Pole Shift

 01-face-in-the-snow-img_9156(Copyright © Jack Cain 2016, text and images)

 Annie requested a session with me because she had a sore shoulder that for months had not been getting any better. She had gone to a good osteopath. Nothing seemed to help. I was skeptical that hypnosis would really uncover something when the issue was purely physical. I was quite wrong. A good reminder that there is always an underlying reason for anything that goes wrong in the body.

To begin we go to a little mountain near her childhood home where she often went to sit by herself as a child. It was a place of her roots. Warm sun. Blue, blue sky. Pristine.

We stay there for a while, both of us enjoying the place and drawing energy from it.

Suddenly, Annie makes an unexpected strong gasp.

Jack: Yes. What’s happening?

Annie: There’s a ship over me.

Jack: A ship?

Annie: Yes. A golden ship. [gasp]

Jack: Golden. Good.

It’s very large?

Annie: No. It’s a small one. Maybe about 300 meters across.

Jack: [chuckling] That’s a fair size. 300 meters. Good. Well, it looks like there’s some contact needed here.

Annie: Yes. It’s my family.

Jack: Ah. So you feel the kinship, right? You feel the contact.

Annie: Yes.

[laughing] They say it’s my ship.

Jack: Well, maybe it is, captain. Captain Annie. [both laughing]

So let’s just see what happens next. Whatever you need to do, or be. It’s an entirely different situation from your little mountain, but very clear.

Annie: Yes, it’s very clear. They said, “We’re sorry that you’ve been suffering, and feeling abandoned, but we had to follow your orders.”

Jack: Ah, I see. So Annie’s responsible here too. [both laughing]

Annie: Aii. Hold on there. It’s making me laugh.

Jack: What do you need to do now?

Annie: They told me that they’re going to be doing some repair work for me. In the area of the heart. Because it has strayed a little too far away – on an energetic level.

Jack: But, be patient. Don’t go too fast. You can feel a contact, a very strong contact. With all the others who are there. And with the vessel itself.

Annie: It’s funny. I see blue beings. Blue. They’re rather tall.

Jack: Taller than us?

Annie: More spindly than us. They have fewer features. They’re more ethereal. No hair.

Jack: Do they have a longer skull?

Annie: No. A bit longer. Not much longer. Not too tall either. Wait. I’m seeing…

Jack: Do they have something to say to you?

Annie: They have something to repair. They’re going about repairing. Repairing me.

They’re telling me that there’s something coming. There’s a big gathering. At the moment.

Jack: A gathering of all those blues?

Annie: No. It’s many races and on earth there’s kind of a mirror effect between humans, between some humans. I see many races are involved.

The planet. Something is going to happen. Something very important. Something massive. A shift.

Jack: What kind of a shift? Is it more specific than that?

Annie: Pole shift.

Jack: The pole shift, right.

Annie: And there’s also a shift in consciousness at the same time. There are all kinds of implications. I see some darkness too. It’s like there’s going to be a split between the two. It’s all intertwined for the moment but it’s going to be more defined between the two forces. [big breath in]

Jack: So what’s happening is the definition is becoming clearer between the two?

Annie: Yes. You’re going to see it in people as well. There’s going to be a definite positive and a definite negative and there won’t be anything in between any more. Those in between won’t be able to stand what’s happening. They’re going to be going nuts. [sigh]

It’s all part of the convergence of those beings on earth. Something is going to happen. I don’t know how long it’s going to take. A year. Or this year, or… But it’s very, very close. But close for us and close for them is not the same thing. Sometimes we get tricked in our interpretation of time.

They said to me that you’re going to have to rest more. You need to rest to prepare for what’s going to happen. To be strong enough to withstand it. It’s very important.

02-fiery-shift-img_3682Jack: But what about Annie’s shoulder here. I’m worried about Annie’s shoulder.

Annie: [sigh] They say it’s not important.

Jack: So the shoulder is incidental in comparison to all this.

Annie: Yes.

Jack: That makes sense too. So maybe it was just an excuse to have this session?

Annie: Yes.

Jack: Because now there’s a channel open.

Annie: Let me tell you something. I’m not happy about it though. [both laughing] I want to get rid of that pain, thank you.

Jack: Well, maybe if it was just in order to have this session the pain will go away.

Annie: Maybe… I doubt it but…

Jack: Can you ask for some repair work to be done right now?

Annie: I’m asking.

Jack: OK.

Annie: They said, “There’s a reason for everything.” [both laughing] They’re very nice, you know. Yikes. If something happens and I can’t use my arm it won’t be too nice.

Jack: Is there a need for a constant reminder?

Annie: Yes. Looks like it. It’s to keep me grounded.

Jack: Ah.

Annie: In my body. Because I have a tendency to want to leave.

Jack: Yes, of course. And maybe that’s why we went to that first scene too. To help that grounding.

Annie: For sure. Because that’s the place. I haven’t thought about this place for years now.

Jack: Right. You’ve never mentioned it to me.

Annie: No, no because for me it was dead, it was gone.

Jack: Yes, because it was destroyed or almost destroyed.

Annie: Yes, and I dreamed about the destruction of it for years afterwards. I was seeing it and I was panicking.

Jack: Oh, my God.

Annie: Because my roots are there. I was panicking about losing it. But they’re showing me even though physically it’s different, energetically it’s still there.

Jack: Exactly.

Annie: So there’s no difference. But it’s really my core roots – on earth. I have another set of roots too – on another planet. I’m in both places at the same time – making the bridge in between. For me. For my soul.

My head is buzzing. They must be doing something on my head. The back of my neck – it’s all vibrating. And it goes up my skull. Yes. They’re working on the pineal gland. There’ s something at the back of my neck but I don’t know what it is. The energy is concentrated at the back of the neck.

03-lichen-img_3702Jack: It’s a critical spot. Because there’s access to the deepest part of the brain – which is where the pineal is.

Annie: There’s a convergence of beings. The sasquatch are making the bridge between ETs and humans on earth because they’re our elders, our elder brothers.

Jack: They’re our elder brothers?

Annie: Yes. That connection is very, very important.

They say they’re going to continue after tonight. They’re showing me that what I’ve been doing to help myself is good. It’s good. They say I still need to rest a bit.

Jack: You still need to be careful too.

Annie: Yes. Because the emotional has been damaged. It was too much. Too much in a few years. They say to me, “We warned you.” [laughter] “You didn’t listen.”

Jack: Right.

Annie: Well, that’s my style. Totally my style.

Jack: Right.

Annie: They say, “You’re not alone. We’re always there. Even though you think, we’re not there, we’re there. But we have to keep our mouths shut. Because you told us to.” [laughter]

Jack: In other words, you have to ask.

Annie: Even if I asked they didn’t answer because I had asked them not to.

Jack: Oh! You told them not to!

Annie: Yes, I told them not to. My fault. I don’t remember but that’s what they’re telling me.

Jack: [laughter] Wow!

Annie: It was to force me to meet some people I wouldn’t have met otherwise. Or go back to see others that are important links to what’s going to happen.

They say they’re almost done now. For now.


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The Quick and the Dead

IMG_0985.JPG(Copyright © Jack Cain 2016, text and images)

 [some moments of silence as we begin]

Jack: There seems to always be that sense that something has been waiting for us.

Alfred: Yes, exactly. It’s almost like the conversation we were having is part of a much larger vertical conversation at different levels.

Jack: Yes, whereas the ordinary conversation is very flat.

Alfred: It’s as if the things we do at this level and at other levels are connecting and we have no way of participating in them when we are in our ordinary consciousness.

I am beginning to trust more those little flashes that pass by in the transition rather than dismissing them.

Jack: Yes, I think those flashes are an indication of the progress of the transition and they are reliable. They indicate that a movement has begun towards another state. They appear to be disruptive but I don’t think they are. [pause]

Alfred: Different little fragments. There was a green field – something that looked like a farming area with very beautiful, clear, Mediterranean weather. Then I was listening to a conversation that had something to do with a person, I think a woman, asking about having too much makeup. It feels very disjointed.

There’s a certain directive to go toward the back, towards the breath.

Jack: It seems there’s a balance that needs to be maintained between the consciousness of the body and the participation in the images. [pause]

Alfred: Gradually, just as I was despairing of being focused and aware of the fragmentation, there’s now an awareness of a light that is beginning to be more steady in the forehead area. There’s a beam that comes from above.

The body and the functions are not the source of the information but only a medium, an intermediary. [pause]

It’s like little fragments that the mind takes up and elaborates on so they are not very reliable – such as the image of myself as a much younger child and then there were associations of that initial one to me as a younger child perhaps in Europe or wearing European clothes. [pause]

It’s like what needs to be received is not information but a capacity so that it feels like whatever is received is just evidence of a change of state.

With that change of state I’m not bound to my form. I’m opening to what looks like a lunar landscape. I’m saying lunar because it’s obscure. It’s as if the boundaries of my body have opened up to a different planet or to an entirely different landscape – dark. There’s a source of light where I see mountains, valleys. It’s an odd perspective as if I’m above it. Very unfamiliar. There’s an apprehension and reaction to that just because of the darkness and the unfamiliarity. I’m moving rapidly above it.

It’s very clear that my seeking more clarity in the vision is not… I’m aware that it requires more inner vision rather than directing it through my gaze.

Jack: Yes, I think that’s an important distinction – to realize that you have to shift.

Alfred: It’s almost a shift to a different brain system. [pause]

There’s a sense that I’m materializing in a setting. Now there’s light, a golden light that is approaching and the body seems to consolidate into a whole in that light. Perhaps I’m viewing myself as the body is forming. There was a clear sense of circulation of different areas of the body as a form of perception while at the same time they are forming. There’s a chamber that is the source of light in which this process is taking place. I have just barely enough awareness to witness the process. It kind of flickers. The light is golden, like a rose gold, moving to a reddish gold. Clearly light – it’s not a substance, it’s light and color – but very substantial. Like matter it has a density and a volume. It seems like the focal point of some work that is taking place around me.

It’s almost like I feel a very quiet and soft landing, like a springy landing on a surface. Very light – like an area of low gravity. [pause]

There is a sense of my physical body here now but it’s as if there’s an attachment or expansion of my brain as if I’m operating from a much larger brain system towards the back and the top of the head.

This is my current body in this situation. There’s a bluish, blue coloration to all of that.

There’s a flashback to a morning sitting in which deep blue, cobalt blue, huge plates of what looked like glass came into my awareness. But this is not that depth of blue – it’s more the blue that I now identify with the blue bodies of blue beings.

Jack: Yes.

Alfred: There is a certain kind of technical activity around what looks like a cube, which I have referred to before. It is golden and has dials. There’s a certain kind of expertise or proficiency that I have in maintaining or managing something to do with this particular apparatus. Not that different from what I drew for the Altar of Gold in our earlier session. It is different though in that there is activity around it. It’s like what I saw last time was in operation and this one is being prepared for something.

I sense a very high vibration – almost like the raw material, or the constituents of what this machine or apparatus is supposed to be processing or transmuting.

I feel it in my body – the raw material for that apparatus.

It’s very brilliant, it’s very luminescent. More than that it emits a certain light just from the substance it’s made of. All of it in that very intense golden quality. It’s a substance that is like a metal but a metal that is very porous. Like a gold that has great porousness between the molecules. It’s almost like a ghost of that machine or of what I would call a substance.

When I go back to a sensation of the body, there’s an awareness and a little fear in knowing that I will need to enter that machine, that maybe it’s being prepared for me, that it’s my role to get into it… to be operated on by this…

I’m doing the checkup on whether it’s prepared for whatever it is that it needs to do. Is it for me or is it in preparation for receiving someone else? It’s not clear.

Jack: But it’s clear that it’s a preparatory process?

Alfred: It is, yes.

It’s almost like an MRI machine or something like that although of a whole different substance and so on. It has the size and dimensions to include a being in it – someone who is being treated or exposed to some radiation or vibration.

It would be good for me now to just allow…

Jack: Yes, yes. [pause]

Alfred: There was a very interesting moment that seemed like a distraction but was actually the opposite. The Hebrew ani ata me you is vis-à-vis someone, perhaps a female, very androgynous looking, not clear but there was a sense of some transformation of ani me going into ata you. [pause]

It’s clear now that I’m turning towards help. I cannot… Whatever preparation is taking place, the source of whatever transformation of something that needs to happen is not within the system – it has to be received. A kind of attuning to a source that is not very clear yet. [pause]

IMG_1062.JPGI am floating in a field above this altar within that machine, in the space inside it, as if I have no gravity. And it’s directly related to a certain attunement, opening to a finer vibration. [pause]

There’s a simultaneous losing the form of this body while receiving something else. Measure for measure, losing and receiving at the same time. It’s so clear that one depends on the other. It’s very precise.

Yes. It’s a very conscious allowing the form of the body as it’s known to be dissolved. [pause]

Little moments of high intensity of vibrations that cannot find words or images. But there’s a feeding. What I see is a degraded image of whatever we experience as a feeding. Something being fed. Actual food for the body.

Jack: For new body…

Alfred: Yes, elements of nutrients that only gradually are recognized as building blocks or materials for this new body.

It’s kind of a shift. What I was more aware of was the gradual dissolution of the familiar form of the previous body and now it’s more of the goldenness, the increasing saturation of this golden form, golden body. Calling it golden is not entirely precise but it has that quality. [pause]

It’s like the blue body is transforming into a golden body; it’s not my current physical body that I’m speaking of. [pause]

Jack: Yes, it’s helpful to know that.

Alfred: And it’s clear that the breath functions in the same way that we have elucidated before as a coating vehicle or organ. And it’s not limited to the lungs but is a whole expansion and contraction, receiving those particles and on the outbreath they are driven or guided into their proper place. [pause]

03-looking-img_2277There’s kind of a watching as each one of those particles seems to have its own intelligence, guiding themselves – a self-organizing structure in the body, filling in the gaps. Like the formation of an embryo that needs to follow the form of a being. [pause]

There’s a sense that at some point it’s close to a saturation point as something is kind of solidified. I’m not sure if it was anticipatory or an actual perception of movement how that golden being which experiences within and without it, outside of it, is kind of righting itself – it was prone and is now getting up from the machine, moving, walking.

It’s so interesting that it’s seen and at the same time it’s experienced – I’m in it, I’m it.

A kind of diminution of its goldenness into what might seem an ordinary type of body. Something is becoming less luminescent, radiant to a clothed body. Part of me wanted to say that it’s like the body of Christ or the body of some elevated figure but I’m not entirely confident.

Jack: But there’s something superior about it don’t you think.

Alfred: Yes, entirely. And there’s a gathering around it of us blue creatures. At the same time there is not a strict separation between him and my experience of myself. The usual separations don’t apply. There’s what feels like a joy of reunion or of completion. [pause] Very celebratory.

Jack: Beautiful.

Alfred: He is among us and one of us. There is tremendous love and connection but there’s not the sense that he is of the same level. As if we have transported him to be with us or belonging to our group. A sense of reunion. Perhaps it’s not true. [previous sentence whispered.] There’s a gathering around him and a certain anticipation of his teaching, or whatever he will pronounce.

Jack: So is something being transmitted from him?

Alfred: Yes.

He is sitting on a higher place, an elevated bed or the place where the transformation took place. Not sure. It seems like there’s a half circle of beings sitting at his feet or on chairs. Not sure. Mostly there’s a silence that comes over him and us. It’s less important what he has to impart than the fact that he is with us. Something is transmitted directly. There’s a feeling that something was successful in making something like that happen – incarnating him or calling him forth to join us. [pause]

It’s almost like I gradually gathered the pluck to raise my eyes and gingerly look at his face.

Jack: Good. [pause]

Alfred: There’s such a contrast between the living and radiant smile, the benevolent, beneficent smile and at the same time the horror of the dead face, a corpse. The two at the same time. A dead body that is radiant. There’s a part of me that is horrified by a face that looks like it has decayed. And radiance coming through it. It’s like which part am I going to believe or connect to.

Jack: Both are present.

Alfred: Yes. It’s not clear whether the two are superimposed or whether they’re a distraction, an obstacle – something that is obscuring the radiance, the benevolence which is directed at me as he recognizes that I’m looking at him – almost like it was the moment of our gazes meeting. There’s a sense of almost an embarrassment at my distractions, at my falling for the appearance.

It’s an interpretation but it’s a bit like what it might have been like to encounter the body of the dead Christ on the third day. Something like that.

Something is relaxing in the forehead. And the doubt is kind of dissolving. There’s a sense of uninterrupted life – that in all those appearances there are no discontinuities in the uninterrupted living of this person. [pause]

There is a feeling of great joy and yet there’s a kind of inhibition or trepidation about it. There’s a residue of terrible loss in the shock of seeing the dead body – as if I’m not entirely of one feeling. A guardedness.

Jack: It sounds like an important perception there.

Alfred: Yes, yes. The kind of obstacle – not obstacle – a certain fear in giving myself completely to that level, the feeling towards him, the feeling received from him. [pause]

There’s almost a sense of intentionality on his part, of his knowing exactly that this is the obstacle that I’m struggling with and that he intentionally leaves it in place, and does not clear it out of my way, so that I need to find my own trust, my own faith beyond the appearances. Almost like showing me it’s all there.

“You sense it so clearly all over your body, the light and vibration, how can you be in doubt.”

With that, the image of the corpse dissolves but it’s not entirely overcome so to speak. It kind of comes back with the constrictions, the narrowing of the field again.

And then there’s a resting in that light which allows all of this to be… to not obscure…

Jack: Yes, it’s kind of a complete package. This is just one part.

Alfred: It’s almost like the gesture of letting one’s… of resting into water, into liquid, into… allowing one’s way to be completely carried and trusting that some substance can carry you completely without holding onto anything. A kind of releasing of any fear that I may be holding in the solar plexus.

It feels like floating on a warm substance. Almost body temperature. Being carried down into what looks like a cave, a long underground cave, without fear. [pause]

It feels like a transition back to current reality.

Jack: Like the shadows on Plato’s cave.

04-underground-river-img_3899Alfred: Yes. The visual was of an underground river. It could be the Styx. With torches lighting every turn. My body floating down the river completely at peace. [pause]

[sounds of stretching and big breaths, sighs as Alfred emerges]

Jack: Very rich!

Alfred: Yes. Very rich and very generous. Somehow I’m given to stay longer with what is taking place. I think in the past I would have concluded this is the end of our session sooner. And it’s actually not clear that it’s over in the sense that that particular universe, that process continues while I’m not aware of it any longer. It doesn’t feel complete.

Jack: I think you can have a sense that it’s continuing, yes. And that you’re not now who you were an hour ago.

Alfred: Yes. Worlds within worlds, you know. And where we actually live is in such small fragments compared to where we would live or participate if we were conscious. [pause]

Jack: Right.

Alfred: It feels very much related to the altar that we had in that previous session [The Altar of Gold].

Jack: Yes, it’s definitely related – that had to happen first somehow.

Alfred: Except that in the first session it was actually coming on the scene so to speak whereas here it was already working and in operation and being used. This session was the whole process from preparation to participation to watching it and to the outcome and what its purpose has been.

It seems like the building of capacity is the building of a body and that is inseparable from the receiving of an experiencing. It’s almost like it’s one and the same thing – it’s inseparable – so that, as capacities are more present, the nature of the experience changes to reflect that.

Jack: Yes, it looks like that.

Alfred: Did you have any observations or reactions as to where you were in the session or whatever was visible to you? [pause]

Jack: Well, just a sense of how it seems more evident in this particular session that there’s a progression and an integrity to these sessions – more of a sense of how something is being woven together somehow, that what took place just now could not have taken place at the beginning of all these sessions certainly, or in the middle or anywhere else except where it did.

Alfred: Yes.

Jack: So, a sense of that but also in previous sessions there was a representation that was symbolic or through image – such as the eagle – but now it’s more direct, more of a direct participation in what’s taking place. It doesn’t need to be represented as something in order to be conveyed – because it’s being experienced through a more complete and intimate contact with different bodies.

Alfred: Yes.

Jack: So, as you’ve been saying a number of times, it’s a teaching but a teaching makes it sound like it’s some kind of instruction. It’s more of a record of something that is lived.

Alfred: There are few instances where I need to analogize it to anything else.

Jack: That’s right. Yes.

And also it’s been conveyed in words but of course that’s a kind of inadequate vehicle for what is actually taking place. Nevertheless, I still think that it’s important to make that attempt to convey it…

Alfred: Yes.

Jack: … because it can confirm – it can’t directly instruct maybe – but it can confirm someone else’s experience. Perhaps.

Alfred: The relationship also in coming back to my more ordinary way of being is less fragmented, or torn, or tense in the sense that I’m less reactive to having had this experience. It has its place and there’s no contradiction.

Jack: [chuckling] And you know you don’t have to think about it or figure it out.

Alfred: Exactly!

It’s valued and it’s just left in place. In fact, there’s a certain kind of respect for it so that it is not picked at by my usual associative mind.

Jack: Yes, that’s important. And I think that’s a measure also of the strength of what took place. It’s powerful so you don’t fall back so completely into a very ordinary way of being.

Alfred: Yes. Yes.

Jack: And the same is true for me – it’s not my experience but something is conveyed, something is received by me as well.

Alfred: It feels like being in the presence of a teacher, any teacher who gives you a parable or a koan and really holds you there. When those Zen stories or koans are given casually without any structure and without the teacher’s presence, it becomes entirely mental and they are of course meaningless. But with a teacher who is actually holding you right there at the contradiction…

Jack: Which is what took place.

Alfred: Exactly. … you get all the support of the love of the teacher to overcome that level of contradiction that you need to transcend

Jack: Yes. That’s true.

Alfred: Interesting.


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The Battlefield That Has No End

01-dark-sky-and-river-img_3317 (Copyright © Jack Cain 2016, text and images)

 Alfred: There’s a gradual letting go. Letting something else take over.

Jack: Yes, I feel that there’s a particular feeling associated with that – like a fitting into something that’s right and just.

Alfred: It’s very specific to the area of the heart or the solar plexus.

Jack: Yes. [pause]

Alfred: There’s a feeling like one would have when the first light is showing at the horizon on a very dark night. Relief is part of that. [pause]

The first instinct I have, the first image is that the light is coming in gradually over a huge battlefield. I’m seeing the aftermath – bodies are strewn here and there. It’s a very flat surface, a very flat landscape. Very quiet. Nothing is moving. My mind is trying to identify this and that. [pause]

Massive numbers of casualties. Seen from afar. Because of the flatness there is no ending.

Jack: It just goes on and on?

Alfred: Yes. Your voice reflected a certain horror and I notice a certain horror in myself now. It’s not a modern battlefield. It feels more historical. There are reds and blues, uniforms. Not sure if opposing sides or different ranks of the same side. The equipment seems to be horses and carts.

It’s a kind of bird’s eye view – as if I haven’t yet settled into that place or maybe that’s not my place… Maybe I’m a bird. Maybe…

Jack: Maybe you’re just observing or maybe you’ve passed.

Alfred: It’s super quiet so it feels more like taking a survey and I’m not subjected to sounds or smells. Smoke seems to be billowing in different parts.

There’s no end to it. There’s a part of me that wants to see the delimitations, the boundaries, wishing for it to be over and it’s not. It’s a bird’s eye view, an aircraft view, but an entirely quiet aircraft that is carrying me, surveying a whole planet that is strewn with bodies.

Jack: A whole planet!

Alfred: There’s no limit to that. It keeps on going. There’s no end to it.

Mountains are now appearing on the horizon. Bluish grey in the distance. I seem to be approaching them. Very rugged. Looking very uninhabited. Strange. There are what looks like dark spots, probably deep caves. I’m still seeing this from above.

It seems someone is signaling. It’s a blue brother signaling a landing place in front of one of those places. Yes. I think we’re coming down for a landing.

There is a large square or flat surface in the mountains at the mouth of one of those large caves. I noticed just that one being, but I think he is part of a group, part of a landing crew guiding craft to that place. [pause]

Jack: So have you landed now?

Alfred: Yes and there’s a feeling of rejoining a group around some kind of briefing table in the depths of the cave. The place seems to be like a labyrinth, or a complex structure in which there are different spaces for meetings and equipment.

It looks like I might be making my report on what I’ve just seen. [pause]

There’s a feeling that something is incomplete… or that there’s dissatisfaction with the report. Because the purpose was not to just survey but to find some lost kin on that surface who so far have not been found.

There’s an atmosphere of concern which is curiously not about the scene but more about the missing kin.

I feel I’m told that I haven’t searched in the proper way. That there was a certain superficiality to my search. That I haven’t used a certain capacity to find those kin. There’s a sense of – not dread maybe – but perhaps of knowing that I have to go back and deepen something in my search. That with those bodies and that devastation, I need to be looking deeper into each of those casualties. That some of them may have been our kin and I’ve overlooked them. Something like that.

Jack: Does it have to do with the fact that you reacted to the devastation?

Alfred: That’s interesting. Yes, that seems to be right. As if I’m corrected or instructed about how the reaction may have obscured the true purpose of my mission. [pause]

The kind of feeling I get is that I don’t want to do this any more. [Jack chuckles] I don’t want to go back there and face it. There’s a kind of benevolent guide or authority figure there who is smiling, just like you did, telling me “I understand.” I mean this is not something to be ashamed of – that feeling is acknowledged and respected and yet it’s clear that I have a task to complete.

I see how easy it is for the mind to be mobilized to flash back and scour the images of the survey for hints on how useless that is and how there’s a need for a different source, a different orientation to the whole search.

02-rock-img_6096I’m coming closer to the reality of this horror and allowing myself to be touched by it.

Jack: You need to allow yourself to be touched by it?

Alfred: Yes. To penetrate that reality it’s insufficient to fly over it.

Jack: You have to be on the ground.

Alfred: That’s right. And I must identify that fear of being on the ground as not real.

What is not real is being identified with it.

There’s a comfort in knowing I’m now with the others who I sense are close to me, walking that flat field

Jack: So you’re not alone.

Alfred: No, no. There’s like a chain of us. All blue beings. I’m saying it with some degree of confidence although I’m not looking sideways

Jack: No, you just know that, right?

Alfred: I just know that. I feel the contact on both sides as we are advancing along the field. It’s like a search party. We’re not actually touching each other but there’s a sense of no gaps in the way we are searching this field now.

Jack: Right.

Alfred: I’m listening for a signal. It begins to matter for me, in a feeling way, in a very different way than it was before. That feeling of proximity and anticipation of an encounter. [pause]

It’s very clear that the priority is on my state and not anymore on the search. And the trust that my state will be corresponding to this. There’s a trust that what needs to be found will be found. So it’s not in the search but in the listening.

Jack: Yes. It’s an inner movement, right?

Alfred: Yes, exactly. [pause]

There is a certain awareness that the whole configuration of the brain has gone through a radical transformation – almost seeing a kind of completion of circuitry.

Jack: Good.

Alfred: A change in the light. There’s a light that is now present. [pause]

It seems as though we’re entering a cave or an area where we’ve been expected by kin who are there. There is a sourceless light which is just like a substance that allows me to perceive those kin who have been living in this cave. It seems like there is an elder, a person of authority, who seems to be delighted or welcoming. I’m part of a group who is receiving this warm reception. There’s a totally unrushed quality to this. No panic, no urgency.

IMG_0402.JPGThere’s an odd little snippet of a particular rock or crystal that they put next to a larger crystal trusting that it will be safe to be with that larger one. That’s what all of us are doing. Something is relinquished. The larger crystal is radiant and the other crystals, as each one is put there, becomes part of the larger crystal and merges into it. This is in a niche or alcove in the cave. It may be an altar and it seems to be a place of great significance. A very strong and powerful light vibration is coming from that source. It seems to dissolve everyone and everything. An incredibly high light vibration. [pause]

It seems as though the direction is quite the opposite to what I originally expected which was to fetch people or beings and bring them to a different place. It seems more like a transition into becoming part of that place that we’ve arrived at, that we belong to now.

Jack: Right.

Alfred: This is a place of our being. Not necessarily in our current form. It’s not clear that we have… I’m not dissolved. There’s still a sense of being but also a sense of being merged with that entity, that crystal. [pause]

An awareness now of how this experience will come to an end and the change of state will cast doubt on whatever was received as a kind of teaching instead of trusting the reality of the participation. I’m being given help to face the doubts that are lawfully going to come as this state dissipates.

There’s a certain reinforcement of certain aspects of this scene. Such as the battlefield. A kind of flashback that affirms its reality.

The altar – I’m more clearly calling it an altar now – with its crystal. It is of a very distinct shape and more important perhaps are the features and the face of the elder – a face of total benevolence. I’m not perceiving his face with my ordinary segmented perception – it’s a feeling perception. So the content of my mind, which wants to identify it as terrestrial or not, identify it as this or that, is cast aside as irrelevant. The feeling is similar to the feeling of the presence of the other teachers in previous sessions. [pause]

It seems like whatever is outside – whether that’s the actual planet or location where the battle, the devastation was, or… There’s a feeling that we are part of that planet and that location and that there will be a long time for us to be there. That whatever needs to be repaired or replanted or reseeded – there’s no end to the task at hand – it’s just that we need to be there for that. The kind of feeling that accompanies that is a certain gravity, perhaps a little doubt or something similar to whether we’re up to it or not. It feels like there’s a great sacrifice in accepting to be there and giving up perhaps being where it’s more natural for us as beings to reside.

IMG_0882.JPGGreat sadness comes over me with this. With the senselessness of destruction.

Jack: The sadness is for the senseless of the destruction not for your having to stay for a long time, right?

Alfred: Yes. But there is that quality of the task at hand.

It’s like I’m occupying this intermediate position between there still being a residue of identification with that catastrophe or the devastation and the magnitude of having to replant and reseed this planet. But there’s a part that perhaps is seeing it as another job, another assignment you know. I’m not as connected to that now. I was more connected to the review prior to the return – there, it seemed to be more possible to be free of the identification with that and it seemed like it’s part of a machine that needed to be restored or maintained.

It seemed like I appeared in that council at first prematurely, and I was sent back to complete a task and now I’m accepting that – still with a taste of what I’ve been avoiding. It is not yet entirely accepted and yet it is recognized as a total necessity.

It’s almost impossible to not be horrified every time there’s a flashback to that image, to the reality of that battlefield that has no end.

Jack: So you’re being left with something to work with…

Alfred: Yes, that’s right. That’s the strongest impression I’ve been given.

Very similar to Arjuna and Krishna in the Mahabharata except that he was shown Yama being fed all those warriors and spitting them out. I’m just seeing one small part of that cycle.

I’m opening my eyes.

Jack: Yes, it’s pretty close to our usual ending time.

Alfred: There’s a certain kind of achromatic feel – that’s the truth – that’s the reality here in my location. There’s very little green. It feels very achromatic. The trees and sky are grey.

Whereas the impact of what I just experienced was not achromatic. It was very vivid and very colorful and very curt.

And my experience is probably very true for more than one place on this planet at this very second.

[big breath] Any feelings from your side?

Jack: Well, there’s a feeling about the requirement to not react to the devastation.

Alfred: Yes.

Jack: Because there’s a part that doesn’t want the coldness so it’s like a balance that’s required. It’s not a question of becoming cold – although there is a chill – to not react. It’s a kind of balance, kind of a knife-edge of where the feeling needs to be. And somehow a feeling that it’s all very timely, which is not a comfortable feeling.

Alfred: No, it’s not, it’s not. I see exactly where you are pointing. What ordinarily would have registered as indifference is really the expression of impartiality.

Jack: Yes. And acceptance that what you’re looking at is what you’re looking at, without a hint that “It shouldn’t be that way.” Because that’s not the point; the point is: this is what is. It’s very hard for us not to react with, “It shouldn’t be that way.”

Alfred: It shouldn’t be; or you act.

Jack: It just is. And you deal with what is in front of you.

Alfred: And yet there’s a very different kind of fulfillment – it’s not fulfillment – I’m looking for a word – it’s not coming from the reactive part but from the truth of this vision. That the truth has its own purpose.

Jack: Yes.

Alfred: The truthfulness of that and not the action. The action is in the truthfulness of the vision.

It’s actually the lack of success or the correction or the teaching in the session itself that is the teaching – the teaching is within that. I’m shown what is lacking in that approach to that reality. It’s a question of total surrender. And it’s not taught with rebuke but almost cast in the language of inadequacy. It’s not to be judged. Something has not matured enough or not evolved enough.

Jack: Yes, not matured. I think that’s accurate. [pause]

Well… [implication that we’re ending]

Alfred: Yes, let’s see where we emerge next time.


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The Breath Can Touch the Mind

IMG_0100.JPG (Copyright © Jack Cain 2016, text and images)

 [pause as we begin]

Alfred: There’s our beginning.

Jack: Yes. You can feel it, can’t you?

Alfred: A certain chain of transmission.

Jack: Something. Something changes. As if the air is different. As if the atmosphere is different. I also feel it as an expansion as well. Although it’s strange – the words don’t fit exactly. It’s not exactly an expansion either but it’s certainly a departure from the head.

Alfred: It’s the wish to transcend that makes it so clear that there’s nothing to transcend but that there’s more to perceive or receive.

Jack: And don’t you feel as well that there’s a shift in the organs of perception at the same time?

Alfred: Yes, they are less localized in the ears and the eyes

Jack: Less localized in the physical body.

Alfred: They move to the skin, and to the envelope.

Jack: There’s something vital about how you always mention the connection to the breath. There’s something so important there.

Alfred: Exactly. It’s a living question – the question of the breath. It’s clear that it sustains more than just the physical body.

Jack: Yes. And we have clues about that. It’s the same word in Hebrew isn’t it?

Alfred: Yes! You just bring me right back to the lower abdomen with that and to my roots in Hebrew. Neshama. The whole way that the Creator has breathed the soul into Adam.

Jack: Yes and you see it in shamanic traditions – all over – in Egypt too – the ankh being held to the lips.

Alfred: It’s such a direct teaching. The breath is really the breath of the creator. We are given the breath of the creator. We participate in that.

The notions of in-breath and out-breath. The out-breath is not out-breath, it’s breath into another body. [long pause]

There’s a feeling of trust that the body is held, or carried or floated. In a certain way I am both experiencing it floating and seeing it floating.

Jack: Yes, I think there are different sense perceptions at work. They don’t work quite the same way. [pause]

Alfred: There’s a sense of being looked after. [pause]

There’s a kind of patient passing through layers of associations of previous sessions and the mind’s need to know or to draw conclusions about this or that – so it takes time.

Jack: Yes, it seems to take time.

Alfred: So to allow this trust to be lead by feeling – the feeling of trust and being looked after, trusting that. [pause]

Definitely a sense that the head is opening up. The whole perception of vision is no longer vision, it’s a total perception of whatever is going on above and to the sides. The head is very soft and sensitive. There’s a lucidity that is growing. [pause]

The importance of the body that’s lying here breathing is acknowledged but it is no longer the center of experiencing.

Certain feelings of proximity to a source are coming. Longing. Gratitude. [voice shaking]

IMG_0826.JPGA sense that my being abandoned, my being out of touch has been my own obstacle, my own doing. Something has been patiently waiting for me. [pause]

It’s almost like I’m being acknowledged in a way. But also I am instructed not to be taken by the feeling and to pay attention to the whole experience and especially the other parts that are perceiving something that I wasn’t paying attention to. [pause]

There was a feeling in the past that I was directed without knowing it to this cabin as a holy place. [The cabin where Alfred is located during this session.] That feeling came again just now. [pause]

I’m asking for instructions – not in words but inwardly. What is my obligation, my responsibility? I’m being told to just stay present. [pause]

The feeling is that I’m about to be shown or meet some beings that are very dear to me, that I have not seen for a long time, or that are very precious to me. That’s the feeling; I’m not sure if the content is right.

Jack: Yes, I think often you have the feeling first. It makes sense.

Alfred: The feeling intensifies. [voice shaking]

When I was riding today [on the bike] there was a sign, “Invite Jesus to your Christmas.” I’m saying that just now because I thought it was kind of silly when I rode by it, but now I’m very moved by it because there is an image of him that is coming nearer. [pause]

It’s almost as if my mind is not allowing me to perceive him directly. So there are small icons instead of seeing him in the flesh which is what the feeling would suggest.

Jack: Well, once again I think patience is required. [pause]

Alfred: The perception becomes more of a certainty that my circulatory system is much larger than what I know about. As if I’m connected to a much larger system of blood vessels, to a much larger body perhaps. The heart that is beating is very different. That is part of a change of being with him.

Jack: Yes, I think it makes sense that you have to be different if you are with him.

Alfred: I see the obstacle very clearly. For this transformation to take place, I have to give up any idea that I have about anything. Really.

It’s not I who give up. I see that the obstacle, the constrictions are in the mind mostly. The heart is ready to receive.

And yet the heart alone cannot approach him. It’s interesting.

Jack: Yes, that is interesting. So again it may be a question of consciousness, awareness.

Alfred: It’s the instability of something in the mind. Something doesn’t quicken. [pause]

I’m being shown that the breath can touch the mind. [pause]

An opening begins. At the top of the head is a dark sky, a starry sky. No barrier.

[voice shaking] It’s like remorse you know. He’s showing me that he cannot help me when I enclose myself. As if he’s saying, “I cannot find you when you live in your small self.”

He cannot find me. [pause]

He’s saying, “You need not be afraid any more.”

“All that you project outside is inside.”

I actually don’t see him. It’s as if the words are being spoken inside of myself. It’s as if he joins my being, my perception.

He is patiently waiting with me for my distractions to subside, showing me how to let something rise and fall away and still be found again, and again. [pause]

He draws my attention to the body, to my body, which is luminous.

It’s as if I’m asking him… but I know that when it’s over I will not remember any of that and he repeatedly… You see he… it’s in connecting… It’s not that… Just… Everything that he shows me… He shows me that… I need to strengthen my faith, my trust. [pause]

It’s interesting. It’s as if he knows I dread the moment that he’ll be gone and it’s as if he lets me go through this to show me that it’s me who’s gone. It’s so clear that the dread is my own doing. It’s so clear that he is there. He is there. [pause]

Jack: Once again, a teaching.

Alfred: I hear those familiar questions piling up in me like “What if…” and “How do I…” and he just allows all that to subside.

It’s the same benevolent character from Santa Katerina throughout, the same presence. Much more real now as a human being. [Referring to one of the first sessions that involved the monastery of Santa Katerina at the foot of Mount Sinai.]

It’s so clear that there’s no end to this but there’s a part of me that wishes to end it or doubts its ability to receive it. [pause]

I think there’s a certain way in which that luminosity in the body which has come to the fore again, the body’s larger dimension, and its porousness are meant to be a mark. I am recognizing not so much the need for this but my limitation. I’m given that sensation for future reference. Like a thread. Very clear that this is not the destination. It’s the condition from which I can meet him. It’s so clear. [pause]

I can see how my greediness prevents me from fully perceiving this. I have to let go of it and accept that this will come to an end and allow whatever he’s giving me to be fully, fully realized.

It’s that golden quality of the body. Gold and luminous. With a particular concentration between the eyes but spread all over the body. [pause]

03-gold-flower-img_3424The physical body is contained within the envelope of light. There is no contradiction but simply a difference in density. The physical body gradually makes itself more prominent while there is still a sensitivity to the larger envelope. [pause]

The greatest change is accepting… again and again accepting those two natures. [pause] [audible breath out]

I felt that this is an absolutely necessary session following last week’s session [The Altar of Gold] because there’s something that was not received entirely in the last session. There was an urgency to receive this. From where I am now – which is more my ordinary state – the last session presented a demand for service, for participating in something much beyond myself. And in today’s session I’m receiving something that feels like it could build a capacity to be of service in a way that I could not last week.

Jack: Well, they’re both very important.

Alfred: Yes.

I wanted to tell you after the last session that there’s still too much of me in that whole process.

Jack: Maybe.

Alfred: And now in this session, it felt like the direction was to make a clear distinction between ordinary association, speculation and direct experience. Direct experience is more what happened today.

Jack: It’s a kind of integration too I think. Something is being integrated. That image of the altar was so powerful.

Alfred: Yes.

And the kneeling circle of blue beings.

Jack: Yes, that too.

The two sessions go together; they’re a pair.


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The Altar of Gold

 01-cactus-map-img_8854(Copyright © Jack Cain 2016, text and images)

 Alfred: So perhaps we can just let ourselves connect in the way that is sometimes possible.

Jack: Yes, we just need to allow some time now for that to happen. [pause]

Alfred: There is a sensation of the whole body being like an arc – a link between heaven and earth – an actual channel. [pause]

It seems that I need to be closer to the back and to the breathing because there are those little snippets of distractions – images, names and so on. I’m not fixating on that flow of fragments. [pause]

The body opens up from the back and is sensed as having much more of a vibratory presence – as if it’s part of a much larger entity. It is also much more sensitive. [pause]

Something is tuning in to a different source.

Jack: Yes. That connection becomes more predominant.

Alfred: Yes.

A sense of the body being entirely free of the oppression of the mind. It is resonating.

And there is a certain darkness that is very alive. [long pause]

There’s a kind of a sense of an image of some light piercing through darkness. Some vehicles or beings.

The mind is not relaxed enough yet. It tries to take over and interpret. [pause]

There’s a growing wish for guidance.

There’s a process in which the darkness is being digested. It’s a substance that is being metabolized. It is coming in through the breath, or entering this organism in some way and it is being transformed into something. [pause]

It’s like every breath is contributing to a sense of movement within this dark substance. Dark and still – like a living substance. A living silence in which something is taking place. A certain coming together. [pause]

I’m operating now in an environment where different forms are beginning to emerge – various shapes of equipment which are largely gold or gold colored. [pause]

The forms are dream-like and very elusive. I need to stay very close to the breath and to what’s going on. I can see the need for that. Otherwise there are only fragments that are not intelligible.

Jack: A type of focusing isn’t it?

Alfred: Yes, but lightly and yet very consistent – a certain way of staying close without tensing.

Jack: Ah, I see.

Alfred: Almost like I’m finding now what’s needed is a certain kind of care, some feeling for it, otherwise it’s very abstract. I need to recognize that something is needed from me. I need to take care. It’s like a living thing. [pause]

I need a certain care, a certain feeling for this body that is resting here. And with that there comes immediately a care for all bodies. [pause]

Taking care that there’s a wish to allow life to move through – unobstructed. [pause]

With that, it seems as if there is more access to that gold. I’m calling it the “gold control room.” Access is more possible. It’s as if the access is not available as long as that care, that sensitivity to the purpose of what is taking place is not present. Access is barred unless I surrender to serving something.

With that, it’s like an entrance to a treasure room. It’s all filled with gold.

02-yellow-flower-img_3393There is some equipment or a machine that is made of solid gold. That is what it appears to be. It has shiny buttons that look like precious stones. There’s a very squarish feel to it like an altar. It’s not the material that is overwhelming, it’s the vibration that it emanates. Clearly it’s a center of energy for some type of activity.

Kneeling next to me are others who are blues. They are there to receive or participate in something. There’s a shape – perhaps a cross shape? Not clear. [pause]

Being in the presence of that altar requires one to be very quiet and very submissive, obedient, respectful or else the purpose of what is taking place is lost. [long pause]

The material of my body and of my mind seem too coarse to be resonating with this super bright intense vibration but the requirement is to stay with that vibrational discrepancy. [long pause]

Distracted and then returning.

Jack: Yes, it’s very demanding.

Alfred: It’s so clear that what has to be given up is any sense of separateness. [pause]

It feels like there’s a lot at stake. Everybody around in the circle has to reach a certain level. So it’s a collaborative effort to elevate everybody to that level. Nothing can take place till everybody reaches it. [pause]

There’s a very simple teaching flowing through this. All those areas of impurity or density are revealed in the body and in the depths. As they become visible they dissolve into that golden light that seems to emanate like a substance. Especially around the solar plexus there’s a density that is more difficult to dissolve but it’s clearly present to the perception. It’s so clear that the relaxation we talked about is not anything like we thought but more like a much finer substance being substituted for a coarser one. [long pause]

Through guidance there is such an abundance of generosity in allowing me to get lost and to be found again with no repercussions or judgment.

The body is transformed into a golden volume, a golden content. As if something is being poured into it. Almost as if the whole shape is now becoming full of that real, substantial gold. But perhaps it’s a very high vibration or type of material that is experienced as gold. It feels very substantial.

There’s a kind of association to a pharaonic gold statue.

I’m being shown the whole circle of my kin. They are gold. They are transformed. They are kneeling – still in the same position.

We all have featureless bodies. There are no faces. Just shapes. There’s no real distinction between people but I know that these are my kin.

It seems like something in that altar – its quality or intensity – is diminishing gradually. [pause]

[sneeze] It’s a familiar sneeze with me that indicates an opening of the passageways but it feels like an opening of the heart that begins to feel deep gratitude.

Jack: Yes. Deep gratitude seems very right. Very fitting.

Alfred: As the scene begins to fade, there is also a change in the goldness of that experience of the whole organism, of the whole body. It’s more dim, but still present. [pause]

The ribcage is beginning to take its more usual physical configuration. It seems like it was made of a different substance altogether until now. And the breath now seems to be more the earthly breath – the bringing in of air. And the body of flesh seems to be gradually… There’s a way in which it still has a different resonance and a different coloration, but its usual qualities are becoming more prominent – its tensions and I would say its weight or mass. It seems like I’m being led back to my ordinary existence with a trace left – not so much a trace actually – a certain vibration, a certain awareness, a sensitivity to an entirely different quality that this body of flesh is part of. The part for the physical body is essential but quite small.

Jack: You mean its role is quite small?

Alfred: It’s essential. It’s a portal. It’s not possible to go through what I’ve been through without it. It acts as an access point but it doesn’t have much importance beyond that. [pause]

I feel that it’s very important for both you and me to be very attentive to this return. It is like leaving something open which cannot intentionally be left open. What I’ve called in the past bookmarks, or markers or… just a taste that the body is not… what I call the physical body is in the unknown. It doesn’t play the part I assume it plays even when I… I think it’s a mystery. I don’t want to say more…

Jack: I think it’s good not to say too much but it is a type of recognition. A type of understanding also I think.

Because we’re approaching the darkest day of the year, there’s something very significant about the timing of this session. I was feeling that through the whole session. In previous sessions there has been this same kind of contact you might say… But not at this level. It seems to be an entirely new level.

Alfred: Yes.

Jack: And also there is something very special about this time. And maybe also not just the time of year but also the time of…

Alfred: This planet.

Jack: Yes, I don’t know how to say it but there’s something very special going on and I think this is somehow related.

Alfred: Just one more word before we stop – the sense of darkness as a substance that is actually a kind of nutriment was very clear and powerful while I was still quite unfocused and unattuned. It came in very strongly – almost like a substance that was breathed in. And it was transformative.

Jack: I think it’s so important to say what you just said about that because we have such associations with the word “darkness” and this is an entirely different darkness.

Alfred: I wanted to tell you then that it was a darkness with absolutely no fear

Jack: Right. Because it was nourishing. And this whole dyad of the darkness and the light – it’s as if that dyad is transformed into gold.

Alfred: Yes. It brings tears what you just said.

Jack: Yes, I feel it too.

Alfred: I send you a hug over the wires – my brother from another mother.

Jack: Well put. That is the feeling.


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Planetary Signs and Universal Perspectives

(Copyright © Jack Cain 2016, text and images)

01-flower-in-hand-img_8044 Alfred: A sense of benevolence – a feeling of benevolence that is turned towards you and me.

Jack: Yes. It’s wonderful that word benevolence – very gentle but very powerful. [pause]

Alfred: There is a very specific guidance to the heart and to the opening of the heart.

Jack: Great!

Alfred: It means being with all this constriction around the heart without changing anything – just allowing that to be as it is. But also without regarding it as an obstacle or a barrier.

Earlier I had this notion, which came to me a couple of times recently that what I consider a barrier or an obstacle is a medium leading to whatever it is that I actually experience as being obstructed. The obstacle is in contact with whatever it is that wishes to be known on the other side of it.

Jack: Yes, it’s very important.

And the body is such an instrument to allow that to take place. So helpful. [pause]

Alfred: It feels like a very pleasant warmth and light are making contact with the skin. The top of the body is allowing that, actually allowing the penetration of a bright and golden light. [pause]

There was a kind of sleepiness for a minute which is familiar. It is not sleepiness but as if a transition took place and now I am seeing an upright movement – people are moving, bipeds. They seem to be blue humanoids.

They have a kind of interesting walk as if they’re in a low gravity area.

Jack: Ah, I see – a different kind of walk.

Alfred: Yes, much lighter and longer steps – more like floating steps. I see them walking on a platform – as if there’s some activity that they’re involved in. [pause]

Now a south seas image, a Polynesian kind of scenery with a hut and some of those voluptuous women. It isn’t clear.

Jack: So two very different scenes.

Alfred: Very different scenes.

Jack: Well, I think it’s always good to just go with what you feel attracted to.

Alfred: Yes. What it feels like is that perhaps it’s an indication of a location.

Jack: I see.

Alfred: Like an island. [pause]

There’s a certain constriction – like fear. Dread perhaps. Fear of immersing myself in that scene. [pause]

Now something is more relaxed around the solar plexus.

Jack: Is the platform still in the picture?

Alfred: There’s a certain appreciation of the beauty of that place – that Pacific island – a peaceful existence.

I think there’s a shrine there.

Jack: I see.

Alfred: And I think that the purpose of my being there is that, in some way, I’m serving some function in that shrine. Now I can see different objects and, in particular, relief carving on what seems to be an altar or some very elaborate structure. There’s an elevated altar or a place where it’s someone’s function to intermediate or to act as a priest or a high priest. Someone who is taking his place.

I think it’s primarily of wood not of stone – it feels like wood carving.

There’s a certain joy in being in that place – a sense of purpose. I think the blues that came in the beginning are making their connection known by way of an intermediary – meaning me being the intermediary. So it’s not entirely unrelated. I don’t think I’m making up the connection.

Jack: Yes, it makes sense.

Alfred: I’m kind of transmitting and receiving with those blue brethren or masters for the locals. [pause]

It’s interesting – it feels like I need to take my time to receive something here but also it parallels a process of being in that particular sacred space there on that island. There is the need to allow something to be received without falling for surface appearances or distraction… There must be no pressure and a really total need for sincerity. [pause]

Something in me wishes to say that it’s preparation for a visit by those blue brothers to that location. I’m in the process of preparing for their arrival. Perhaps preparing certain conditions for their visit. [pause]

It’s clear now that the location is very significant – that particular island. I can almost see a fault line at the bottom of the ocean. This is a key location in terms of the vulnerability of the planet.

So there’s a reason why this effort is taking place – to either assess or repair something – like a deep underwater volcanic kind of activity. [pause]

I think at this point there is a very intimate kind of presence of a bunch of them. I see blue arms next to me at a design table. There is some kind of calculation going on and a certain seriousness around the using of computer-type equipment or machinery to assess with great severity the potential for an eruption.

I can’t see myself clearly but I could equally be one of the blue beings. I see very clearly blue arms with something like bracelets. They are holding instruments – very much prehensile and with a hand that’s very similar to ours.

Jack: Very serious work going on.

Alfred: Yes. Very deliberate and very timely in the sense that there’s an urgency. A lot depends on the assessment of whether this is more like regular activity of that volcanic fault line or whether it requires some preventive measures or a rescue mission.

02-red-burst-img_7997Jack: So everyone is concentrated on the problem at hand…

Alfred: Yes. And also there’s a kind of lack of surprise – as if that fault line is a troublesome spot that has been causing that concern for a while. It was almost anticipated that something could happen. And they are there to preempt or to take whatever measures are necessary.

You know, I am having the same difficulty that I had previously in that exact same situation. Having lived among those islanders, I find that I am much more attached there than are my blue brothers. I am having great difficulty in seeing and fully absorbing what needs to happen. Difficulty letting go and taking the measures that are needed from a planetary and maybe more universal perspective. A perspective that my brothers are realizing. [pause]

It’s very interesting to absorb their attitude in that perspective. I’m saying that because I’m observing not just one person in particular but the kind of conversation that is taking place. It is very impartial and objective and takes the islanders as one factor among many others that I’m not familiar with. It’s a perspective that is well-versed in that they’re not at all having feelings about that particular location but are looking at the impact on other things. They are, I would say, unsurprised and are ready to finish the mission.

Jack: Hmm!

Alfred: As in, “OK, brother, get your stuff. We’re getting the hell out of here.”

Jack: [laughs]

Alfred: Unlike them, I’m in a very different place in relation to that island. And maybe there was even a woman that I was with or connected to. Sadness comes in. Attachment perhaps. [emotion in the voice]

Jack: It’s very hard.

Alfred: Children. And an existence. A life that… At least I played a role there. That kind of being stuck. [pause]

What appeared to be possible preemptive measures not yet in the present begins now to look more like very high waves that are beginning to appear on the island. [pause]

I think that’s the core of what I’m experiencing about the urgency. Once we were off, I felt the urgency to evacuate. And that is now more visible because the waves are rising above the shoreline. This affirms something that I did not entirely believe because of my attachment to the existence I had there. It’s very compelling.

Jack: So where do you find yourself to be then? With your blue brothers?

Alfred: Yes. With them. There are not even farewells. It feels very uneventful in a way. I’m back in some space that might be a spaceship or… some place where I’m with them.

It’s almost as if time has not passed. I’m with them as I always have been. And there’s no looking back. It’s very abrupt in a way.

There was a moment of clarity when that was communicated and I was not lingering on all the difficulties. In previous sessions, we had long goodbyes with children and family and friends that were excruciating. This one was very clear and very quick.

Jack: Very interesting… You were able to let go of the attachment more quickly.

Alfred: Yes. Yes. Without confusion and without…

Jack: Without confusion and without going over and over it.

Alfred: Also the presence of the blue brothers seems so natural and so spontaneous and present. I mean it’s as if we were a work team and I was rejoining it.

Jack: And there’s a feeling in that too isn’t there? – A camaraderie or whatever you want to call it.

Alfred: Yes. Yes. My reasoning was not different in any significant way from their reasoning. Their conclusion was my conclusion. There’s not much of a felt conflict in that.

Jack: And there wasn’t really a choice either was there? There was nothing to be done.

Alfred: Jack, what is really striking also is that it was so clear that this place was troubled and, as anticipated, trouble erupted and it was time to go and leave it to whatever forces were active in that situation. It wasn’t personal at all.

Jack: So it was not appropriate to intervene.

Alfred: Right. It’s interesting that I had images of a fault line at the bottom of the ocean with red, hot, molten lava coming through it. I’ve seen those underwater eruptions on some documentary. It was very vivid. It was vivid also and it was clear that it was part of the whole re-balancing of that planet – that there was something severely out of balance with that planet that is now righting itself in that way.

Jack: So it was a natural requirement in a way.

Alfred: Yes. Yes. It’s almost like there was nothing to intervene in. It was happening in a lawful way. The delegation or the group that arrived and that I had prepared for engaged in deliberations which I was present at and everyone was simply satisfied with the process. It was only required for us to disappear or leave. There was nothing else for us to do there. [pause]

It sounds like I’ve tailored a very compact session.

Jack: Yes, yes, it’s pretty compact. It’s a very clear picture of non-interference in the natural progress of events.

Alfred: Yes. I was not at all preoccupied. You know… just before we stop… because I will have to go… I wanted to share with you that there was this micro-earthquake in Japan that triggered a relatively mild tsunami.

Jack: Ah. I didn’t know about that.

Alfred: Yes, there was one and actually Fukushima and that area of eastern Japan was affected. I found myself so triggered by that and then, by mistake or not by mistake, it sent me to some links for the 2011 big tsunami. The images – I couldn’t tear my eyes off them. I was following them with a kind of dread and anticipation. It wasn’t clear for a second whether it was past or future. There’s something about that repeated tsunami there… The warning signs are everywhere

Jack: Yes.

Alfred: And we’re not heeding them.


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Slave Ships

01-dark-crossing-img_6680(Copyright © Jack Cain 2016, text and images)

 Alfred: We often speak about the parts as separate but also each part, each center wishes to reunite and senses that possibility. I’m very aware of that now. And the wish to serve as well.

Jack: Yes. And as you say – the relationship among the centers of the planetary body and then the relationship of all that to another level above us that has a finer vibration.

Alfred: Yes.

Jack: And I think it’s possible at times to be aware when a new level of vibration enters. Then it’s possible for something else to be supported.

Alfred: Yes, it almost announces itself by a certain clearing in the forehead.

Jack: Yes, that’s been kind of a key hasn’t it? – that area.

Alfred: There’s a certain clarity. Something becomes broader in perspective. [pause]

It’s a very specific – an awareness of something being not quite ready to receive. It doesn’t require action but it does require awareness. A being with.

Jack: Yes, I’m more and more convinced we have to be careful that a kind of impatience doesn’t enter. This was true also with my session with Carlos. We waited 10 minutes before anything was possible. That was a different session and it doesn’t mean it’s the same now but it does require a kind of patience. [pause]

Alfred: There’s a certain way in which the body vanishes – the materiality of the body is no longer its familiar materiality. For a minute it was an empty space as I tried to visualize it in my ordinary way and it was no longer here – almost invisible to ordinary sight. Very interesting and startling. As if it has become much more spiritualized or saturated with… [pause]

Jack: Yes, I think just as the mind, the ordinary associative mind, has to step aside a little, so too does the body. The physical has to do the same. As if the planetary parts have to step aside. [pause]

Alfred: There was a quick perspective of the planet from an elevated point – like a satellite perspective on what appears to be the Earth. Blue oceans and green continents. Almost like a globe.

Jack: Good. We’ve seen a number of times how sometimes you get a quick image. It’s just a brief thing but it’s part of the whole picture.

Alfred: I dismissed it a little bit because it seemed so pristine and so pure. It’s as if the planet had just been created. Tabula rasa. Before calamities, before pollution. As if that’s the precondition.

Jack: I’d just like to point out that it’s possible that it’s the future. We’re so immersed in pessimism.

Alfred: Yes. Yes.

Jack: There are some indications that a real cleanup is going to take place.

Alfred: Yes. We’ve been through a number of cleanups in our sessions.

Jack: Yes. Exactly.

Alfred: But what you just said opened that perspective and seems very valid, very true. [pause]

There’s a kind of an impulse of love that is evoked by that you know.

Jack: Yes.

Alfred: I noticed that.

Jack: Yes, that’s what’s required. Part of what’s required. Or – maybe everything. Maybe that’s all that’s required.

Alfred: There was a certain manifestation of love toward this planet that felt personal in a way. It feels like something needs to deepen around that because the understanding is very partial. [pause]

A very moving and very sad realization. A certain perspective of what appears to be slave boats. As if I’m given to see some ocean crossing boats loaded with slaves. That’s what appeared. Black. African. They look like tribesmen. It’s very hard. It’s from high above. It’s massive traffic. Large ships. People are completely crowding the top decks. I’m not even sure they are sailing ships – they could be rowing vessels. It’s hard to tell. I just saw an ocean with those boats.

And it looks like that corner of west Africa – like Ivory Coast – those places that I know in my mind and I have seen those ports from which the slave ships were launched. [pause]

02-dripping-rust-img_6319Great sadness is accompanying that. There’s almost a sense of a continent being emptied out. Or huge parts of Africa being completely devastated by that. [pause]

I only heard my answer to the question about how I have arrived here and I say “by ship.” Also a view as if from a crow’s nest of a ship like that. So it’s not entirely from up above but it now becomes more like as if I’m on a ship in a crow’s nest on one of those slave ships. Or maybe on a different ship but close to that scene.

There is a certain density of grief. And sadness. So dense it is almost unbearable. It surrounds those ships as they travel. It’s like darkness.

Jack: Terrible.

Alfred: I’m almost paralyzed by that.

There’s kind of an orientation towards a light – as everything is lost. A kind of refusal to become completely submerged by this darkness and by this dense grief. Something turns to the higher, turns upward. [pause]

I think I was refusing – refusing or skeptical – or on the threshold of actually recognizing that I might be one of those slaves on board. Or one of those people captured. I’m extrapolating from the sense of grief that I’m so immersed in.

Jack: Well, let’s just see what emerges. It will probably become clearer.

Alfred: There was a moment when I was ready to put an end to my life. But I probably couldn’t because it felt like I was either tied up or not at liberty to do that. And yet everything in me wished to not be alive. Then suddenly, an orientation for a prayer. [pause]

With that the heart opened up a bit. [pause]

I feel as if I’m supported on both sides. I’m trying to walk but I have no strength. [pause]

There are beings of light supporting me on both sides. I have an arm around each one. They are taking my weight because my legs cannot carry me fully.

Now it’s much clearer that I may have died to the previous situation. I am quite present to the transition. It was such a welcome relief as I trust that the light has come to claim me.

I don’t know. I couldn’t witness it directly. As if I was rowing, positioned at an oar on those ships. It feels like I may have been shackled but that I was able to make my leap into the water or in some way putting an end to it, while having great faith that there is something else. It may not matter now but it feels like the transition was a great freedom.

Jack: Yes. I think that’s the important point – that it was a great freedom.

Alfred: Yes, and there’s a great sense of being loved and welcomed on the other side of that.

It’s perhaps not so much the being carried or the lack of force in the legs – that’s more like an ordinary projection. It’s more like I’m being carried up, being guided by those two beings, one on each side. Towards some destination. Completely trusting that and feeling a sense of well-being.

It’s not that I know what the shape of those beings are – it’s like I’m part of those beings and there are no clear boundaries. I am clearly part of other beings like myself who are of the light. [pause]

03-touching-sky-img_3950There’s a certain glimpse of that ocean again. The blueness of it. Perhaps there’s a more recent association as to how it is being crossed again and again by this type of ship. More currently like those refugee boats, you know. People are dying all the time as they’re attempting to make a crossing.

Jack: Right.

Alfred: Great sadness. But it feels almost like that movement has a certain regularity. Like a periodic movement which keeps happening. [pause]

Jack: Can you say where you feel yourself to be right now?

Alfred: What I was aware of is a certain flatness – a certain lack of feeling that feels defensive or blocked. It feels like a refusal to accept or feel the feeling fully.

Jack: The feeling of sadness you mean?

Alfred: Sadness and terror and the feeling that a part of being perhaps that slave or a refugee on one of those boats… A kind of fear… And there’s something about the rejection of that invitation to know it more fully that is blocking a certain transformation. But that’s not something I can do – I can see the refusal of this otherness. It seems to be otherness rather than something that is me.

But there’s a much deeper perspective here as if I’m given this experience of how unbearable that is and at the same time absolutely necessary to surrender fully to that feeling. That lack of surrender is at the core of those boats. And that devastation repeating itself again and again you know. [pause]

Something is relaxing in the forehead in response to that.

Jack: Ah. That sounds good.

Alfred: It’s like some direct lesson that I’m understanding. How this type of cruelty cannot be inflicted when one feels the other fully.

Jack: Yes.

Alfred: I’m reminded of the train operators on the Auschwitz trains who had to be completely drunk 24/7 to be able to do that. [pause]

There’s something about the terror of our situation that is becoming so clear – about how our most important commonality is being human. Anything else is really irrelevant. How horrifying it is – what’s happening here on this planet. [pause]

I am being reminded of the importance of being close to sensation.

Jack: Yes, I do think something is required right now. I have no idea what it is but it just feels like something is being required of you. [pause]

Alfred: Something about the vitality of the body and how essential it is and how unique it is. And how limited the available time is in order to allow something to transform. It becomes very directly known now.

I think that perhaps I’m the sole survivor of that slave ship. For some reason, something has matured in me whereas with others it didn’t. I’m not sure what that is about but… While I was witnessing the transition, others may have gone down with the ship. What do I know about others anyway but… There’s a certain kind of direct evidence of witnessing the passage. And it was very important because I don’t think I had any distinction. Maybe that’s part of my ego that had difficulty accepting that I may have been just a villager and a slave captured and had no particular merit. And yet prayer was available. [pause]

It’s very interesting that I can still follow the journey and I’m fairly confident that I haven’t imagined it. There is a destination for those light bodies and I’m part of that. We move into a kind of gathering place where all is clear – where there are no distinctions in class or color or… I think that’s the part that made the horror of what is taking place on this planet so much more profound. That here we can recognize what unites us and that we have never been separate. [pause]

Jack: It’s interesting how it’s so clear in that circumstance and so unclear when we’re immersed in ordinary life.

Alfred: Exactly.

You know, breathing came to me too as another aspect of where our commonality is. That the breath is another common element that unites us… not only with fellow human beings but also with planets and animals and everything that breathes.

There was another image of the planet in its pristine form. It’s really gorgeous. It’s so pure. It’s like an unspoiled Caribbean beach you know – those golden sands and turquoise waters. It’s shimmering like a just-born planet. Or a just-cleansed planet. Full of promise. [pause]

I feel like the instruction has more or less ended. The summary with that closing image of the planet is like a conclusion. I’m trying not to indulge myself in whatever I learned today but more leaving that for a later conversation.

Jack: Yes, it’s often true I find that when an initial image comes back it’s an indication of a completion of some kind, of having made the complete journey back to the beginning.

Alfred: Yes, yes. And what you said earlier about the future was a very good and is a helpful way of eliminating the notion of linear time. Perhaps what I was living through was exactly that cleansing. We went through a number of deluges and cataclysms in previous sessions. This felt more personal rather than planetary.

Jack: But, as you say, it is a teaching that is applicable to more than just yourself while being illustrated by your own experience.

Alfred: Yes. The kernel of the experience is the same teaching: an absolute necessity for a total surrender.

Jack: Somehow this vision of the planet is connected for me with a session a few years ago where the person was told that yes the planet is polluted but it can all be cleaned up in hours. Very quickly.

Alfred: Yes, the cosmic cleanup team.

Jack: Yes, if it’s done from the right level it’s a totally different thing. From the human level of course it can’t be done. It’s at the point where something has to be done above the human level in order to correct it. We were told in that session that it was quite possible and also in your session – The Cosmic Cleanup Team.

Alfred: I remember very distinctly that the way that the cleansing team was cleansing those sites of disasters and contamination was through a special form of breathing. Which is perhaps a much more evolved form of Tonglen.

Jack: Well, it’s a little shorter than some of our sessions Alfred, but it feels like we need to break now and perhaps get some rest.

Alfred: It feels quite complete, yes.


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