The Samurai

01 Battlefield MG_1804(Copyright © Jack Cain 2018, text and images)

 Goal for this session: How to break out of the cycle of being injured or hurt?

 Nadyezhda: I get a sense of sharp metal objects being hurled at me.

They could be spears but they’re also needles and scalpels and insults and vaccines and cruel things.

Jack: Yes, cruel things. Just watch them float by, images that float by. This is precisely what we’re asking about. So it’s very good that you make an immediate contact like that. And see very clearly the kinds of things that are coming at you.

And of course there are no accidents so there is something behind these things that are coming at you. We need to go deeper and deeper to get behind what is taking place there. Deeper and deeper.

Nadyezhda: I might have been in a battle. I was attacked. [big breath out] I just see this kind of cheesy Hollywood battle scene – the horses and the knights in armor. Sharp objects everywhere. Metal objects.

Jack: Let’s look at it a little more, a little more carefully. A little more in detail. We’ll just see what’s happening. It certainly seems like a standard kind of battle with armor and sharp metal objects as you said.

Can you see yourself there? Are you defending yourself or are you the attacker? What’s happening?

Nadyezhda: I’m a warrior. I’ve always felt that fighting spirit.

Jack: Look at that carefully. You’re living the life of a warrior which means you not only have sharp metal objects coming at you, you’re using them against others. Stay with the back and forth of that a little.

Nadyezhda: I feel I’m strong and capable but I’m outnumbered. And I’m defending myself from an attack.

Jack: So you’re in a defensive mode…

Nadyezhda: And I have skill as a warrior but I’m getting surrounded. I can only do so much.

Jack: Yes, yes. [pause]

Nadyezhda: I see red and black in my uniform. It would be in Asia – China or Japan.

Jack: What kind of feelings are present in that situation where you are outnumbered?

Nadyezhda: I feel some exhaustion. I feel almost that I enjoy fighting as well. I relish the sensations in my own body – the forcefulness of the movements I’m making… But there is exhaustion. I’m getting worn out.

Jack: Let’s just continue with what’s happening.

Nadyezhda: I see red armor. It’s a bit like a samurai costume. Leaves or plates of the armor. I see that.

02 armor IMG_1632Jack: So you have some amount of protection but only a certain amount.

Nadyezhda: I’d like to try to make the situation more clear. I’m concentrating on the sounds that I hear. The clashing of metal objects.

Jack: Yes, any of the sense perceptions – visual, auditory, smell also, and the taste in your mouth.

Nadyezhda: Smoke. Smoke and blood.

Cold. Cold feet.

I guess I’m questioning myself somewhat, what I’m seeing and feeling. But I just have to accept it – whatever it is that comes up.

Yes. I think it’s a bit cold. [cough] And mud is there. There’s mud on the battlefield.

Jack: Yes, just stay with what’s happening – the ordinary consciousness will comment: “I’m not sure if this is just my mind fabricating or… But it’s all unfolding the way it should.

Nadyezhda: Yes, I see that I’m wearing a samurai costume. With a helmet. And I see the type of boots they had and their cold feet in the way that they’re dancing in the mud and having to maneuver.

I’m not sure. I’m afraid this is the place where I die. But I still feel despite the tiredness, the fatigue and the cold in my legs and being outnumbered – I still feel I have vitality and strength. Maybe it’s the feeling of being attacked from all sides. [big breath out]

It was centuries ago.

Jack: Yes, probably.

Nadyezhda: I think I have a horse. I’m off my horse.

Oh, my horse is beautiful. She’s so strong, so powerful. But I’m concerned. Where is she? What are they doing to my horse? [pause]

I want to get to my horse and run away and she’s nearby. I think I have to retreat. Bloodthirsty. [cough] I just understood how surgeons are bloodthirsty. These people I’m fighting with. They’re violent and perverse. They’re sick, really twisted.

Jack: Right. So can you find your horse? Shall we see what happens next?

Nadyezhda: There’s a spear in my right side between two of the lower ribs. There are all these spears coming at me. I’m trying to get to my horse. I try to get on but I’m not making it. I can’t get away and… I want to get onto my horse. I’m trying to do that and I’m falling off. And there’s the cold sensation of being in the mud and having a spear in my side. Bleeding to death.

I think I can’t… [cough] I don’t see clearly what’s behind me but I see everything in front of me – it’s just a sea of soldiers. It’s really dense. I’m dying there in the cold mud. I can’t get on my horse. That’s it. I can’t move, I can’t get up.

Jack: That’s right, you can’t get up.

Nadyezhda: I can’t make the movement of freedom, of escape. I’m trapped there and I’m dying.

Jack: What feelings are there now?

Nadyezhda: Desperation. I think of wanting to feel the pleasure of riding my horse. I want the pleasure of victory. But I’m ripped out, taken down, and trapped.

03 Trapped IMG_1760Jack: Yes, trapped. There’s no way out.

Nadyezhda: Trapped. It’s a cold feeling. And the blood is leaving the body.

Jack: Yes.

I don’t want you to feel any pain so just feel that you’re moving up above and looking down at what’s happening.

Nadyezhda: I’m afraid for my horse now. I can’t save her. I can’t keep her safe. [cough] Someone will kill her or take her away. Maybe they’ll capture her.

She’s so magnificent. I can feel her glossy coat. The way her hair is tied up is very beautiful. She’s magnificent.

Jack: There’s a relationship there between the two of you.

Nadyezhda: Yes, she also feels trapped and frightened because we’re cornered.

I feel like I’m the kind of soldier who fights for honor, fights honorably, and I’m surrounded by these people who fight just to possess or take. It’s crude, it’s hedonistic.

Jack: They don’t have that honor.

Nadyezhda: I was overtaken by them.

Jack: So there’s something unjust about it…

Nadyezhda: I can see the surroundings and how overcast the sky is and how damp the weather is. Everything is grey. It’s the dampness. Cold and damp. And I see how the trees are passive witnesses to the scene. [pause]

Jack: Well, let’s just see if there’s anything more that has to be seen in this scene but it seems to be fairly complete.

Nadyezhda: [cough] I guess maybe I have to understand about the sensations of being trapped and not having my freedom, being taken down, being in the mud, being cold, having metal objects pierce my flesh and …

Jack: And the injustice of it.

Nadyezhda: The injustice and the crudeness of my attackers. And the relationship to my horse. [pause]

Jack: A very, very strong situation and experience.

Nadyezhda: And the loss of vitality.

Jack: Yes. [pause]

Nadyezhda: That [cough] seems to be the kind of situation from the past that can replay itself.

Jack: Yes, I think that’s what’s happening.

There are purposes of course for each incarnation. We’re interested in the current incarnation and what can be done to break out of the cycle that Nadyezhda is living here now in the year 2018. What is it that is required of Nadyezhda right now that would be good for her life at the current moment from a much broader, higher point of view? This incarnation we’ve just seen – what does it mean?

Nadyezhda: It seems there’s something about the warrior spirit attracting a certain type of person who wants to challenge it and tease it and destroy it.

And there’s something about pulling the spear out of my side and having to heal the wounds because that wound is a weakness. It’s an entry point into the body. And I have to heal so that I’m not vulnerable any more.

The healing right now is about removing something that was put into the wound, something that doesn’t belong there.

We have to keep listening for a message of how did you say… How to resolve what needs to be resolved.

Jack: Yes, what is necessary to break out of the current cycle? In relation to what we’ve just seen – that particular life that had its own characteristics of honor and injustice, being overwhelmed by crude people. What steps specifically are needed now to help Nadyezhda step out of the force of that incarnation which is attracting crude people with sharp instruments. There’s something about that past life that is very, very powerful, having to do with the way Nadyezhda died. The relationship to the horse, feeling you weren’t able to save the horse, the injustice of that too. You may be feeling a certain guilt in not fulfilling what you wanted to fulfill. Although you had no choice. What’s going to be required now in relationship to that past life. What has to be let go of or given up?

Nadyezhda: Well, [cough] the first thing I get is that love needs to be cultivated more. The warrior spirit is a good thing but there’s something that needs to be resolved. I’m told I need to work on love, on relationships. [cough]

04 Love IMG_1560Jack: Yes, and just stay with that because – it sounds nice and it is nice – but what exactly does Nadyezhda need to do? What actions of love are required? Is there something that appears as an example? Or are there individuals? How is that actually going to work in practice? It sounds perfect but maybe there could be more assistance given.

Nadyezhda: I think it’s my mode of functioning in the world. As long as I’m always locked in the fighting mode then I attract more people who are going to participate in that but if I try to recondition myself so that love is more the way of life then that would help.

I think also there’s someone picking up my body out of the cold mud on the battlefield. I’m asking to be separated from the energetic imprint of that situation.

Jack: Right.

Nadyezhda: There’s a white angel picking me up out of that so that the mud isn’t all over me – forever.

Jack: Right. Yes. It’s a way of cleansing and leaving that behind. Perfect.

Nadyezhda: I’m just asking this white angel person to care for my body. At least the body of the person should be taken care of. That’s it – the body needs to be cared for, taken up out of the mud and washed, the wound closed…

Jack: Yes, because those crude people would do none of that…

Nadyezhda: Fresh clothing put on and at least a proper funeral.

Jack: And perhaps no longer clothing that is a warrior’s clothing. Something a little softer, gentler.

Nadyezhda: A kimono.

That’s it – to let the person have peace. Not just to be abandoned there after dying.

Jack: Yes, really in a way laid to rest properly and with love. The angel of course is very capable of doing that.

Nadyezhda: It’s soothing.

Jack: And what about the horse?

Nadyezhda: I think the horse survived. We can take her to pasture. She’s released from her duty. She can come to my funeral and then she can be free.

The most important thing is picking up the body and giving it a service instead of leaving it forever in that condition.

Jack: Yes, because it was still in that condition when you left. It’s a way of ending what really wasn’t ended properly.

Nadyezhda: It’s replacing colors and sensations of the battlefield with colors and sensations of peace. To let myself be at peace for once. [pause]

[big breath out] Good – there’s some release happening I think.

Jack: Yes, very much so.

Nadyezhda: I’d like to do some kind of formal service for my former self and for my ancestors.

Jack: Yes, you mentioned that your grandfather was a warrior.

Nadyezhda: The message is that it’s good to be a warrior because there’s integrity to that and there’s the fierceness of spirit but there’s also just some pleasure that I relish in the motions of being a warrior, the sensations. But when the warrior was killed it needed a proper service. But it also needs not to be only a warrior but to be a person, someone who can cultivate a different way of relating, not only fighting.

Jack: Right.

Maybe there’s something else that needs to come through. I often like to say, “What have we forgotten to ask?” What could be provided now that would be helpful to Nadyezhda in the general area of getting out of a cycle of being overwhelmed. [pause]

So it’s not a question of winning or losing, it’s a question of using the resources appropriately.

Nadyezhda: I see the white dove again. It’s peace and softness and communication. And something that goes from place to place, seeing things I’m not capable of seeing.

Jack: Yes. So maybe there simply needs to be a memory of that white dove that you return to frequently to help bring a kind of balance.

Nadyezhda: And speaking of love, I loved my horse. I can see her colors changing all the time from dark steely black to brown. So glossy and so powerful. I have sorrow around being separated from her too.

Jack: Well, maybe there’s a contact needed with the spirit of that horse so that you feel once again the support – under you. And of course in order to move forward forcefully, nothing better than a horse. It’s organically almost part of you.

Nadyezhda: I feel a lot of emotion for her.

Jack: Yes. That’s good. There’s a resource there that you need to be in touch with – the horse. You really recognize and remember her from before. So in order to move out of this cycle of repetition you have the possibility of connecting with that horse again now. To help you just move out you can visualize yourself riding out of it, riding out of this cycle. [pause]

Nadyezhda: I think there’s a bit more information – I’ve just been connecting with the horse and I think we have to go together. It’s not a horse who’s been subjugated. I won her favor and we became like one creature. So I am reconnecting and wanting to ride away into the distance and feel that freedom again.

Jack: Yes, just riding out of that cycle.

Nadyezhda: I’m asking for a kind of protection and guidance. I’m asking the Firebird but also this white angel that picked me off the battlefield.

Jack: That’s good.

Nadyezhda: They can help guide me.

Jack: Just ask and see if there’s any response or agreement. See what comes back to you from either or both of them.

Nadyezhda: I feel the presence of the white angel placing hands on me. I feel a sympathy. But maybe there are other types of instructions or verbal information that can help too.

Love is good. Love is healing as well.

I feel like I’ll be OK eventually.

Jack: Yes.

And I think it’s important to remember that you can make contact on your own with the Firebird, with the angel, with the white dove – those are resources that are there for you. You’ve made contact strongly now in this session so it will be possible to go back if there are times which are difficult – there will always be times that are difficult. You can remember one of them or all of them and make a contact. And with the horse as well. So you may be able to just ride out of whatever the difficulty is.

Nadyezhda: Hopefully.

I’m looking over the beautiful green landscape and the cliffs and the ocean. I can see that. It’s wonderful.

Jack: Great.

Nadyezhda: I’ll just express some gratitude to the angel, he white dove, the Firebird, the horse.

Jack: Yes. Very appropriate.

Nadyezhda: [big sigh]


05 Ground IMG_1767

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Kindly Bent to Ease Us

01 blinded angel IMG_1793(Copyright © Jack Cain 2018, text and images)

 Samuel: During a meditation recently, outside in the early morning before dawn, I had a very clear sense of being accompanied, nearby, by these guardians or sentinels. They were just there. No words. Looking out at the landscape and being there.

Jack: When was that meditation Samuel? How long ago?

Samuel: Not that long ago, maybe a week or even less. Recently enough that I can remember it and feel it now. I also felt something like it in our other sessions too. If I’m quiet enough they have a place in me.

Jack: Interesting.

Samuel: Yes, it is interesting. I don’t know what it is. It’s a realm that is now penetrating my habitual realm. There’s a communication between these different realities. The visitation of these guardians had the feeling of an omni-presence. I say a visitation because it’s coming from afar and visiting but the other interpretation is that they are always present and it’s my inability to be present to them – that I’m in fact in some other world and when I come to their world they’re there.

Jack: When I come to the real world.

Samuel: Exactly. When I come to the real world. Then I get that view. Interesting. [pause]

In my awareness of them I had a sense of what the quality of my own presence needed to be in order to be sensitive to them.

And I have a sense of them now.

Jack: [chuckling] Yes, I was just about to ask you that.

Samuel: There seems to be more than one of them. And it’s not that they were paying attention to me. They were looking out to the hills. And now I’m thinking that it’s an indication. And I’ve been saying to myself… “I lift up mine eyes unto the hills whence cometh my help.”

Jack: Yes.

Samuel: They embody a searching and a looking out. An attentiveness, an extraordinary attentiveness. But very relaxed. Very at peace. And yet still very attentive.

Jack: It’s an interesting combination to be able to have both of those – a concentrated attentiveness and a relaxation at the same time. That’s not so easy.

Samuel: Yes. Yes.

It’s completely natural. Lawful. It’s a part of the order of things. They are emanated from that, from the order of things. That’s the feeling at any rate.

I don’t know if that circumstance leads to anything… because it was just a calm moment of my awareness of their presence. And I think there are two of them. One in particular that I’m… And a sense of them having a kind of embodiment but very imprecise. Just a presence. Tall. But I’m having the feeling they could be any size. In my memory now it’s changing into something more atmospheric.

But very much connected with this landscape that’s here and a feeling of a sense of place. Of my place here.

Jack: I think you need to keep a contact with those two presences and just see what takes place because you said you felt more close to one of them in particular.

Samuel: Yes.

Jack: So maybe something needs to develop along that line if you focus there.

Samuel: Yes. There’s one that was particularly nearby, there was one that was adjacent. And there were maybe more. Right now I have the strongest sense of this one. Before I felt that there was more than one.

And they are not doing anything but just looking out, looking out towards the city in fact. Just quietly standing there but with the sense of an accompaniment. I was about to say “protection” but there wasn’t any threat. And yet they’re guarding something, they are protecting something. Not as much perhaps a threat from the outside but protecting something from the inside. Protecting a relationship, a current of reception. They were curating that experience for me. Not in any overt way.

Jack: Maybe there’s something more that can take place right now that we’re in a special state and open to their influence. Maybe there’s something that can or should be conveyed to you from one of these presences or maybe there’s somewhere you need to go with them or…

Samuel: Well, in just suggesting that there’s a very strong feeling of them being here right now looking at me.

Bending in actually. They’re bending in. They’re leaning over the bed.

02 Christmas Cactus IMG_1781Jack: You’re being examined it looks like.

Samuel: Yes, exactly. I am. I’m being examined. That’s exactly it. A little bit like the orb that came [in the previous session] from far, far away and then came up and was sort of humored by my existence.

It’s a different feeling as in… I’m under a kind of scrutiny but also a wish, on their part, for something from me.

Jack: Yes, I think there’s an onus on you. What do you want from this situation, from this meeting, from this encounter, from this connection, from this relationship? Certainly these are two different worlds but it is a meeting of sorts so it’s not something you are going to pass off lightly on the other hand what precisely should be your response to the situation? And of course it’s not just speculating about it, it has to come from something very deep inside you.

Samuel: I feel that. I feel that something is being called from very deep inside me and I feel that my talking just now is in between the two.

Jack: So try to listen very carefully to the words you’re choosing to say. Do they represent your heart or not?

Samuel: The speaking is from in between, it’s not connected to… I mean I’m describing it but it’s not coming from that place.

Jack: [chuckling] So you just need to move closer, closer to that place, be there and that may shift something in your relationship to them because there’s an expectancy on their part for something here, it seems.

Samuel: Yes, I feel that it’s… They’re up to the right. And that place. A kind of yearning that’s coming from my heart.

Jack: Right.

Samuel: I feel it from inside my chest.

Jack: Yes, you need to feel it in the body, feel its exact location, its qualities.

Samuel: I have a sense of it. In my chest. A little to the right. It’s as if they’re calling it out, as if they’re drawing it out. They’re extracting it – this relationship.

They weren’t examining me. They were examining this place inside me. And they were calling it out. Extracting it.

Jack: Hmm. Interesting.

Samuel: Not extracting in the sense that they’re taking it from me…

Jack: Making it perceptible? Is that it?

Samuel: Making it perceptible but also drawing out the relationship. It’s a channel of sorts. It’s a channel. It’s a quality. It’s an atmosphere. It’s almost like it’s got a materiality to it. [sigh] There’s a picture of it. It’s like in molecules… but big. This kind of movement of this… [pause]

Now not so much but… Before it was pretty clear – it was like a flowing of something. It wasn’t a taking away. It was inexhaustible, this flow – it wasn’t an extraction in the sense of removing something. It was enlivening – as if this connection exists all the time but it’s unused. It’s not exercised. But it needs to be exercised. It needs to be cared for in a certain way. In an active way. There needs to be an accompaniment of it.

And I feel it sort of arising. They’re now further away, up to the right. They’re ascending. They’re further away but I have a connection to them. This is a kind of indication.

Jack: Because they’re further away doesn’t mean the connection is less… Is that right?

Samuel: That’s right. It’s an indication that I don’t need to have them standing next to me. [chuckling] I miss them but I don’t need them in order to have this connection. I feel that’s what they’re trying to show me. It’s that they’ve just done a little experiment right before my eyes. And yet my eyes are closed.

Jack: Yes but you’re seeing what’s happening.

Samuel: Yes, I’m seeing what’s happening.

It’s a lesson. What’s important is not their presence but the relationship… to give this inner side, this inner heart, to offer it. That’s not quite right either. That’s kind of imposed. It’s to allow it.

Jack: It has to be visible right?

Samuel: It’s feeling visible… It’s feeling visible… It is visible.

Jack: But it wasn’t before…

Samuel: It wasn’t before. It wasn’t when they were standing there during my meditation. That wasn’t a part of it. This now was to tell me something. I have a very strong feeling that they’re saying, “Pay attention to this.” They leaned in.

Jack: Yes, that was so dramatic.

Samuel: And connected. And connected to this… They pulled at this part of me as they were receding and now they are very far away and yet still there and… and this flowing… up and out of me. It goes both ways. I don’t know… to establish the connection that has to go up and out. But it’s a connection. I’m not being depleted in any way. It’s inexhaustible. It’s inexhaustible. [intonation of astonishment]

Jack: Wow.

Samuel: Because I have the sense now it’s not mine. It’s in me. It’s inexhaustible because it’s everywhere. [whispering] It’s in everything. Ah. In everything.

But I feel it through me at the moment.

I’m feeling my whole body right now. I’m lying a little bit on one side so that might be why I’m experiencing it a little bit to one side. But it’s clearly from my heart, my chest. [pause]

I think the lesson is over.

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03 Angel shimmering IMG_1791

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Des corps physiques et éthériques

(An English translation of the Spanish original is in the previous posting.)

(Copyright © Jack Cain 2017, text and images)

Jack : Je crois qu’il y a quelque chose à l’intérieur de toi qui connaît le chemin, le sentier qui mène à un état de conscience où c’est possible de s’ouvrir aux présences que nous avons senties juste avant de commencer.

Comme s’il y avait un point de contact, un champ de contact, en dedans.

Peut-être y a-t-il une possibilité de recevoir des messages qui sauraient être utiles à la vie de Carlos ou à la vie de d’autres personnes aussi. Possiblement.


Carlos : Je sens quelque chose distinct… Je sens que le block d’information est… L’information est déjà en place. Il me semble qu’il va falloir un peu de temps pour la traiter. J’ai senti seulement son impact et pas… Je dois y travailler pour la traduire.

Jack : Tu peux, peut-être, demander de l’aide pour la traduction de ce qui est reçu. Une telle chose n’est pas facile à traduire en mots mais peut-être il y a quelqu’un ou une partie de Carlos – un niveau plus élevé – qui saurait comment l’interpréter.

Carlos : Oui, c’est possible.


Vous devez prendre conscience du but ultime – le but ultime est l’Unification.

Le mental comprend en théorie ce que ça veut dire. Le mental en est toutefois terrifié. Le mental risque de convertir ce concept en blocage étant donné que la nature vibratoire du mental et de l’égo, c’est la peur.

C’est pour cela que l’égo, en premier lieu, ne considère pas l’Unification comme une expérience convenable pour lui. Néanmoins, vous ne devez pas vous retenir – confiez-vous entièrement à la vie. Vous êtes la vie dans le moi immuable.

De la même manière que le mental veut intervenir, comme dans ce cas, en s’introduisant… de cette même manière le mental veut contrôler vos vies.

Ce n’est pas que le mental est mauvais, mais si vous vous perdez et ne vous synchronisez pas aux énergies supérieures, le mental ne fait que remplir une fonction. Quand vous ne vous synchronisez pas, vous pouvez déléguer au mental des fonctions qui ne lui correspondent pas. Tout ce qui passe par le mental est déformé à cause de la manière dans laquelle il voit les choses.


Il y a des corps à l’intérieur de vous.

Il y a des corps qui sont appelés à mourir. Il y en a qui sont matériels et il y en a qui sont éthériques. Et il y a d’autres corps éthériques pour lesquels il est impossible de mourir.

Les corps périssables sont, en général, ceux qui sont déphasés avec les énergies supérieures. Ces énergies sont vos corps éthériques impérissables.

Tous ces corps, au nombre de sept, sont interconnectés entre eux et remplissent une fonction.

Les corps périssables ont besoin de nourriture physique car ils ne peuvent pas capter la lumière directe. C’est cette dernière, pourtant, qui les nourrit vraiment. Comme cette lumière est captée sous une forme physique, les corps éthériques sont chargés de transmettre la source d’énergie et de lumière à tous les autres corps afin qu’ils puissent vivre sur Terre.

Quand l’humain s’unifie et parvient à synchroniser ces corps, de sorte que les corps périssables n’interfèrent pas avec la source de lumière pure qui est absorbée par les corps éthériques, alors la nourriture physique ou matérielle ne sera plus nécessaire.


Nous vous rappelons que vous vivez constamment sur un chemin et qu’il n’est pas nécessaire de chercher des raccourcis. Il n’y a pas de raccourcis. Les raccourcis n’ont de sens que pour le mental et sous votre perspective entre les lignes temporelles.


Vous avez toujours été là où vous devez être.


Beaucoup de gens essaient d’aider la Terre. Ils imaginent qu’ils aident la Terre. La racine de cette intention c’est l’égo. C’est plutôt l’inverse. Rappelle-toi ce que tu es, perçois les énergies de la Terre et synchronise-toi avec elles pour être en accord avec la Terre. Tu es la Terre. Bien au delà de ce que peut percevoir ton mental.


Essayez de voir les choses comme un miroir les verrait. Voir les choses comme elles sont.


Nous nous aimons les uns les autres.


Le flux de l’énergie divine est toujours en vous.

[la fin]

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Bodies Visible and Invisible

(El texto español original se encuentra en el artículo anterior.)

(Copyright © Jack Cain 2017, text and images)

Jack: I think that there is something inside you that knows the way, the path that leads to a state of consciousness where it is possible to open to the presences that we felt in the room just before we began.

As if there were a point of contact, a field of contact, inside.

Perhaps there is a possibility to receive messages that could be useful to Carlos’ life and to the lives of others as well. Perhaps.


Carlos: I feel something distinct…

I feel like the block of information is… It’s already here, but it seems like it’s going to take some time to process it. I only felt the impact of it and not… I’m going to have to work on translating it.

Jack: Perhaps you can ask for help in translating what you’ve received. It’s not easy to put it into words but perhaps there is someone or a part of Carlos – a higher part – that can interpret it.

Carlos: Yes, it’s possible.


You must become conscious of the goal – the goal is Unification.

Your mind, your thinking apparatus, has a theoretical notion of what that means. And that terrifies the mind. And the mind can convert it into a blockage since the vibratory nature of the mind and the ego is fear.

And this is why, for the most part, the ego doesn’t see Unification as something advisable for it to experience. However, you must not hold back – trust completely in life. You are the life within the immutable I.

In the same way that the mind wants to interject, as in this case, inserting itself… in that same way, the mind wants to be in control of your life.

It’s not that the mind is bad, but if you get lost and don’t synchronize with the higher energies, the mind is only carrying out a function. When you are not synchronizing yourself, you may delegate functions to the mind that don’t correspond to it. Everything that passes through the mind becomes distorted because of the form in which the mind sees things.


There are bodies within you.

There are bodies that are called to die – some are material and some etheric. And there are other etheric bodies that cannot die.

The bodies that are perishable are, in general, those that are out of phase with the higher energies. These energies are your imperishable etheric bodies.

All these bodies, of which there are seven, are interconnected one with another and carry out a function.

The perishable bodies require physical food because they cannot pick up direct light, which is what is really feeding them. As this light is being captured in a physical form, the etheric bodies are charged with transmitting the source of energy and light to all the other bodies so they are able to live on Earth.

When the human being unifies himself and manages to synchronize these bodies, so that the perishable bodies don’t interfere with the source of pure light which is absorbed by the etheric bodies, then physical or material food will no longer be necessary.


We remind you that you are constantly experiencing being on a path and that there’s no need to look for shortcuts. There are no shortcuts. Shortcuts only have meaning for the mind and your perspective between timelines.


You always have been where you are meant to be.


Many people are trying to help the Earth. They think they are helping the Earth. And the root of this intention is the ego. It’s upside down. Remember what you are, synchronize with and perceive the energies of the Earth in order to come into harmony with her. You are the Earth. Far beyond what your mind can perceive.


Try to see things as a mirror would see them. See things as they are.


We love one another.


The flow of divine energy is always with you.


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Cuerpos físicos y etéricos

(An English translation of this Spanish original is in the next posting.)

(Copyright © Jack Cain 2017, text and images)

Jack: Creo que hay algo al interior de ti que conoce el sentido, el camino que conduce a un estado de conciencia donde es posible abrirse a las presencias que sentimos en el cuarto un poco antes de comenzar.

Como si hubiera un punto de contacto, un campo de contacto, en el interior. [pausa]

Quizás hay una posibilidad de recibir mensajes que sean útiles a la vida de Carlos y a la vida de otras personas también. Posiblemente. [pausa]

Carlos: Siento algo distinto…

Siento como que el bloque de información es… Ya está aquí, pero creo como que tardará en procesarse. Solo sentí como un golpe y no… y lo tendré que ir traduciendo.

Jack: Quizás es posible pedir ayuda para traducir lo que es recibido. No es fácil ponerlo en palabras pero quizás hay una persona o una parte de Carlos, una parte más alta, que pueda interpretarlo.

Carlos: Sí, es posible.


Deben hacerse conscientes del propósito, que es la Unificación.

Su mente tiene una noción teórica de lo que eso significa. Y eso le aterra. Y lo puede convertir en un bloqueo pues la naturaleza frecuencial de la mente y el ego es el miedo.

Y es por ello que para el ego, principalmente, no lo ve como una experiencia conveniente para él. Pero no deben frenar – confíen plenamente en la vida que son en el Yo inmutable.

De la misma manera que la mente se quiere interponer, como en este caso. Interponiéndose. De esa misma manera es como quiere tomar el mando de sus vidas.

No es que sea mala, sino que si se pierden y no se sincronizan con las energías superiores, la mente sólo cumplirá una función. Al no sincronizarte le puedes delegar funciones que no le corresponden. Pues todo lo que pasa por la mente, por la forma como lo ve la mente, es distorsionado.


Hay cuerpos dentro de su mismo, de su misma…

Hay cuerpos que son llamados a morir – algunos materiales y algunos etéricos. Y hay otros cuerpos etéricos que es imposible que mueran.

Los cuerpos que son perecederos son por lo general los que están desfasados de las energías superiores, que son sus cuerpos etéricos no perecederos.

Todos esos cuerpos, que son siete, están interconectados entre sí y cumplen una función.

Los cuerpos perecederos necesitan de alimento físico porque no pueden captar la luz directa que es lo que realmente los alimenta. Al ser captada esta luz en forma física los cuerpos etéricos son los encargados de transmitir esa fuente de energía y luz a todos los demás cuerpos para que puedan vivir en la Tierra.

Cuando el hombre se unifique y llegue a sincronizar esos cuerpos, de manera que los cuerpos perecederos no se interpongan con la fuente de luz pura, que puede ser absorbida por los cuerpos etéricos, entonces ya no necesitará del alimento físico o material.


Recordamos que viven un camino constantemente y que no hay necesidad de buscar atajos. No hay atajos. Los atajos sólo tienen sentido para la mente y su perspectiva entre líneas de tiempo.


Siempre han estado donde tienen que estar.


Muchos intentan ayudar a la Tierra, pretenden ayudar a la Tierra. Y la raíz de ese intento es el ego. Es al revés. Recuerdas lo que eres, sincronizas y percibes las energías de la Tierra para ir en acorde con ella. Tú eres la Tierra. Mucho más allá de lo que puedan percibir sus mentes.


Traten de ver las cosas como las vería un espejo y vean las cosas como son.


Nos amamos.


El flujo de energía divina siempre está en ustedes.

[el fin]

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The Orb Smiles

(Copyright © Jack Cain 2017, text and images)

[As we move from chatting about our lives to the beginning of the session, Samuel naturally begins speaking of the seashore where he experienced such a strong feeling in the previous session [The Disciples] done four months before. The more he spoke of it, the more he entered back into that scene and that is how this session began.]

Jack: By connecting to the feeling of the place you can enter into it more deeply. In a way, I feel I’m able to accompany you by having my own vision of that seashore based on what happened last time.

Samuel: Yes, more of it is coming back to me. And the feeling of it is coming back as well. Being in that circle of warmth. And brightness.

Jack: Well, I think you should just continue with that. [chuckling] It’s not how I usually begin a session but there’s nothing wrong with beginning it that way. In our conscious minds, neither I nor you know exactly where we should go today. But I think you can trust the feeling of that place and the feeling of the people you were in contact with there so closely. Let’s just see. That may be the direction we need to go or it may be some other direction. But it’s a good place to begin because it’s so positive.

Samuel: Yes, it’s heart filled. And it’s this morning light. Curious – I never thought of baptisms happening in the morning but why not. The sparkling of the water in morning light. And that particular brightness that morning light has. I’m in a very soft shadow of the circle of men. And a circle that’s quite closed in. They’re quite close together. And the light sort of coming through either side of their heads and shining light on the sides of the faces. And the face is in darkness, or in shadow. Not at all darkness but shadow. But feeling the warmth of their presences.

Jack: Yes, it’s the warmth of the presences right? – not the visual so much.

Samuel: Yes, being in the embrace of that circle. And how it opens up on this beach to this little village, this little fishing village, that’s set at the base of these hills. Low hills and these fishing boats on the shore. And this town. Very modest little village. I just have a sense of it.

Jack: Well, we can continue with the connection that you’re making in feeling and see where it leads you – see whatever needs to be experienced next. It’s like a continuation of where we left off but there may be other things that need to be seen or experienced. Your heart knows. It knows where to go.

Samuel: Well, I’m coming back to this sense of hovering above the beach with my arms outstretched. I’m quite big. It’s as if I’m embracing the horizon – embracing the sea with the sun in the distance. I’m quite large and I’m including everything. I don’t know if the men are still on the beach or not. It doesn’t really matter. There’s this feeling of being launched into the world in a certain way. And I’m given a feeling now of this mission of sorts – that the baptism was for something.

Jack: Yes. Of course.

Samuel: And it’s not clear what the mission is. It’s love of course. It’s the call of love. And the embrace. The embrace of the world. Though my arms are outstretched, it’s a feeling – strangely – of reciprocity. That’s not quite the right word – being embraced in turn.

Jack: You mean you feel embraced as well?

Samuel: Yes. A mutual embrace – an embrace of the dawn. Though the sun is now up higher – it’s not quite the beginning of the day. It’s early morning light.

Jack: So it’s a connection to that light that you’re feeling?

Samuel: Yes. I’m bathed in it now.

And a part of me is holding onto the image of the town and the beach, but that is fading. There’s this soft light.

Jack: Yes, you need to just continue in the direction that you’re going, which is very related to the light, to the dawn and to your sense of being much larger.

Samuel: Now it’s expanding and the small harbor is… The harbor is there but this other world is opening up. I see that there’s a little part of me that is looking for something and I have to let go of that looking.

Jack: Yes, definitely. Because we always try to look for the familiar but you’re on a voyage that is beyond the familiar, so just be close to what’s taking place. [pause]

Samuel: The sun is off to the right side. And now somehow further away.

There’s an absence of any landscape.

Jack: Yes, when you venture into these realms it’s hard because there may not be any identifying features but you just have to describe it as best you can because you’re still moving in a certain direction.

Samuel: I feel that. I feel I’m floating. Up quite high. That doesn’t quite describe it because there are no reference points.

Jack: So up and down don’t really mean that much.

Samuel: Right. They don’t.

The sun is more distant but the sky is bright around it. It’s interesting – it’s not any sky that I’m familiar with.

Jack: No.

Samuel: And it’s not in space. It’s not anything like something I’ve experienced.

Jack: Yes, that’s why it’s hard to speak about it.

Samuel: It’s in the distance. I feel the space between myself and that sun. A kind of longing. In that space between. That clarity of light that was on the beach and has now receded – that light is still there.

And I see that a part of me is imagining that that light is darkening. It’s kind of a fear. But it’s… just that. And it’s not something to be attended to. It’s not important. It’s like a part of my imagination.

Jack: Yes, right. It’s good to be clear about that, good to see that the imagination can enter, thoughts can enter, but you really need to keep focused just on what’s taking place. [pause]

Samuel: It’s very calm. I don’t feel there’s anything I need to do except simply being with this floating sensation. It’s a suspended feeling. I’m held in suspension. But with a deepness of… It’s hard to describe. Of this atmosphere. It has a depth to it. It’s like a deepening reality. It’s not on the surface – this movement of dimensionality. I feel the limpidness of it. The vastness of it. And the light is still there. There’s a light on the horizon. And the sun is less of a shining light but just part of this horizon.

Describing it doesn’t help with the feeling.

Jack: Right. Just stay close to the feeling. And it’s good, just so I have some sense, for you to say something about it but it doesn’t have to be a lot. The main thing is to be very connected to the feeling of where you are right now. There’s a sense of suspension but you are somewhere important. And what needs to take place next or what needs to transpire or move is really up to something much deeper in yourself. But I think it needs to be connected through feeling – that’s the connection.

Samuel: Just as you were speaking, I became larger. It’s just that this horizon was more a part of me. I’m indistinguishable from it. Even though it has a feeling of distance, it’s still inside, inside me. A strange feeling that both are possible.

Jack: Yes. No real contradiction.

Samuel: I’m the whole of it. As though there’s the part that lingers that’s me and there’s another part that’s as vast as the horizon. Without any boundary. Completely immersed. [pause]

Incredible tranquility.

And expanse.

I feel it in my chest.

It’s like a kind of call. [pause]


Feeling a kind of ascending now.

Jack: Yes, just follow whatever movement takes place. No need to do anything. Just be there.

Samuel: A very soft, gentle floating upward. And I’m coming up towards a light. It’s like I’m coming up out of the water. And there’s this realm of the sun and the horizon that is in the water somehow. I’m coming out of that. Coming up into another world.

Very gently.

I’m bubbling into the light up above. I’m not going straight up. I’m going at a slight angle up to the left. Just slightly. And now the other world has receded. It’s in the shadows of the water. I’m floating up but not to the surface. Although I sense the surface is up there. I’m being carried up. [pause]

Jack: Can you say anything about the feeling that’s present as you are carried up?

Samuel: Having no care.

Jack: In the sense of worry or concern…

Samuel: Yes, no worry or concern.

Simply an awe in a certain way.

Jack: Yes. Of course. Because it really is a higher realm.

Samuel: No sense of commenting. Nor is there anything beyond… beyond that.

I see how I need to be with it. Accepting of it. Unquestioning. And attentive. Most of all, simply to be attentive.

Jack: Yes, exactly.

Samuel: I’m seeing, or feeling, the presence of that distant part, that very small part that’s from another level. It comments a little bit. It struggles to make something of it. And there’s no need for it to do that.

Jack: That’s right. There’s no need.

Samuel: And now it’s as if I’m lying on a beach in the sun. But I’m still in this kind of floating spot. The feeling is one of contentment. [pause]

A kind of stasis at the moment… Nothing is moving. Very quiet. Still. But I’m in this light that’s coming through water and that’s very close, very close to the surface. I’m in the water. And there’s this light above.

Jack: Well, I don’t want to suggest too much, but there may be someone or something that you need to meet since you say stasis. Let’s just see if there’s a possibility to have the whole thing move towards something that you really need to be in contact with, or need to be in communication with. Something may appear, or you may hear something, or just feel something.

Samuel: The orb is coming back. From a great distance.

Jack: Yes, we are kind of privileged to have these contacts. They come from a long way away. [pause]

Samuel: And I see how it’s completely benign and yet I also see how I can so easily add a darker side onto it. But it’s not darker. That is something I’m imparting to it.

Jack: Right. It’s wonderful you can make that distinction.

Samuel: And I see how easily I can believe that’s what it is – darkness. But in fact it is in essence a kind of goodness.

And it is there to remind me of these possibilities – to show me that I can manufacture and have what I manufacture color something that is in essence so sacred.

[chuckling] Sacred in a mundane way. That’s not a judgment, it’s simply that it’s an accepted sacredness. I approach the sacred with such trepidation and I see how often I bring to it a kind of false reverence when all it needs is complete openness. It is what it is. That’s an astounding thing.

Jack: It’s a sacredness you can feel at home in.

Samuel: Yes. It’s a sacredness for everyday life.

Already just in talking about it I see how I differentiate and how that diminishes it. How to just see that.

Jack: Yes, we don’t want to bring it down to another level. We just want to be there in it.

Samuel: And it’s shapeless, it’s a kind of a glow. And it has this kind of a smile to it [both chuckling] in that it is accepting my impoverished way of looking at it.

Jack: In the way that one might look at a child…

Samuel: Yes. And with such generosity and love.

[noises in the room at Samuel’s end]

My wife needed to come in and get something.

Jack: Yes. I heard the noises. That’s OK. And you can see how that doesn’t change where you are.

Samuel: No, it doesn’t. It’s there. Yes, it’s still there.

I’m more accepting of my wife than I was. [pause]

Jack: And with this orb is there any message would you say? Are there any words that proceed from that or is it just that you need to be with it? [pause]

Samuel: Well, it’s not offering any words but I feel this need to pay attention to all the pieces of it. And particularly to include my denial and refusal – my idea of how things are. So, my wife’s presence was apocryphal in that sense. I didn’t include her. I saw her as disturbance and… the orb did not.

I felt just now that I was observed. Being upset with her for disturbing my little session. But she had to get into the closet to get something in order to leave. So I see that and there’s a certain remorse in that that is an important part of the whole thing.

Jack: So you can see how what took place was exactly what needed to take place.

Samuel: Yes. It was showing me something. And that is a real work that I need to attend to. In a way it is perhaps the most important part of the session. Witnessed by my friend who is proceeding in a very appropriate way, his work done. [chuckling]

Jack: Still smiling I bet. [chuckling]

Samuel: Yes, yes. There you are. And the feeling of how that habitual discrimination of things – discrimination in a pejorative sense – how that’s so much a part – it’s always there – always there to say, “Well – is it this or is it that?” [pause]

I’m now going back to the… I’m receding. It’s like the movie is being played in reverse. I’m going back and feeling the moments where this other part was intruding and diminishing the life of what was happening. I have a very strong feeling of that related to my life on this planet. I see how I do that. From this place I can see that. And feel it. And be compassionate about it. Oh – that’s a big piece.

Jack: Yes, because of how deeply it’s felt… [pause]

Samuel: Well, that will give me something to talk to my wife about. [Jack laughs]

Ah, it’s like a gentle landing Jack. Right now I’m just going back to that beach.

Jack: Yes, it’s good to go back, to make a full circle by going back to the beach.

Samuel: It is very different from when I began but I have the feeling of it. The circle of men is no longer there, but the feeling is still there.

But most importantly the recognition of this part that wishes to be in control and the art of letting go of that. And the help that’s offered. To remember the help – that is so crucial. To remember the help that’s being given.

Jack: And that has actually come from very far away.

Samuel: Very far away.

Jack: Wonderful.

Samuel: But here I can receive even though it comes from a long way away. I can feel it coming from a long way. And at the same time, it is washing over me.

And I feel the responsibility of that gift.

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The Firebird

(Copyright © Jack Cain 2017, text and images)

Nadyezhda: I just see some kind of red light – energetic – supernova kind of stuff.

Jack: OK. That’s fine. Let’s start with that.

Nadyezhda: And this kind of sparkling image of outer space. It’s a nice place because it’s my home. Off the planet. It’s reconnecting to my home. Maybe it’s not a planet – it’s the stars or something. I’ve seen that before in another session.

Jack: Yes, and as soon as you do that, you have a sense of home as well, a sense of that possibility because it’s hard to feel at home here – especially with all that’s happening to you.

Nadyezhda: Because it’s within me. It’s in me. It tells me I can be whole again. And I want to be whole again. It’s something I want very badly. Maybe I shouldn’t want it so badly, I don’t know.

Jack: Yes, it’s a kind of attachment to want something very badly even though it’s a perfectly natural thing to feel.

But I think it might be more profitable to stay with that connection to home because there’s a power in that. Just stay with that connection

Nadyezhda: Expansion.

Jack: Expansion, yes. And be very careful of the ordinary consciousness, of the mind, because as you say, your home may be a star. It doesn’t have to be a planet. We don’t understand very well how it’s possible to be at home in a star but it is possible. We don’t understand the nature of those things as long as we’re incarnated here and have many belief systems imposed on us. I’ve had lots of other people also feel that they’re at home in a star. It’s a place to live. The brightness of that is what’s important. There’s something very, very bright because you’re at the source of light… one of the sources of light.

Nadyezhda: I could be at home in a star – in a collection of gases.

Jack: There’s a certain movement taking place, all kinds of transformations taking place. And there’s something more fully you when you’re there because as I said last time there’s only a part of you that’s installed in this incarnation – in this physical body. And there are reasons for that – I’m not sure we need to go into them but there are certainly reasons. The point at the moment is that you have this connection suddenly with your home and the star. So let’s just see where that leads – what it takes you to.

Nadyezhda: I’m letting the feeling pervade my physical body so it can be comforted.

Jack: Yes, comforted and possibly also changed because it’s an interaction of an energy source with a physical body, a human body, which is of course composed of energy amongst other things so… there can be an influence.

We’ve spoken of the template that is behind the physical body so there can be a greater and greater correspondence to the original template which is still perfect and if it’s not perfect maybe it needs to be made perfect through a contact with this energy. And this principle of non-locality: you are here in your apartment, you are here in this star. There is no contradiction.

Nadyezhda: I would like the energy to work on the template, and restore the template to the original creation.

Jack: The template of course is perfect – there’s nothing wrong. The template is not what was damaged. So by returning home you are also engaging the feelings. This is important. And you are engaging them in a way that will help this correspondence between the physical and the template.

And there are different levels of feeling. And there’s a difference between emotion and feeling. You want the physical body to be better – but that’s an emotion. There’s a feeling which is much subtler, which is closer to the template and to the star.

The wanting is a kind of pushing whereas the feeling is a kind of allowing something to happen.

Nadyezhda: Yes.

Jack: Permitting something to happen – not trying to push it into place or be violent in any way. Just standing back and allowing this contact with the energy of the star, the energy of home to enter into this remote corner of the galaxy, way far, very far from the center of the galaxy – on planet Earth. To enter into this remote place and specifically into this physical body that Nadyezhda is temporarily inhabiting for a purpose that is maybe not fully understood right now, but that’s all right.

So, in order for there to be a more full expression of a presence in this physical body, we’re asking for a correction to the form of the physical body to match more fully the original human template.

Nadyezhda: There is a fluttering of the light coming through my window here, and there is this image from space. I’m trying to connect to that.

Jack: Yes. Don’t try. Just allow. You already instinctively know it’s very similar. So there’s a light coming into the room from the star of the system that Earth is part of, but there’s another star also that you are connected to at the same time which is your original star where you’re at home. They are reflections of each other. Maybe they even interact with each other ways that we don’t understand.

Nadyezhda: My body is telling me something about the situation. I don’t want to be touched because people have hurt me. That’s why I don’t want to be touched and that’s why I have skin problems. Someone shouldn’t have touched me [childhood abuse]. I record the injury and I’ve learned that touch is a bad thing and that I couldn’t let it in.

Jack: That’s right.

Nadyezhda: But as mammals we need touch in order to survive. I need that to survive and it’s very painful not having it.

Jack: Exactly.

Nadyezhda: I need that. I need that a lot. I’m very sensitive so I feel the affliction more. I feel the pain more. Maybe that’s the core of it – I don’t know.

Jack: But at the moment you feel touched by the contact with the star, right?

Nadyezhda: Yes.

Jack: And you can tell that it has its own quality. So that touch with your home star is very different from someone touching your skin physically. There’s a relationship but there’s a difference in quality.

Nadyezhda: It’s safe to be touched by the light. It’s not safe to be touched by other people.

Jack: That’s right.

Nadyezhda: That’s the problem – those other people.

Jack: Except your mother for example.

Nadyezhda: Right.

Jack: There are examples where the touch is not an encroachment. It’s actually a communication that’s a little similar to the touch of a star. There’s a part deep in the heart that needs to understand that these are two separate things. To exclude all touch is not really a practical solution.

Nadyezhda: It’s not good.

Jack: No, it’s not good.

Nadyezhda: It’s just a fear.

Jack: Yes, there’s fear there and you would be throwing out a possibility.

But it is understandable that there’s a reaction like this because of the history of this particular physical body. So maybe we need to ask now – “What needs to take place for this situation to be corrected completely so that touch is no longer an encroachment?”

Nadyezhda: [big breath in] It’s this healing and divine light.

Jack: And you can actually feel that entering I think, right?

Nadyezhda: Yes, I feel it. I’m trying to keep the sun here and my home star as well.

Jack: Yes, they’re both present right now. Very clearly present.

Nadyezhda: The home star has a reddish color whereas the star here is yellow.

Jack: Yes, they’re different types of star. Yes, that’s probably why you saw red initially, in the supernova, because you were returning there.

So maybe it would be useful now if you could allow your ordinary consciousness to recede a little bit and we could ask that your higher consciousness come forward and speak about Nadyezhda, giving us whatever information is going to be helpful. It’s not so easy to make that separation – to allow a different voice to come though from a different place that is usually not accessible directly and is in the background. But maybe we could just see initially what comes through. What it is that Nadyezhda really needs right now? So, what would the higher consciousness say about the current situation of the skin and about the repeated injuries and how can this process come to some kind of end so that Nadyezhda is freer to live her life and fulfill whatever her mission is on this planet. Let’s just see if something will come through.

Nadyezhda: First I see a little point of red light. Then it gets bigger and it turns into a red hummingbird and then it turns into a red firebird. The firebird is the higher consciousness.

Jack: Good.

Nadyezhda: It’s amazing. It’s magnificent.

Jack: Yes. You can see how magnificent it is.

Nadyezhda: I just ask it to help me. It’s bringing the light back in. But I have to know what the firebird has to say.

Jack: Yes, I think we should be patient to see if there’s a specific message from that level. It is a very different level and you can tell that by what you’re seeing. The magnificence of this image is something very real in behind the usual operation. What can the firebird say that would be helpful?

Nadyezhda: [sigh] It says that my fire is out of tune. The fire is not adjusted properly. It’s out of tune. It has to be adjusted. All the inflammation, the injuries, everything – things are not in the right place. They have to be redistributed correctly so things go into the right channels, so the fire fuels needs instead of hurting. Fuels and fills. The fire is a vital fuel instead of damaging my body.

Jack: But because there are adjustments needed, it doesn’t enter the way it needs to…

Nadyezhda: Yes, it’s out of alignment.

Jack: So, maybe we could ask if what we’re doing right now is helping with the transmission from these two stars – this one yellow and the other one red – whether this is helping the adjustment.

Nadyezhda: I think everything we’re doing is helping with the adjustment.

Jack: Good.

Nadyezhda: Even just calling the firebird and asking for the answer – it’s the right way. But there’s more work to do.

Jack: So let’s just concentrate on what can be done right now at this moment. There is an action taking place already. Maybe we can ask the firebird to work – specifically to work on the face and the foot. Is that going to be possible?

Nadyezhda: The skin, yes. I ask. And I feel the firebird touching me with her feathers. It’s very soothing to the wounds. I say, “Please help me become more like you.”

“Help me listen to you. Help me become a more correct reflection of you” And now that I’m speaking to you, I need to become quiet myself and listen.

Jack: Yes, I think it would be good – we’re not in a rush – take your time to be quiet and listen. There may be other messages or there may be just a very silent communication taking place between the firebird and Nadyezhda in her ordinary state.

Nadyezhda: [sigh]

Jack: So it’s good to listen very, very attentively. What needs to be conveyed may be very subtle. [long pause]

Nadyezhda: It seems like there has to be a man, a partner – someone to help me.

Jack: Yes, sometimes it needs that a couple.

Nadyezhda: Well, now I feel more anxiety than ever.

Jack: Be very careful. Is the firebird saying that a man is necessary?

Nadyezhda: It’s showing me images that there’s someone holding me, helping me to become vital, to become attuned.

Jack: Well, there’s no anxiety in that.

Nadyezhda: No, this is a good thing. But it’s my ordinary consciousness that has the doubt. And it’s the old touch injury that’s in the way.

Jack: Yes. So maybe we need to ask the firebird, “How can that be let go of? What needs to be done?”

Nadyezhda: The old touch injury?

Jack: Yes, going all the way back to the age of 5, I think it was, wasn’t it?

Nadyezhda: Yes.

Jack: So all the way back to the age of 5 and every time there was a repetition it intensifies. So how can that all be let go of from the very beginning at the age of 5. [pause]

Nadyezhda: [big breath out] The firebird says she’ll release it… I think. How can I know these are her words?

Jack: Just be very still. Feel the connection with the firebird in all of its glory. You can ask, “How can I be sure these are your words?”

Nadyezhda: “Can you send me some kind of sign that these are your words, that I know you, that I’m speaking to the firebird, the higher self?”

And she just explodes into this riot of red and gold. It’s just explosive. A beautiful scene.

Jack: Yes, right.

Nadyezhda: Changing shape all the time. It’s magnificent.

Jack: So you know that these are her words.

Nadyezhda: Sometimes.

Jack: There will always be a part of the ordinary consciousness that doubts. What’s important are these images and the contact with what’s taking place right now. You will remember these images of the firebird and the explosion into a kaleidoscope of color. They will remain in your memory so that when there’s a doubt you can return to those images.

Nadyezhda: There are so many images. Dragons. So many shapes and colors. Shifting. So many, so many. Peacock. The dragon. The firebird. Red. Gold. Blue. It’s wonderful.

Jack: Yes, all of these are individual helping agents. They signs that all of this past can be let go of, right from the age of 5 on.

Nadyezhda: [big breath out]

Jack: It doesn’t change what happened but the connection to it is being changed, is being let go of, is being cut. Of course you can still remember that it happened but what’s really important is the letting go, the cutting of the connection. When one or two or three get cut then some of the others are cut automatically because they’re connected.

Nadyezhda: Yes, I’m asking to remove this original damage that became so amplified.

Jack: Yes, it’s just a natural law of physics, spiritual physics, that when something is repeated it gets intensified. It’s not surprising. And when it gets intensified it attracts more of the same just by the law of attraction.

But now there’s a letting go.

Nadyezhda: [big breath out]

Jack: A deep, deep letting go, and breathing is very helpful to contribute to that process because it’s happening in the physical body which is where it needs to take place.

A deeper and deeper level of letting go. And at the same time the possibility of a man entering this constellation in a manner that’s not difficult in any way, something very harmonious, very consistent with a loving touch, just as your mother’s touch is a loving touch, just as the touch of the firebird is a loving touch, and just as the touch of your home sun is a loving touch. A sense of being at home inside this configuration.

Nadyezhda: I think it’s better that we stop and listen more to the firebird.

Jack: Good.

Nadyezhda: And I start to see a gold seal in my energy center below the navel. It’s a gold seal, a cure. [big breath out] [pause]

Jack: Yes, that point is very important of course – it’s your stability, your center of gravity. [pause]

Nadyezhda: [big breath in] [pause]

Hmm. The firebird kisses me. That’s very nice.

Jack: That’s beautiful!

Nadyezhda: It’s just absorbing and communicating. Getting something. I say thank you.

Jack: Yes, and there’s healing going on at the same time. [pause]

Nadyezhda: I’ve just asked to be fused with the firebird, to be made one again in this happy reunion with myself, the reunion with my higher self and my physical self – to be whole. All the pain washed away and replaced by this divine protection.

Jack: Very good.

Nadyezhda: [big breath out] So much pain. Just so, so much pain.

Jack: Yes, it needs to go. It needs to be let go of.

Nadyezhda: The firebird takes so many forms. Sometimes it’s not very bird-like, it’s just… so complex, so much detail. I can just absorb this for a while.

Jack: That’s good. Take time to do that. [pause]

Nadyezhda: I see myself becoming one with the firebird. Melting together and taking the form. [big breath out] [pause]

I asked if there are messages and the firebird says, “Be free. Find your freedom – freedom from inner oppression.”

I ask, “I found wholeness this summer and it was taken away – why? I was healed and now I am injured again. Why? Why did this happen?”

[The firebird answers,] “So you don’t forget something. So you don’t forget.”

I think that’s it. I don’t know.

Jack: So you don’t forget. Does it say forget what?

Nadyezhda: “The path. The path of healing, the path of wholeness.” Something like that.

“Is there anything I need to do?” I need to heal my wounds, I need to recover.

Perhaps using Silicea – a homeopathic remedy.

“Can you tell me if there’s something else – some other person I need to see, or something I need to do to heal?”

[response:] “Just time.” [big breath out]

Jack: Can you ask, “How much time?”

Nadyezhda: “How much time, firebird.”

I think it says six months.

“How do I know the words come from you? How will I know firebird?” [pause]

It says the healing will come.

“Don’t be ashamed,” it says. “Don’t be ashamed.” [pause]

I see injuries leaving my body. Black clouds. Goodbye to these injuries, goodbye. No more. Just please no more. [big breath out] Toxic black clouds everywhere. So much. It’s just too much.

Jack: But they’re leaving.

Nadyezhda: Yes, they are leaving. [pause] [big breath out] [pause]

Jack: Maybe there’s something else we’ve forgotten to ask.

Nadyezhda: [big breath out] What should we ask?

Jack: I think just ask the firebird if there’s something we’ve forgotten to ask, if there’s some last thing that maybe needs to be conveyed that we didn’t think of a good question for. Something that would be also helpful.

Nadyezhda: [big breath out]

The firebird shows me a scroll. [pause]

There’s a little sort of quartz crystalline shape on it – an image of a quartz crystal. It’s silicon but maybe it’s something else as well. It’s an integrity of the spiritual body. It’s showing me to keep the integrity of the spiritual body.

Discipline. Zen practice. The integrity of my spiritual body through Zen practice. It can become like a crystal again. [big breath out] Sitting like a crystal.

I say, “Yes, I agree.” And the divine fire is reflected in the crystal – that’s why it’s a bright crystal. “Don’t let it be broken.” I don’t want my crystal to be broken.

Jack: No, of course not. [pause]

Nadyezhda: [big breath out] [pause] [breathing, emotion] [pause]

I’m just asking the firebird not to leave me again, not allow this to happen ever again.

Jack: And is there a response to that?

Nadyezhda: I think I’ve learned just in seeing the image of the crystal.

Jack: Yes, the image of the crystal is very important. It’s a practice. Wholeness. Reflection of light.

Nadyezhda: I thank the firebird but now I’m thanking myself because I’ve fused again. I’ve come back together.

Jack: Good. Yes, you need to thank yourself as well.

Nadyezhda: I have wisdom. I could have died in this ordeal.

Jack: Absolutely.

Nadyezhda: And I didn’t.

Jack: Yes, I was worried during the first part of the weekend that you were going to give up. But that passed with the help of whatever it was that entered. [pause]

Nadyezhda: I just say, “I accept the wisdom, but why did this have to happen? Could have done something else, but why like this?” [pause] [big breath out] [pause]

But I feel I’m being comforted. The firebird is comforting me and a partner is comforting me as well.

Jack: Exactly. Yes, and you’re being prepared for that by having more harmony enter.

Nadyezhda: [big breath out] I see my energetic body being purified, things being washed away, the touch injuries, toxic stuff and pain and knives.

Jack: Good.

Nadyezhda: And I say thank you.

Jack: Yes, and do not be afraid of emotion. Some tears may help the process of change. Nothing wrong with that. [pause]

Nadyezhda: In Zen practice you would say Heaven and Hell are the same. I don’t know if I can accept that. [pause] [big breath out] [pause]

Jack: And you’ll be able to see what helps the crystal be more whole and what doesn’t. You’ll be able to choose wisely. And as was said a little while ago, this is so you’ll remember in situations in life when you need to close to certain influences and when you need to open to other influences.

Nadyezhda: Yes.

Jack: But in the hurley-burley of life it’s not so easy to be right there connected to the crystal and to the firebird. We get distracted very easily. But you have had a lot of help here in this session.

Nadyezhda: Yes. [whispered]

Jack: Help with that distinction of when to open and when to close.

Nadyezhda: [big breath out] Just white light. I see white light. I know from which dimension it comes – it’s from my own star, I guess, that light.

Jack: Yes, it’s good to keep close to the sense of the home star.

Nadyezhda: I’m just asking it to send the light to my wounds. [big breath out] Thank you. [pause and more big breaths out]

All right. [indicating a perception that we’re done]

Jack: Yes. Good. I think it’s complete. Just be very clear that you can go back to any of these images and it would be good to go back to a number of them whenever you feel you can just take a few moments to do that. It helps reinforce the ongoing action that they’re having. And of course some of that will go on at night when you’re asleep in a way more powerfully because the ordinary consciousness is not there to interfere. We’ll just have to see how all this proceeds now but it sounds very, very positive. Harmony is entering more and more.

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