A Vision from Amenti

01 yellow and blue IMG_3998(Jack Cain © 2019, text and images)

Emily is standing at the mouth of a large cave looking out at a ring of mountains around a valley that has a river running through it. When I ask Emily to transition to where she needs to go today, a path appears leading down into the valley. It’s rocky and difficult going at first but this gives way to vegetation that is more and more lush as she descends. Then she passes some thatched cottages and farms, eventually coming to a small town with cobblestone streets. Continuing on, she passes through the town and goes on to a city. As she moves through the city, eventually she comes to a very large building. The transcription of the session begins at this point.

Emily: I come to a Y juncture on the main road that I am following and I take the right hand road. After a while, the two roads come back together again making something like the shape of an eye. The road then continues straight on and ends at a big building. There are stairs going up and pillars and there’s a big porch across the front that has like a roof over it. It’s a temple – cool and shaded.

It resembles a Buddhist temple or a Tibetan temple. It has pillars and its color is like a dark wood with ochre shades, almost reddish with some gold on it. There are gold patterns on the pillars, on the doors, and on the doorframes. The doors are open. There are lots of gold patterns on them.

You go in and the windows are lattice-like. The light comes in but it’s also kind of dark and shady. It’s cool, it’s pleasant.

Coming through the doors you enter a big room. In the middle there’s a statue. Perhaps it’s a statue of Guanyin. A standing woman in robes – an Asian woman. Thai or Tibetan maybe. Yes, I would say Guanyin or some version of Guanyin. Very peaceful. There are benches along the walls around the room so you can sit. And there are cushions around the statue as well. And actually there’s water. The statue is standing on what looks like a rock in the middle of this pool. And you can sit around the edge of the pool on the pillows if you like. The water is very cool. It’s all very quiet and peaceful.

And then there’s a room behind the statue. You can go through a little passage into it. It’s a bigger room. It goes up really high. And there’s a lot of light. The walls in their lower part are similar to what’s in the first room – it looks like wood paneling with the same lattice windows at a certain height. But then above that, it’s almost like glass and it’s huge. It’s not a round dome and it’s almost like a pyramid but it’s not as symmetrical as a pyramid would be. It’s like the surface of a crystal that has different facets which I’m looking up at from below it. These crystal surfaces go way up. They’re huge over this space.

And right in the center of the room there’s a huge crystal, a really huge crystal. It’s raised up a bit as if it’s resting on a rock.

The floor in this room is different. The floor in the first room was like a tile floor. This floor looks more like stone, perhaps marble. It’s very big, smooth and white, very white. It goes all around.

There are pillars along the walls, white pillars that go all around as well. They are holding up a ceiling that overhangs a little. And the high crystal facets that go way up are on top of that. The overhanging ceiling holds up those facets. It’s huge.

When you go to the other side of the crystal on the floor in the middle of the room, you find there’s a gold door in what seems to be a wall of gold. [awe in the voice; voice is hushed]

It’s all… You open the door and you come into… Oh, wow. Like you open the door and you are in a different space. It’s like a different dimension. It’s all light. It’s just light. There are no walls or anything like that. It’s just this light – this huge space of light. It’s quite amazing.

Jack: Wow. That’s amazing.

02 white tulips not open IMG_4064Emily: Yes, and someone is there. I can see a being standing in that light. Initially you don’t see the face. It’s like a figure of light, a white light. A figure standing in that light. And then you can see a little bit of the features. I see now that there are two figures – a man and a woman. They’re there in the light. But they’re very ethereal – they’re not solid physically. They are physical and they’re not physical at the same time. They’re very luminous. They’re standing in this light. And they beckon me to come forward, to go with them. And then they accompany me. We turn around and we go further into the light. Further into that light.

And then there’s like this gold… What is it? … It’s almost like… It’s like a gold light… it’s like a wall of light, like… It’s not liquid, it’s not… It’s hard to tell what it is. It’s like this… It’s almost like just air. But then it’s almost liquidy too; it’s a huge gold sphere floating in the middle of the room.

And we reach out and we touch it. It’s not that we touch it – you put your hands up into it. And then it just fills you with that light. You get kind of absorbed into it. Just absorbed into it. The three of us are… I’m in the middle and they’re on either side of me. And we have our hands up into this light. And then we hold our hands out in front. It’s like prayer poses… different prayer poses… You have your hands down, then up. It’s like just being totally absorbed into this light. [pause]

We’re just there.[pause]

You get absorbed into the light. [pause]

This is Amenti. The land within – within the Earth. It’s in its center. So the light of the center of Amenti. [pause]

I’m wondering what this is all about.

It’s the center of the Earth. It’s the pulsing. It’s the beat. The center of the Earth. We’re all connected to that.

And it just expands. It’s held there. It’s held and it’s not held – it’s not as though it’s closed in or anything like that – it’s just very powerful. It’s the heartbeat; it’s the heartbeat of the Earth. It’s the heartbeat of the Earth. It’s the cosmic heart in the center of the Earth. A heartbeat. It’s expanding. And it expands. And it’s expanding into the Earth.

[voice no longer hushed; very confident] It’s like it’s expanding through… It’s already… OK… [struggling to be clear] So it’s concentrated there in a sense; it’s focused. But it expands through this temple and it expands through the city. It expands through Amenti. And then it’s expanding out into the Earth. I can see it rising through the layers of the Earth. And it’s intensifying. It’s almost like a mist rising from the ground – like when you see mist coming up from a field. This energy is spreading into the Earth and it just keeps going, getting stronger and stronger.

03 Two blue flowers IMG_3977It’s just going to keep doing that until the whole Earth is in this golden light. It just keeps expanding out from the Earth, out into the atmosphere, and out into space and then further and further and further out. This energy is coming from the center of the Earth. And it’s filling out… And then you can see… almost I see…

Oh. Wow. I see these angels at the outer limits of this energy. They’re all over. They’re all over this energy. They almost take form out of the energy. Out of this gold light that’s coming. But then there’s also this light that comes from the universe into that and then the energies are kind of meeting together and the angels are almost like the… like the… the manifestation of the two energies meeting.

Wow. [chuckle] It’s really cool actually. It’s beautiful. They’re almost like forms being created from the energies that meet together. It’s almost like butterflies. It’s energy creating form. Yeah. It’s beautiful. All this is just happening. Like wow!

Jack: And you’re able to see it.

Emily: It’s quite amazing. It’s that the energy creates form. The form of these angels. It’s beautiful. [pause]

Jack: I’m wondering if at some point you could ask any questions of that couple you were with or of some kind or wise person who could speak to you a little about your next steps in the world of the Earth.

Emily: So I can ask these two.

Jack: Yes, I think so.

Emily: Next steps. Well. Let’s see. OK. So what they say is that everything is happening at once. Everything just is. It is and it isn’t. It happens and it doesn’t happen. It is and it’s happening all at the same time. It’s hard for us to understand that.

An example. An image. It’s like… How will I explain that? It’s like I see a puzzle. The pieces are there and the pieces are kind of falling into place in this puzzle. But the puzzle is already there. The image is there. It’s like there’s a picture of the puzzle in the background and the pieces of the puzzle are falling on top of the picture. And so it’s already together and it’s coming together at the same time. Nobody is putting the pieces in; the pieces are kind of falling into place.

So what’s our role? Our role is just to be there. Which is not really very helpful right now – like what am I supposed to do?

Jack: Our role is just to be there. To show up.

Emily: Right. To show up.

Jack: But maybe they could give you some information that they think would be helpful to you…

Emily: Trust the process.

Jack: Trust the process. OK.

Emily: I know I’m always wanting answers and directions and such things and they’re never giving me answers and directions.

Jack: There’s also been your anxiety. Is there anything they can say about how to deal with your anxiety?

Emily: The anxiety will dissipate naturally. This is a process of clearing.

But it’s an awfully long process – is it ever going to be enough?

Things are accelerating very quickly and I realize… I experience some of the acceleration… In what? In myself and in what is happening around me. However, my vision is very limited and I don’t see…

So far they have shown me the image of the golden sphere and the expansion of the light for me to know that that is happening – that it’s going on and that it’s going on at great speeds too – at speeds I can’t imagine.

What else?

Let go of the attachments to the detail of what’s going on. Just let that go – which is challenging because my mind focuses on the detail. Let the detail go.

Go back into that light and know that you are a part of that expansion and that your energy expands. It expands. Focus on the expansion of your own energy as it moves outside the body. The body is an illusion. It’s a necessary tool for what you do, but it is an illusion. Let yourself be in that light. Let yourself expand, let your light expand. Let your light expand. Feel yourself as part of that… I feel a part of that. You are a part of that light, you are a part of us, we all are. We all are expanding. We’re all connected.

It’s hard to explain. It’s like it all comes together.

04-twice-yellow-and-white-img_4065.jpgJack: In the future you can re-establish a connection to that sphere, right?

Emily: Yes. You can let yourself go in to the center, to the light in the center or you can let yourself go out with that expansion of the light and feel the cosmic light coming in too. So connect.

OK because it’s not just that the angels are at the point of intersection, at the point where the intersection is happening. There isn’t a limit where one light goes only so far and the other light only goes up to there. They are intermingled. What’s outside goes to the inside; what’s inside goes to the outside. It’s all one. It’s just one expanse of light. Or an expanse of light with certain densities that are changing in different places.

How to explain it? It’s like a gold cloth that’s spread out. It’s not flat. It’s not two-dimensional, it’s multi-dimensional and there are different intensities of light in different spots. It’s all light. And there are varying intensities of light. But it’s all one thing. And we’re all part of that one thing.

It’s very simple. Esoteric but simple at the same time.

Let it float. Let yourself float. [pause]

And so all things – like you might ask about time without being, without different experiences. They’re there but they’re also not significant. They’re all part of that floating of energy, of the shifting of intensities that are coming together and floating apart. It’s movement. There’s movement. Always.

There’s sound. Sound comes into it. There’s sound that moves through all of this. And it shifts and it changes.

It’s all movement. It’s like waves – currents going through. But they’re almost like musical currents that move through, that create concentrations of light, and that dissipate. It’s beautiful. Wow. All these shifts of light and energy and sound.

[giggle] So, it’s not a very specific answer to the question.

Jack: But it’s specific in the sense that you’re being directed to look and participate.

Emily: Yes. And so in a sense it matters. But it doesn’t matter. Because, like Norfolk Island [where Emily would like to go for a Lemurian retreat; but it’s a hard decision to make] – you just see that image of Norfolk Island – so that’s like a coming together of a concentration of light and sound and it kind of makes that space. It creates something like a bubble of light again. It concentrates. It brings in different movements around it. It’s coming from outside and it’s coming from inside.

It’s kind of like the eruption of a volcano. Some of that light, the light coming in from the inside, and going out from the Earth from the inside, isn’t… Like sometimes it’s evenly dispersed and sometimes it comes up almost like a volcano erupting. So this kind of bubble of light comes out. And it spreads out.

And then there’s like a coming in from the outside. It’s like volcanic in some senses – like volcanoes of light moving. There’s a lot of movement. It’s not all just at an even pace. There are different rhythms in it. And so the different rhythms, you could say different sounds coming through. It’s like when you play a piece of music, all of a sudden there’s a cymbal [Emily makes a sound]. Or a different piece. And they have different types of movement as well. So the cymbal is almost like an eruption, right? And then you have something like a violin floating. Different rhythms of light, different types of sound. It’s all going on all at the same time – well, it’s not at the same time – it’s all… There’s a lot of movement, a lot of light movement.

Jack: Beautiful.

Emily: It’s beautiful. It’s very beautiful. Like it’s amazing.

Jack: Beautiful to be allowed to see that.

So… Should you go to Norfolk Island?

Emily: [without the slightest hesitation] Yes, absolutely. [both laughing] Absolutely.

So each of us brings something to that experience. We are part of those movements of light and sound because we too are light and sound. We interact with the light and the sound.

It’s like birds flying through. We’re each like one of the birds flying through. Like golden birds. Everything is gold. There are golden birds flying through that – so there’s some reason why they’re doing that. We don’t need to know what that reason is. It’s all just part of that movement. It’s cool. It’s really quite cool.

So not to worry. The anxiety about what do you do, how do I do this? You don’t really need to be anxious about that. It floats. It does. Part of the reason for the anxiety is that there’s a certain of grating between what is fluid and what isn’t fluid yet and what is becoming fluid.

05 leaf skeleton 1 IMG_4053I see the tectonic plates shifting and, sometimes when they come together, they grate. And so that energy of what I am in different vibrations, in different intensities of light, grates sometimes. The shifting from one to the other is grating. It’s like the plates crashing together. So that causes some of that feeling of distress and anxiety. The two dimensions are coming together and they need to adjust. You know – being in 3-D at the moment and then shifting into another dimension. It’s grating.

And so a lot of the stuff that’s happening now on our planet has to do with the tectonic plates shifting and colliding. Those energies are colliding a bit – shifting and cracking and breaking and needing to release the forms that have sort of congealed and that need to be loosened up. Because they need to be more fluid.

Jack: And that’s what’s happening.

Emily: Yes. That’s what’s happening. And it’s OK. It’s happening within ourselves, and it’s happening around us as well.

That breaking is cracking the shell of the seed. It needs to release what’s new. New energy.

So that light coming from the Earth – it’s flowing smoothly. But also it isn’t. It’s also shifting the plates. Because if we look at the Earth – it’s molten, it’s liquid, right? It’s almost as if it’s congealed on the outside. The outside part needs to soften up again, needs to change.

Jack: So there’s going to be Earth movement.

Emily: Well there is Earth movement – everything is happening – it’s not necessarily Earth movement – because it’s all energy, right? So it’s not necessarily earthquakes and stuff like that. But it’s a releasing of that energy. That energy needs to transmute, it needs to soften up, it needs to change – because it has become congealed. It’s serving a purpose but the purpose has changed. It’s not that that purpose was not significant in its own time but now it has changed.

And it’s the newness of it. So the image of the seed is important because the seed protects the life that’s within it until it’s time for that life to come out, right? And so the shell of the seed has a purpose. But that purpose has its time and once that time is over then the shell needs to break, right? And so the purpose of the shell that the Earth has now in all its different forms – whether that be physical or social or political or whatever – the purpose of that shell is no longer serving. And so it needs to break so that the new phase, the next step can come through. When something cracks it isn’t necessarily always pleasant. But it’s necessary. The germ will not come out of the seed without the shell cracking.

Jack: Right.

Emily: So that’s what’s happening. That’s OK. We’re just going to have to live with that. Don’t worry about it.

So the curiosity about the Essene connection was: Yes, there is an Essene connection. Just exactly what it was doesn’t really matter. But there’s a connection. There’s a connection to different… I don’t want to say traditions… but different comings together of light, different searches for light, different ways of holding the light on this planet. And so the Essenes are one of those ways. But there are others as well. And that’s just part of the journey. Curiosity about details is fine for curiosity’s sake [chuckles] but it’s not necessary to go into details. There are so many expressions.

Jack: Well, you have a confirmation that there was a connection – which is what your instinct told you in any case I guess but…

Emily: Yes, the Essenes… there are lots of…

Jack: The Essenes were in the past but you are connected to things now. Are there any of those things that need to be explained more?

Emily: Well, let’s see. So… they’re in the past but they’re not in the past.

Jack: Ah.

Emily: The connections remain. The connections are there visibly and invisibly. The interests of the present day connect to the experiences of the past as well as to the experiences that are beyond this dimension as well. [pause]

They will become clear as the time is right and as the need for clarity manifests itself. Not to worry. The sense of being connected to past traditions is good and the sense of being connected to other dimensional connections is good as well.

There’s a lot of curiosity about that. Curiosity is a great thing but again it’s not necessary to go into detail about what that connection is. That expansion. Everything is expanding. Being a part of that.

Jack: So, be part of the expansion?

Emily: But you are part of the expansion – everybody is.

The awareness of being part of that expansion can help alleviate some of the anxiety and distress.

This just is a really big picture – a complex picture in many ways but a simple picture in other ways as well.

It’s like I get this image. Years and years ago, I made this banner for church and it started off as the image of a prayer shawl and a crown. And as the weeks went by – this was Lent or Advent or something – the prayer shawl dissolved into images – biblical stories – different images that came out in this shawl, right? So it’s kind of like that – there are multiple, multiple images within this prayer shawl of what life is, of that expansion, of that golden light… there are multiple, multiple images in there… you could look at them… but they’re all part of that light. And ultimately it’s that light. It’s all one. It’s the I AM. The great I AM. That’s all it is.

01 sky IMG_4062

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An Easter Resurrection

01 IMG_3951(Jack Cain © 2019, text and images)

Jack: So, Angela, have you been able to come to some place? Or where are you at right now?

Angela: I’m on the porch of a bungalow on the edge of the jungle and I can also see the ocean. From like a cabana. I’m sitting in a rocking chair and I can hear a type of sweeping.

Jack: How does it feel?

Angela: It feels really relaxing. There’s a split. In my left eye, on the left hand, it’s fear. I can see a hammock and I’m feeling like I’m lying in the hammock. And then on the right side there’s the beach. Real pretty yellow peachy sand. And it seems like a night sky but the sand is really, really bright as if it were daylight. And the color of the water is a bright blue as if it were daytime.

Jack: That’s fine. It can be that way, you know, in this kind of work. It doesn’t have to make proper sense. What’s important is just what you’re seeing.

Angela: On the left side that broom motion has transferred to the hammock which is just swaying back and forth, back and forth.

Jack: And you’re actually in the hammock, right?

Angela: That’s what it feels like. Yes.

Jack: So it’s good to feel that rocking motion in the body. Are there any emotions present there in these scenes.

Angela: There’s calmness but there’s this urge to want to get up. Like a restlessness. There’s an urge in my stomach to crunch the body and get up.

Jack: OK. Well, let’s see what happens next. Maybe the scene needs to change or maybe you do need to get up. Just follow your instinct. Or if you feel you need more time to just rock there for a bit, that’s OK too.

Angela: When I follow that impulse I feel immediately that I’m sliding on a dragon tail and we’re swooping down. But I’m not scared. I just feel like we’re going down. Going down a tube. And the dragon is orange, red-orange with a green and blue underbelly. And it’s actually pretty playful and silly.

Jack: That’s OK. Sure. Why not?

Angela: And now it’s doing like loops and twists and free form twists in the sky.

Jack: Nice!

Angela: It’s fun!

Jack: For both of you.

Angela: Uh-huh.

Jack: Good. Well, just follow that through and see now. See where that’s going to take you, because we’re really interested now in traveling to wherever it is that Angela needs to go. Whatever’s going to be helpful.

Angela: Now it morphs into a small hole and it shrinks and it has turned into an ant. And now I get a lot of bumblebee energy. Bee wings – yellow and black. Bee antennas. I can taste the sweet honey. I can see the hives.

Jack: Nice. OK. [pause]

02 IMG_3969Angela: And now I can see the bee sucking nectar out of a flower. Like a gerbera daisy. I can see it flying around, going from flower to flower to flower. I could feel it being afraid of being stepped on.

And now it lands on this blue patch. And it turns into a spider and it’s spinning a web. And now the web turns into a cocoon or a blanket for me.

And there’s a little part of me that goes, “Oh God am I going to get bitten or eaten by a spider?” But [giggle] it’s like a talking spider. And then it morphs into an octopus. And it just looks at me [and says in a calming tone] “There, there. You’re OK. I’m not going to eat you.”

Jack: Yeah. So you’re OK.

Angela: And I can feel… I can feel the octopus like… I feel the sensation at the top of my head. I can feel its little tentacles and those little “poppers” – I don’t know what you call them but I call them “poppers.” I can feel them sticking to me. I can see it kind of sticking to the top of my head but there’s space between the bulb part of the octopus and the tentacles and my head. And I see this glow between me and the octopus. The word that keeps coming up is that it’s like a “transmission.”

Jack: From the octopus to you?

Angela: Between us there’s a transmission or an exchange going on.

Jack: Both ways.

Angela: Yeah.

Jack: Good. Interesting.

Angela: Then it morphs into that – we’ve seen that one before – into that white snake that I’ve seen before in some of our sessions.

And I can feel the snake kind of wrapping its body around me. It’s so friggin long. And I can feel it squeezing but again not in a like “this is the end” – not in that way. It feels very life giving. Like another transmission. I can feel the pulsation of the squeeze.

Jack: So it’s got a pulsation too. That’s interesting.

Angela: A lot of energy around my head. Now I can feel it detaching its jaw and my head is inside its mouth. But it’s not biting me. A part of me is like, “Oh shit. Is it trying to bite me, or eat me?” I can feel and hear it making like a regurgitation sound. [imitating the sound] And then this dark black, blue black gem comes up and it’s urging me to swallow it.

Jack: You’re going to swallow it?

Angela: Yes, it’s giving me this sapphire gem.

Jack: Sapphire. That’s wonderful.

Angela: And so I do. And I turn to stone. But then it shatters. Now there are a couple of cycles of – turn into stone and shattering, turn into stone and shattering, turn into stone and shattering. And then the final one: I don’t turn to stone but I just look very wet. Like reborn.

Jack: Wow. Reborn. Amazing. [pause]

Angela: Now I see myself curled up in a fetal position. Like a leaf. And that rocking motion comes back. And I get this vision of an eye. Like the leaf does a rock and then it swoops and I see my eye staring back at me and blinking. And I see myself walking in the eye. Like the eye is a staircase and I’m walking up and around. Like in a circular motion – up down and around, up down and around.

And now I’m just kind of sitting in a crescent moon. And there’s a thread. It’s like I’m fishing. And there’s a long, white thread from that crescent moon back into the sapphire blue water that was the gem before. The gem is amber. And I’m pulling out all of these little white flecks and these light diamonds and I’m putting them in a pile, in a basket. And I’m hearing, “Take these home with you.” [pause]

Jack: OK. That sounds good.

03 IMG_3968Angela: Well, now the scene is… like I’m back where I kind of started – on the edge with the jungle and the water. And I’m in the trees taking… I literally hear, “Take as much as you want. Don’t hold back. This is all yours. Don’t worry.” Because I can hear myself asking, “But don’t I need to leave some for other people and what about sharing for the world?” And I see this orange koi fish, like a giant goldfish, with bobbily eyes, saying, “No, no take it. This is for you. This is your place. You can come here to recharge. You can take these.” I’m like oh this is cute but I can’t take these back to my world and they’re like, “Take these back to your world. Take as much as you want.” [pause]

Jack: Yes, you’ll remember all this. You can come and take more when you want too probably.

Angela: Now there’s a whole bunch of hands of different colors – white, black, Asian And they’re all in a circle and they’re all giving me this salmon pink gift with an orange bow. And that imagery of: “take it, eat it, ingest it” – is very much there.

And I feel a hand on my shoulder of someone saying, “We’re really proud of you.” And I can feel… I don’t see a face. It feels garby – like a Moses kind of dress – you know like sandals, that type of attire but I can’t really see a face. But a Moses feel. Pulling me closer and saying, “We’re proud…” And then I can feel all these hands patting me on the back. It feels like when you’ve just hit a home run and people are like, “Yeah. Way to go.”

Jack: Great. So it’s a real celebration of your success.

Angela: Yeah. And now I’m like sliding down this yellow slide, but it seems like it’s a flower. Like I’m shooting out of a flower.

Jack: Beautiful.

Angela: It’s like a slide and there are all these different colors! Pinks, and purples and turquoise – all of these different colors are slides and I’m just sliding and bouncing along.

Jack: Beautiful. So you’re having fun there with the slides…

Angela: Yeah, yeah.

And then I see like a wedding. I don’t know if it’s me or a reflection of me or… It feels like me but it doesn’t look like me. I’m dressed in white and there’s like a veil. And I’m getting a crown – a Meghan Markle moment. [chuckles]

Jack: OK.

Angela: Now I’m literally seeing a marriage ceremony. And it’s like the Meghan Markle ceremony. I can sense the church. I don’t necessarily see a groom; I can feel a groom in the distance. But it’s like I’m going through the vows for myself.

And these birds take my left hand and some thread and they lift it and they move it to the left so that… the word that I’m hearing is… “widen.” The birds are widening my arms and they’re widening my feet and my ankles. [pause] Yeah, I’m being stretched by these white doves. I’m being literally stretched out. And there’s… [giggles] The play on words is funny because I’m hearing, “Yeah. You’re being stretched out not stressed out!” [laughter]

Jack: Great! Much better than being stressed out – absolutely. That’s the way to go. So you’re expanding.

04 IMG_3993Angela: And now I’m just again with the holding and the rocking. Like there’s this dark-skinned woman in blue and white holding me in her arms and I’m looking up at her face and she’s just rocking me and looking down at me and cooing at me and smiling at me and singing to me.

And she’s putting her hand on different parts of my back and saying, “Feel that firmness of your back, feel my hand on your back.” And she’s putting her hand all on the back side of my body, like my head. She’s cradling my head, she’s cradling my neck, she’s cradling my shoulders and my spine and my kidneys – just my whole dorsal side.

And I can feel her massaging my feet and saying, “Loosen up your roots. Don’t carry them so tight.”

And then I can feel her turning me upright and planting me in dirt. And I can feel my roots traveling into the ground. And I can hear, “Trust your roots. They’ll know where to go. They’ll know where to find water. They’ll know where to find nourishment.” [pause]

And my feet are tingling. It literally feels like my feet have grown roots. If I didn’t know any better I would think I was lying on this couch with dirt for feet. [giggles]

Jack: Good. Because you’re connecting to the planet now – to the Earth. The connection to the Earth.

Angela: Well, that’s the next image. I’m flattened and stretched out and I become part of the Earth. My flat body becomes part of the Earth’s skin. And I’m looking up at the galaxy and I can see the stars, I can see the moon, I can see other planets.

And again I feel a lot happening in my eyes. I feel stretching in my eyes.

Jack: Good. [pause] Great. Yeah, it will probably help your eyes too.

Angela: And then I see this little kid and this little dog peeking into a window. And this message, “See with childish delight. See the world, or explore the world, with that childish delight, with that curiosity, with that enthusiasm.”

And then the puppy and I curl up, or the puppy and the kid curl up and that gets planted into my tummy. It’s like a little totem. It looks like a yin and yang symbol – like a little puppy and a human. And then it turns into a necklace that hangs over my heart. It looks like those Egyptian beetles – scarabs. That’s the token that I’m left with and its dark, malachite green. And I’m hearing someone say, “Buy one of those. Look for that. Look for a malachite scarab.”

And then there are just layers and layers and layers of gold. Being enveloped by gold. Gold and white porcelain – Jack, it’s luxurious in here!

Jack: Sounds like. Yes.

Angela: And there’s this urging: “You can have that.”

Jack: Right.

Angela: “It’s OK.” I get a two-screen image. On one I hear, “It’s OK to want that.” And on the other, I see this monk or friar who’s taken this vow of poverty. But now these hands are giving him a feast of fish. And his eyes start to stretch and open wide. And there’s a fear: “If I want that or if I get it I’ll become a hungry wolf.” [pause]

Now I feel like I’m working with some stuck energy, or some martyr energy – I’m literally seeing Jesus’ crown of thorns. [pause] And the piercing and the blood dripping and like that. That martyrdom is actually not serving me at this point.

Jack: Right. Not serving you. Good. Good.

Angela: And it’s replaced by a crown of roses.

Jack: Excellent.

Angela: And there’s this message: “Rewiring the suffering.”

Jack: Excellent. Yes. That’s what needs to be done. So they’re doing that for you. You can see that happening.

Angela: Yeah. Yeah.

And the crown of thorns becomes a star and it’s blooming with flowers. And then there are Easter eggs and Easter bunnies. I mean Easter is not even a holiday on my radar. [laughing] But the white bunnies and the eggs are here.

And there’s a loud voice that says, “We were not meant to suffer.”

Jack: Right. Right.

Angela: “You don’t need to choose to suffer.” It points at the bunnies and says, “See – you can choose to frolic and you can choose to play. And you can put back eggs that stink. You don’t have to hold onto the rotten egg – that’s suffering. You don’t have to seek out the rotten eggs – that’s suffering.”

And then there’s like a nod or a permission from someone very old – I don’t know who – I mean this one feels like beyond Moses attire. But I can’t really see faces. But there’s a big golden egg and there’s a nod to say “Yeah, you can go after a golden egg.”

And there’s a pacing to it – the scene is moving faster than I can describe it – but it’s showing me how to build the egg and how to go after the eggs. But I feel a criticism there like – I don’t want to reinforce this capitalistic get richer diatribe mentality – that’s what’s wrong with the world already. But there’s this urging of like: “You can have your wellbeing, and you can have your joy, and you can have your abundance – without suffering and without it being at the expense of other people.

Jack: That’s right.

Angela: What I hear is, “You’re not bad for wanting that egg.” [pause]

And I hear the word, “Inexhaustible.” There’s fear of… I’m with the egg and it’s golden and like “Well, I don’t want to use it all up and I don’t want to… What if it runs out.” And there’s this replenishing. “It doesn’t. That’s not how it works.”

And this message: “You were meant to have this. Your people were meant to have this.”

Jack: Exactly. [pause]

Angela: Oh, I’m fighting this one. I’m fighting this one. The critic is like in the background.

Jack: Well, that part that likes to keep talking, you know, as I said before we started, that part can just stay off to the side. But you need to work through that.

Angela: There’s an invitation. I get this image of a gate and the critic coming in and it turns into a little lamb, a little frolicking lamb.

Jack: Nice. You can turn the critic into a lamb.

Angela: Now it turns into a cricket and it’s hopping around the egg.

It’s talking and saying, “It just wants to see. It just wants to see. It just wants to see this as a possibility for me. And it had to see it to believe it.

Jack: Good.

Angela: And now there’s this image of an ultrasound and a baby. I don’t know how. And like a baby’s heartbeat. And then this imagery of a baby being born. And then this advice, “Tend to yourself as if you were a baby.”

Jack: Yes, good point. Definitely something being born here. New life.

Angela: On the right side it was all grey and black and white and on the left side it was all grey and black and white but in the middle it was color, Technicolor, and I see the color spreading out to the full vision. And I hear, “It’s a slow process but it can be color. You can see the world through color.”

And I can feel on both sides of my eyes the color seeping in. Almost like a funnel from my eyes down through my throat into my body. I can see color pumping through my veins. And then, “This is complete. You’re now complete.”

And I’m back where we started on a color palette, on a colored hammock. And now the colors are all types of funky. Everything is just whatever color I want it to be. And there are hearts. My hands are making these symbols of hearts. And they’re being implanted in my eyes. In color. Rainbows. Rainbow colored hearts are just going inside of me – with those hands from before – light-skinned hands, dark-skinned hands, yellow-skinned hands – and now the last one is in my throat.

And I hear, “The End.”

05 IMG_3995

Other postings in this series: Ritual is Just a Doorway (October 2014), Cempazúchitl (Marigolds) (October 2014), Toe Holds and Alligators (May 2015), The White Snake: Keeper of the Garden (April 2017), An Easter Resurrection (April 2019).

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The Attitude That is Asked of Us

01 bldg in light and fog IMG_3763(La version originale en français se trouve dans l’article précédent.)

(Copyright © Jack Cain 2019, text and images)

Victoria is accompanied by her cat who is often with her.

Goals outlined before the session:

  1. Painful right ear.
  2. Meeting with the “handlers” – the Counsel Masters.
  3. Coughing fit at midnight.
  4. My position in facing what is happening at present on Earth.


Jack: You can already feel presences arriving.

Victoria: I see them coming. They’re arriving. Several of them.

Jack: Of course, these beings already know the important things to be experienced or seen in this session.

[Here we begin the journey of moving further into the subconscious part spoken of by Dolores Cannon.]

Victoria: I see many of them arriving – many, many, many. These beings are all in white. They look like humans dressed in large white chasubles. One after another coming in. I can’t even count them. Very tall. Very thin.

Jack: We have come here for a session. A session for Victoria’s health. But not just for Victoria’s health. It is for the health of many other beings and for the planet. We are asking for help. Of course we would like to have help for Victoria’s health, for her state, but at the same time, there is a greater need. Perhaps in doing this session, we might do something for the higher demand.

With the beings here now, it would be good to immediately feel a wave of vibration emanating from them. It would be good if you could feel deeply the influence of these beings.

Victoria: I see something like the emanation of a pink vapor surrounding them.

02 Pink sky and tree IMG_6311Jack: It would be good to feel in your innermost depths an acceptance, an opening to receive this color inside you. It would be good to have an impression of receiving it especially at the level of the heart and in the area of the vocal cords.

All now depends on the good will, the knowledge, and the wisdom of these beings who are here to direct us to where we must go in the future, direct us to what we must see and to what we must experience in this session.

Victoria: The following enters my head: “This body is in temporary pause in preparation for an enormous transformation. We are going to put the finishing touches on the preparation.”

Jack: So, this is the aim of the session – a stage of preparation. I think that there has already been a lot of cleansing in all that Victoria has experienced in the last few years. Now we can simply accept these beings who are here and who are going to direct us to the necessary path or change our location or do whatever is required.

Victoria: “Now everything is in place,” is what I hear.

Jack: So, if all is ready, it’s only a matter of relaxing, of being there, being here in the present moment within this benevolence that is brought to you by these beings dressed in white.

Victoria: I see them surround my body with this pink cloud that they brought with them, within them, essentially to envelop me, to wrap my body like in a shroud. I look like a pink mummy. Very pleasant.

“As for the ear, after this, she will be able to hear better.”

This was probably the basis for the discomfort in the ears, in the right ear. It’s as if they’re saying, “Before it was not relevant for her to hear certain things.”

Jack: Ah, so that’s why this happened.

Victoria: Now, there is something like an opening, a setting in motion.

“This opening has not been practiced in this being for eons. Opening.”

They’re laughing. They say that there is rust in the hinges.

In any case, I am no longer feeling pain – only a light pressure and a whistling sound.

Jack: Is there pressure now in the ear?

Victoria: A little but not as much as last night. It’s not super uncomfortable. They say once again that it’s really in preparatory mode. They show me an image illustrating that there is a connection with the third ear.

Jack: Third eye?

Victoria: Third ear.

Reconnection. It’s as if there is something else that wants to come through but it is too confused. A direction needs to be indicated. I am observing.

I am told, “It’s going to take time for the rust to dissolve. When the hinges begin to move, it’s not always easy to remove the rust. It takes a lot of oil.”

Ah! It takes a lot of oil – I had begun to put oil in the ear for a week now, so I will continue to do so. There are two kinds of oil I’m using and when I use castor oil it is really effective and the pain leaves not long afterwards.

“Castor oil – perfect. Castor oil was blessed. It comes from the Edgar Cayce installations. It was blessed by the entities who manifested through him. This benediction continues in this particular oil. It’s the most beneficial to use.”

Really. Thanks for this new information.

Jack: It’s castor oil.

Victoria: Yes. Palma Christi.

“Yes, any product that comes from the Edgar Cayce establishments. In fact, even if the oil originally comes from different places, when it spends time in the Edgar Cayce establishments the vibratory rate of the oil is changed,” I am told. “It has effects beyond the 3rd.”

As well, I’m basically told to take the little bottle of the other oil, empty it and fill it with castor oil. It’s going to be wonderfully beneficial.

They haven’t spoken about the throat. They took me right away to the ear. They are saying, “The throat is going to take its course but just now, in this transition, you mustn’t speak too much.”

Thanks. I’m taking note.

Jack: So you’re not to worry about the throat…

Victoria: No. It’s uncomfortable, not physically but psychologically and from the ego part. And at that they start laughing. They’re laughing their heads off, as is said. They find that really funny.

They tell me, “You really have a gift for making us laugh. Each time we come to see you, we have a great time. There is a little side of you that is naïve and childlike which gladdens us greatly and puts joy and laughter in our hearts. It can go so far as to make us dance without any risk of having you climb into your ego.”


And they tell me, “It’s OK now regarding the body issues.”

I start thinking, worrying, about my heart and their (bizarre) response to that is:

“The motor is now as good as new. Don’t worry about the when and the how. Do what we tell you.”

OK. Thanks.

As for the physical body, it’s clear that they’ve gone through it completely.

They say, “We’re moving into another stage now.

[Victoria’s cat, who curled up on her at the beginning of the session is meowing and purring.]

They are saying, “It’s up to you to give us an indication for the continuation of operations, Jack. Not necessarily in the order that was mentioned. You need to allow what’s coming in to arise in you. What is the next step? Feel your way through the questions.”

And they are saying, “He’s listening too.”

[Pause, silence – pause because Jack has not understood their request]

I see them around me, arms crossed, and they’re saying, “We’re waiting.”

[Pause, silence – a pause because Jack is in a state of shock!]

[The cat is meowing. And purring.]

Jack: Given that Victoria is here on a mission, I wonder if the beings who are here with us could perhaps clarify Victoria’s mission a little. We are grateful for the work done on the ear, and with the body, but perhaps we could have clarification about her mission here at the present time. Is there something Victoria should do or not do, for example?

Victoria: I’m seeing like a panning shot of a wall – if you could call it a wall – it’s in the form of a tunnel, very beautiful, a whirlwind of soft colors, pastels, very harmonious. We’re moving forward in it, heading towards what I see as a very beautiful, very clear landscape – almost fairy-like.

03 purple iris IMG_2670They are saying to me, “This is what you are in the process of preparing. You are participating in this preparation. It’s a question of sowing the spark of this vision in the hearts of each being, in the hearts of all the beings you are close to.

“Here, I’m not speaking just of Victoria but of Jack too.

“In your contact with those around you, you are transmitting the spark of this vision of everything which will be the time you will be living through – not the time, the experience. Because that almost did not happen in the line that you are following. All the people like you, without really being aware of it, are sowing this spark and allowing the formation, the manifestation, of this vision which, from your point of view, you think of as ‘fairy-like.’ From our point of view there’s nothing fairy-like about it at all. It’s just reality. It’s reality. The reality that can be the future for you but which is already present for many.”

And in fact, the image I am seeing, is the image which is mostly transmitted in the drawings accompanying fairy tales. That’s why the word ‘fairy-like’ was used. But it’s reality.

“What all of you experience as reality, is a different fairy-like reality which has been slightly sabotaged. Each of the colors, each one of the points that you see has been made slightly out-of-phase in its vibration, which removes both clarity and light from it.

“Therefore, you see around you a landscape that is not as clear as it should be. It lacks definition. The most beautiful of your landscapes lack this fineness because they have been sabotaged. You are in the process of reconstructing it, of manifesting it. Each one of your actions, each one of your thoughts, each one of your movements, each time you touch an animal, each time you touch with love, love emanates from the palms of your hands.

“The hands of white light – when you are taking care of your body, when you’re taking care of an animal, when you touch someone else – this hand of white light is precisely the ingredient that was removed when the sabotage took place.

“And this white mist around the hands is reestablishing the fineness of vibration at the right frequency. It’s as if the sound was also sabotaged. Everything was sabotaged my dear children. And you are right in the process, you among certain others, of really bringing the frequency back into correctness.

“And, consequently, resistances are departing because the vibrations are correct.

“The events that we are presenting you with are relevant, more and more relevant, in this house because each one of the three of you is listening to the portion that concerns him or her individually.

“Jack, each time you contact these photons of light, you are participating quite simply in the elaboration of this – as you call it in your sphere – this future that you hope for so dearly.”

[pause, silence]

“If we speak of the immediate moment, everything is perfect in this immediate moment. Because, as for the long-term vision, we have transmitted it to you and you don’t have to act on it because the long-term vision is dependent on acceptation in the immediate moment of each one of you. This acceptation must take place in harmony and love, otherwise it eliminates the effect on the future in the long-term, on the long-term vision.

“Don’t put useless images in your heads – images of what you hope to see or have – because you could never imagine, from your point of view, what is coming for you. You are like the ant who is following a line in 2 dimensions. You absolutely cannot apprehend the concept of multi-dimensions or apprehend how you are going to feel and how you are going to experience this context of multi-dimensions and multiverses.

I see points of convergence.

“Everyone is doing something different. Each one of you is following his or her inner impulse so that you all arrive at the center point. This center point is a trigger point, an activation point, for what must be.

“The points which are connected cannot follow the logic of your point of view. In fact, the logic of your point of view is deficient. You are missing some elements. You cannot have these elements, but events are taking place so that gradually you will [be able to] see them. However, it is possible that you might see them without seeing them. And it is possible that these events take place and that you activate them without realizing it and without knowing that they are essential elements to the future of operations.

“So… you’re moving past control!! Isn’t that it?!

“Don’t even try to be in control. It’s a concept that is not part of your dimension even though lots of people try to use it. And these stories about control will come to nothing, nothing at all.

“Therefore, let yourself flow like a fish in a wave. The fish is not one to try to control the ocean. He doesn’t even know that the ocean exists and he is in the ocean. So take advantage of it! Relax! In fact, I could almost say, ‘Be happy,’ even though you have more and more difficulty in imagining or accepting the concept of happiness. Happiness is the fish in water. He allows himself to be carried by the currents. The water is pleasant. It’s at just the right temperature. He is there without asking questions. Please! Stop asking questions of yourself!”

Jack: Can we ask questions now?

Victoria: “Follow the information that you have received. You can ask questions. As you wish.”

Jack: We believe we have come to a point at the end of time. Could the beings who are present here enlighten us about when something is going to happen, especially in this year 2019. Many people are saying that something momentous is going to happen. Can we have some clarification or should we not even be thinking about it?

Victoria: “What we are seeing is that indeed you are arriving at a transition point. From your point of view, the transition point is not thin like a thread.

“The best way I can show you is that the transition has a certain width.”

What I’m seeing is like a kind of curtain made up of gelatin you might say. It’s not really unpleasant but it can be a little tough. Nevertheless, we have to make our way through this gelatin. It’s not really unpleasant but it’s surprising. The times that we are going through are like this gelatin.

04 river 2 IMG_3366“Nothing is clear. Nothing is rigid. However you have to make a certain effort in order to keep moving forward. You are going to arrive, for sure, but not right away. Stage by stage, step by step.

“In a way, each step is a victory and the wall that this forms is an illusion. It is very illusory because there is a certain opacity and it’s not clear but there is no rigidity. In any case, you are all going to get through and arrive at this other aspect. Oh yes, you have come inside. The old times are over. They’re over. You are in the process of crossing this frontier. And it is quite a frontier, quite a frontier!

“Even for some of you just crossing the frontier can be pleasant because it’s not that difficult. We cannot even use the word ‘difficult’ in speaking of this frontier. It’s just that it takes time to move forward.

“It’s as though you were trying to swim in an ocean of gelatin. It’s not obvious. You can’t walk on top of it because you’ll sink into it. You can’t swim through it because it’s too difficult. All you can do is move forward gently, one step at a time. Don’t try to skip stages because that’s impossible. In fact, the gelatin is a little bit opaque so you can’t really see what is ahead of you. But you do see a glimmer, you do see light or clarity. The light is diffuse but it is there.

“Follow this clarity. It is a reflection of the light in your heart. The more people have a clear heart, the more they see clearly in order to move forward. It’s entirely a matter of the reflection from your heart. It is your heart that illuminates the light that is attracting you. Nothing else. Follow that. Be conscious! In any case, you’re going to make it.

“And if we take a look at your time, as it relates to your question, the time is imminent. And as unlikely as that may seem to you, the time can vary in each case. In fact, each being, each entity, each packet of light that you are, is going to traverse the wall of gelatin at their own speed. Therefore, the times are going to change on your Earth, but the times will not change identically for each one of the individuals and living beings inhabiting this planet Earth.

“This is not a concept that has been transmitted to you up to now but the evolution of your experience on planet Earth, or in this 3rd dimension if you will, is totally personal for each one of you. Certain beings can come together to help each other move through the wall of gelatin. But not everyone.

“There will be groups, there will be individuals, but people will not arrive on the other side of this wall at the same time even if for each one they have the impression that they are dependent on circumstances to be experienced and which they can understand. No, no, these circumstances are dependent on your action, on your decision. This is how you make your own way through your wall of gelatin.

“In any case, what is experienced by each individual may vary from one individual to the next because you are no longer in a rigid time where everyone experiences the same thing.

“These individuals are severally at some distance from each other, but people don’t realize that the other beings are not experiencing the same notion of the events and are not even experiencing the same events, each of them separately.

“That’s it for this question. Another question?”

Jack: It seems to me there are a lot of bad things in the world right now, especially in Brazil for example. Is there a way of helping or what should we do with this kind of information that is coming into our lives? Can we move away from it? Is there another attitude that is important toward these terrible things happening on Earth? What should our attitude be in order to experience these times correctly?

Victoria: “As for the attitude, it is always the same: Love and Forgiveness!

“But this being in Brazil had a mission which he has fulfilled very well. He helped, he contributed to the transmission of knowledge to a multitude of individuals.”

What I am seeing is something like a dark cloak which has been cast down over the whole of Brazil. What I’m hearing is:

“Last attempt to twist people, to twist people’s thinking, to twist the Law of the Universe, the Cosmic Law, the Divine Law, or whatever name you would like to give it. It’s a shock tactic you might say to turn the philosophy of Divine Law upside down.

“This takes away nothing from the worth of our friend João [João de Deus, or John of God]. But, it is nevertheless possible that at a given moment, João was at the service of the cohabitation of all these entities, which we know. João had to learn to recognize these entities all the time. This doesn’t mean that he didn’t accomplish his mission.

“What all of you got, what you reaped, what you benefited from in your contact with him, keep it preciously in your hearts because it was his best part.”

I am seeing once again the image [of the descent of the column of light] that I saw when I went there, and I am told:

06 leaf IMG_3344“This image, what you experienced, was the consecration of your affiliation and contact with all the beings who passed through that place. All the beings who passed through there are interconnected.

“Their challenge at the present moment, and it is only a challenge, each person will take in his or her own way. Their challenge will be to consider this thing with the Heart of the Creator, with love of the Divine, the love of the Divine that emanated from Himself only as particles of light. And these particles of light were perfect.

“A part and certain portions of these particles of light wanted to experience the other side of creation, which also is part of creation. It’s just that it’s the other portion, intensified. And this intensification corresponds exactly.”

And now I’m seeing the ant moving along its linear path and seeing nothing else. So the ant lives with what it knows about that path. But it cannot rise into the 5th, 6th, 7th dimension.

“Therefore, this is only an experience of this linear part. Limited.

“But this is not the photon of light that was in the beginning the photon of light that was totally João. Here there is no judgment, there is only experiencing. Each being involved in all this is living through an experience. And always, the attitude is always the path that leads one to the Source or that slows one down.”

I am told, “Send him packets of Light or photons of Light. It is his inner light that will receive all that and he is going to always know that somewhere things are just fine.

“We understand that this is going to enter your hearts with a certain dose of pain, surprise, or lack of understanding. All of this is to lead you to continuing the attitude that is demanded everywhere.

“The experience of each photon of light is various. The experience that you are undergoing is your own. The experience of another photon of light is that photon’s experience. And they are a long way from being identical.

“This part is now finished.

“We are aware of the effort that has been put on the vocal cords of this body. And we thank Victoria for having accepted the transmission that we have asked of her for a while now. And thanks to Jack for being there, accompanying and protecting this body.”

07 Full moon 3 IMG_3824

Full moon 20190219

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L’attitude qui nous est demandée

01 bldg in light and fog IMG_3763(In the next post you will find an English translation of this session.)

(Copyright © Jack Cain 2019, texte et images)

Victoria est accompagnée par son chat qui souvent l’accompagne.

Objet exprimé par Victoria avant la session :

  1. Oreille droite douloureuse.
  2. Rencontre avec les ‘handlers’, les Maîtres Conseillers.
  3. Crise de toux vers minuit.
  4. Ma position face à ce qui se passe actuellement sur Terre.


Jack : On peut sentir déjà qu’il y a des présences qui arrivent.

Victoria : Je les vois venir. Ils arrivent tranquillement, plusieurs.

Jack : Bien sûr, ces êtres savent déjà quelles sont les choses importantes à expérimenter, à voir dans cette session.

[On commence le trajet d’aller plus loin dans cette partie subconsciente dont parle Dolores Cannon.]

Victoria : J’en vois plusieurs arriver, plusieurs, plusieurs, plusieurs. Ce sont des êtres tout en blanc mais comme des humains habillés de grande chasuble blanche. L’un après l’autre ils entrent. Je ne parviens pas à les compter. Très longs et très minces.

Jack : On est venu ici pour une session. C’est une session pour la santé de Victoria, mais pas juste pour la santé de Victoria. C’est pour la santé de beaucoup d’autres êtres, et pour la planète. Alors, nous demandons de l’aide. Bien sûr on aimerait avoir de l’aide pour la santé de Victoria, pour son état, mais en même temps, il y a un besoin plus grand. Peut-être en faisant cette session, on peut aussi faire quelque chose pour cette demande plus haute.

Avec ces êtres ici, c’est bien de sentir immédiatement qu’il y a comme une vague de vibration qui a émanée de ces êtres. C’est bien si tu as l’ouverture de ressentir l’influence de ces êtres.

Victoria : Je vois comme une émanation de vapeur rose qui les entoure.

Jack : C’est bien de sentir que, dans ton intérieur plus profond, il y une acceptation, une ouverture à recevoir ce rose à l’intérieur de toi. C’est bien qu’il y a une impression de recevoir surtout au niveau du cœur et dans la gorge où sont les cordes vocales.

Tout dépend maintenant de la bienveillance, de la connaissance, de la sagesse de ces êtres qui sont ici pour nous diriger où il faut aller dans le futur, nous diriger à ce qu’il faut voir, à ce qu’il faut expérimenter dans cette session.

Victoria : Une phrase entre dans ma tête : « Ce corps est en pause temporaire en préparation d’une transformation énorme. Nous allons affiner la préparation. »

Jack : Alors, c’est ça le bût de cette session. C’est une étape de préparation. Je crois qu’il y a déjà eu beaucoup de nettoyage dans tout ce que Victoria a vécu dans les dernières années. Maintenant, nous pouvons simplement accepter ces êtres qui sont ici et qui vont nous diriger dans la direction qu’il faut, si c’est changer d’endroit, ou d’être dans quelque chose d’autre.

Victoria : « Maintenant tout est beau. » C’est ce que j’entends.

Jack : Alors tout est beau, c’est seulement une question de relaxer, d’être là, d’être ici dans le moment présent, à l’intérieur de cette bonté qui t’a été apportée par les êtres habillés en blanc.

Victoria : Je les vois entourer le corps de cette nuée rose qu’ils transportaient avec eux, en eux, essentiellement pour m’envelopper, envelopper le corps comme dans un linceul. J’ai l’air d’une momie rose. Très agréable.

02 Pink sky and tree IMG_6311« Pour l’oreille, après cela, elle va pouvoir entendre mieux. »

D’où probablement le malaise aux oreilles, à l’oreille droite. C’est comme si on disait :

« Avant il n’était pas pertinent qu’elle entende certaines choses. »

Jack : Ah, c’est pour cela que c’est arrivé.

Victoria : Maintenant, il y a comme une ouverture, déclenchement.

« Cette ouverture n’a pas été pratiquée dans cet être depuis des éons. Ouverture. »

Ils rient. Ils disent qu’il y a de la rouille dans les pentures.

En tous cas maintenant, je ne ressens plus de douleur, seulement une légère pression et un silement [sifflement].

Jack : Y a-t-il de la pression maintenant dans l’oreille?

Victoria : Un petit peu mais pas autant que cette nuit. Ce n’est pas hyper inconfortable. On me répète que c’est vraiment un mode préparatoire. Ils me montrent une image que cela a rapport avec la 3e oreille.

Jack : 3e œil?

Victoria : 3e oreille.

Reconnexion. Il y a comme autre chose qui veut s’en venir mais c’est trop confus. Un indice de direction est nécessaire. J’observe.

On me dit : « Il faut laisser le temps à la rouille de se dissoudre. Quand les pentures commencent à bouger, ce n’est pas toujours facile d’enlever la rouille – ça prend beaucoup d’huile. »

Ah! Ça prend beaucoup d’huile – j’avais commencé à mettre de l’huile dans l’oreille depuis une semaine, alors je vais continuer à en mettre. Il y a 2 sortes d’huile que je mets et quand je mets de l’huile de ricin, c’est vraiment efficace car la douleur s’en va, pas longtemps après.

« L’huile de ricin, parfait. L’huile de ricin a été bénie. Elle provient des installations d’Edgar Cayce. Elle a été bénie par les entités qui passaient à travers lui. Cette bénédiction continue dans cette huile particulière. Des plus bénéfique à utiliser. »

Vraiment. Merci pour cette nouvelle information.

Jack : C’est l’huile de ricin.

Victoria : Oui, la Palma Christi.

« Oui, n’importe quel produit qui provient des établissements d’Edgar Cayce. En effet, même si l’huile originalement provient de divers endroits, elle séjourne dans les établissements d’ Edgar Cayce, c’est ce qui change le taux vibratoire de l’huile. Et cela la rend pertinente à diverses actions et surtout » me dit-on, « À des actions au-delà de la 3e. »

De plus, on me dit essentiellement, de prendre la petite bouteille de l’autre huile, de la vider, de la remplir d’huile de ricin et de continuer les traitements de l’oreille uniquement avec l’huile de ricin. Cela va être grandement bénéfique.

Ils n’ont pas parlé de la gorge. Ils m’ont amenée tout de suite à l’oreille. Ils disent : « La gorge, ça va suivre son cours mais que présentement dans cette transition, il ne faut pas que tu parles trop. »

Merci, je prends note.

Jack : Il s’agit de ne pas t’inquiéter pour ta gorge…

Victoria : Non, c’est inconfortable, mais pas physiquement, mais plutôt psychologiquement et du côté de l’ego. Et là, ils se mettent à rire. Ils se bidonnent, comme on dit. Ils trouvent ça bien drôle.

Ils me disent : « Tu as vraiment le don de nous faire rire. À chaque fois que nous venons te voir, nous passons un très bon moment. Il y a un petit côté naïveté et enfantin en toi qui nous réjouit grandement et qui met de la joie et du rire dans nos cœurs et cela peut même aller jusqu’à nous faire danser, et ce sans risque de te faire monter dans ton ego. »


Et on me dit : « C’est correct pour ce qui est de la question corporelle. »

Et la pensée du cœur me passe par la tête, et leur réponse (bizarre) là-dessus :

« Moteur remis à neuf. Le quand et comment, ne t’en préoccupe pas. Fais ce qu’on te dit. »

OK. Merci.

Pour ce qui est du corps physique, c’est clair qu’ils ont passé à travers.

Ils disent : « On s’en va dans une autre étape. »

[Son chat, qui s’est installé sur elle dès le commencement de la session, miaule et ronronne]

Ils disent : « C’est à toi de nous donner un indice pour la suite des opérations, Jack. Pas nécessairement dans l’ordre que cela t’a été donné. Il faut que tu laisses monter qu’est-ce qui vient. C’est quoi la prochaine étape ? Tu vas au ressenti parmi les demandes. »

Et ils disent : « Il est écoutant, lui aussi. »

[Pause, silence – une pause parce que Jack n’a pas compris leur demande.]

Je les vois autour de moi, les bras croisés, et ils disent : « Nous attendons. »

[Pause, silence – une pause parce que Jack fut dans un état de choc!]

[Miaulement du chat. Et ronronnements.]

Jack : Étant donné que Victoria est ici en mission, je me demande si les êtres qui sont ici avec nous, peuvent peut-être éclaircir un peu la mission de Victoria. Nous sommes reconnaissants du travail fait avec l’oreille, et avec le corps, mais si on peut avoir des éclaircissements sur sa mission à l’heure actuelle. Par exemple, est-ce qu’il y a quelque chose que Victoria devrait faire ou ne pas faire?

Victoria : Je vois comme un pan de mur – si on peut appeler ça un mur – ça forme comme un tunnel, très beau, un tourbillon de couleurs douces et pastelles, très harmonieux. On avance dedans. Pour arriver là où je vois un paysage très beau, très clair, presque féérique.

03 purple iris IMG_2670On me dit : « C’est ça que tu es en train de participer à préparer. Il s’agit de semer l’étincelle de cette vision dans le cœur de chaque être, dans le cœur de tous les êtres qui vous côtoient.

« Ici, je ne parle pas juste de Victoria, je parle aussi de Jack.

« À côtoyer des gens, vous transmettez l’étincelle de cette vision de tout ce que sera le temps que vous vivrez, pas le temps, l’expérience. Parce que cela a failli ne pas arriver dans votre ligne que vous suivez, mais tous les gens comme vous, sans trop s’en rendre compte, sèment cette étincelle et permettent la formation, la manifestation de cette vision que, de votre point de vue, vous considérez comme féérique. De notre point de vue, il n’y a rien de féérique là-dedans. C’est juste la réalité. C’est la réalité. Cette réalité qui peut être future pour vous mais qui est actuelle pour beaucoup. »

Et en réalité, l’image que je vois, c’est l’image qui est transmise majoritairement dans les dessins de contes de fées. C’est pour cela que le mot féérique été utilisé. Mais, c’est la réalité.

« Ce que vous vivez comme réalité, c’est cette autre réalité féérique qui a été légèrement sabotée. Chacune des couleurs, chacun des points que vous voyez ont été légèrement déphasé en vibration, ce qui lui a enlevé clarté et lumière.

« Donc, vous voyez autour de vous un paysage qui est moins clair qu’il ne devrait l’être, moins défini. Le plus beau de vos paysages manque de cette finesse parce que saboté. Vous êtes en train de le reconstruire, le manifester. Chacune de vos actions, chacune de vos pensées, chacun de vos mouvements, chaque fois que vous touchez un animal, que vous touchez avec amour, l’amour sort de la paume de vos mains.

« Justement les mains de lumière blanche, lorsque vous prenez soin de votre corps, que vous prenez soin d’un animal, que vous touchez quelqu’un d’autre, cette main de lumière blanche c’est l’ingrédient qui avait été enlevé, lorsqu’il y a eu sabotage.

« Et cette brume blanche entourant les mains, remet la finesse de la vibration à la bonne fréquence. C’est comme le son qui a aussi été saboté. Tout a été saboté mes pauvres enfants. Et vous êtes justement en train, vous êtes parmi les quelques-uns, en train de ramener vraiment la fréquence dans sa justesse.

« Et, par conséquent, les résistances s’en vont parce que les vibrations sont justes.

« Les événements que nous présentons devant vous sont pertinents et de plus en plus pertinents dans cette maison parce que chacun d’entre vous trois écoutez la portion qui vous concerne individuellement.

« Jack, à chaque fois que tu contactes ces photons de lumière, tu participes tout simplement à l’élaboration de ce – comme vous dites dans votre sphère – de ce futur que vous espérez tant. »

[pause, silence]

« Si on parle de l’immédiat, tout est parfait dans l’immédiat. Parce que la vision à long terme, nous vous l’avons transmise et vous n’avez pas à agir dessus parce que la vision à long terme est dépendante de l’acceptation dans votre immédiat à chacun. Car l’acceptation doit se faire dans l’harmonie et l’amour, sinon ça coupe l’effet sur le futur à long terme, sur la vision à long terme.

« Ne mettez pas d’images inutiles dans vos cerveaux, de ce que vous espérez voir ou avoir, parce que vous ne pourrez jamais imaginer, à partir de votre point de vue, de ce qui s’en vient pour vous. Vous êtes comme la fourmi qui suit une ligne en 2 dimensions. Vous ne pouvez absolument pas appréhender le concept du multi-dimension et de comment vous allez vous sentir, et comment vous allez vivre ce contexte de multi-dimensions et de multivers ».

Je vois des points de convergence.

« Tout le monde fait de choses différentes les uns des autres. Ils suivent leur pulsion intérieure, pour en arriver tous au point centre et ce point centre est un point «trigger», un point déclencheur, de ce qui doit être.

« Les points qui sont reliés, ne peuvent pas suivre la logique de votre point de vue. En effet, la logique de votre point de vue est déficiente. Il vous manque des éléments. Vous ne pouvez pas avoir ces éléments, mais les événements se placent de [façon à pouvoir] les voir au fur et à mesure. Mais il est possible que vous les voyiez sans les voir. Et il est possible que ces événements passent et vous les activez sans vous en rendre compte et sans savoir que c’est un élément essentiel au futur des opérations.

Alors, vous dépassez le contrôle!! Hein! Hein!

« N’essayez même pas d’être dans le contrôle. C’est un concept qui ne fait pas partie de votre dimension bien que bien des gens essaient de l’utiliser. Et ça ne va pas aboutir à rien, ces histoires de contrôle, à rien du tout.

« Donc, laissez-vous couler comme un poisson dans la vague. Il n’essaie pas de contrôler l’océan, lui. Il ne sait même pas que l’océan existe, et il est dans l’océan. Alors, profitez! Soyez bien! En réalité, je pourrais presque dire : Soyez heureux, même si vous avez de plus en plus de difficulté à concevoir ou à accepter le concept du bonheur. Le bonheur, c’est le poisson dans l’eau. Il se laisse aller au gré des vagues, au gré des courants. L’eau est agréable, elle est à une bonne température. Il est là sans se poser de questions. S.V.P. arrêtez des vous poser des questions! »

Jack : Dois-je poser des questions? :

Victoria : « Suivez l’information que tu as reçue. Vous pouvez poser des questions. À votre gré. »

Jack : Nous croyons que nous sommes rendus à un point de la fin des temps. Est-ce que les êtres qui sont ici peuvent nous éclaircir sur quand quelque chose va arriver, surtout cette année-ci – 2019. Beaucoup de personnes disent que quelque chose de mouvementé va arriver. Peut-on avoir des éclaircissements, ou il ne faut pas même y penser?

Victoria : « Ce que nous voyons, c’est que vous arrivez effectivement à un point de transition. Le point de transition n’est pas, de votre point de vue, mince comme un fil.

Le point de transition a, la meilleure manière que je peux vous le montrer, une certaine épaisseur. »

Ce que je vois c’est comme une espèce de rideau, formé de gélatine, si on peut dire. Ce n’est pas vraiment désagréable mais, ça peut être un petit peu forçant. Il faut quand même se frayer un chemin dans cette gélatine. Ce n’est pas vraiment désagréable, mais c’est surprenant. Le temps que nous traversons ressemble à cette gélatine.

04 river 2 IMG_3366« Il n’y a rien de clair. Il n’y a rien de rigide. Il faut quand même y aller avec un certain effort pour continuer d’avancer, mais vous allez y arriver c’est sûr, mais pas d’une manière instantanée. Ça se fait une étape après l’autre, un pas après l’autre.

« Quelque part, chaque pas est une victoire, et le mur que cela forme est une illusion. C’est très illusoire, parce qu’il y a une certaine opacité et ce n’est pas clair, mais il n’y a pas de rigidité. Parce que de toute façon, vous allez tous passer au travers pour arriver à cet autre aspect. Hé oui, vous êtes rendus à l’intérieur. Les temps anciens, c’est fini. C’est fini. Vous êtes en train de traverser cette frontière. Et c’est toute une frontière, toute une frontière!

« Même pour certains, juste traverser la frontière peut être agréable parce que ce n’est pas aussi difficile. On ne peut même pas utiliser le mot difficile à passer à travers. C’est juste qu’on prend le temps d’avancer.

« C’est comme si tu essaies de nager dans une mer de gélatine. Ce n’est pas évident. Tu ne peux pas marcher dessus, tu enfonces. Tu ne peux pas nager à travers, c’est trop difficile. On ne peut qu’avancer doucement, avancer doucement, un pas après l’autre. Ne pas essayer de brûler les étapes, c’est impossible. En effet, la gélatine c’est un petit peu opaque, tu ne peux pas voir vraiment ce qui est en avant. Mais vous voyez une lueur, vous voyez la clarté. La clarté est diffuse mais, elle est là.

« Suivez cette clarté. Et cette clarté est le reflet de celle dans votre cœur. Plus les gens ont le cœur clair, plus ils voient clair pour aller en avant. Totalement le reflet de votre cœur. C’est votre cœur qui éclaire la lumière qui vous attire. Rien d’autre. Suivez ça. Soyez conscients! De toute façon, vous y arriverez.

« Et si on regarde votre temps, en rapport à ta question, le temps est imminent. Et aussi invraisemblable que cela peut vous sembler, le temps peut varier pour chaque cas. En effet, chaque être, chaque entité, chaque parcelle de lumière que vous êtes, va traverser le mur de gélatine à sa vitesse. Donc, les temps vont changer sur votre Terre, mais les temps ne changeront pas identiquement pour chacun des individus et des êtres vivants habitants sur cette planète Terre.

« Ceci n’est pas un concept qui vous a été transmis jusqu’à date mais, l’évolution de votre expérience sur la planète Terre, ou dans cette 3e dimension si vous voulez, est totalement personnelle à chacun. Certains êtres peuvent s’assembler pour s’entraider à traverser le mur de gélatine. Mais ce n’est pas tous.

« Il y aura des groupes, il y aura des individus, mais les gens n’arriveront pas de l’autre côté du mur en même temps même si pour chacun, ils auront l’impression qu’ils sont dépendant des circonstances, de ce qu’ils peuvent entendre, qui peuvent être vécues. Non, non, ce sont ces expériences qui sont dépendantes de votre action, de votre décision, selon que vous traversez votre mur de gélatine vous-même.

« En tous cas, ce qui est vécu par chaque individu, peut varier d’un individu à l’autre, parce qu’on n’en est plus rendu à un temps rigide où tout le monde vit la même chose.

« Ils sont plusieurs distancés les uns des autres, mais les gens ne se rendent pas compte que les autres êtres ne vivent pas la même notion des événements et même ne vivent pas les même événements, les uns les autres.

Et voilà pour cette question. Autre question? »

Jack : Il me semble qu’il y a beaucoup de mal dans le monde en ce moment, surtout au Brésil, par exemple. Est-ce qu’il y un moyen d’aider ou qu’est-ce que l’on doit faire avec ce genre d’information qui entrent dans nos vies? Est-ce qu’on peut s’écarter? Y a-t-il une autre attitude qui est importante envers toutes ces choses terribles qui arrivent sur la Terre? Quel doit être notre attitude pour vivre ces temps correctement?

Victoria : « En ce qui concerne l’attitude, elle est toujours la même : Amour et Pardon!

« Mais, cet être, au Brésil, avait une mission, qu’il a très bien remplie. Il a aidé, il a contribué à transmettre des connaissances à une multitude de gens. »

Ce que je vois, c’est comme s’il y avait un manteau d’ombre qui s’est abattu sur tout le Brésil. Ce que j’entends, c’est :

« Dernière tentative pour distortionner les gens, distortionner la pensée des gens, distortionner la Loi de l’Univers, la Loi Cosmique, la Loi Divine, peu importe le nom que vous lui donnez. Tentative Choc, si l’on peut dire, pour faire une inversion de philosophie.

« Ceci n’enlève pas la valeur de notre ami João [João de Deus, ou Jean de Dieu]. Mais, il est quand même possible qu’à un certain moment donné, João ait été au service de la cohabitation, on le sait, à tous ces entités. João, devait apprendre à reconnaître ces entités en tout temps. Ceci n’empêche pas qu’il a rempli sa mission.

« Ce que vous avez obtenu, ce que vous avez récolté, ce dont vous avez bénéficié dans votre contact avec lui, conservez-le précieusement dans vos cœurs, parce que c’était sa meilleure partie. »

Je revois encore l’image [de la descente de la colonne de lumière] que j’avais vue lorsque je suis allée là-bas, et on me dit :

06 leaf IMG_3344« Ceci, ce que tu as vécu, c’était la consécration de ton affiliation de contact avec tous les êtres qui ont passé là-bas. Tous les êtres qui ont passé là-bas sont interconnectés.

« Leur défi, au moment présent, et ce n’est qu’un défi, chacun le prendra à sa manière. Leur défi sera de considérer la chose avec le cœur du Créateur, avec l’amour du Divin, l’amour du Divin qui n’a émané de Lui-Même que des particules de lumière. Et ces particules de Lumière étaient parfaites.

« Une partie et certaines portions de ces particules de lumière ont voulu expérimenter l’autre côté de la création, qui fait aussi partie de la création. C’est juste que c’est l’autre portion, intensifiée. Et cette intensification correspond justement… »

Et là je vois la fourmi qui poursuit son chemin linéaire et qui ne voit rien d’autre. Donc, elle vit avec ce qu’elle connait de ce chemin là. Mais elle ne peut pas monter en 5e, 6e, 7e dimension.

« Donc, ce n’est que de l’expérimentation de ce côté linéaire là, limitatif.

« Mais ceci n’est pas le photon de lumière qu’était au départ, le photon de lumière qu’était totalement João. Ici, il n’y a pas de jugement, il n’y a que de l’expérimentation. Chaque être concerné dans tout ceci vit une expérimentation. Et toujours, l’attitude est toujours le chemin qui l’amène à La Source, ou qui le ralenti. »

On me dit : « Envoyez-lui des parcelles de Lumière ou des photons de Lumière. C’est sa lumière intérieure qui va tout recevoir et il va toujours savoir que les choses quelque part sont bien.

« Nous comprenons que ça va entrer dans vos cœurs avec une certaine dose de peine, de surprise, ou d’incompréhension, tout cela pour vous amener à continuer avec l’attitude demandée partout.

« Les expériences de chaque photon de lumière sont diverses. L’expérience que vous vivez est la vôtre. L’expérience d’un autre photon de lumière est la sienne. Et elles sont loin d’être identiques.

« C’est terminé pour cette portion.

« Nous sommes conscients de l’effort mis sur les cordes vocales de ce corps. Et nous remercions Victoria d’avoir accepté la transmission que nous lui demandions depuis un moment déjà. Et merci Jack d’être là, d’accompagner et de protéger ce corps. »

07 Full moon 3 IMG_3824

Full moon 20190219

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The Cross and the Star

01 three crosses IMG_5160

Cathar Stone at Montségur, France Photo: Ron Balamuth © 2016

(Copyright © Jack Cain 2019, text and images)

 Jack: Laura, where are you right now?

Laura: I’ve picked a place – it’s a space that I used to go to when I was younger. It’s a circle of fir trees.

Jack: Very tall, right?

Laura: Yes, very tall. Someone planted them in a circle. That’s a place I found and where I used to go because I really like the clarity of the winter.

I picked that place but now it’s also looking like a star. Where I’m at – it feels like a spaceship – I don’t know.

Jack: Sometimes you need one place to get to the other place so that’s OK. And both can be present at the same time.

Laura: So the trees – it’s like they’re shooting up towards… out of the earth… But what I’m feeling is that all around me it’s like on the earth there’s a circle of rays. [pause]

My body is lightening up but all of a sudden I’m bothered by the skin around my eyes.

Jack: Great. All right. That’s one of the things we wanted to address – the eczema around your eyes. It’s good to be aware of sensation in the body at the same time that all these other things are taking place. The rays shooting up from the fir trees… the sense of being a star as well… The mind thinks these things are incompatible but that’s just the mind fussing because a number of things are going on at the same time. They’re all connected. [pause]

Laura: My hands feel very large. [pause]

And I feel like there’s a… I don’t know… It feels like I’m surrounded by wind, by particles, by white particles – it’s not snow, or sound – it’s just particles of light. I don’t know. It’s moving around me, as if with snow or sound.

Jack: And how does that feel? Is there a feeling connected to it?

Laura: There’s a feeling as if I’m floating… It could be water or…

Now it’s prickling around my eyes and my neck where I’m always scratching. It’s prickling on my legs also. [pause]

They’re just going to take care of it. [sigh]

And take the weight off my head because I’ve been worrying too much. [pause]

They’re doing things in wavelike movements. It seems like they’re fixing it.

Jack: Yes, I think it’s good to be conscious of the movement of energy that’s taking place. It’s a type of participation for you. It also helps the clarity of your relationship to them. [pause]

It makes it very clear also how they do want to help with the situation you’re in. [long pause]

Laura: I’m feeling the pulse in my body. They’re… [pause]

Jack: Is it the whole body?

Laura: Mostly the top parts, the top half… It’s like they want to show me things.

Jack: Yes, just good to feel open to that… [pause]

Laura: My forehead feels better. It felt broken. I’ll be able to focus better. [pause]

Now I’m just in space. Just relaxing.

Jack: Good. So maybe the main work on the head has been done now… It’s always good to relax after some work has been done. Good to feel open to whatever is going to be presented next. [long pause]

Laura: I’m in another sphere. It’s hard to describe. There’s energy movement going on but it’s not as clear as… [pause] It feels like I’m in another part of my head. It’s more back, in the back of my head.

Jack: Sort of where the spine joins the head?

Laura: No, higher. Well, it’s actually not in my head – it’s above it. That’s where I’m collecting the information. So, I guess that’s what I’m doing. That’s why it’s… Because it’s nothing… It’s just like movements, you know.

Jack: Right. It’s not words or anything like that…

Laura: It’s like sounds – waves of sounds or something. Instead of waves of light, you know.

Jack: But it must be particular frequencies, right?

Laura: For me it’s another frequency – like a different…

Jack: That’s why it’s so hard to describe – because it isn’t either sound or light but it’s its own frequency, right?

Laura: Exactly. It’s very large, like very big movements but… very spacious. [pause]

That’s it – the top part of my head… [sigh] It feels like there’s electricity there. It’s very… It feels good actually. I don’t need to scratch or anything.

Jack: So it’s very different from the sensation before of tension and scratching.

Laura: Yes. Now it’s just generating… I mean it’s very electrifying.

My hands are feeling this too. But also my hands don’t feel like my hands – they’re like these huge things. [pause]

Maybe they’re showing me how to be a transmitter. [pause]

Jack: It’s interesting that the head is for knowing and the hands are for doing. Of course it’s not the usual kind of knowing or doing.

Laura: There’s a soft wave coming in through my head and out through my hands.

Jack: Ah ha.

Laura: And of course it passes through the heart. [pause]

I’m just relaxing with this. It feels so comfortable.

Jack: Good. Excellent. And very different from the tension in the head that was there before.

Laura: If I can just relax with it, it feels fine.

Jack: So it’s very important then to understand the importance of the relaxation. [pause]

Laura: They’re actually here to help. I was resisting.

Jack: Yes. So important to understand that now. You’re really being shown something – some clarity. [pause]

Laura: I’m feeling the pulse of different layers of my body around. It’s around but it’s pulsing

Jack: It’s around the body?

Laura: Yes. It’s like another envelope.

Jack: Yes, I think for that too it’s very good for you to be aware of it. It’s good for the consciousness to be informed of what’s taking place so that you can understand and at the same time feel. Can you say anything about what it feels like?

Laura: Now they’re pulling me upwards. They’re using the envelope and they’re pulling us, me to a different area upwards. [pause]

02 misty bridge IMG_3797Now we’re travelling. I see lights just passing. There’s a circle. [pause]

I’m inside a circle. It’s a large circle. I feel I’m energy just standing there or floating in space and there are many of us. It’s a meeting place.

Jack: Important to realize you’re not alone in this work.

Laura: They’re giving us instructions on what we need to do. [pause]

I’m feeling… It’s like I’m going inside out in my body. [gasp] It’s like I’m leaving my body now. OK. [pause]

[voice shaking] I have great pain, great sadness. [pause]

[sigh] I don’t know if I can do this. [sigh]

Jack: You don’t know if you can do this?

Laura: Yeah. I don’t know. They… I’m in space. And they’re telling us. But I don’t know what it is. I don’t know where this feeling is coming from. It’s just… It’s just too big.

[big breath] OK. They’re bringing waves of light. It’s like they’re soothing.

Jack: Yes, you can ask for help which is what’s happening it seems. It’s good to allow the soothing to help with the sadness. [pause]

Laura: I’m still in the circle of light. I’m closer to my body now.

It’s very calm. [big breath] I guess I was afraid. I was afraid to go… [pause]

They’re showing me I’m lifting again. I’m lifting upwards. [pause]

It’s a wonderful sensation. I’m floating above my body. But I can still talk using my body. It’s really amazing. [pause]

It’s like my body is completely disintegrated and is in space. The molecules are all separate. [pause]

I think this is a form of treatment.

Jack: OK. [pause]

It’s also helping your understanding of what the body is…

Laura: Exactly. The body can also cure itself through this technique of… [pause]

I’m still in space. But I feel more in place, let’s say.

Jack: Would you say you feel more coherent?

Laura: Yes, coherence. [pause]

I feel my different layers of my being. [pause]

I see myself sitting in a meditation. Like I’m taking my spot, my place but I’m inside my… different colors of layers, like rainbow colors, like egg-shaped sort of… all around me. But I’m seeing that happening… Like a projection. I don’t know if it’s me now or in a different time.

Jack: It sounds like you’re being shown something like a diagram.

Laura: Exactly. It’s a diagram.

Jack: So that’s very helpful for your understanding. [pause]

Laura: I’m in space. I feel a difference. [pause]

There are lights around me. [pause]

Coming into my body I’ve got a tingling sensation in my body. [pause]

Jack: Yes, it’s about the time we should be thinking of ending. I don’t know if your body is telling you that, but it’s possible.

Laura: I’m feeling a bit tired.


[Here we make a transition back to an ordinary state and Laura explains a little more about her experience.]


Laura: It’s like they were showing me such a lot of expansion.

Jack: Well, I think they’re showing you things that are actually part of you but you’re not ordinarily connected to.

Laura: That’s right. That’s right. It’s huge.

Jack: It’s on a universal scale.

Laura: And also I’m not so used to going out of my body. I think I’m scared.

Jack: No, but you’re looked after there.

Laura: I know.

Jack: You’re accompanied. Some people end up falling out of the body and going places sort of almost by accident and then they get lost and don’t know how to find their way back.

Laura: I wish I could go… maybe more next time… I don’t know…

Jack: But meantime you were shown many things there. It’s good to review that now in your mind – not this minute but later today or tomorrow or whenever when you have time. Maybe it could even be part of your meditation, I don’t know. You may want to visit those places again.

I don’t know what the sadness was all about.

Laura: Me neither. It wasn’t related to an event. It was just a feeling. [pause]

Jack: But you were there with others…

Laura: We were in a space, white…

Jack: A white space…

Laura: Yeah, but a big circle in space and its… Yeah, and we’re all just light, you know, we’re all just…

Jack: But you feel part, everyone feels part of…

Laura: Yeah, it’s a meeting, a coming together. And they’re showing, they’re telling us what what to do, or what’s happening… And then this thing happened and we’re… That’s it. It’s like I was reversing, you know, in my… Coming out of my body, but I was going inside out… and then, you know, just sort of the expansion… it all became intense and white… And then this feeling… [big breath in] Yeah, like this feeling… there was like sort of a T… I don’t know… It was like this [showing with the hands and arms] but in a circle… like the emotion was a rod, sort of…

Jack: The emotion was vertical.

Laura: Yeah.

Jack: And the circle was the horizontal.

Laura: Yeah. And I guess the others also were like the verticals. I couldn’t see them – there was too much white light.

Jack: You have something to do with it or you wouldn’t be shown what you’ve been shown. There is some connection. You’re part of that circle.

Laura: Well, Yeah. There’s… It’s not going to disappear. But there’s… I guess that’s it… we carry the light. [sigh] [pause]

That’s why there’s a part of me that wants to just sit there, you know.

Jack: But it’s also true that you may need to spend time there.

Laura: Yeah.

Jack: That it’s a part of your stability somehow to be able to return to that spot. And to be accompanied by the others who are there… You know the symbolism of the cross is very – it has nothing to do with what the Christian religion made it into – but there is a beautiful symbolism in the vertical and the horizontal

Laura: It’s very powerful.

Jack: Yes, it’s a very powerful symbol. So when those two are present, they interrelate in a very interesting way.

03 sky 2 IMG_3598

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01 Angel plus yellow flowrs IMG_7865(Copyright © Jack Cain 2019, text and images)

Note: Before the session began we spoke of Samuel’s New Year’s resolution: “To be available for God” and about the statement from the guardians in a previous session, “Don’t do anything.”

Jack: I think it would be good to feel the contact once again with those guardians. Why don’t we just see where that takes you. You already know how this contact is fostered, nurtured.

Samuel: Yes.

Jack: It takes a little time. It can’t be rushed. As soon as you turn in that direction…

Samuel: They’ve been here all this time. They’re waiting patiently.

Jack: So patient!

Samuel: There’re here. There’re here with me.

Jack: So it’s not a question of doing something but there might be a question of “What’s next?” or “What’s the next important step on the path?”.

Samuel: I’m beginning to feel a quality of their patience. And it’s in contrast to my impatience about beginning this year. It’s curious that my resolution of availability is ignored when I want to accomplish something. I think that’s a major theme. I’m feeling it right now – the theme of my doing in the world and my achieving. [25:00]

And I’m feeling right now that I’m in their very quiet presence here in the room – they’re sitting to my right and my left in the room here. And that’s symbolic actually.

Jack: Yes.

Samuel: They’re not running around in the room – they’re with what’s here. They’re a part of what’s here. We don’t have to jump to what the message is but… availability is the… [chuckle] I come up with this resolution and I have no idea what it really means.

Jack: And it may not be a message in words – it may be a state of being or…

Samuel: Yes, very much so. Yes, it is. It’s to remember again what this being is, this inhabiting of myself, this allowing and inhabitation of… of God… without the trappings of God’s purpose or God’s plan. If there are any of those things, it begins to go awry immediately.

Jack: Yes, and without the trappings we put on it.

Samuel: Yes.

It’s a kind of… [chuckle] conspiracy. It’s a breathing, an inhaling of something. It is a breathing of it – it’s a reciprocal quality – that’s what I was trying to say earlier. There’s a resonance – I know I use that word too much – but it’s true. Yes, they’re here quietly and they are a lesson without being a lesson. Or they are themselves the lesson. The appreciation of them is the lesson. The acknowledgement of them.

Jack: [interrupting] Samuel, I’m impelled to make a suggestion.

Samuel: Yes.

Jack: [softly] I think we should just remain silent for maybe a minute – or two.

Samuel: Yes.

Jack: And then have you report as you feel appropriate. [2 minute pause]

Samuel: They’ve moved over next to me.

Jack: Ah.

Samuel: They’ve almost melted into me. Not quite but partially. They’re the medium for something else.

Jack: Yes.

Samuel: Some very fine energy that I… that needs to be…

Jack: So just feel their closeness

Samuel: It’s remarkable. There’s such a warmth and protective quality to them. I feel how they’re trying to help me.

Jack: It’s not that you’re doing something but there does have to be a kind of accommodation of them inside you. There has to be space for them to be there.

Samuel: Yes.

I didn’t mean to talk about them. [pause]

They’re infusing me with something.

Jack: Ah.

Samuel: It’s like they’re giving me a transfusion. It’s very much like that. Bringing something into my system at a very organic level. No ideas about it. [pause]

Yes, this is just like a transfusion. Through my whole body.

Jack: So the body is very involved…

Samuel: It’s through the body. [pause]

Yes, I’m with them through the body. [pause]

So calm. There’s deep tranquility. [pause]

[chuckle] They want me to relax.

02 Blue rock IMG_4798Jack: Yes, it’s as if we don’t realize that we always have more layers that need to relax.

Samuel: Right. [pause]

It’s impossible to describe… [pause]

Jack: Maybe the penetration has to move also into the head, into the thinking part so that it’s more possible to speak about it in a fresh way.

Samuel: Yes. [pause]

It’s at such a fine level in the nervous system and the circulatory system. Everything is included. The whole body is being breathed. [pause]

And the kind of sense of a purpose – without saying what it is. It’s facilitating this relationship. Even that’s so partial. [pause]

They’re making me more porous. [pause]

It’s like they’re clearing me out. Things that are in the way. It’s a cleansing – is what it is. It’s a cleansing. It’s a purification.

Jack: [37:00] Wow!

Samuel: They’re preparing me. [pause]

[chuckle] They’re preparing me to be available. [pause]

I had no idea what availability was. Now I have a feeling of it. There’s a total experience of it. Everything is included. [pause]

And I feel back there this nagging wish to make something of it.

Jack: Right.

Samuel: And I just let that go.

Jack: Yes. You need to. [pause]

Samuel: Kind of a floating quality now. Like they’re levitating me. But they’re not doing anything actually about levitating me. Levitation happens. This is part of it. Everything is lawful. It’s like coming into correspondence with the laws of being. [long pause]

They’re almost indistinguishable from me.

Jack: Wonderful.

Samuel: And yet they’re there. I can’t tell whether I’m becoming a part of them or they’re becoming a part of me. It doesn’t matter. But there’s a oneness about it. [pause]

It’s like a massage from the inside out. Oh boy. [sigh] [pause]

Yes, I’m feeling that the outside and the inside are very much the same. I’m feeling this interior world of my… even with my body… I’m feeling the outer skin… The inner has a quality that isn’t bounded by the skin. It’s around it. It’s like the inside includes the outside. From the outside. I can feel it. It’s strong enough that I can talk about it and not be distracted. It’s like this inner life is holding the outer life. It’s quite extraordinary. It’s just beyond any conception of myself. [pause]

Very strange!

Jack: Yes. You’re moving into an area that is very far from our ordinary way of being. But it seems so much closer to something real.

Samuel: Yes.

It’s the more complete experience of myself. More complete because it’s not fixed or defined. It’s in movement. This awareness of the whole of myself from the inside includes the body. But is it the body? It’s as if I’m wrapped in a spirit. That spirit doesn’t have a form.

Jack: Yes, there really is no form. At a certain level.

Samuel: But it’s strong enough so it’s not entirely disturbed by the vacuuming that’s happening right outside the door. [chuckles] That’s how powerful it is. That it can include the vacuuming is quite extraordinary. Incredible!

Jack: Well, that’s no accident either. As we’ve remarked before.

Samuel: Yes. Yes. It’s like a little test. That’s now laughable.

Jack: Last time it was the dryer. We both had a dryer going right next to our rooms. [chuckles]

Samuel: It is a wonderful inclusion that’s a lesson in and of itself. Everything’s part of it. Nothing is distinct from it. [pause]

Jack: [laughing] So… anything else?

Samuel: [intonation of quiet astonishment] It’s still here. It’s wonderful. I’m weeping.

Jack: Yes, that’s the important thing – they’re still with you. And not just with you – but merged, either partially or wholly. They’re one with you.

Samuel: It’s interesting Jack that these sessions – they don’t end. They’re connected. They’re all connected but I mean it particularly now that we’re sort of coming out of this but I’m imbued with it in a very powerful way.

Jack: Well, it’s so wonderful that we have the body that can help us to return more powerfully than the mind can.

Samuel: Yes.

Jack: The body can actually be there if we allow it to be there. But we have to make provision. Set aside time and… sometimes just stop even if for an instant. [pause]

Samuel: I see it’s all so much richer and deeper than anything I can think of or imagine – the reality of it, the experience of it. I think about it because I want to own it in some way. [I need] to see the futility of that in the face of the experience of it.

Jack: Yes, it’s kind of a paradox. We think about it also because we want to tell someone about it but [chuckles] I think we do have to tell someone about it.

Samuel: Yes.

Jack: You could just remain silent – and that’s what some saints do, they don’t even speak – it’s just their presence – but I think in this world right now we need to talk to each other. That communication is really important. And yet each time we put something into words we’re distorting what we’re talking about but even so… I think it’s required.

Samuel: Yes it is. It’s a risk that needs to be taken.

Jack: We’re developing a new language. A new kind of communication.

Samuel: Yes. And the only way I can learn it is to explore it. See what corresponds and what doesn’t. To be discerning about that.

Jack: Yes. Every time you can see the distance. But my experience is, that working together like this, you can see that it gets a little closer.

Samuel: Yes, it does.

Jack: It really does.

Samuel: It’s more available. And it does accumulate a kind of attraction, a kind of gravity, a kind of magnetism.

03 Green trees and steps IMG_4286

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The Earth is Breathing

01 Two tied rocks Shinto Ise shrine

Shinto shrine at Ise, Japan. Photo © 2018 Ron Balamuth

(Copyright © Jack Cain 2019, text and images unless noted otherwise)

Jack: So, Laura, have you been able to think of some place to be right now?

Laura: I’m in the forest. It feels like the trees are swaying. They show the wind. [cough]

Jack: It’s good to stay there and be with the forest. Feel the movement in your own body – the movement of the limbs of the trees and the wind. [pause]

Laura: It’s winter. There’s snow and the trees are bare. It feels very comfortable. I feel very safe in the forest.

Jack: Good.

Laura: I feel a strong connection with the trees.

Jack: Yes, feel the communication taking place between yourself and the trees. It would be good to be open to whatever it is they have to say to you.

Laura: I feel that they’re sending me energy. There’s a swaying that goes up and down.

Jack: Do you feel that you’re receiving that from the trees?

Laura: Yes, I’m receiving that from the trees.

Jack: Good. Good.

So just stay with that and see what it brings for you. It’s wonderful to have that feeling of safety. There is something very comforting about not being in the presence of other humans.

Laura: It’s like I become part of the trees – part of the forest. [pause]

Jack: Yes. [pause]

It’s good to spend some time like that – just receiving. It’s helpful to the physical body and to the whole organism, helpful to all the cells of the physical body.

Laura: The body feels like it’s expanding – as if it has no boundaries any more. [pause]

Jack: Yes. Good. Just allow that to take place. It’s a natural movement. Allow yourself to include more; allow yourself to be more.

Laura: OK. It seems like there’s a consciousness coming in. It’s very soft. There’s a communication happening. [pause]

They’re coming in from the top of the head. It feels very organic.

It could be a forest, but it could be hair. I don’t know. We’re moving in the wind. We’re like tall grass or something. And it’s pulling us up. And we’re just swaying. It’s very beautiful. It’s like a dance.

Jack: Beautiful.

Yes, just follow that movement. There’s something very specific about the quality of that swaying movement. [pause]

Laura: It’s like this energy is showing us that it’s part of the cycle of life. It comes from above. It’s something we forget.

Jack: That’s right. [pause]

You’re more intimately connected with it right now which is very important. That movement of life is part of you, part of the movement of the swaying.

Laura: It’s huge; it’s like the Earth is breathing.

And it’s in with the energy all around it.

02 river IMG_3305Jack: What about the energy all around it?

Laura: Well, it’s connected. It makes these huge waves and circles. It comes from the Earth and goes out into the universe and then comes back into the Earth again. [pause]

Jack: So you’re really seeing the energetic connections between the Earth and everything else – the rest of the universe.

Laura: Yes!

Now I’m farther away. I see it from a distance. It’s going on everywhere.

It’s the same feeling as in the forest but it’s in the universe.

Jack: Yes, because it’s the same movement of life. The universe is alive.

Laura: There’s like a ray of energy coming from below and passing through me. It’s like a shooting… like a fountain. It’s just there.

It’s the consciousness again. It’s around my forehead and at the top of my head. [pause]

Jack: Yes. Just allow those areas to be open to receiving something.

Laura: That’s right. They’re communicating. [pause]

It’s affecting my heart. It feels like my heart chakra is very soft.

Jack: Nice. Very nice. [pause]

Laura: It’s like they’re… I can’t… [coughs; some congestion] I’m congested there.

This very gentle… It’s like they’re… Now there are these long sort of skinny tentacles like strings that are around in front of me. [pause]

Jack: OK.

Laura: It’s like they’re transmitting their profound… their hearts, you know.

Jack: Yes, and because your heart is open, then you can receive in your heart chakra.

Laura: There’s a light coming from my heart chakra. I can see it. It’s really… It’s alive. It’s light. It’s a soft pinkish light. And it’s like a round funnel. It’s really like an open… And those strings have come together and they’re inside the heart chakra. There’s a connection. And also there is a swirling around. [pause]

And now there’s like a ball of energy that’s in front of me. It’s a whitish yellow or golden. It’s turning. It’s sort of… I don’t know. It feels a little bit like a tornado but it’s much smaller.

Jack: But it’s a spiral motion?

Laura: Yes. It’s a spiral motion.

Now it’s in front of the chakra; I think it has finished doing whatever it was doing.

OK. Now they’re talking through my head.

It feels like blankets of clouds or something. But it’s not cloud – it’s like a… There’s a motion of… of sort of like a blanket or… That’s how they’re talking. [pause]

My congestion is gone. I can breathe better. I can breathe freely. It was an emotion that was caught there. They opened it up. [pause]

Jack: Yes. It’s good to be able to breathe freely.

Laura: I ask them where they are. And it’s making a different light. [pause]

[After the session Jack asked Laura: “Was there an answer to this question?” Laura responded: “After I asked this question, it didn’t seem relevant – as if I was asking who I was myself. In a way the movement of color after I asked this was their response.”]

I can feel my heart beating. It’s like they’re me and I’m them. We’re together. That’s right. Now they’re in my stomach. There’s a movement. A spiral ball of energy. [pause]

There’s so much movement going on. It’s all around my body and… It’s very spacious, very windy… [pause]

It’s constant. It’s like there’s a life-giving consciousness. I don’t know. It’s like that’s what they do with the seeds or something. Maybe that’s how…

It’s really fascinating how it moves. It really knows what it’s doing. It’s always there. [pause]

Jack: It’s a type of intelligence I guess.

Laura: Yes. [pause]

This is what it… That’s it. It’s with the Earth. It takes care of the Earth. Humans aren’t doing it.

Jack: I think the humans could be helping but they’re not.

03 sky light IMG_2979Laura: Well, if they could recognize it. [pause]

They say I don’t need to do anything specific for now. [pause]

There are many voices but it’s one movement. [pause]

It’s funny. There’s a huge spaceship above – an oval light above.

Yes. They said they’re going to come soon. [pause]

It’s really energizing.

Jack: And is there anything specific to be said to Laura? To help her in her current life right now… With the fear of money… Or some other area… Children… or… her doing energy sessions. I just wonder if there are any practicalities that can be mentioned. Or maybe it’s too high a level, I don’t know…

Laura: Well, the energy also comes from Laura.

Jack: So you’re part of the whole picture…

Laura: Yes. Now the energy is also going up … [pause]

It’s all natural. [pause]

They come down as rays. It’s huge. And then it goes up again.

Jack: This is the energy you mean?

Laura: Yes. I’m on Earth…

Jack: So you’re able to see it on the scale of the Earth and on the scale of yourself too…

Laura: Yes. It goes through me and out of me also. [pause]

It’s a natural process. It’s ongoing and… [pause]

And really all the rest, all the questions are not so important.

Jack: Ah! [pause]

It’s very good you’re seeing this so clearly – this movement of energy – on several different scales. As well, you can come back to it later to review what it is you have seen. Other things are not important. This is what’s important. [pause]

Laura: The Earth is going to regenerate and it doesn’t matter what the humans are doing.

Jack: Right. [pause]

Is Montreal a good place to be? [pause]

Laura: [softly] It is.

Jack: What did you say?

Laura: Yes. It’s good. It’s a good place.

The store [that Laura runs] is also good.

Jack: Yes. Because of the energy.

04 plant IMG_3334Laura: And the tree. There’s a big tree near our house and it also has a very important role. They’re transmitters. They are energy points on the grid.

Jack: That’s right. They’re doing a wonderful job – a very important job.

Laura: The humans are good but the problem is they’re confused. They just don’t know.

Jack: No, they don’t. They don’t see this. [pause]

Laura: We’re like antennas or something you know. We need to be here. It’s part of a cycle.

The movement is there. And it has started – the generation, the regeneration. [pause]

Something is lifting from the Earth. Something like a heavy aura. It’s going to be lifted. [pause]

Now they’re talking to me directly of… they’re putting shapes in front of me… like in my head. [pause] So I just absorb it. I know it will make sense later. [pause]

It’s useful to them that we listen. That’s what they have to do: communicate. [pause]

Now there’s like a rod of lights from above… It’s like they’re making it clear… I think they’re doing that… It’s like they’re planting their… It’s like they’re preparing something… with not just me but all around the planet. It’s like they’re planting consciousness. Because we need it.

Jack: We sure do!

Laura: It will be easier to communicate.

I’m still doubtful of my human life but I’m… as we go along it’ll dissipate and…

Jack: Yes, the doubts will dissipate.

Laura: That’s what I was feeling lately – that higher sort of vibration of feeling will enter… It’s great because it also makes the body sort of less heavy. [pause]

So, it’s more like I’m a recipient or an antenna or something. And it can benefit those around me. [pause]

I can feel this energy – it’s very vibrant. [pause]

Now I’m on my own. They’ve left me for a while. But I see a ray that’s like a generator of energy. [pause]

It’s funny now. It’s kind of happening on a smaller scale inside my body.

Jack: So, is that like a preparation? The body being prepared?

Laura: No, no. It feels more like I’m seeing that I’m doing the same as they’re doing but on a smaller scale. I’m actually generating this… Well, it’s just happening. But this comes from my source of energy.

It’s like a gift. It’s like that’s what they do – they give that. You want to have movements of energy but it’s actually that I’m the source of that now. That’s why it’s clear now. [pause]

Jack: There are probably other people, other humans too who are doing the same thing.

Laura: Yes, I heard the voice of a Lama I met a while ago. [chuckles] It’s just that now I just came back. Well, that’s it; they keep repeating.

Yeah, many humans have…

Jack: Many humans are doing this work right?

Laura: Yes.

Jack: It’s very needed.

Laura: It’s everywhere and it’s always balanced. Maybe this is a raising of the consciousness of the planet but it’s always balanced. [pause]

It kind of feels like I’m falling away, like I’m going backwards or something.

Jack: Well, we need to stop soon. I think you may be just feeling that… the need to come back to a more ordinary state. It’s not possible to stay in this state for too long. Let’s just see. There may be some clear indication of what you need to do now. It’s been a very natural flow. [pause]

Laura: The energy is there. I can just use it to generate more energy. Everybody has energy – it’s just a vibration or… so it’s good I consciously come in contact. [pause]

And also I don’t need to get upset.

Jack: Right. It’s a waste of energy.

Laura: Yes.

Jack: A lot of energy flows out when you’re upset. [pause]

Laura: Right, and I can use it through my hands or for healing. Or for presence. Just consciously use it.

Jack: Yes. [pause]

Laura: It’s amazing because they – it’s like they had to reprogram my reception frequency or something. And it took a while.

Jack: You mean within this session.

Laura: No, with the other sessions we had before.

Jack: I see. Yes it’s like tuning an instrument I think…

Laura: Yes. Now I feel it’s very flow-y and it just… the energy is all around so I’m in it and it’s all very soft and flexible and… That’s like my perception so… [pause]

It’s funny. It’s like now I have visitors – like Buddha visitors. These are visualizations that I practice. They’re sort of floating…

Jack: That’s nice. That’s helpful as well. You probably should continue them. That’s also been part of the preparation. [pause]

Laura: It’s like compassion… it can only go through the heart with compassion. That’s why you need to work on compassion. [pause]

I think I’m tired now.

Jack: Yes, we need to stop. It’s an intensity that can’t be maintained for too long. But it has been just about the right amount of time.

[Exit procedure]

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05 leaf 2 IMG_3446

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