Repairing Time Lines

(Copyright © Jack Cain 2017, text and images)

 [Standard induction; suggestion to visit an initial “safe place.”]

[Note regarding toxins: Earlier in her life, Nadyezhda experienced exposure to corrosive chemicals that were similar in effect to the napalm used in Vietnam. And currently she is also working to release heavy metal toxins from vaccines. Her father was an American soldier in Vietnam.]

Jack: So, Nadyezhda, maybe you could say where you find yourself to be right now.

Nadyezhda: I’m sitting on the side of the waterfall in the Alps where I was last year. The sky is blue. And I hear the roar of the waterfall and the intense energy of the air around the waterfall. I’m alone but I’m not alone – there are no people – but I’m with nature.

Jack: Yes. So you feel that connection to the natural world.

Nadyezhda: Yes.

Jack: Because of the waterfall and its power. It’s good to stay there at the beginning. Great beginning! To be there in that very special environment. Especially being aware of the quality of the energy that’s coming from the waterfall. And you’re close enough that some of that atmosphere can be breathed in; some of it can just influence you from a distance. It’s good to be under the influence of that. It has an impact on the body and on the mind as well. Being there and feeling that something is beginning to take place as a result of that choice of place which of course is entirely from your own subconscious mind – it chose to begin there. It’s a good place to begin in order to establish a kind of ground, a kind of solidity to whatever we might go on to next.

Nadyezhda: Yes, it can wash everything away. The toxins, the old black stuff. It’s a spiritual energy too.

Jack: Do you get any closer to the waterfall? What happens next?

Nadyezhda: I’ve gone into the water. How could I resist?

Jack: Ah, that’s what I was hoping. So then it’s literal that something is being washed away? Actual.

Nadyezhda: In many ways – washing it away. [big breath out]

Jack: Good to feel the materiality of that – that actual substances are being washed away from you. Especially the current detox you’re doing right now. But perhaps others too; some that are perhaps still unknown, that need to depart. Of course that waterfall is capable of that. There’s a lot of force in the water. Strength is there. And the water is very alive; full of energy. [pause]

Taking your time. Some other important change may take place. [pause]

There also needs to be a sufficient amount of time for that process of cleansing to be accomplished.

Nadyezhda: And it’s nice – it’s not only the water, but it’s the light reflecting in the water droplets.

Jack: Good.

Nadyezhda: So it’s a light infusion.

Jack: Yes. Each drop has its own light.

And I think you can feel as well that the penetration is very deep – even though you have skin and so forth, the light can penetrate very deeply into the body, into the cellular structures of the body so that there’s a cleansing taking place throughout the whole physical body.

Nadyezhda: I’m sitting there by the waterfall but the waterfall is the length of the mountain. And I’m thinking that my body is small but the higher levels of my being are as long as the waterfall, as tall as the mountain. And it’s washing through all the layers.

And, of course it’s vertical so from the top to the bottom, to the root.

Jack: Yes, I think it’s good that you feel that all the different layers of the body – even those that are energetic – those that have connections to the spiritual parts we were speaking of before the session – all those parts are being touched in this process.

Nadyezhda: And all the toxins, whether literal or metaphorical, when they’re washed out they are reclaimed by the earth. The earth can process them.

Jack: Yes. Substances are being returned to where they belong – in the earth instead of in your body. [pause]

Let’s just see what the next important thing is that needs to appear. Although we don’t want to rush the process either – it may take some time to actually complete it because this has been a long-standing issue with your body – the toxins have been very deeply embedded. It can take some time to change the etheric structures behind the physical so that any kind of scar tissue has the potential to be re-formed as the body replaces cells in the natural process of living.

Nadyezhda: Yes, all of the tissues can be re-claimed and re-oriented on the energetic level.

Jack: Yes, exactly. Sometimes it’s helpful to be aware of the breathing because there is a kind of transformation connected to that circulation. This circle of contact with inside and outside. The breathing in of material from the outside and the breathing out of toxins and anything that doesn’t belong.

Nadyezhda: I feel it’s important to move on.

Jack: Yes, I think we need to keep going. I just didn’t want to rush that process.

I think it would be good to move on to some other element that is also needing information, or some new point of view.

At the beginning I asked that we have some help from other levels – it could be now that there would be someone or something that would appear to show some of the next steps that Nadyezhda needs to engage in in this life that’s unfolding. In the area of being in different places, in the area of professional work – there are several areas. Let’s just see if you could feel that a transition is being made now to something else that needs to be seen or experienced. One, two, three.  

Nadyezhda: I start to get a sense of the obstacles. The energetic imprint of obstacles. And then the waterfall can wash them away. And that’s good.

But then there’s a hawk circling on the mountainside. He’s going around. Maybe the hawk can lead me somewhere.

Jack: Yes, you might want to address him.

Nadyezhda: Can this be the kind of hawk that you use for hunting?

“I’ll come and sit on your hand and then we’ll find…”

Well, I won’t ask this hawk to hunt a fox for me but we’ll go somewhere.

Jack: Yes, you can use him to help you go somewhere. Absolutely.

Nadyezhda: I’m looking at his beautiful golden eyes.

Jack: Yes and the hawk has a reputation to be able to see very far and clearly.

Nadyezhda: What a nice thing.

So then I’m asking him, “Can I hang onto your claws while we fly down the mountainside?” And I think we can do that.

Jack: Sure. He can carry you. [pause]

So let’s just see where he takes you. What needs to be seen and experienced?

Nadyezhda: I think we’re going back to this little house that was in a previous session. It was also in the Alps but in Switzerland. We’re going back to this little log cabin where I would have a fire in front of the cabin.

I’m going into the cabin.

I feel like there’s a dark person in the cabin. He’s there. He was there in the last session but we went in a different direction last time. And now there’s this dark figure again.

Jack: Well, see how you feel. Maybe it’s time to have a meeting with that dark character. Just see what feels right.

Nadyezhda: I feel like it might be my father. He was a pretty dark character.

Jack: There may be some exchange necessary in order to settle some old business. And you know that you’re protected so you can have an exchange.

Nadyezhda: I ask the hawk to wait for me outside the cabin on a stand. I’m anxious for him; like he lives with me.

Then I can go into the cabin and I’m supposed to have a dialogue with this person.

I say to my unconscious, “Well, just show me a way.

Jack: Yes. Just ask.

Nadyezhda: So now I have to have a dialogue with a shadow. He’s a shadow. He’s like a ghost. He’s not himself. Because his soul was taken away in Vietnam. He’s a hungry ghost.

[big sigh] OK. I’m face to face with a hungry ghost. But I’m not afraid and I have resources and I have dialogue.

Jack: Yes, you have resources. You can call on whomever you need to help. But it’s the dialogue that’s important.

Nadyezhda: My hawk is waiting for me.

Now I have to ask why are we here and what needs to happen.

Jack: You’re operating from a very different place from what the shadow is. You have resources. There may be something you can do to help this hungry ghost be less hungry or to move on in some way.

Nadyezhda: I feel like it’s a profound ghost. It’s not only my father. It’s also parts of myself. It’s also people in Vietnam. Who were murdered. Children. All of this history. Like the girl with napalm. I was the girl with napalm. [referring to her accident with corrosive chemicals]

Jack: So just ask for whatever helpful resource is appropriate and needed by you in this situation – not just what concerns your father. Sometimes a way of visualizing it is a line of people who were subjected to the same thing. So there’s an actual line of connections and once some healing begins to take place in one part of the line it can spread to others. You don’t have to heal the whole line but you can heal a part. And the natural person is your father whom you have a connection with. At least starting there something can begin to change.

Nadyezhda: I light an oil lamp. That helps.

Jack: Good. Excellent.

Nadyezhda: Yes, I can start to feel the suffering.

Jack: Bringing light to the situation is what is needed.

Nadyezhda: Because it’s dark inside the cabin, it’s a shadowy energy so the light there helps.

Maybe I can say an incantation again to dispel all the suffering.

Jack: Yes.

Nadyezhda: It’s a lot of suffering. The pain – things that have happened that are unresolved. The damages are lingering. [big sigh] And it’s shared – it’s not only one person. But my father’s there – he’s the physical manifestation of all of this. He’s the ghost I see sitting in front of me.

Jack: Something is needed to begin to dissipate this suffering. See what it is that you’re provided with. [pause]

Nadyezhda: Well, the first thing I do is make a food offering. Like the Chinese offer food at the hungry ghost festival. I’m putting out a little cake. He can’t eat it because he’s a ghost but it’s an energetic offering.

Jack: Yes, it’s an energetic offering.

Nadyezhda: I can light more candles. I can light a hundred candles at once.

On my side of the room the candles are all around me and behind me. On the other side of the room where he’s sitting, all is dark. My side is all light and the other half is all dark.

Jack: Maybe you need to invite him into the light…

Nadyezhda: Maybe. We’ll see.

I think I have to intensify the light… And the warmth.

Ah! [big breath] Now the people from Vietnam are there in the room too. They need to be brought to the light.

He never told us what he did. He never told us. It doesn’t matter but…

Jack: But you’re seeing it…

Nadyezhda: The other ghosts are there; even the napalm girl from the pictures. And I see another man, an adult man. I’m apologizing – in whatever capacity I can. I’m apologizing and I make the offering to them too.

My father is sitting down. He’s so blank. He’s so not there. I can almost feel more the humanity of this girl and the man who are there. And so my intention is more with them.

Jack: That’s fine. Maybe that has to happen first before you can help your father… We don’t know. We don’t know how it will unfold.

Nadyezhda: I feel I can embrace the girl, and console her, make her feel better. Yes, these other people are communicating with me more. They’re talking with me. I don’t know what they’re saying but they’re giving me their attention. My father is just not there. He’s gone. All gone. But they are trying to reach me.

Jack: Fine.

Nadyezhda: I’m just trying to soothe that girl.

Jack: That’s good. She needs that. Yes.

Nadyezhda: And I give her a cake to eat because she’s still more like a human and not a ghost. She can eat it. I stroke her hair and hold her.

Jack: Good.

Nadyezhda: [big breath] I can see the napalm burns on her back. I put my hands on them.

Jack: And she’s responding to you?

Nadyezhda: This is what she wants. Yes. She doesn’t say anything but she’s there.

Jack: Yes, but you can feel her feelings…

Nadyezhda: I’m healing her. [pause]

The man might be her father. He’s gesturing for her to go to me. [pause]

I’m healing her napalm injuries.

Jack: Yes, it’s very important to have that healing because otherwise the scarring continues.

Nadyezhda: [big breath] She’s iconic. It’s the twentieth century – all this kind of hell that everyone went through – my family in the twentieth century – all that is there.

Jack: Yes, that’s a good way to look at it – iconic. So you’re really healing an archetype.

Nadyezhda: It’s good. I feel the healing occurring.

It is something that is reflected in me, but it’s not just me. It’s a bigger thing.

Jack: Yes, I think it is.

I think maybe it is part of the repair of the energetic envelope of the Earth.

Nadyezhda: Yes. [pause]

[big breath] Well, she’s being healed. I can see more and more the injuries disappearing. I feel the heart energy.

Jack: You can feel that between you, right?

Nadyezhda: Yes. I’m giving that to her. That’s why her father brought her here. It was for this.

I can give him a cake as well. He doesn’t need so much from me but I’m holding his hand and giving him the offering.

I think when she’s better she can just go outside and play. Be a child again.

I think the process with her is complete. More or less.

Jack: Yes, it feels that way.

Nadyezhda: I just ask her father if he has something to say.

I think she’s eight years old. That’s all I know. I just see her black hair. So then I ask her father something. [pause]

It’s good and it’s also telling me yes I can heal someone. That I’m capable.

Jack: Is there anything more that needs to be done with your father?

Nadyezhda: I don’t know yet. I think I’m still talking to this other man.

Jack: OK. Fine.

Nadyezhda: I’m holding his hand and asking him if there is something else.

I just got an image of an airplane going over the jungle spraying DDT all over. My father was exposed to that too. I think the man says that we need to heal the jungle – maybe that’s what it is too. “That’s my home; we should heal the jungle.”

I’m asking him – well, I can hold your daughter but then can I hold the jungle? How can we do it? [chuckles]

Jack: See what comes…

Nadyezhda: He gives me an orange fruit. It’s spiny. It’s not a fruit that I know. It’s orange, it can fit in my hand, it’s round. It has little soft spikes on it.

I feel like I tell him – I want to and I don’t know how but at some point in the future I will know how. I’m not ready for that part but I take the little orange fruit from him and that’s something I’ll keep with me for the next stage. I don’t know what it is yet.

It’s also a flower. It’s a fruit and a flower at the same time. Like a little flame. I say thank you to him. The girl went outside. I think that’s all that I have with him. He’s smiling. I’m happy I can restore something to them.

Jack: Good.

Nadyezhda: So… my father is still sitting there. He’s still blank.

It’s easier for me to cope with him as a ghost than a real person because he was harmful. He was really toxic. He was really toxic. But it’s not all his fault. I mean everything was done to him.

So I just sit there and I ask what needs to happen.

Jack: Good.

Nadyezhda: But now where the two people were [the girl and her father] – they were on his side of the room and they were in the darkness – now that they’re healed and they have left the cabin there is light there. There is orange light where they were before. So now there is more light on the other side of the cabin.

I’m trying to grow the orange light, make it stronger. [big breath out] [pause]

The color orange – that’s the right healing color for this situation: warmth and communication. [big breath out]

I get a sense that he’s coming alive a little bit and that I would be able to talk to him. Part of me doesn’t want to talk to him and has blocked him out completely. Completely shut the door. But, I don’t know; there’s a little communication now.

He has a lead quality. [the metal lead]

I’m asking for the light to grow and wash away the deadness, the leadenness.

I feel he should say something to me but also I don’t want to even listen to him.

So I tell him, “You know I never wanted to listen to you because you’re so toxic. Why should I listen to you now?”

“I want progress. I want to heal and move ahead.”

Jack: It’s important to say to him what you are feeling.

Nadyezhda: But I feel there’s a progression… There’s a yellow coming into the field around where he’s sitting, going through his person. Orange is coming up brighter. [big breath out]

Jack: Well, it’s that progress in the light that’s important not the words he could or couldn’t say to you.

Nadyezhda: [big breath out] I think I have a hard time listening to him even if he has a message.

But I ask him if he wants a cake. He says yes and he takes it. I think he needs it.

This is a hard thing – the hardness of not feeling compassion because you’ve been hurt too much. That’s falling away a little bit.

I also want to tell him, “Just take it and go away.”

So I’m telling him, “If you can act like a person I will listen to you. Stop acting like a monster and I will listen to you.” [pause] [big breath out]

He’s coming alive a little bit with the yellow light and the cake.

And he’s not so much a ghost but I see both images flickering in and out of each other – the ghost and the person.

Maybe I don’t need to confront him myself or do anything personally. I can just ask the light to take the proper course.

Jack: Yes, I think that’s sensible.

Nadyezhda: Just tell it to do what it should do because it’s not about me.

Now the light is coming into the other side of the room. On his right side. White and yellow. And he’s still just sitting there in that chair.

I’m just asking the light to fill the room. [pause]

I feel like I’m almost done.

Jack: Yes, I don’t think we should go on too much longer. There’s an awful lot that has taken place. And you have the room almost completely bright now so… Maybe something now can be just left up to him.

Nadyezhda: I feel that there’s the part of him that’s the ghost and that will be just washed away by the light. Maybe there’s a person who can be there, who can stay but the ghost is going into the white light and disappearing.

Jack: I think you can withdraw.

Nadyezhda: I’ll just make a prayer, a general prayer for hungry ghosts to be taken back into the light. And that’s it. Things are dissolving; being resolved. The light is circulating everywhere. That part wasn’t something for me to do by myself I guess.

Jack: Yes, it’s been done by a higher power.

Do you want to have some contact with your hawk? Maybe just say goodbye.

Nadyezhda: Yes. He’s waiting outside.

I set up the fire inside the cabin.

And maybe I need a break so I can take a little cake for myself.

I go outside and the girl is playing outside and the father is happy again.

The hawk is there and so I’ll just take my hawk on my right hand and triumphantly ride into the forest.

The dark little cabin has been transformed into a place of healing.

I am grateful.

[We exit the altered state of consciousness.]

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Body and Soul

(Copyright © Jack Cain 2017, text and images)

Alfred: More and more sensitive to the level of tensions – all over – layer upon layer of tension.

Jack: Yes, they really accumulate unnoticed. [pause]

Alfred: They act like a shell, preventing something finer from penetrating. They are experienced as a kind of barrier.

Jack: Still, it’s amazing how much knowledge has accumulated through the experience of working with that over many years.

Alfred: What is interesting is that the experience of the tension as barriers is a particular property of the mind because already there is a certain inkling of a much wider field of experience in which the tensions are just a part, and not a very important part, of that larger field. So there’s no need to insist on anything but instead just allow the experience to be something that gradually includes more. [pause]

I’m allowing different fragments to come and fall away. There’s a need for a further concentration.

Jack: Yes, it seems that often there is that stage of something fragmentary that has to be passed through.

Alfred: There is definitely a growing simultaneity of the body lying down here on my couch – my ordinary body – and at the same time a deepening of the sensitivity that is atemporal – an awareness of some action or participation in an entirely different sphere of the universe. [pause]

It’s the second time now today that I’m experiencing the breath as a very precious nutrient. An organism that is very tender. And this breath has a materiality that is very different from my ordinary experience of the air. And in moments when the breath is taking in that quality, I am filled with great gratitude.

There is a kind of growing awareness that there’s an intelligence that is providing these nutrients. It’s not that abstract. It’s almost like there might be intelligent beings on the other side whom I am not yet perceiving. The breath experienced this way is just the visible part right now – the way it enters, the way it’s received – but the origin is what brings that feeling of gratitude – almost as if I am in touch with the source of what is being provided.

Jack: Yes, but it’s interesting that you sense the intelligence of that as distinct from your own composition.

Alfred: Yes, entirely. [pause]

Jack: And how that intelligence has its own specific quality. [long pause]

Alfred: Something needs to be very active in that perception of the difference – discerning that quality of intelligence that is not mine.

Jack: Yes. I think it’s a delicate balance.

Alfred: I was just caught by… I noticed some sleepiness and was startled by how I had drifted. But the connection is still here.

Jack: Good. [long pause]

Alfred: The body is much more porous now. It feels stellar… It’s porous in such a way that it’s like a collection of stars and particles that are related but very lightly. In between them there’s dark space. The form of what I call my body is so loosely held together that it’s more space than material substance. [pause]

Perhaps there’s the beginning of a direction. A movement. There’s an awareness that within this highly vibratory space that I have become, there’s even a more intense pulsation. It’s like a beam that begins to attract the wish to follow it, to become part of it. [pause]

There’s a need to be very active that every once in a while weakens but then it’s right there again, accessible. I’m aware of a certain fear, or a certain hesitation in joining that high intensity beam. It was as if I was consulting with someone about the advisability of following it. It was a manifestation of perhaps some fear, or…

Jack: A part of yourself?

Alfred: Yes, some difficulty of letting go – I think along the solar plexus.

There’s still some grasping onto whatever form has remained of whatever I was. But there’s a renewed attraction to a light source. It’s like an attraction to truth. And it’s clearly a movement up that I am attracted to. [pause]

Hmm. It’s like there are lights above but it is dark all around. In a way, I’m coming from the depths of something like water, at nighttime. I’m seeing lights on the surface but the movement is not compelling. We’ve had this before; there’s a certain propulsion that is intimately related to the breath. With each breath, there’s a certain progression toward a surface that is more and more illuminated. [pause]

I’m surfacing in what appears to be an underground lake, similar to the lake that I saw in one of those deep caves in the Pyrenees at Ariège.

Something was formed earlier and I seemed to have surfaced out of this water or this liquid, which is very dark, into what might be a new body. [pause]

The cave, which is immense, is illuminated with a sourceless light. I wish to say I’ve been expected but I’m not yet clear about who or what was expecting me. [long pause]

This form of breathing returns more strongly and compellingly, and with it something begins to concentrate in my visual perception regarding the activity around me. Beings seem to appear out of a blur that before was not yet clear enough or my vision was not yet formed enough to make them out. But there’s definitely a lot of activity. Beings moving here and there. That cave is like a dome, a huge dome – a whole world under the ground.

These beings have bodies that are – I’m not sure… I think they’re blue – extremely smooth and almost porous or transparent so that there’s a certain freedom in their movement. [pause]

I can see how the difficulty in clear perception is nothing to do with what is presented but with the limitations of my capacity to perceive, to trust these new, emerging faculties. I give myself to this perception. [pause]

It seems like I’m either brought or I’m proceeding toward some kind of base – an elevated kind of platform. Perhaps I’m guided or taken towards it.

A glimpse of a very dignified personage – much taller, in a white and gold robe or gown of that domain. An incredibly benevolent look towards me.

I’m deeply moved by the care and love that is being shown towards me.

The beings around me seem to be supporting me physically. Somehow I need to receive whatever it is that is being received through that look, through that presence. Because it feels as if [cough] I lack the strength as yet to support my own weight. [pause]

That cough brought a sharp pain in the chest area. So I was a bit startled. But I find myself settling back to experience, into the warmth of that look. [pause]

It’s so clear that what is required is to experience the body as vibratory. And when that is possible, there is a great clarity in relation to this high priest and what his intention is towards my being. [pause]

It feels like my body is being coated by layers that are progressively less vibratory but the core is still very sensitive.

There’s a very piercing wish coming from that being – it is very striking – to not give myself completely to the material coating. Not to become identified with it. [pause]

It becomes more and more difficult to stay true to that vibration and that wish that is still infusing the core of this being – this being that is me. As if the mass of the materiality of the layers that are being accumulated begins to have an opaqueness and weight and density.

There is a kind of a question that is inchoate, like a wish, something like: “Could you, please, implant some of that light source in me.”

There is a response that is obvious – almost as if he is responding to my wish with, “You just don’t perceive it. It’s there already and has been there all along. You don’t need to wish or ask for it because it’s there.”

There’s a certain relief in the ability now not to hold onto him in such a frantic way, such a clinging way.

I’m not yet entirely trusting that source inside. Almost wishing to… almost like a kind of a comparison… the experience of him, the experience of me… the source that… I have no name for it other than another sun.

Part of me still feels like he is the real source. He is really… [chuckling] He really will not let that go by. He is really intent on prevailing upon me so that I understand that I have all that is necessary to not be entirely swept away or overwhelmed by the materiality of the body that now seems to have its own life.

It’s a human form.

There’s a gradual fading of his presence. Tremendous sadness comes in.

Jack: Yes. Of course.

Alfred: Kind of a fake darkness and despair.

Jack: But his message was clear – that you need to look within – to the light.

Alfred: Yes. But there’s a certain refusal. Almost out of spite.

Jack: [chuckling] Well… It is a human body after all… that’s very human.

Alfred: [also chuckling] Right!

There’s still light and there’s a certain kind of lightness at the core – a vibration that is finer at the core. It is diminishing as one proceeds more toward the edges of the body – the skin and beyond. Yes. It is there. There’s a particle that vibrates at the center. It’s very clear now. Around the solar plexus. And it is no different from the source.

The body that has been so spread out and spacious is still that way and, at the same time, it is beginning to take the form that is lying down here. [pause]

Hmm. I am becoming aware of two sources of high vibration – the third eye and the solar plexus – both places are vibrating very strongly.

Very bright white light. The shape, the form, of the body is very secondary to that vibration. [pause]

Somehow I can see you, wherever you are. [Alfred in New York; Jack in Mexico City] As if we are joined by this vibration. As if there is no distance.

Jack: Yes. That feels very true. I hear it in my voice but it’s hard to keep the mind at bay – because it doubts.

Alfred: And it’s very interesting that the mind is surprised by that statement but from within that state – the super natural state of matter and vibrations. The surprise and the doubt is only coming from that other layer because we are transitioning.

Jack: Yes. That other layer. So it’s important to be clear, it seems, about the layers and their relationship to each other – not to be caught in any one of them.

Alfred: Exactly. They are like shells for protection but they are not essential. They are there to provide whatever is required to survive in this environment where we find ourselves.

There’s great freedom in that.

And there’s also a certain gratitude that the shell of layers is available. [pause]

Jack: Yes. Those layers are a very intelligent design.

Alfred: Yes.

[The session ends but the following short exchange afterwards was interesting.]

Alfred: I think it’s very important not to talk too much about what just happened.

Jack: Yes, that’s good.

And also our recording is at 59 minutes. There’s something about an hour somehow, for us humans, that is very natural.

Alfred: Those beings I guess are taking into consideration our time calculation.

Jack: Somehow I guess, yes. It’s strange.

Well, I think there’s a capacity, a human capacity, that is related to an hour of time on this planet. On another planet maybe it would be different…

Alfred: Right. It’s a fraction of a fraction of something that is organic to the movement of the planet around the sun.

Jack: And the revolution of the planet.

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Le Flux

(An English translation of the Spanish original is in the previous posting.)

(Copyright © Jack Cain 2017, text and images)

Jack : Introduction

Ce n’est pas peut-être tellement important de dire grande chose avant de commencer cette session, mais il est intéressant de constater que nous pouvons déjà sentir que quelque chose s’est déclenché. C’est comme si la chambre est un peu différente maintenant – un peu plus remplie d’une vibration, d’une présence. Peut-être pouvons-nous rester ouverts à recevoir des informations qui peuvent aider Carlos, Jack et possiblement d’autres; peut-être même la situation de la planète Terre. Nous faisons partie de l’univers, mais en étant des êtres humains nous ne voyons pas grande chose ; nous avons besoin d’aide.

Et nous sommes conscients que la session est un peu difficile pour le corps physique de Carlos. C’est important qu’il y ait un temps de préparation et que tout soit confortable pour son corps.

Et c’est important d’être patient parce qu’il faut un temps particulier pour la préparation.

Il est également important d’avoir une relaxation dans le corps et tout naturellement avec cette relaxation il arrive un changement dans l’état de conscience.

Quand il y a quelque chose à dire, tu peux le dire. Néanmoins, ce qui est important c’est le contact avec cette autre intelligence.


Carlos commence la canalisation :

Nous voulons vous introduire aux fréquences nouvelles et le revêtement qu’elles vous apportent. D’un point de vue de fréquenciel, il s’agit d’un moment très accéléré pour la Terre et tout ce qui y habite.

Il y a plus ou moins deux ans, des fréquences entraient pour vous à travers des portails que vous connaissez comme 8 8 8, 9 9 9, 10 10 10, 11 11 11, 12 12 12.

Ces fréquences, et la manière utilisée pour les envoyer, se sont terminées. Elles ont été intégrées complètement dans la Terre et dans les êtres humains également, même si le processus est différent pour chaque individu.

[Vous] entrez en ces nouvelles fréquences très rapidement, de manière fluide, parce que la Terre augmente sa fréquence constamment.

Tous les êtres captent ces blocs d’informations. Pourtant, pour beaucoup de gens, c’est comme un coffret verrouillé parce qu’ils restent piégés dans la veille fréquence de peur.

Vous devez vous rendre compte que la peur vient uniquement de la partie mentale et de ses attaches au passé. Cette forme d’évolution fut nécessaire simplement pour connaître et expérimenter des caractéristiques tridimensionnelles. C’est-à-dire, vous avez toujours voulu voir, de l’intérieur de la densité, ce que nous sommes réellement.

À cause de ce qui est arrivé dans cette période du passé, dans les corps physiques et émotionnels, et dans la mémoire cellulaire, maintes expériences de ce que vous appelez la « souffrance » ont été enracinées.

Ces nouvelles fréquences ont aidé et stimulé le nettoyage de votre corps physique et de votre corps éthérique. Ces fréquences sont acheminées par le Flux. Et ce que ces fréquences essaient de faire c’est d’enraciner plus vite le corps de lumière dans le corps physique, parce que le but de cet enracinement c’est de peu à peu retourner le corps à la lumière, à la lumière que vous n’avez jamais cessé d’être.

Vous ne portez pas souvent votre attention sur la forme de l’hologramme parce que pour beaucoup de gens, il semble que le monde sombre dans la folie d’une manière orageuse. Pourtant, vous pouvez avec précision aller en dehors du mental et constater que l’orage et la pluie ne génèrent que le nettoyage de la planète. De la même manière, ces fréquences, comme la pluie, dégagent les souvenirs de souffrance enracinées dans la mémoire cellulaire et dans le corps émotionnel.

Dans le passé, vous avez dû expérimenter la lutte. Ces efforts sont maintenant enracinés dans l’esprit comme un système de croyances lourd. La réalité, c’est que dans cette nouvelle perspective, ces luttes et ces efforts sont terminés ; c’est le moment de les transformer en se servant du mot « Flux » – de les laisser s’écouler comme de l’eau – sans préférence, sans jugement.

Tant que vous ne dépassez pas la fréquence de la peur, vous allez croupir. S’il y a quelque chose qui surgit de votre cœur, d’un temps lointain, quelque chose que vous voulez faire et que vous ne faites pas à cause de la peur, votre fréquence vibratoire va stagner et ne permettra pas que les fréquences nouvelles agissent pour élever votre fréquence vibratoire.

Néanmoins, ces fréquences stimulent un changement de perspective ; beaucoup de personnes expérimentent et observent que ce qui les a fait grandement souffrir avant et pendant 2008 et avant 2008, ils peuvent maintenant en rire.

De 2008 jusqu’à maintenant, de nombreuses fréquences d’ouverture sont entrées. À ces fréquences, plusieurs personnes ont expérimenté différents états de conscience.

Quand seulement un être vit ce changement de conscience qui provient de la conscience de l’Un, c’est parfaitement logique que ceci ouvre des portes pour que d’autres êtres puissent vivre cette expérience également. C’est-à-dire, un être qui transcende et expérimente ces changements aide automatiquement à la collectivité. Pourtant, pour cette personne qui vit l’expérience, le mot « aider » déjà ne veut rien dire dans cette perspective, parce que ce mot provient de la conscience de séparation et envoyer de l’aide à l’extérieur est quelque chose qui est approprié pour l’égo, nous aveuglant à la conscience de l’Un.

Il y a une infinité de mots que vous allez continuer d’utiliser, mais dans cette conscience nouvelle les mots portent un autre sens ; tant que vous utilisez un langage humain, il ne sera jamais à l’hauteur du langage divin qui est la vibration.

N’oubliez pas.

Ne vous oubliez pas vous-même.

Rappelez-vous et gardez très présent dans votre cœur : Flux. Confiance.

Écoutez avec le cœur. Voyez avec le cœur. C’est dans le cœur que vous allez rencontrer la connexion au Tout, et, dans le cas du corps de l’âme, il s’agit du chakra qui équilibre. C’est le juste milieu. Vous pouvez avoir une confiance complète en ce point d’équilibre, là où vous allez rencontrer et vous unir avec ce que nous sommes en réalité. [pause]

Nous vous embrassons toujours des dimensions de la lumière.



La canalisation se termine et Carlos ajoute, dans sa propre voix et avec beaucoup d’émotion :

« Mes remerciements. »


Carlos : Je vois des lettres mais c’est difficile de déchiffrer les mots.

Les lettres que je vois sont : K-R-Y-O-N… T-E-L-O-S… O-S…

D’autres sessions de ce canal : Au delà du temps et de l’espace, La manipulation de l’humanité est terminé, Alerte, Messages de la lumière en amour, Le Flux.

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The Flow

(El texto español original se encuentra en el artículo anterior.)

(Copyright © Jack Cain 2017, text and images)

 Jack: Introduction

I don’t know that it’s necessary to say much before we begin, but it’s interesting that we can feel that something is beginning. It’s as if the room is now a little different – fuller with a vibration, a presence. Perhaps we can be open to receive information that could help Carlos, or Jack and perhaps others as well. And perhaps even the situation of planet Earth. We are part of the universe but we as human beings cannot see much; we need help.

And we know that it’s a little difficult for Carlos’ physical body. It’s important that there is a preparation time and that everything is comfortable for his body.

And it’s important to be patient because a specific amount of time is needed in preparation.

It’s important also to have relaxation in the body and of course with that relaxation there is a change of state in the consciousness.

When there’s something to say you can say it. However, what’s important is the contact with this other intelligence.


Carlos begins channeling:


We want to introduce you to new frequencies and the coating they convey. From the point of view of frequency, this is a very accelerated moment for the Earth and everything living there.

About two years ago, frequencies were entering for you through portals that are known to you as 8 8 8, 9 9 9, 10 10 10, 11 11 11, and 12 12 12.

These frequencies, and the way these frequencies were sent, both have come to an end. They have been integrated completely in the Earth and in human beings also, even though the process is different for each individual.

[You] are entering these new frequencies extremely quickly, flowingly, because the Earth is constantly increasing its frequency.

All beings capture these blocks of information. However, for many people, it is like a jewel case that is locked because they are still very stuck in the old frequency of fear.

You need to realize that fear comes only from the mind and its attachments to the past. That form of evolution was necessary in order simply to know and experience three-dimensional characteristics. Which is to say, you always wanted to see, from within the density, what we really are.

Because of what happened in that time in the past, in the physical and emotional bodies, and in the cellular memory, many experiences of something you call “suffering” have been embedded.

These new frequencies were both helping and promoting the cleansing of your physical body as well as your etheric body. These frequencies are being moved forward by the Flow. And what these frequencies are trying to do is to more quickly root the body of light into the physical body – because the purpose of this rooting is to, little by little, return the body to the light – to the light that you have never ceased being.

You are not turning your attention to the form of the hologram very much, because for many people it seems like the world is going crazy in a stormy way. However, you can very precisely go beyond the mind and see that the only thing that the storm and the rain are generating is the cleansing of the planet. In the same way, these frequencies, like the rain, are clearing away memories of suffering firmly established in the cellular memory and in the emotional body.

In the past you had to experience struggle. The efforts now are embedded in your mind like a heavy system of beliefs. The reality is that in this new perspective, these struggles, these efforts, have ended and it is time to change them using the word “Flow” – to flow just as water does – without preferences, without judgment.

As long as you are not transcending the frequency of fear, you will stagnate. If there is something arising from your heart, from a long time ago, something that you want to do, and out of fear you don’t do it, your vibrational frequency just stagnates and does not allow the new frequencies to operate in order to raise your vibrational frequency.

Nevertheless, these frequencies are furthering a change of perspective and many people are experiencing and observing that what made them suffer a lot in 2008 and before, now they can laugh about.

From 2008 until now, many frequencies of opening have been entering and in them many people have been experiencing different states of consciousness.

When only one being is experiencing this change of consciousness proceeding from the consciousness of the One, it is totally logical that that being opens doors for other beings to be able to experience that as well. In other words, one being transcending and experiencing these changes automatically helps the collective. However, for this person who is having the experience, the word “help” already has no meaning in this perspective, because this word comes from the consciousness of separation and sending help to the outside generally is appropriated by the ego, blinding us to the consciousness of the One.

There is an infinity of words that you will keep on using but in this new consciousness words have another meaning; as long as you are using human language, it will always fall short of divine language, which is vibration. [pause]

Do not forget.

Do not forget yourselves.

Remember and hold very present in your heart: Flow. Trust.

Listen with your heart. See with your heart. The heart is where you find the connection to the All and, in the case of the body of the soul, this is the chakra that balances. It is the golden mean. You can have full confidence in that point of balance, which is where you meet, where you bond with what we really are. [pause]

We always embrace you from dimensions of light.

Thanks to you.


The channeling ends here and Carlos adds in his own voice with much emotion:

“I give thanks.”


Carlos: I am seeing letters but it’s difficult to decipher the words.

Here is what I see: K-R-Y-O-N… T-E-L-O-S… O-S…

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El Fluir

(An English translation of this Spanish original is in the next posting.)

(Copyright © Jack Cain 2017, text and images)

Jack: Introducción

No sé si es necesario decir muchas cosas antes de comenzar, pero es interesante que podemos sentir que hay algo que comienza. Es un poco como que el cuarto está ahora un poco diferente – más lleno de una vibración, una presencia. Quizás podemos decir que estamos abiertos a recibir informaciones que pueden ayudar a Carlos, a Jack quizás, a otras personas también, y tal vez a la situación del planeta Tierra. Somos parte del universo pero nosotros como seres humanos no podemos ver mucho; necesitamos ayuda.

Y sabemos que es un poco difícil para el cuerpo físico de Carlos. Es importante que haya un tiempo de preparación y que todo sea cómodo para el cuerpo.

Y es importante tener paciencia porque se necesita un tiempo especifico para prepararse.

Es importante que haya una relajación en el cuerpo y naturalmente con eso habrá un cambio del estado de consciencia.

Cuando haya algo que decir, puedes decirlo. Pero lo importante es el contacto con otra inteligencia.

Carlos comienza la canalización:

Queremos darles a conocer nuevas frecuencias y de lo que vienen bañadas. Es un momento muy acelerado frecuencialmente para la Tierra y todo lo que habita en ella.

Aproximadamente dos años atrás, para ustedes estuvieron entrando frecuencias por medio de los portales que ustedes conocen como el 8 8 8, 9 9 9, 10 10 10, 11 11 11, y 12 12 12.

Estas frecuencias y la manera de enviar estas frecuencias ha llegado a su fin. Se han integrado por completo en la Tierra y a los seres humanos también, aunque el proceso es diferente para cado uno.

En estas nuevas frecuencias [ustedes] entran inmensamente rápido, fluyendo, debido a que la Tierra esta elevando su frecuencia cada vez más.

Todos los seres captan estos bloques de información. Pero es como un cofre cerrado para muchos, debido a que aún están muy apegados a la frecuencia vieja del miedo.

Deben tomar consciencia de que el miedo sólo proviene de la mente y sus apegos al pasado, en el que fue necesario esa forma de evolución para simplemente conocer y experimentar la característica tridimensional. Es decir, [ustedes] siempre quisieron ver como se veía, desde la densidad, lo que realmente somos.

Por ese pasado, [en] el cuerpo físico y emocional, en la memoria celular, se arraigaron muchas vivencias de algo que llaman “sufrimiento”.

Estas nuevas frecuencias están ayudando e impulsando la limpieza de sus cuerpos tanto físicos como etéricos. Están impulsadas estas frecuencias por el Fluir. Y estas frecuencias lo que intentan es que más rápidamente puedan enraizar el cuerpo de luz al cuerpo físico. Ya que el propósito de este enraizamiento es poco a poco regresar el cuerpo a la luz que nunca han dejado de ser.

No voltean tanto a ver la forma del holograma, porque para muchos pareciera que el mundo está enloqueciendo de una manera tormentosa pero precisamente pueden ir más allá de la mente y ver que la tormenta y la lluvia lo único que están generando es la limpieza del planeta. Así mismo, estas frecuencias, como la lluvia, están limpiando las memorias de sufrimiento más arraigadas en la memoria celular y cuerpo emocional.

En el pasado tuvieron que experimentar la lucha. Los esfuerzos que ahora se han arraigado en su mente como un pesado sistema de creencias. La realidad es que en esta nueva perspectiva se acabaron esas luchas, esos esfuerzos y es momento de cambiarlos por la palabra “Fluir”, tan como lo hace el agua, sin preferencias, sin juicios.

Mientras no trasciendan la frecuencia de miedo se estancarán. Si hay algo que desde el corazón les nace, desde hace mucho tiempo, que quieren hacer, y no lo hacen por miedo, su frecuencia vibracional sólo se estanca y no permite que las nuevas frecuencias actúen para elevarla.

Aún así estas frecuencias impulsan al cambio de perspectiva y mucha gente esta experimentando y observando que lo que los hacía sufrir, mucho, del 2008 para atrás, ahora podría [hacerlos] reír.

Del 2008 hacia acá empezaron entrar muchas frecuencias de apertura en donde muchos han experimentado diferentes estados de consciencia.

Con un solo ser que experimente ese cambio de consciencia, desde la consciencia del Uno, es enormemente lógico que abre las puertas a otros seres para que experimenten. Es decir, que un ser transcienda y experimente estos cambios automáticamente ayuda al colectivo. Para esta persona que lo experimenta, la palabra “ayuda” ya no tiene sentido en esta perspectiva, porque proviene de la consciencia de separación, y el ayudar hacia el exterior por lo general lo adopta el ego, cegándonos de la consciencia del Uno.

Hay infinidad de palabras que seguirán utilizando, pero en esta nueva consciencia tendrán otro sentido pues mientras utilicen el lenguaje humano siempre quedará corto para el lenguaje divinal que es la vibración. [pausa]

No olviden.

No se olviden.

Recuerden y tengan muy presente en su corazón: Fluir. Confíen.

Escuchen con el corazón. Vean con el corazón. El corazón es donde se encuentra la conexión con el Todo, y en el caso del cuerpo álmico es el chacra que equilibra, es el justo medio. Pueden tener confianza plena en ese punto de equilibrio que es donde se encuentra, se enlaza, lo que realmente somos. [pausa]

Los abrazamos siempre desde las dimensiones de luz.

Les agradece.


La canalización termina aquí y Carlos agrega en su propia voz con mucha emoción:

Doy gracias.

Carlos: Veo letras pero las palabras son difíciles de descifrar:

Hay unas letras: K-R-Y-O-N… T-E-L-O-S… O-S…

Otras sesiones de esta canal: Más allá el tiempo y espacio, La manipulación de la humanidad termina, Alerta, Mensajes de luz en amor, el Fluir.

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Our Living Planet

(Copyright © Jack Cain 2017, text and images)

Alfred: There’s a simplicity in just being with the sensation and with the larger awareness of the whole being. And when images pass, I’m taking my time before I… I’m waiting for something to come towards me rather than me reaching.

Jack: I think it’s a little bit like tuning an old-style radio where you go through a bunch of static and finally the channel gets clear.

Alfred: Yes, that’s a good analogy. [pause]

There’s a gradual tuning in – a few more sequences of images but… nothing that coheres yet into something intelligible.

Jack: Yes, I think you have a sense now of when there’s a real beginning of something and not just a clearing of the line as it were.

Alfred: Yes.

Jack: And it always takes its own amount of time. It can’t be rushed. [long pause]

Alfred: There’s a sense of a connection. To the umbilical. To that area of the body. The lower abdomen. There are images of floating and being attached through some type of fiber, a living fiber or an energy that connects.

Jack: Good.

Alfred: There’s a sense of immaturity of the organism. It hasn’t arrived yet at a level at which it can participate fully in whatever it needs to participate in.

I’m noticing now that there’s a very soothing blue quality to this scene. Something blue is flowing in and surrounding things that are not yet clear – blue beings, or blue color, or blue light…

There’s a wonderful feeling that my well being is completely in the hands of beings who know exactly what and how to provide for and support this process. [pause]

Some words are spoken: “Pharaoh Amenhotep cannot be incarnated in just any ordinary being…” As if there’s a period of waiting for that incarnation so that… from the perspective of that being it’s a question of picking the right body to be incarnated in. As if there’s a kind of waiting for that pharaoh to appear. [pause]

Strong visual of the entombed pharaoh. And a certain process of waiting for his spirit to appear in a suitable body.

There’s a certain kind of conviction that his spirit is here in some form and it just requires much more sensitivity to identify it and find out who its continuation is.

There was a quick image of researchers around a table trying to formulate the different signs by which one can tell who is the current incarnation of that Pharaoh. Like I’m listening in on the discussions. It feels like I need to turn to something, towards myself, in order to become clearer.

Jack: Yes, I have that feeling too that maybe once again something needs to be active in you at this point. Maybe not entirely within you but still something active.

Alfred: There’s a certain wish to request help in that there’s a particular, very specific and possibly a very urgent need for some knowledge or action and that this Pharaoh Amenhotep has the required knowledge or expertise about it. There’s a strong request for him to provide us with guidance in order to help the situation. It needs his help or the help of his helpers.

I wish to be able to serve or help in whatever way possible to facilitate or ameliorate this situation – to help in whatever way will be shown to me.

In that identification with my importance, something opens to a starry sky, a night sky – like the opening of an observatory. It is as if my head is opening to it, like shutters that are opening.

Jack: That feels important.

Alfred: The sky feels opaque now – no celestial bodies are visible which suggests that some requirement is not being met yet – a certain rooting into the planet.

Jack: Something needed from your planetary body then?

Alfred: From the body to the planets. The connection is not yet adequate in order to illuminate the sky or to form a connection.

Repeatedly, there’s the view of a gold or a bronze tube made of some very specific materials – some kind of metals with emerald and amber stones – the same object that appeared in one of our first sessions. It seems that this is the instrument that is needed now in order to connect me to the earth so that I can connect to a particular star that needs to be… bonded, related.

Jack: So there is a connection from before that may help you to make that connection now?

Alfred: Yes.

Jack: At least you have a visual.

Alfred: There is also something tactile. This object is quite substantial, a tube about three feet long. It is made of particular materials – mostly metals, maybe gold and there could be stones. Very complex composition. I know the feel of it in my hand. And it has to be held at a particular angle pointing to a particular spot in the earth. The same chamber and instrument that were used in a previous session to determine the correct geographical and energetic location for the construction of a pyramid.

I saw a square window through which I’m now seeing the star. It is incredibly bright and its light is white. [pause]

I find I suddenly need to find that particular vibration in the body. A vibration that might begin to align with that arc between the instrument and the star. It needs to pass through my body.

More and more I need to give myself to that.

It seems as though I am surrounded by blue beings whose role is to sit in a circle around me and support this process.

Jack: Yes and you have no doubt about the importance of the operation you’re involved in.

Alfred: Yes, at the same time I’m aware of some inadequacy in my availability. I’m just staying with that.

Jack: Yes, probably good to recognize that the inadequacy is there but don’t concentrate on it. Concentrate on the operation. [pause]

Alfred: The body is becoming a whole different materiality which doesn’t offer an obstacle any more for this transmission – as if the molecules have infinitely more space between them. [long pause]

What is taking place is that there are longer stretches in which the body is experienced as porous, as having no boundaries. And that now my actual present-day reality is no different than the way I am in that place within or close to the pyramid with those beings around me. It’s all one. The moment I try to make sense of it or separate from it, I’m back to a very narrow place. Just allowing that simultaneity seems to be what is needed. It’s all now and it’s all here.

Jack: So quite a number of things have come together.

Alfred: There’s more clarity about the guidance I need – a guidance that is close by. But I am not entirely available to it because of my fluctuating state. When I’m less bounded in that way, I can receive more of that help. [pause]

It still requires letting go of my ordinary sense of my body and it is possible little by little. Then there is an awareness of a huge structure – it might be a pyramid or a cathedral, something very immense that is appearing next to me. I wasn’t aware of it before. It’s as if it was built as I was watching it.

It’s as if I have some particular function in relation to it that is signified by white robes, a staff. I wish to say some kind of a dedication, the completion of this building. [pause]

The vibrations are getting more intense. I’m finding more possibility of concentrating and not getting so distracted. [pause]

I’m more aware of the beam of light that is radiating from a particular star and hitting some kind of specialized surface in the space next to the pyramid.

It seems I have to see the mind going into it to find out whether it was before or after but I need to let go of it…

Jack: Yes, try to keep the mind out of it.

Alfred: It’s very hard because there is so much for the mind to get caught up in. So it requires really some very… There’s a need for a very different frequency.

Jack: Yes, but I think you understand that the process you’re involved in is a critical one. Not just to you but to others.

Alfred: There’s a sense of the attraction of the whole planet to that beam of energy, that light which is very silvery and bright. It’s actually absorbed in that surface; perhaps that’s a particular crystal.

I’m beginning to sense together with the others that it is beginning to have its influence. It is closer to what we were aiming for. [pause]

There’s no difference between the connections my body has with that beam and the connections that the planet has with it. I experience it in my lower abdomen. Perhaps it’s related, almost as a way of verifying that this is taking place as it should through the direct experience in the body – in my body and in the bodies of those around me. [pause]

Strong wish to let go of any egoic involvement here, recognizing that these are obstacles to what needs to take place.

Jack: Of course. [pause]

Alfred: There’s a view of a whole set of beams entering and originating or refracting through the earth. This set of beams is holding earth in a certain place in addition to the beam that we are connected with now. As if I can see the whole system of what keeps the planet in place or keeps it moving and aligned. Different colors, different shades and intensities of beams, like a web, and the color conveys the original force field or planet from which that particular beam originates. It’s like a view of that planet not from within that planet or on top of it. But I think it’s a helpful map in terms of orienting this effort to what needs to be corrected about the placement. [pause]

There’s kind of a sense of clarity of what this work of consciousness is – what the purpose of it is – it is this alignment. It almost feels like I’m sent back with that kind of message or information that, for those of us who work toward consciousness, this is the purpose or direction of that consciousness. It is to secure the path of this planet. The means are there and available for that to be accomplished. [pause]

It almost feels like what I’ve witnessed or participated in is connecting with that star – it’s the white glow of that star that makes me want to say it’s Sirius. I’m not sure about that… But I witnessed a previous time in which this type of… Maybe it’s all the same – it’s not previous, it’s not current, it’s not future. It’s a connection that has always been and always needs to be maintained by a certain number of people on this planet. There’s an urgency for a commitment to that maintenance since there are fewer people who are engaged. [pause]

There was an unmistakable kind of sensation that when that connection was made… I can feel it very strongly now… the closest I can say is that this is a living planet. I can almost feel the vibration, the pulsation, its organs, its rhythms, its breathing…

Jack: Yes.

Alfred: It puts this responsibility in a whole different light. [pause]

While this state begins to diminish, it leaves a very, very clear residue of how alive this planet is. In my ordinary state I’m not aware of that at all. This planet breathes. It is alive.

Jack: Well, in a way we should be able to feel that because our bodies are made of its substance but we usually don’t, unfortunately we usually don’t.

Alfred: Yes.

We fail to recognize that everything that we make, everything that is put together, everything that exists here is all a product of the life of this planet. Different configurations, emanations of materials that come from a source that is alive. [huge sigh]

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The White Snake: Keeper of the Garden

(Copyright © Jack Cain 2017, text and images)

 Jack: Maybe you could just give me a bit of a report Angela. What’s taking place for you now at the beginning?

Angela: I feel and I see a spiral going downwards. And it is… the colors that came through strongest at first were a deep indigo blue and then an orange and now purples and magentas. It has the energy of a tornado and a whirlwind and it’s just kind of rocking back and forth from side to side. But it’s definitely this spiral, cyclone-like energy.

Jack: Yes, just follow the movement and be aware as well how each of those colors has a kind of reverberation inside you as you observe it. And also the spiral movement – that too has a kind of reverberation inside you. As if something corresponds inside you to both the colors and the movement. It’s good to just follow both colors and movement and see where that really is taking you or what it is that needs to happen next.

Angela: It starts to morph and it morphs into three panels. Panel one is like an insect – fly-ish but it’s not a fly – it’s an insect, an insect energy. Then it morphs into a butterfly. And then it morphs into a woman dancing and the spirals are part of her dress.

And then there’s a free-fall.

She’s jumping off a cliff or precipice into another – the word that comes to me is into this other vortex. And those colors repeat themselves. So as she jumps from the cliff, it looks like that dark indigo midnight blue and as she jumps it changes into all of those different colors. And then it looks like it goes into… her jumping starts to morph into an umbilical cord. And I’m shown the image of a pregnant belly and hands and the word “fertility” keeps coming up.

I see a pregnant woman and there are all these hands covering her breast and her stomach. But she has multiple arms. And her head seems very goat-like or ram-like – that kind of animal.

Jack: So the hands on the belly are her own hands? It’s just she has many of them, right?

Angela: No, no it feels like the hands on her belly seem like they’re from other people. And it honestly feels like a goddess worshiping of sorts – because there are people around her. It’s not a clawing. They’re not clawing at her energy. They’re not throwing her anywhere. It’s more like: Rub the Buddha belly for good luck kind of thing.

Jack: So it’s like a kind of participation?

Angela: Yes. Yes. And her arms are up. I’m still with that undulating movement, back and forth, back and forth with her arms. She’s got about eight of them; it looks like four on each side. And now her head has morphed into a falcon’s head. It feels very… and I get goose bumps in my legs when I go there… It feels very Mesopotamian or Egyptian.

Jack: Yes it does. Yes. A lot of content there. A lot of different images, different shapes. The falcon head you know has to do with seeing clearly. The ram’s head is more movement and force. Let’s just see where all that takes you.

Angela: So now I see the image of that woman’s body and it’s very pregnant. Very pregnant. We’re talking eight or nine months. Probably overdue. And I see her body being placed in water. But I still see all of these hands on her body. And on her stomach area especially. And then I actually see her giving birth in the water. The baby has a full head of hair. I can see the baby actually become bigger than the woman as the baby is born. But I can feel… So now I see just the image of the baby but I see hands holding the baby and I see the baby sucking its thumb. And it feels like a girl.

And then I see a crown being put on the baby’s head – not gold, not like a European Queen Elizabeth kind of crown but a band of… the word that comes to me is “sweetgrass” – like a braided band of sweetgrass.

And I see the baby being held. Then I see the baby being rolled, swaddled. I see it being rolled up and it’s sitting in this uterus. It’s not in a uterus but in the same way that a baby would just be floating in time and space.

Jack: OK. Floating in time and space. I see.

Angela: And now I see the baby waking up and it stretches its arms, taking its thumb out of his mouth and it opens up. It just opens up and turns into this magnificent flower. So like a blooming of sorts.

And then that turns into a garden and I get images of green, lots of flowers and rainbows everywhere. That’s the image that I’m resting with. [pause]

And then, that garden starts to divide and in the middle of that divide is this big black snake.

Jack: So there’s a space in the middle?

Angela: Yes, the space in the middle is held by this black snake. So it’s like – how do I describe it – imagine a football field full of flowers and if you cut that right down the middle the way you would a triangle there’s a snake. And it feels like a black cobra and it feels really old. It feels like a rock. It feels like it wants to be removed.

Jack: You mean like it should be somewhere else?

Angela: It feels like a heavy piece of stagnation. It wants something but I don’t know what it wants. Here’s what I hear it say. This is actually the keeper of the garden and it’s actually supposed to be a white snake like an albino cobra but something in its life force is drained. It wants to keep this garden, it wants to… It’s part of the garden but there’s not a balance with it right now

Jack: So can you help? Or can something or someone help?

Angela: Yes. I see it come closer to me. I can feel it like … oo and I hate snakes, I really do hate snakes, I do… I can feel it traveling up my arm, I can feel it traveling along my back and can feel it splitting itself and now I can see it shedding its skin and it splits in two and an image of a woman appears. And again it’s like that fertility image – what is that image of the woman in the shell?

Jack: Venus? Botticelli?

Angela: Yes, yes. That one.

So this snake has the image to split in two but then it comes back together and now it’s not black it’s grey. And when I ask it, “What do you want? What do you need?” the word that comes to me is “water.” It wants water. Water.

Yes, water. And sun.

It’s kind of gross looking right now, not really gross looking but who wants a grey snake. It’s charcoal, ashy colored. It’s gasping for breath and gasping for air. It coughs.

Jack: So it needs help right now.

Angela: Yes, yes. It wants basic things – water, food, shelter, rest. What it just asked me was, “Can you build me a house? Can you build me a place.”

Jack: A living place, a dwelling place…

Angela: Yes, yes.

And then I get the image of a goldfish. And now I’m a goldfish in water, and then I see amphibians, and frogs and tadpoles. [pause] I’m trying to see where I’m at because this is kind of jumpy.

Jack: There’s a lot going on. So just feel that there’s no need to rush. Just allow what’s going to happen. You may need to take a breath in between all these things. Breathe in and feel connected to your breathing, feel connected to your body.

Angela: So now I see the sky and the clouds. And I can see myself lying on my back. And I can feel the snake lying on its back looking up at the sky and the sky is cloudy but you can see the sun peeking through and I can see literally like a sky-god breathing in clouds and breathing them out again.

Jack: That’s nice that you’re looking up like that, both of you.

Angela: Then I hear the words, “Nature. More time in nature.” And as I say that the snake starts to turn green, like camouflage python colors. [we laugh] His way of saying, “Good answer. Good answer.”

Jack: He’s saying, “I can adapt to that.”

Angela: Yes. And then there’s just this outpouring of orange and yellow energy.

And right now I can feel my stomach… pumping if you will… I can feel that orange and yellow energy. I can feel my stomach cramping, throbbing. It’s like orange juice for the soul.

Jack: Yes, it’s energy.

Angela: I now see that snake wrapped around my arm. And it’s puffing up. And it’s white.

Jack: Ah, now it’s white.

Angela: A part of me is scared; I don’t want it to attack me.

Jack: But you don’t feel that though do you? You don’t feel that’s what it’s going to do, do you?

Angela: No, I don’t. I can feel it making moves. I can feel it on my arm. I can feel it biting. I feel it cleaning itself even though I see it with its mouth open and biting towards itself. It’s not an attack. It’s just a cleaning of sorts on the right arm.

But I just don’t like seeing a snake with his mouth wide open and wrapped around my arm!

Jack: So the snake is cleaning itself but is it also cleaning you in some way?

Angela: I think so. Because I see it coiled around. I see it going inside; I see it going outside. Whatever it’s doing it’s doing through my right arm. And I can feel this white cleansing energy coming through on my left side as the snake’s mouth opens wider or as it moves and turns. It’s like a brush. It’s showing me a brush movement. A twirling brush.

I can see little pellets of black coming out of my stomach, and out of my back, and out of my ankles and calves. And I hear, “Gotta remove all of these things that are keeping you immobile.”

Jack: Hmm. Right. Are you right handed?

Angela: Yes, I’m right handed.

Jack: Yes, so it starts there on the right side, which is your active, doing arm. Good, good. This is extremely positive.

Angela: And then I can feel it migrate just to my stomach. I can see it coil up in my stomach and in my intestines. I can feel its heat just rest and sit there. [pause]

And I can see it re-lining the inside of my stomach with its snakeskin medicine. I can literally feel and see it putting a mesh if you will on the inner part and I can see its mouth and its tongue sealing it.

Jack: So it’s really a kind of repair job.

Angela: Yes, yes.

And then I see it come out of my left leg. And now it’s just sitting in the garden asleep. Right where it should be.

Jack: So a totally renewed kind of scene now in the garden.

Angela: Yes, yes. But it does feel like it’s the keeper of that garden. This is its garden; it was just super-depleted. [pause]

Then I can see up top that sky-god if you will continuing to breathe in the clouds and breathe out the clouds. In some way, the words that I hear are, “Reconstructing the sky.”

And all of a sudden I make a connection to my eyes and I hear, “Reconstructing the outlook, reconstructing the perspective, reconstructing the vision. See through clear eyes.”

And then it’s just that beautiful sky blue with white puffy clouds. Like the textbook example. And I hear, “Rest when you need to rest.”

Jack: Yes, right.

Angela: I hear someone clap. And I see and I feel all of this dancing energy and I see this glowing… it looks like a flower but it’s a dress slash skirt that I’m to put on. And a Bible verse comes to me, of all things. “Put on the whole armor of God.” [Ephesians 6:11-18]

Now what I feel, now what I see is this Joan of Arc type energy. Because what I hear is “Reintegration.” I feel and I hear like… I want to say that it feels like this woman going back into battle but she has on the whole armor of God. That is coming through so strongly. I see her on this horse but she is glowing because she’s got on this protective armor that can’t be pierced. But I feel and I hear a real action – in the mornings put on the whole armor of God.

Jack: Right. Very clear. Very clear direction.

Angela: Yes, you have to ride into battle but put on the whole armor of God before you do. And I hear, “Call out. Call out to God when you’re on the field.”

And I see her stop and she’s drinking out of this heart-shaped chalice that has a sword attached. It’s the sacred heart – the Catholic symbol. She drinks out of that chalice if she feels tired, if she feels weak, if she feels defeated, if she feels down, that’s what she’s drinking out of. And that sacred heart is burning.

And then there’s this image of… And it’s funny – before we even started in the past few days I’ve been getting this word “bibliothèque” in French and I kept getting an image of a library that had burned down and being amongst the ashes but now that sacred heart is connecting with whatever that story was.

And there’s an image of a door – just the frame of the door – and the sacred heart and the sweetgrass crown is right there.

It’s kind of in 3-D. To the naked eye it looks like it’s just standing there in space but if I walk through that door… When I look at it, it just looks like a frame. It doesn’t look like it goes anywhere but, if I walk through it, it’s really a resting, cozy room. And I hear, “Find that inside of yourself. When you are tired you can always go to this room.” It’s like a secret room. No one else knows that it’s a room but I know that I can go there. I literally hear, “This is your gift. You call up this image and you can go to this place any time you want to go to it.”

Jack: Yes, just remember the image – that’s what you need to do. And then when you call it up you can walk through. And I think it’s important to know that the energy is unlimited there.

Angela: I literally hear someone saying, “No. For real. Take this. Take this with you. This is your gift. This is yours.” It reminds me – whoever is joking around there – you know when you go to the airport and they have those airport spas. It’s like an airport spa or oasis. [pause]

Jack: Yes, perfect.

Angela: And then it just goes kind of primitive. I see literally an ape walking me back the spiral steps. [we both laugh]

Jack: Interesting. But he’s friendly right?

Angela: Oh, yes. It really is like “Planet of the Apes” – here you go.

So I see myself ascending on a star. That spiral motif is back. And it feels like an elevator and I get to the top. And then there’s another door. And I just walk out into the light. [pause]

So of course I’m like OK what about love? [laughing]

And I get an image of a heart, a beating heart and the words, “Care for your heart.” Like find someone who will care for your heart. And you care for your heart. And there’s lots of pinks and lots of oranges there too. And there’s a purple. [pause]

Jack: Beautiful.

Angela: And I feel it out of reach or like a heart on a pedestal. But it doesn’t feel in a bad way. I do hear, “Sometimes you’re hard to reach.”

Jack: Ah!

Angela: And I see my little octopus energy bobbing around here.

Jack: So what do you need to do when you’re hard to reach?

Angela: Let me see. The expression that I hear is “Come down.” And I see… I keep seeing this damn octopus floating… We got him out of the way. We don’t need you right now, thank you.

So now there’s just blue space. Really pretty blue, violet, periwinkle space. [sigh]

I’m a little stuck on this one: hard to reach. [pause] [sigh]

I’m getting a lot of sea animal energy. So here’s the image. And all of a sudden I feel tears coming. It’s like if you’ve ever watched “Blue Planet” or National Geographic and they do those – we’re going to focus on the ocean and they go around to the bottom of the sea and there all these beautiful anemones and these beautiful sea flowers. But as soon as someone or something gets close to them they close up and burrow down. And that’s what’s happening…

Jack: Yes. Inside you?

Angela: Yes, yes. It’s lush. People can see… oh my goodness this is beautiful.

Here’s what I come off as. I come off as deep. I come off as mysterious – like a woman of depth. A woman of mystery. Here comes my octopus again. A woman of intuition – very feminine. A lot of war energy. So that’s what’s coming across. And then I see a yellow sunflower on the left side popping in.

And really I hear that the work has to be done. You have to force yourself to stay open. And then I see the octopus tentacles in agreement. Yes. Yes. That’s it. When you think about the octopus, the octopus flows. It goes with the flow; the octopus floats.

And it knows when it needs to get away – thank you for the octopus energy – it can get the hell out of places real quick. [laughter] And it can even ink people if need be. But the octopus also knows how to fit in and it knows when to go. And if you think about octopus energy it’s very rubbery – it’s not stiff. So don’t stiffen up like the flowers. Use that fluidity to stay open.

Jack: Yes. Good. It’s hard to think of a more flexible animal.

Angela: Yes, yes. And we said your assistance wasn’t needed. Huh! [laughter]

Jack: Yes, that’s the trouble with looking at appearances or making too quick a decision.

Angela: Yes, I’m getting that and I’m seeing it nod in agreement. “You don’t have to make quite such a quick size up.” Again it’s really like… stay open, stay flexible.

And then I see… because I think the big fear for me is sharks – not in real life but a breed of men who are sharks. I have definitely attracted a lot of sharks in the past.

What I’m seeing and what I’m hearing is, every time those sharks pass by you don’t have to hide; you can stay out. You know it’s a shark but you don’t have to be with the shark.

And then above the shark I see a whale and God do I love whales.

Jack: Exactly. Look above. And also you still have that armor.

Angela: Yes, yes. That has not gone anywhere.

Jack: So there is a protection.

Angela: And I don’t have to tame or entice the shark.

Jack: Right.

Angela: I get this image of a mermaid. I feel like I can be that mermaid and the sharks won’t bother me. I don’t have to hide. There’s a lot of hide energy in this scene. I don’t have to run and hide even amongst the sharks. I see myself dancing with the sharks. There’s a seduction there I can use. I get it. I get it in my soul level. The old me would dance with sharks and then try to improve the shark. This new version of me will dance with the shark but will let the shark be just that. Then I see myself shooting up to the higher part with the whale.

I get what it means energetically. I’m trying to transfer it to words. I can dance and play with the shark but I don’t have to be with the shark. I don’t have to pair up with the shark. I’m a whale rider.

Jack: Right.

Angela: And now we’re back at the birth energy. The woman is pushing again, pushing the baby out.

Again she’s in the water. There are flowers everywhere. And this time the baby is a boy. And then that earlier baby from before and this baby kind of team up and join hands. Like all types embryonic. [giggle]

Jack: And you have both the masculine and feminine.

Angela: And it’s shaping itself into a yin and a yang. So one baby is on the yin and the other baby is on the yang. And they’re making that symbol of balance. And I can feel that going into my solar plexus. And then I see a starfish and a sea spider sealing in my stomach as well. And then I see one of those sand dollars. God this is amazing!

And then I see a whale’s tail. And then I see that mermaid playing with the whale, pairing with the whale.

Jack: Does the sand dollar have anything to do with your concern about money?

Angela: Hmm. Maybe. But it’s coming really easily. I see the mermaid surrounded by money. I see it as part of the dance. I feel it in her hand. I can see an image of her feeling a lot of ease around it.

And I can feel the octopus stroking her head. And she’s nestled in the fin of the whale. [pause]

Jack: Wow. Important connection to the whales.

Angela: Yes, because I feel them – I feel them even when… at night I can feel a certain pod moving through different parts of the ocean – it’s amazing.

Jack: Wow!

Angela: And there we go; it’s done. It’s rest now.

Jack: Yes, maybe rest is the best thing now. There’s so much that you’ve been shown!

Angela: Yes.

The image that comes is that the mermaid turns into this little white pearl and the pearl goes into the clam and then the clam just rests.

Jack: Yes, just rests. So the pearl is there. The whole session is like a pearl really. You can look into it. It has a depth. It has all kinds of detail. It’s really something to go over and over.

I think we need to end soon. Maybe just go back to the spirals at the beginning or maybe something else – whatever feels right to you.

Angela: What I feel and what I see is this image of sorting. Like having a pile of stuff and saying, “This fits. This doesn’t fit. This fits. This doesn’t fit. This fits. This doesn’t fit…” And then literally walking up those stairs again… not even walking but… that spiral now is like a yellow star just shooting me back up and…

Now I’m ready to rock.

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