And the canary can fly back to the tree.

Go back in reverse and see the yellow leaves on the trees again. Watching them flutter away. Beautiful fall air.

Jack: Great. Excellent.

[Exit procedure]

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06 Leaf gems IMG_3344

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Help for the Earth

01 Sky 201809 IMG_3254(La version originale en français se trouve dans l’article précédent.)

(Copyright © Jack Cain 2018, text and images)

Following the induction to a trance state, Linda entered directly – without me suggesting it – into a past life – the life of an 18 year old woman who lived in a country mansion. We saw a few scenes from this life and then suddenly everything disappeared. For a while there was nothing at all. Just silence. I suggested we just wait patiently – perhaps a transition is underway. Suddenly the images began again – but very differently…

Linda: I see a giant eagle. Is it really an eagle? I don’t know. It’s strange. It’s like an eagle. He’s nice. He lets me stroke his feathers. I’m now in a kind of forest. I don’t know where this is.

Through his eye – I can look into his eye – I can see the Earth. I see it in the eagle’s eye.

Jack: The whole planet?

Linda: I see the entire planet – in his eye. It seems he’s showing me things.

Jack: Yes. He’s showing you something.

Linda: The Earth is like… It’s turning. It’s like surrounded by… It looks like… I don’t know… light. I don’t know how to describe this. It doesn’t really have a density. It’s like energy. I see the energy turning.

Jack: Around the Earth?

Linda: Yes, around the Earth.

I see a whole lot of little white points that arise from the universe and come towards the Earth. Little white points – they look like… I don’t know. Like little white points that move down. Everywhere. That’s what I see.

Jack: And they’re coming down onto the Earth?

Linda: Yes. There are thousands and thousands of them. A whole lot of little points coming down.

02 Des milliers IMG_3206I see the planets that are connected. I see connecting threads that link the planets. It’s as if they were all joined together. It’s weird.

Among all the other planets, it’s the Earth that is turning the fastest.

[pause; silence]

It’s blue, blue, blue. It’s beautiful. After the little points came down, they stopped and turned into something like a magnetic field… A giant aura – blue, blue, blue with rays coming out that make like – not a rainbow – like beams turning around. They make a kind of wave, like a luminous flash that extends out toward the outside. [pause]

I see something like… I don’t know how you call that… something like entities around the planet. They are floating in emptiness. They’re lending a hand – if you can call it “lending a hand.” This forms a ring.

Jack: All around the planet?

Linda: Yes. But you can’t see shapes, or faces. That’s missing. They are translucent beings.

Jack: It’s just that you see that they’re there?

Linda: Yes.

Jack: That’s all that’s important – to see that those are the beings that are there. And can you see that they’re there to help the Earth?

Linda: Yes. It’s beautiful. Really beautiful. It looks almost like an army, an enormous army – if I can use the term “army.” That’s not the right term. It’s like…

All of that is coming together – It’s like a big ring that is turning around. It’s the entities who are supporting the ring by coming together and looking toward the Earth. [one minute long pause]

And when they make the circle that way they go all the way around. They are gigantic. They’re making something like a ring all around. They’re coming together in a ray or a beam. All they have to do is look at each other and they come together like that. I see that makes something like a shield around the Earth.

Jack: A protection?

Linda: A protection or something. I don’t know. I see what it does. There’s no word for that…

Jack: Shield?

Linda: Yes, it’s something like that. There’s no vocal interpretation. [pause]

Ahhh… One of the beings in the ray has sort of extended an arm, something that resembles an arm, and he is motioning me to join the line, to place myself in the ray with the others. That’s what I understand.

Jack: So you become part of all that?

Linda: Yes. You just have to do that and you are like in… It’s like a magnetic field. It’s something like a vibration. I don’t know if it’s a vibration. It has a form but it’s not dense. And what it does is to envelop the whole thing. I feel weird. [a little tremor in the voice]

Jack: In being part of all that?

Linda: Yes. All of it. Yes.

Jack: But you were asked to be part of it… [pause]

Linda: “Alegría.” That’s what I hear.

Jack: Alegría. Hmm. [surprised by the Spanish word that means “happiness.”] [pause]

Linda: There’s this immense being. Oh my god! I don’t know who he is. He looks at me and he goes like this. [Linda repeats his gesture with her own body] He extends his arms and hands wide open in front of me like this. He’s showing me, he’s telling me with this gesture, “Look. You are part of the whole. This is your mission – to pour your vibration into life, into what you are doing, into the carrying out of your own path so that what you do here below is like what is above.” [pause]

If I understand correctly, they’re telling me that I go into the Akashic Records every night. Every night! That I don’t need to remember it because the knowledge is encoded. When I return from the Akashic Records, I already know what I have to do. I already know it. It’s already underway. Memory is something human. It’s a human word. Everything is encoded internally. Coded. That’s the key. Each one of us is a key. Each one is a particle of the whole universe, of each star, of each planet. We are all of that inside ourselves.

03 gold light pattern IMG_7313With each step that we make, we open the Akashic Records as we move along our path. We need to listen to what comes from there. Always. Because that – that is not a human form. It’s a vibration, an impulse. [pause] It’s a response to everything. In human terms it’s a response to everything. Everything is there – what we’re looking for, what we’re thinking – everything is there.

And we are much more powerful than we think. We are much more than what our thinking process is telling us. Much more than that.

It’s like on high. And what is on high is not very far from what is below.

What we believe is outside is actually inside each one of us. That’s it. It’s not complicated. It’s we who are making everything complicated. Because we’re in human form we buy things, such as plans, and we think that they’re part of the path, but it’s not that way at all. [pause]

We are part of the Absolute. That’s where we come from. But we have forgotten things. And that’s deliberate. However, humanity is in the process of waking up to all that it is, to all that it must do, to the path that it must follow, to the truth that resides within.

Each person evolves in their own way, in their own time, at their own pace, in earthly time – because there is no time. It’s an invention. [pause]

That’s it.

Jack: I have the impression that all that you have seen is a reply to your questions [questions written out and discussed before the session], but can I ask if the Higher Self could tell us…

Linda: It has replied.

Jack: These are your responses?

Linda: That’s the response.

Jack: That’s the response.

04 Flower ghostly IMG_2765Linda: The response is always there. It’s been there since the beginning. It’s just because I had need of this guide. I needed someone to solidify my question for me.

We must listen to what the soul is telling us – because it is speaking to us all the time. It is the soul that is replying to everything, to my questions.

Jack: We need to listen.

Linda: We always have the response inside us. Because we are part of the Absolute. [pause]

We are magnificent creatures, magnificent beings with unimaginable strength.

Yes. I have my response.

Jack: It’s much more complete than we ever could have imagined because it’s on a much bigger scale.

I would still like to ask if perhaps there is something that we’ve forgotten to ask. Maybe there’s something else? I don’t want to end too quickly. Perhaps I can ask if there’s something else we need to see, or experience, or hear…

Linda: They are telling me that I know that I am always accompanied. I knew from the beginning that there were always beings with me. Yes. I know that.

Jack: Yes. Always accompanied.

Linda: Yes, we have beings, angels who are there all the time. Always. [pause]

Jack: Yes. [pause]

So, perhaps we need a few minutes to express our thanks for everything that has happened in this session.

Perhaps there is also a question… Why were we shown that beautiful life, the life of the young woman in the country mansion? Is there a reason why Linda saw this life at the beginning of the session?

Linda: I was an equestrian rider then. That’s why. I’ve always loved horses. That’s why I like horses. They are part of my life. There are many, many animals in my life today. They are part of former lives that I’ve lived. They’ve followed me here.

Jack: So it’s just for that. To remind you.

Linda: Yes. That’s why there’s such a strong attachment. Animals help balance me.

Jack: And it was also a life without too many difficulties. It’s important to know that sometimes we have a life without difficulties and sometimes a life with obstacles.

I don’t know if there’s something to understand about the obstacles that you have in your present life with your relatives, your mother…

Linda: The obstacles are there to show us the strength we have inside. It’s always a kind of test to see if, with the bait, whether we’re going to bite or not. That’s because we have incredible strength. Obstacles are there to remind us of that.

Jack: And that you have enough strength…

Linda: Exactly.

Jack: To overcome them.

Linda: Yes.

Jack: Good.

[exit procedure to end the session]

05 Rose IMG_1156

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De l’aide pour la Terre

01 Sky 201809 IMG_3254(In the next post you will find an English translation of this session.)

(Copyright © Jack Cain 2018, text and images)

Après l’induction à un état de transe, Linda est entrée directement – sans que je le suggère – dans une vie antérieure – la vie d’une jeune femme de 18 ans qui habitait un grand manoir. Nous avons vu quelques scènes de cette vie mais soudain tout cela a disparu. Pour un temps il n’y avait rien du tout. Un silence. Je suggère d’attendre patiemment – c’est peut-être une transition quelconque. Soudain les images reprennent – mais tout à fait différemment…

Linda: Je vois un aigle géant. Est-ce un aigle ? Je ne sais pas. C’est drôle par exemple. Ça ressemble à un aigle. Il est gentil parce que je peux le flatter. Là, je suis rendue dans une espèce de forêt. Je ne sais pas où.

Par son œil – je peux regarder dans son œil – je peux voir la Terre – dans l’œil de l’aigle.

Jack: Comme la planète entière?

Linda: Je vois la planète au complet – dans l’œil. On dirait qu’il montre des trucs.

Jack: Oui, il te montre quelque chose.

Linda: La Terre est comme… Il tourne. Il est comme entouré de… ça ressemble à… je ne sais pas… la lumière. Je ne sais pas comment décrire ça. Ça n’a pas vraiment une densité. C’est comme une énergie. Je la vois qui tourne.

Jack: Autour de la Terre?

Linda: De la Terre, oui.

Je vois plein de petits points blancs qui partent de l’univers et qui s’en viennent vers la Terre. Les petits points blancs – ça ressemble à… Je ne sais pas. C’est comme des petits points blancs qui descendent. Partout. C’est ce que je vois.

Jack: Et qui descendent sur la Terre?

02 Des milliers IMG_3206Linda: Oui. Il y en a des milliers, des milliers. Plein de petits points qui descendent.

Je vois des planètes qui sont reliées. Je vois des fils conducteurs qui relient les planètes. C’est comme si elles étaient toutes attachées ensemble. C’est bizarre.

C’est la Terre qui tourne le plus vite parmi toutes les autres planètes. [une pause, un silence]

C’est bleu, bleu, bleu. C’est beau. Après que les petits points soient tombés, les petits points ont arrêté, c’est devenu comme un champ magnétique… Une aura géante bleue, bleue, bleue avec des rayons qui font que… Ça fait comme… pas un arc-en-ciel… c’est comme des faisceaux qui tournent. Ça fait autant comme une espèce de vague que comme un flash lumineux qui s’étend vers l’extérieur. [pause]

Je vois comme… Je ne sais pas comment on appelle ça… des espèces d’entités autour de la planète qui flottent dans la vide, qui donnent toute la main (si on peut appeler ça donner la main). Ça forme un anneau.

Jack: Tout autour de la planète?

Linda: Oui. Mais on ne peut pas distinguer les formes, les visages. Il n’y en a pas. Ce sont des êtres translucides.

Jack: C’est juste que tu vois qu’ils sont là?

Linda: Oui.

Jack: C’est tout ce qui est important – de voir que ce sont des êtres qui sont là. Et est-ce que tu peux voir que c’est pour aider à la Terre?

Linda: Oui. C’est beau. C’est vraiment beau. On dirait c’est presque une armée, une armée gigantesque – si je peux employer ce terme-là « une armée » – ce n’est pas le terme. C’est comme…

Tout ça se complète ensemble – c’est comme un grand anneau qui tourne, mais c’est des entités qui tiennent l’anneau en se rejoignant puis qui regardent vers la Terre. [pause d’une minute]

Et quand ils font le cercle comme ça, il y en a partout autour. Ils sont quand même des géants. Ils font comme une espèce d’anneau tout autour. Ils se tiennent dans un rayon. Ils ont seulement à se regarder et ils se connectent comme ça. Je vois que ça fait autour de la Terre comme une espèce de « shield ». Je ne sais pas comment le dire en français.

Jack: Une protection?

Linda: Une protection ou quelque chose. Je ne sais pas. Je vois que c’est ça que ça fait. Il n’y a aucune parole…

Jack: Un bouclier?

Linda: Oui, ça ressemble à quelque chose comme ça. Il n’y a pas d’interprétation vocale. [pause]

Ahhh… Il y en a un dans le rayon des êtres qui a sorti comme un bras, quelque chose qui ressemble à un bras, et qui m’a fait signe de joindre le rang, d’aller me mettre, de m’installer dans le rayon avec les autres. C’est ce que je comprends.

Jack: De sorte que tu fasses partie de tout ça?

Linda: Oui. Tu as juste à faire ça puis tu es comme dans… C’est comme un champ magnétique. Ça ressemble à une vibration. Je ne sais pas si c’est une vibration. Il y a une forme mais elle n’est pas dense. Et ça fait comme emboîter tout le reste. Je me sens bizarre. [Un petit frisson dans la voix.]

Jack: En étant partie de tout ça?

Linda: Oui. Tout. Oui.

Jack: Mais on t’a demandé d’en faire partie… [pause]

Linda: « Alegría. » J’entends ça.

Jack: Alegría. Hmm. [surpris par le mot espagnol qui veut dire « bonheur »] [pause]

Linda: Il y a un être immense. Oh, mon dieu! Je ne sais pas c’est qui. Il me regarde puis il fait comme ça. [Linda indique son geste] Il ouvre les bras et les mains grands ouverts devant moi. Il m’indique, il me dit par ses gestes, « Regarde. Tu fais partie du tout. C’est ça ta mission – de déverser ta vibration dans la vie, dans ce que tu fais, dans l’accomplissement de ton chemin que tu fais ici en bas comme en haut. » [pause]

Si j’entends bien, ils me disent que je vais dans les annales akashiques à toutes les nuits. Toutes les nuits! Que je n’ai pas besoin de m’en souvenir parce que tout le savoir est codé. Quand je reviens des annales akashiques, je sais déjà ce que j’ai à faire, qu’est-ce que j’ai à faire. C’est déjà entrepris. La mémoire c’est quelque chose d’humain, c’est un terme humain. Tout est codé intérieurement. C’est des codes. C’est ça la clef. On est une clef. On est une parcelle de l’univers entier, de chaque étoile, de chaque planète. On est tout ça à l’intérieur de nous-mêmes.

03 gold light pattern IMG_7313Et avec chaque pas qu’on fait, on ouvre les annales akashiques en continuant son chemin. Il faut écouter ce qui vient de là. Toujours. Parce que ça – ça n’a pas une forme humaine – c’est une vibration, c’est une pulsion. [pause] Une réponse à tout. En des termes humains c’est une réponse à tout. Tout est là – ce qu’on cherche, ce qu’on pense – tout est là.

Et on est beaucoup plus puissant qu’on le croit. On est beaucoup plus que ce que notre mental nous dit, beaucoup plus que ça.

On est comme en haut. Et ce qui est en haut n’est pas très loin de ce qui est en bas.

Ce qu’on croit être en dehors est à l’intérieur de nous tous. C’est ça. Ce n’est pas compliqué. C’est nous qui compliquons tout. Parce qu’on est dans la forme humaine on achète des trucs, des schémas, et on pense que ça fait partie de la route, mais ce n’est pas ça du tout. [pause]

On fait partie de l’Absolu. C’est de là qu’on vient. Mais on a oublié beaucoup de choses. Et ça c’est voulu. Mais l’humanité est en train de se réveiller à tout ce qu’elle est, à tout ce qu’elle doit faire, au chemin qu’elle doit parcourir, à la vérité qui est à l’intérieur.

Chacun évolue à sa manière, en son temps, à son rythme, au temps terrestre… parce qu’il n’y a pas de temps. C’est une invention. [pause]

C’est ça.

Jack: J’ai l’impression que tout ce que tu as vu là, c’est une réponse à tes questions [écrites et discutées avant la session], mais est-ce que je peux demander si le Soi supérieur pourrait nous dire…

Linda: Il m’a répondu.

Jack: Ce sont tes réponses?

Linda: C’est la réponse.

Jack: C’est la réponse.

04 Flower ghostly IMG_2765Linda: Elle est toujours là, elle était là depuis le début. C’est juste parce que j’avais besoin de voir ce guide. J’avais besoin qu’on me solidifie ma demande.

Il faut écouter ce que l’âme nous dit – parce qu’elle nous parle continuellement. C’est elle qui a la réponse à tout, à mes questions.

Jack: Il faut écouter.

Linda: On a toujours la réponse à l’intérieur de nous-même. Parce qu’on fait partie de l’Absolu. [pause]

Nous sommes des créatures, des êtres magnifiques avec pleins de forces inimaginables.

Oui. La réponse, je l’ai.

Jack: C’est beaucoup plus complet qu’on n’aurait jamais pu imaginer parce que c’est dans une échelle plus grande.

J’aimerais toujours demander si peut-être il y a quelque chose que nous avons oublié de demander. Peut-être y a-t-il autres choses? Je ne veux pas finir trop vite. Peut-être je peux demander s’il y a quelque chose d’autre qu’il faut voir, ou expérimenter ou entendre…

Linda: Ils me disent que je sais que je suis toujours entourée. Je savais depuis le début qu’il y a toujours des êtres avec moi. Oui. Je sais ça.

Jack: Oui. Toujours entourée.

Linda: Oui, on a des entités, des anges qui sont là tout le temps. Toujours. [pause]

Jack: Oui. [pause]

Alors, peut-être il faut prendre quelques moments pour exprimer une gratitude pour tout ce qui est arrivé dans la session.

Peut-être il y a aussi une question… Pourquoi est-ce qu’on a vu la vie très belle, la vie de la jeune fille très belle dans le manoir? Est-ce qu’il y a une raison pour laquelle Linda a vu cette vie au commencement de la session?

Linda: J’étais une écuyère avant. C’est ça. J’ai toujours aimé des chevaux. C’est pour ça que j’aime des chevaux. Ils font partie de ma vie. Il y a beaucoup, beaucoup d’animaux dans ma vie d’aujourd’hui. Ils font partie des vies antérieures que j’ai vécues. Ils m’ont suivi.

Jack: Alors c’est juste pour ça. Pour te rappeler.

Linda: Oui. C’est pour ça qu’il y a un attachement très fort. Les animaux m’apportent un équilibre.

Jack: Et c’était aussi une vie sans trop de difficultés. C’est important de savoir que des fois on a une vie sans difficulté et des fois une vie avec des obstacles.

Je ne sais pas s’il y a quelque chose d’autre à entendre à propos des obstacles que tu vois dans la vie actuelle avec tes relations, ta mère…

Linda: Les obstacles sont là pour nous montrer la force qu’on a à l’intérieur. C’est toujours une espèce de test pour voir si avec le leurre l’on va mordre à l’hameçon ou pas. Ça c’est parce qu’on a une force incroyable. Les obstacles sont juste là pour nous rappeler.

Jack: Et que tu as suffisamment de force…

Linda: Exactement.

Jack: Pour tout surmonter.

Linda: Oui.

Jack: Bon.

[une procédure pour sortir de la session]

05 Rose IMG_1156

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01 sky for Samuel IMG_3260(Copyright © Jack Cain 2013, text and images)

Samuel: Yes, let’s begin. It’s already beginning actually.

Jack: Well, I felt a real resonance when you mentioned the guardians [beings Samuel met in a previous session] a few moments ago.

Samuel: Hmm.

Jack: So I don’t know – it’s up to you – but I think being with them again is a place to start.

Samuel: Yes.

Jack: And it was actually the impetus in a way for you to contact me.

Samuel: Yes. Feeling how I couldn’t summon them. That it wasn’t up to me.

Jack: Right.

Samuel: I really felt that I had this wish. It was an impulse that was irrepressible. But then I would let it go because I felt not only the futility of it but the inappropriateness of it. I felt that I needed to become more porous. That’s what was up to me. And what would happen would happen but…

Jack: Well, it’s an action that is outside of our actions in the world. But I think now, lying there comfortably in your own space, you can focus on that porousness. Because I believe what you’re saying is very accurate – that there has to be a porousness – an openness for an influence to enter.

You need to take some time now to change the focus. It’s very subtle because we should be able to do this more often and more easily than we do. It’s true of everyone. We ignore these opportunities. But there’s an opportunity right now anyway to come closer to that. I think you should take the time you need.

Maybe be close to the breathing – that always helps. The body is such a wonderful instrument that allows us to attune to vibrations. Even though it’s a physical body but somehow it’s possible for it to be attuned to vibrations from the other world as well. And of course there really aren’t two worlds.

You have a memory of the guardians and that too plays a part but it’s actually something else that needs to open.

Samuel: I was just feeling the memory and seeing how it was distinct from me – it was a memory. And then, I felt something behind me.

Jack: [softly] Ah ha.

Samuel: And a little bit above. I’m feeling that presence now.

Jack: Yes.

02 sky 2 IMG_2629Samuel: And it is the body that is allowing it.

Jack: It’s kind of mysterious but it’s very accurate.

Samuel: I’m feeling how important that is. There’s a certain care that is coming from them. From behind me. I’m lying down and they’re upright beside me.

Jack: Yes, don’t worry too much about the geography of it. It’s their presence that is important.

Samuel: They’re bearing me up.

Jack: Ah. Wonderful. [pause]

Samuel: My own feeling of needing to be cared for. A certain need. I see it’s not their need. [pause]

In a certain way their purpose is not for me. [chuckle] Or maybe a deeper part of me. Something. My soul caring for something that’s not on the surface. Something much deeper.

But they have a purpose. I can’t quite tell what the purpose is but… And yet I do know what it is… It’s a… [pause] It’s to irrigate this part that is often remote in myself that I don’t allow to become more part of myself. I’m remembering the previous times. There was something of that in their effort. There’s an aim they have. They have a mission with me to bring this part to life. [pause]

My sense of them is very tenuous. Not as strong as… Hmm. I was about to say not as strong as the previous times and then suddenly it became stronger. [laughter]

Jack: Yes there’s an indication there. You have to be careful to balance the speaking about what’s taking place with the experience of what’s taking place. I do want you to say something about what’s taking place but maybe you need to pause more in between in order to examine the process of this movement of connection because the connection is… I’m suddenly thinking of the reins in the symbol of the horse and carriage that change when the atmosphere changes – they expand or contract. So the atmosphere plays such an essential part in what’s taking place. But also there’s an importance to this session that may be way beyond you and me, so there has to be an allowing of their directing of what’s taking place. [pause]

Samuel: I feel them on either arm. And they’re bearing me up. [pause]

I’m feeling these two bodies. The weight of my physical body and then this other body that they’re holding. Very lightly. [pause]

Freeing it. [pause]

Hmm. [pause]

There’s something happening… I think they’re making sure something is taking place. They’re looking down at my legs and back up. They’re checking out this process. They’re at work on me.

Jack: Yes, it’s good you can feel that taking place.

Samuel: There’s this feeling of rising up. Floating up. It’s like the opposite of gravity. This movement up. A kind of weightlessness.

I know it’s a separate body. It’s above me now. But still here. Still connected. Not far above. Still very close. That’s what they’re concerned with. They’ve somehow freed this body. They’re healing it.

Jack: Wow.

03-red-purple-white-for-samuel-img_3258.jpgSamuel: They’re healing it from some ancient wounds.

I’m now feeling a light from above. It’s washing over me. Another kind of baptism.

Jack: Yes.

Samuel: It’s a cleansing. It’s preparing, preparing the way. It’s preparing the way to receive. To receive and to give. The preparing of an opening, a channel that now can receive this light.

Still there’s a tension that doesn’t allow for it to pass as freely as it might. A residual tension from my life being lived on another level. You can see it as this impediment but it’s not a barrier as much as a fact that these tensions don’t dissolve just like that. It takes time. And they need to be included as well – I need to respect the lawfulness of those tensions.

Jack: Right.

Samuel: And not struggle against anything.

Jack: No.

Samuel: You can see how these tensions dim the light. Which is still there.

Jack: But your seeing them clearly probably helps.

Samuel: Yes. I see the light. I see it and I can feel somehow the omniscience or the omnipotence – the everywhereness of this light. It’s so much greater than any tension.

Jack: Yes.

Samuel: How at times the tensions appear to dominate and yet there’s a sense of the endlessness of the light and the beneficence of it.

And now as this… Ah… [pause]

04 Blue water IMG_2832Including everything – these tensions, me, and this body. I had forgotten about the attendance, these ministers, these guardians. They’re there. They have no need to assert themselves. They have this divine mission that advances as much as it can. There is no tension to them whatsoever. They have a purity. A purity of purpose. And they help me as much as I’m able to help them help me. I need to be like them – free of any kind of grasping.

Jack: Right.

Samuel: To become a part of what’s lawful. To submit to it. To abandon myself to it. To let go of it. [pause]

My mind is describing them in terms of what I know and they are beyond that.

Jack: Yes.

Samuel: I have a feeling of them. I kind of put a body to them. And they do embody themselves in a certain way and at the same time they’re completely amorphous. But no less on a mission. Embodying a mission. [pause]

I have a feeling for what it is.

Jack: Yes, I think the feeling is important. It says more than the words.

Samuel: Yes, I feel that.

I need to pay attention to the body. It is so clearly the instrument through which everything transpires. And the body in a complete way. It’s in the physical body that there’s this other body. And I need to be very quiet and still and allow it to become itself. It’s the medium to these other levels. It’s another instrument, a finer instrument. [pause]

It receives this finer light that can fill it until it glows. Joyfully. I’m home again. Ah. Now I’m in it. I’m being borne up towards the light. Transparent. [pause]

Being at one with the light. [pause]

I’m feeling as if my physical body has been pulled up into this other body. Instead of the other way around. Instead of it coming from me and going out, now I’ve come into it. I’m in it. I’ve re-inhabited it. It is the primary body. And now it’s changing as I talk about it. Feeling too how I can’t live in that… [chuckle] ecstatic state. But it’s not an ecstasy of… Oh… bliss. It’s bliss.

The mind tries to make sense of it.

Jack: Do you feel it sheds light on “who and what I am”?

Samuel: It’s more that it is who I am.

Jack: It’s simpler.

Samuel: It’s not two things. I am. I am. One thing. [pause]

It’s like they put me back onto the bed again. [Jack laughs]

Very gently. With this new body inside that’s alive.

Jack: Yes. And cleansed.

Samuel: And cleansed. Whole. Completely whole. [pause]

And yet I’m not lying on the bed. I’m floating above it. Just barely. A real sense of gravity. And moving slightly. Almost imperceptibly.

And now they’re gradually laying me back down. So gently. So carefully. So lovingly. It’s love. That’s the message for today. [Jack chuckles]

Oh, my God!

Jack: Yes.

Samuel: Holy God.

That was my prayer this morning. And it’s just come back to me.

Holy God. Holy God strong. Holy God immortal. Transmute in me.

An answered prayer.

05 river for Samuel IMG_2617

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Praying Mantis Beings

(La version originale en français se trouve dans l’article précédent.)

(Copyright © Jack Cain 2018, text and images)

Jack: Say a few words Melanie about the safe and pleasant place you’ve been able to find.

Melanie: Island. Very hot. Some shade. The sea. Hammock. Birds. Salt air of the sea.

Jack: What’s the feeling?

Melanie: In the emotional part it’s between the heart and the throat. I don’t know how to describe it.

Jack: The gesture you just made says a lot.

Melanie: It’s as if there’s an energy caught between the two. It’s not the heart.

So, what is that emotion?

Jack: Yes, what is it?

Melanie: Something to be suppressed. Can’t get out, can’t go back down and unable to find expression. A felt sense.

Jack: You need to focus on it.

Melanie: It’s come up to the throat, moving into expression. It wants to come out. Now it’s ready to speak, to find expression.

Jack: Good.

Melanie: And when it moves into expression it’s song, it’s opera.

Physically, it’s the third eye opening.

Jack: Just follow what’s happening.

Melanie: There is a separation from the physical body. Now I’m no longer on the island. That’s done.

Jack: Can you describe a little where you are?

Melanie: It’s happening on the left. In tunnel.

It’s a tunnel. I turn and look behind me – there’s light. It’s a white light but… There’s a contour. It’s a white light then there’s black, like a big L – in the whole space of the tunnel there’s a black gap.

OK. You continue the tunnel, you fall. It’s space. It’s empty. It’s darkness. Then, it’s like a… a spider… It’s like a part of a ship. Chih, chih, chih. It works like that.

Then it comes back to the physical. Third eye. Work.

It’s a staccato movement – somewhat agitated. Not very comfortable. Not peaceful.

Then when I look down, there’s nothing. Nothing physical.

Jack: So it’s a void then?

Melanie: It’s like a void. It’s as if it’s an awareness – me in the void. And it’s not physical. What I’m seeing is concrete. It’s made out of metal. [pause]

It’s as if I’ve left that place. As if I’ve come up to the surface. I’ve come back to the island. I came out of the water. It’s as if I was in the sea. [pause]

Jack: Are you in the hammock?

Melanie: No, I’m on the sand, seated in meditation posture with my legs crossed. I’m not in myself, I’m looking at myself. [pause]

Now I’ve left the island. Now it’s like a soul. I’m flying like a bird. Better this way.

Jack: We’re looking for light and information to help Melanie now July 8th, 2018 here in Montreal.

Melanie: A bird like a crow, more brown. Big like a crow. I’m looking at him. [pause]

Jack: Does he have something to tell you?

Melanie: It’s sort of changed. I was looking at him, he moves away and then I am taken in a vibration like that. It’s just that he’s led me to this spot here. It’s hard to describe.

A little like before it’s a circle. It’s a box. I’m in the box. It’s still dark in the box. On the outside it’s dark. I’m in the box. I move out of the box and I’m on the box. I’m looking for light but I don’t see it.

Now there’s like a waterfall. What is it? A little beam of light but… And there I am now, I’m moving into the beam of light. It’s like a laser. It’s pushing quietly. It’s in order to scan me.

Now I’m going up in an elevator. And now I’m in the laboratory. I’m in – ah! – I’m on a ship. And it’s very, very white here. It’s really dazzling. I don’t want to look because it’s too white. A little frightening you know. It’s difficult to make out the environment because it’s too dazzling.

Jack: Maybe you need a bit of time to adjust. [pause]

Melanie: It’s turning like this. It’s hard to keep straight.

Ah! I’m on the table. In a bubble. In a bubble, on a table – it’s white – everything is white. And now there are people there in lab coats. But I don’t know if it’s me. I seem to be a spectator.

Now I’m on the table but I don’t know if it’s me who went and got on the table. [whispering] Because I wanted to feel what it was like. Then there are these mantis beings. Tall. Then now I get up. And now I’m the mantis. I’m a… [whispering] How can I say?

I’m me – in the present – but… OK. Ah, OK. I’m getting it. It’s in the physical felt sense that it’s taking place now. It’s as if my body is being cut up into big squares. Chih, chih, chih. It’s not being cut to remove something. They’re working. Working on the physical body. It doesn’t hurt. They’re not being nasty.

Jack: No?

Melanie: No.

Jack: So, they making adjustments?

Melanie: I don’t know if it’s a child or something else. Yes, it’s like an adjustment. It has no relation to what I said about my navel [which she described as highly sensitive and painful]. It’s something else because my pain is still there. If I compare my physical body now with that, it’s something else.

My legs are super long, super long. OK

It’s as if I’m setting out. I’m setting out, I’m stretching. I am much taller. Very, very, very tall. Very strong. Very connected.

And now it’s like there’s information being downloaded. As if it was… As if I was becoming much more receptive to everything, everything, everything. And very healthy. As if all this is to get going… ready to face life. This is really something you know.

Regenerative. Very regenerative and very powerful. Under foot. And in the legs. It’s as if I was blue inside, as if I was emanating light. I am all white. I can feel it deeply now.

It’s as if I had a tune up in order to keep going. I had to go there in order to be tuned up.

It’s done. It’s like I have to go somewhere else.

Jack: Now with the tune up you’re in good shape.

Melanie: I’m perfect. One hundred percent healthy. I am light not heavy. I don’t have a physical body. I am light. I am pure consciousness. And I am in tune with my environment. And now I understand [chuckle]. I understand everything that is going on. All the discussions, all the… everything, everything. Very telepathic.

Then I wondered if I needed to go back to the beach in the sunshine. And I got “No.”

Jack: You need to visit other places, right?

Melanie: It’s like I’m a satellite moving through this black space. I’m shining. I’m moving on, moving on somewhere. [pause]

Now there’s a physical felt sense like a spiral of energy that’s moving up like this just above. It’s another calibration.

It’s as if now… As if following the treatment I was… I’m able to compare my state in the… in where I am in the universe. I’m super grounded. I’m really very well aligned.

Then if I compare it with Earth, where I am now is as if I was grounded to Mother Earth below and perfectly aligned to Heaven. This is to show me by comparison but I am not on Earth.

Jack: No.

Melanie: No, because Earth is too heavy. Besides, I have to try to get out of there. [chuckles] That takes me downward.

OK. I am back in space. OK. They are re-calibrating me because I went to Earth to be tested.

They make me feel that I need to stop analyzing.

Jack: Yes.

Melanie: Letting go.

Jack: Yes, letting go. Feel.

Melanie: So that’s it – the feeling of being centered, calibrated comes back. As if I was a crystal scepter. It can be explained that way. I’m just moving along… [pause]

It’s funny. It’s as if that’s my job – to be a crystal scepter that moves around. Now here I’m in the right place. It’s as if I liked… I’m balancing… as if…

I receive information. There’s too much of it now, too much. It has to do with balance. As if I was tempering the waves, cleaning up. Because there are other elements around me. It’s not the same form. [pause]

That’s about it. You might say this story is done. I don’t know how to say that. You’re positioned. It’s as if I’m being told – you’re positioned. Positioned. That’s your mission. It’s done.

Jack: But maybe we could ask questions now.

Melanie: Yes.

Jack: About your navel for example.

Melanie: Yes.

Jack: So perhaps the Higher Self can come in. We need to have a great respect for this part. Perhaps it can come in and explain a little.

There is also the question of everything we’ve seen up to now. What was the aim of showing us all that?

Melanie: OK, I’m asking the question about the navel. It’s as if there’s something that doesn’t want to leave me. It’s just an image now.

Jack: But it’s something that has to leave?

Melanie: I see a death. A woman lying down. The silhouette. Lying on the back. There’s death. It knows. Oh! Now, it’s… something sharp in the belly. Now there a child that is dying, birthing a child who is dying. Oh! Now it’s her too, she’s dying. Oh! It’s like there’s been a death. Now it’s all over.

Jack: But you understand?

Melanie: Yes.

That’s it. Not nice. I can’t see when that took place. I only see the silhouette. It’s that way so as not to show me because it’s really not nice.

Jack: Yes.

Melanie: Now, as to why they showed me the crystal scepter. Ah! When he takes it in his hand it is strength. When you take it you become strength. When you touch it, you eliminate. It’s powerful.

And as for me, it’s like I was a crystal scepter. It’s like the king. It activates. In one’s body there’s a strategic point leading to a power. A power that we could say is celestial. It’s really an activation point.

It’s not power as in an army leader – it’s not that… it’s a power as if he was becoming a god. It’s really important. The crystal scepter is an important element in his role as king. He has to have it in his hands to be able to guide the people, his kingdom – I don’t know. And when he’s the scepter, it’s then that the channel… Ah! I get it. It’s as if he takes the scepter and begins to speak. As if the channeling moves through him. Ah. It’s easy. Everything unblocked. OK.

Jack: It unblocks?

Melanie: It unblocks everything. It activates the depths; it unifies his body.

It activates all the points beyond the chakras. All the points. That’s it. It activates and he can finally express his strength verbally. And his power in the sense of energy.

I’m trying to see who he is. It’s Roman. But it’s not Roman from the time of the Romans. [chuckle] It’s a look. Yup. It’s look as in costume, architecture. But he’s not living on Earth. It’s just that I see him as a Roman. With a toga. Ah. That was the image that I was given – the human image of a god. Now they’ve taken away the human image. They’ve taken everything away. What remains in the background… is just the scepter. [pause]

It’s like a Star Wars light sabre. It’s lit up.

Jack: Because there’s a power there.

Melanie: It’s powerful! It’s more powerful than all the electricity on planet Earth. Really powerful. You can’t approach it, touch it. If you touch it… It glows like…

Now, OK, it’s frozen. There’s nothing more happening.

Jack: There was also the question hybrids – why is there a fascination in you about all that?

Melanie: Ah, OK. I still see the mantis being now. But just the eyes. I don’t know if it’s a mantis.

Jack: You mean a being like a praying mantis, right?

Melanie: Yes, right.

Ah. OK. What I see is like a… above the crown… it’s as if… now, I’m not seeing anything, it’s just… It’s like a bit of channeling now. When they arrive on Earth, there’s nothing on Earth… It’s a matter of helping them connect with our reality, our third eye… That’s good. It’s as if with the crown chakra there was a thread… a thread which means that I… that we detect… we detect them… Is it me or them? It’s me. As if I emitted a wave in order to catch it. [pause]

Oh! I am a thread… moving off from my head… I am that and it goes very, very far in the… Then it makes branches… like a tree… that has branches everywhere.

At the very end of all these branches there are cells… like balls… all these balls are incubators.

Jack: Ah!

Melanie: Incubators and then… it’s as if the are little creatures; they grow up there. Oh, that’s weird. OK. That’s it. It’s as if they are in there and then they are nurtured in this ball. They’re OK. They are human. They have the same… physiological mechanism as if a human were carrying them for example – the same circulatory system, the same lung development, the same constituent vitamins, umbilical cord – no, no umbilical cord – but everything else.

I see it exactly – you know, that pocket – where there is blood, and muscles, and… I see it’s surroundings. But I don’t necessarily see the child in it. But I’m shown that it’s very comfortable just like a mother’s belly. Same temperature, same nutriments. And there’s a bunch of them. It’s a tiny little thread with branches like that. There’s a ball on each branch. Like a maple tree. There’s a whole bunch of little branches, full of little leaves. There’s not all that many branches but there are enough for a good thirty little balls – like little Christmas tree balls. But nothing else is shown. I’m told, “That’s it.”

Jack: But is there a connection with the hybrids?

Melanie: It takes off from my head. That’s what it is. It’s like I… the thread… it goes up, up into the sky… then, that’s where it makes the tree. Chih, chih, chih. I’m like connected to them. It’s as if I’m expecting them. Like I was saying but there’s one mature but with the hybrids apart there. I’m going to see if there’s something else.

Having that makes me super happy.

Jack: Ah.

Melanie: That’s my emotion in the physical here – when I think of them, and when I see them. It’s like I recognize them. Ah, I recognize them. I don’t know them, I recognize them. It’s as if we all come together in one spot – I recognize them. And it’s like my family. And, that’s it – there’s helping all around. And there are several of them. It’s like a coming together. And like there’s a lot of verbal exchange. It’s not the past. Ah, can you do that sometimes – go into the future? No. It’s not the future. Wait a minute. I’ll get what it is. It’s the present.

But in the past there was supervision.

Jack: A super vision?

Melanie: A supervision. As if a being, or a group, or an entity or… aaaah! okaaay! [laughter] All you have to do is turn your head and you see. Oh, my Lord, that’s big. OK. And they’re only showing me a part of it. I turn then they don’t want to look at just that. There’s a… Ah, it’s difficult. I can’t tell if it’s a planet, a city, or a ship – when I say ship, I mean spaceship. Or a saucer, or something. Anyway, it’s big. It’s immense. And it’s a place from which they watch what’s happening on Earth when they arrive. It’s like the mother ship of the whole business without being a business. Ah! Now they don’t want to show me. I try and they don’t want to show me. Now they’re showing me just like a… OK. I’ll give an example. Like the top of the CN Tower [in Toronto] there’s glass and you can see 360º around and I’m seeing just a quarter of it. And there are people and activities inside this sphere – I call it a sphere but sphere is not the right word. It’s emanating an energy. It’s emanating a very strong energy that extends very, very, very, very far. It’s from there that they’re able to see what happens when the hybrids (or whoever) come to Earth. Because I’m really seeing the Earth and it’s not far away. It’s like – like I’m saying – it’s in our solar system.

Oh my God! OK. Now… I have to expect messages because I’m going to be in communication with them. And, it’s… OK. Whoa. OK. I’m in communication with them, then it’s because… There’s no connection to… [pause]

Jack: Easy. Take it slowly.

Melanie: Too much information. I don’t get it – I’m channeling. I’ll tell the whole thing – won’t be long.

Jack: OK.

Melanie: They didn’t want to show me something. They’ve turned me around. They’ve taken me. They’ve given me this information. I don’t know who they are – those who are going to help me be a channel between them and… and the world I guess. Perhaps humans, perhaps hybrids – both.

Now they’re putting me in a tube – there I am, Melanie. They’ve put me in a tube. They’ve put a tube around me. They’re in the process of providing me with downloads of information. Now it’s going too fast for me to say anything.

Now it’s going to be me who is the emitting tower for this information. I’m going to need to be very, very, very grounded. Every day. And I’m going to be in contact with them all the time. And that’s all going to happen by itself.

Aaah! … The hybrids are going to come to me because I have to help them. And there’s more. Not just that. It’s big. And that doesn’t exist yet.

I’m getting chills. Ouuu!

Jack: Of course. Because it’s big.

Melanie: The blockage of a while ago is still there. It’s because I haven’t expressed it yet. It has to come out.

The scepter – it was shown to me to show me that I am a very, very, very, very strong force. I’ve got to go looking for that scepter. It has to be put in my body, in the pineal gland. Drunvalo.

Now they in the process of showing me when I take the scepter and then when I put it… Damn. Oh, my Lord. You’ve got to feel that. Euuu… Now they’re putting the scepter back into me. OK? It’s turning. I asked, “What’s the connection to past lives? And there’s no reply.

They’re saying that it’s a game changer.

It’s a… OK. That’s it. You could put your hand beside me and feel that it’s… Now I’m emanating. Right now I’m emanating lots, lots, lots of this energy that I’ve never seen in my life.

Jack: Ah!

Melanie: Now, we’re going to take it by stages. That’s the scepter that they showed me from the get go. Now I have it inside me. They have kind of integrated it into me, into my physical body. I feel it physically. It’s maybe not my physical body but I feel it physically.

Jack: No, not exactly.

Melanie: And then you have to understand that when I encounter the hybrids – human hybrids or any other species, that’s what I’m going to feel. I’m going to feel the same thing I’m feeling now.

Jack: You’re going to feel the scepter that’s inside you?

Melanie: Perhaps I’m not going to feel the scepter but I’m going to feel that energy.

Jack: So, you’re going to recognize the energy.

Melanie: It will be the same as the person I meet. When I feel it, that means I’m in the presence of a hybrid person.

[whispered] Oh, my Lord. You’ve got to try that; it’s wild. It’s vibrant you know.

And then, I’m told not to ration[alize]. They don’t want to talk about my past. Ah. It’s not happening in a past life.

Jack: No, no. It’s now.

Melanie: Listen. I’m going to have you doing things you’ve never done.

It’s all happening at the same time.

Jack: Yes.

Melanie: OK. I understand. Because I’m asking what the connection is to a past life for me. He tells me, “I don’t want to talk about past life because it’s happening now. On planet Earth this is new. You can’t go into past lives.”

And then I ask if I’ve ever been something else and he said, “Yes.” When I say “he” I don’t know who he is, or she. Let’s call it it.

It said, “Remember when the king holds the scepter, you saw the king and then it kind of disappeared and disintegrated into a light. The light that you saw is the being that you were. Ok. So I was a light being. Kind of. Does it have a form? No. It’s a light being.

Jack: Right, it doesn’t have a form.

Melanie: OK. Was I a light being before? Am I still a light being? [pause]

I’m going to give a key word: Pleiadian. Because I’m naming. Pleiadian, Lemurian. Barbara Marciniak. More in that kind of energy. And that doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily that. It’s an energy in that family. OK.

A while ago I mentioned “Drunvalo” again because I felt the energy like that and then it rose up into the pineal. Then I was told that it’s going to be like that. It’s so strong it’s almost impossible to withstand it. So that’s it.

Jack: It’s important not to stay too long in this state just because you can’t withstand it.

Melanie: I’m trying to see something else but now it’s just like sssss.

Jack: Perhaps you can return to the island – to the hammock – because after all that work you need some rest.

Melanie: Now I’m on the island. It’s over-exposed.

Jack: Yes, because you’re bringing a great light to it.

Melanie: Now I have to say… I’m feeling heavy on that island. It’s an island – the vibratory rate. There’s two things going on. It’s like I’m too high to be there. It’s hard to return to the island. Not because I want to remain higher up; on the contrary, I want to go there. I allow myself to descend.

Jack: Take your time. Gently.

Melanie: Good. The colors have come back: blue sky, white sand, the trees.

Jack: Gradually. It’s OK.

Melanie: But the restlessness is still there. [pause]

It’s as if I felt the energies all along my body calming it down a little. Settling down.

Jack: We have a process to move back into the body. Because you went very far away.

Melanie: That doesn’t surprise me. It’s not over. They’re giving me back my hips, my thighs, my buttocks, my feet. Now they’re saying I’m ready to return to here.

[We follow a procedure to exit from the state.]

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